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^ [ANN] Free "Pickaxe 2" for first 50 Ruby Conf registrants!
108190 [dblack wobbl] Dear Rubyists,
+ 108194 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 108218 [ser germane-] Augh!  Speakers can't register until they know whether they are
  108222 [shanko_date ] I am confused ... are you saying that the prsentation
  108230 [chadfowler g] Shashank and Sean, did you actually submit proposals or did you just
  108238 [shanko_date ] Chad,

^ help from *nix ruby users
108196 [Ara.T.Howard] i have a bit of code that packs an flock struct
+ 108200 [drossruby ya] The output is from my DragonFlyBSD systems. It is the
| 108202 [ahoward noaa] wow - they just do it backwards (or linux does) - why can't they all just get
| + 108203 [mailinglists] Why don't you write a small C level function with "offset_of" to access the values.
| | 108215 [ahoward noaa] lothar-
| + 108205 [drossruby ya] Its been like that since 1994 in FreeBSD :)
+ 108359 [nick activeh] Is there any difference between
  108363 [nobu.nokada ] Almostly equal.  But they can be different while cross
  + 108380 [nick activeh] Thanks.
  | 108478 [nobu.nokada ] Constants are not accessed with a method, so we don't have a
  + 108383 [ahoward noaa] so you reccomend using CONFIG['arch']?  how about for #ifdefs in extenstions?
    108484 [nobu.nokada ] Platform/compiler specific macros are not concerned with ruby.

^ DBGP - A debugging protocol
108197 [djberg96 hot] I came across DBGP, a debugging protocol for scripting languages being
108201 [mailinglists] ActiveState has a working patch to run Komodo with the ruby debugger.

^ the new great computer language shootout
108208 [igouy yahoo.] You guys are the experts - contribute.

^ Difference between join and ThreadsWait.all_waits
108211 [ljz asfast.c] threadlist = []

^ __call__ equivalent?
108214 [khowe perfne] Does Ruby have an equivalent of Python's __call__ method?
+ 108216 [cmills frees] Not sure what Python's __call__ does, but ...
| 108217 [cmills frees] 2.send '+', 3  #=> 5
+ 108220 [jim weirichh] Yes and no.
| 108221 [khowe perfne] Ruby.
+ 108397 [khowe perfne] Looking into it a bit more, Ruby's "method_missing" was what I was looking

^ RubyForge IP address change
108223 [tom infoethe] RubyForge will be switching IP addresses to take advantage of a new link
108226 [lyle.johnson] Wednesday, July 4?
108227 [tom infoethe] Doh!  Make that Wednesday August 4.
108311 [tom infoethe] last night.  Argh.
108313 [robertm spel] In which case Tom its Thu ;)
108315 [tom infoethe] Great scott, you're right!

^ Closure question
108225 [GFITZGERALD ] charset="us-ascii"
+ 108228 [mneumann nte] def create_count
+ 108229 [rcoder gmail] Re-defining the method 'count' within its own scope won't really help;
+ 108231 [jim weirichh] [... example elided ...]
| 108232 [jim weirichh] So the obvious answer is: Don't use a "def" to redefine count.  Use
+ 108233 [pit capitain] the inner def creates a new scope, so you can't access the counter variable from
+ 108235 [ptkwt aracne] The problem is that you've defined a new scope with the definition of the
  108236 [GFITZGERALD ] def count

^ [ANN] posixlock-0.0.1
108237 [Ara.T.Howard] methods to add posix (fcntl based and nfs safe) locking to the builtin File

^ [BUG?] Object property
108241 [GFITZGERALD ] charset="us-ascii"
108242 [gfb tonesoft] No, it is not (see bellow).

^ Nick Berg Found Alive
108244 [davidgrey ha] Conspiracy theories of Nick Berg being alive and well in Iraq have today been proven true.  Aljazeera have released video footage of the supposedly beheaded American captive. The clip was first "discovered" on an Islamic website in Malaysia and has now been released by

^ Fastest way to reverse-process a string?
108246 [ljz asfast.c] In a ruby program I'm writing, I want to parse a string in reverse and
+ 108248 [assaph avaya] Have you tried benchmark?
| 108253 [ljz asfast.c] I can only benchmark algorithms when I have more than one algorithm to
| + 108255 [assaph avaya] compare.
| | 108259 [ljz asfast.c] Well, I too am sorry: for having misinterpreted the intent of your
| + 108285 [bob.news gmx] "Lloyd Zusman" <ljz@asfast.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   108290 [ljz asfast.c] First of all, I very much thank all of you who responded to my query.  I've
|   108291 [bob.news gmx] "Lloyd Zusman" <ljz@asfast.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 108252 [vjoel PATH.B] String#each_byte would avoid the creation of the array.
| 108256 [ljz asfast.c] Thank you very much.
| 108258 [cmills frees] You could write one in C... this should work, slight modification of
+ 108257 [ahoward noaa] ~ > ruby -e 's="raboof"; (s.size - 1).downto(0){|i| print s[i].chr}; puts'
  108262 [gfb tonesoft] If you add this as a fourth benchmark
  108268 [dblack wobbl] x.report("5") {

^ Windows Shortcuts
108261 [assaph avaya] Does anyone know how to programmatically create windows shortcuts (.lnk
+ 108263 [chrismo clab] This is a method that depends on the Windows Scripting Host being
+ 108266 [sdate everes] =begin

^ Pickaxe 2? We'll even pay... [ANN] Free "Pickaxe 2"
108273 [john.carter ] Ooh, I just have found a good excuse to convince my employer to buy a copy

^ Pickaxe index question - LaTeX idea needed
108274 [dave pragpro] A while back, there was a discussion of somehow adding a bit of magic
+ 108280 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Sounds like a question for news:comp.text.tex
| 108293 [achou tealea] charset="us-ascii"
| 108321 [chadfowler g] I think what Dave was saying here was that there was a discussion _on
+ 108316 [mmaciaszek g] You might want to take a look at the fancyhdr package. Fancyhdr enables

^ Exception in Rails
108275 [assaph avaya] I used to get a lot of FloatDomainError exceptions with rails.

^ Time#zone
108289 [farrel.lifso] I'm running Ruby 1.8  on XP (ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mswin32]).
108305 [ahoward noaa] i don't have a windows box handy, but this should work
108307 [farrel.lifso] I could use that but I would prefer to use the alphanumeric codes if possible.
108312 [halostatue g] Without Ruby having this information inbuilt, there's no way that it

^ postresql driver status
108319 [haaktu gmail] just wanted to ask if there's any other postgres driver
108361 [jbshaldane h] I am using ruby-postgres-0.7.1 with Ruby 1.9 currently - it was also
108476 [haaktu gmail] thanks Stephen. will keep the list posted

^ YAML.load(ARGF)
108320 [hans fugal.n] ARGF.read
+ 108322 [halostatue g] f = File.open("foo", "rb")
| 108328 [bob.news gmx] "Austin Ziegler" <halostatue@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 108329 [hans fugal.n] I agree it doesn't always make sense, maybe not even often, but
+ 108334 [ruby-talk wh] require 'yaml'
  108335 [hans fugal.n] In my case, #1, or perhaps YAML::load(ARGF.file) - I haven't decided

^ Still no access to ruby's stable-snapshot via Ruby homepage
108324 [Meino.Cramer] I am still getting "No such file" error while trying to retrieve the
108346 [matz ruby-la] Oddly, I've just succeeded to download stable-snapshot

^ Amazing GUI toolkit with visual designer & Ruby Integration
108326 [nospam asdlk] After viewing them (especially the FLUID intro), I tried converting my
+ 108330 [ptkwt aracne] I used Ruby/FLTK a bit on a contract job I had earlier this year.  I can
| 108341 [botp delmont] cool webbased videos.
| + 108343 [mailinglists] Looks very much like "Camtasia Studio" from TechSmith.
| + 108347 [nospam asdlk] I'm sorry, I meant Flash (not shockwave).
| | 108348 [botp delmont] Camtasia is too cool & powerful. I was hoping something free to use =)
| + 110162 [mike osdn.or] hmm... there definitely was something when searched last time.
|   110168 [drossruby ya] I use vnc2swf. Its okay. :)
+ 108384 [cribbsj oakw] Maybe it's because the latest version of FXRuby is dated July 2004
  + 108387 [joaopedrosa ] And, maybe ('cause I don't know... just guessing), the
  | 108388 [cribbsj oakw] Point taken.  However (and I know that this has been debated on this
  | 108391 [mailinglists] Okay i give you my impression (based on an older 1.1.X version)
  | 108416 [nospam asdlk] Lothar,
  | 108430 [pbrannan atd] I think that's called Cyrillic.  It's probably closer to Greek than it
  | 108473 [hal9000 hype] Oh, those Russian elves... yes, Cyrillic was invented by Christian monks
  | + 108477 [gfb tonesoft] Nothing elvish there ;-). It has "Hi!" in the input field labeled
  | + 108872 [jwkenne attg] It also has Latin and Hebrew elements.  (All of them, of course, are
  + 108408 [nospam asdlk] While I'm grateful for Fox-Toolkit and FXRuby too, I cannot use it due
    + 108411 [lymans gmail] Would you mind me asking what changes had to be made that required
    | + 108414 [mailinglists] If you modify the fox source everything you should need to do is do a
    | | 108419 [nospam asdlk] Lothar, when you look up at the sky, what color is it?  Surely you live
    | | 108534 [bg-rubytalk ] H. Simpson, please calm down.  Take a few deep breaths.  Think before
    | | + 108543 [mailinglists] Yes. I was wrong.
    | | | + 108544 [eyez illuzio] You read that wrong. It says that you do NOT need to include anything
    | | | + 108555 [bg-rubytalk ] I think that's ok, but like I said, I don't fully understand the
    | | |   + 108557 [tom infoethe] It's interesting to see how well the BSD license has worked out for the
    | | |   + 108571 [nick activeh] I've read a few articles that state that LPGL has some strange legal
    | | |     108573 [drossruby ya] A violation in a license can result to court action.
    | | + 108574 [nospam asdlk] Ben,
    | + 108420 [nospam asdlk] I'm not a lawyer so this post is just an opinion from an unqualified
    |   + 108434 [sander knolo] (correct me if I'm wrong)
    |   | + 108438 [lyle.johnson] I think that regarding the licensing issue, he didn't care so much
    |   | + 108442 [nospam asdlk] Again, I'm not a lawyer so my translations are simply opinions of an
    |   |   + 108443 [lymans gmail] Humm..
    |   |   + 108444 [jim weirichh] Correct.  And section 6 of the LGPL covers distributing such a work.
    |   |   | 108447 [nospam asdlk] Section 6 clearly states you have to give permission for reverse
    |   |   + 108446 [sander knolo] Uhhh I disagree.
    |   |     108454 [nospam asdlk] IMHO, Fox-Toolkit and FLTK are very clearly not saying the same things.
    |   + 108436 [lyle.johnson] Yes. If you're statically linking your application, which is a "work
    + 108421 [drossruby ya] Finally someone else that cares about license issues.
    + 108433 [lyle.johnson] FOX's license absolutely does *not* require you don't have to give
      108445 [nospam asdlk] Lyle, thanks for clarifying.
      + 108453 [drossruby ya] One of the main reasons I don't use GPL/LGPL toolkits
      | 108458 [nospam asdlk] Reverse-engineering is only one aspect. LGPL forces us to ALLOW
      | + 108461 [drossruby ya] This is why I will never ever use LGPL in commercial
      | | 108464 [gfb tonesoft] Now, guys, that you found each other you can take your discussion of
      | | 108469 [drossruby ya] /me chuckles :)
      | + 108463 [david.naseby] Imagine the bank asking for support afterwards. I don't really see you
      |   108467 [drossruby ya] Umm, no. You misunderstand the assembly code, its a
      + 108468 [lyle.johnson] True.

^ Wiki IP Banning
108327 [chadfowler g] Due to a fairly serious spam attack, I've implemented IP banning on

^ [newbie] Auto-populating template forms?
108338 [probertm nos] I have just started playing with Cerise and web apps, and I have run
108480 [discord mac.] I assume you are using the cgi module? You probably want something like
108542 [probertm nos] Thanks, Mark.

^ RubyForge has successfully transitioned...
108339 [rich infoeth]

^ open files in other directories
108340 [mrmargolis w] I am trying to figure out how to open up a text file in a subdirectory
+ 108342 [assaph avaya] The permission is on 'text/.' which is 'text' itself.
| 108344 [mrmargolis w] Thank you very much.  As a ruby noob I am still learning the built in
| + 108345 [assaph avaya] methods.
| | + 108349 [mrmargolis w] Excellent.  The multiple chops were a quick hack I threw together for
| | + 108350 [eban os.rim.] % irb
| |   + 108351 [assaph avaya] I stand corrected.
| |   + 108352 [mrmargolis w] I ended up going with
| + 108353 [nkh tele2_no] filename = "website-20040812.html"
+ 108360 [aengstrom gn] =20
+ 108365 [bob.news gmx] "Matthew Margolis" <mrmargolis@wisc.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ restructured text
108354 [tim-ruby sub] Has anyone written a reST toolkit for Ruby?  I'm familiar with the alternatives

^ FXRuby and fxscintilla running problems on a linux Box FEDORA 2
108386 [philippe.luc] I am tryng to build FreeRide on Linux FC2.
108389 [lymans gmail] Wouldn't you have to build and install scintilla first?
+ 108393 [lyle.johnson] No, it looks like he got the order right. You don't need to build and
+ 108395 [philippe.luc] Good news. So could you tell me which releases of FOX, FXRuby and

^ Update/info on tax deductibility of RubyConf fees
108394 [dblack wobbl] The granting of Ruby Central's tax-exempt status has happened right at

^ RubyForge status...
108403 [rich infoeth] All,
108406 [ahoward noaa] rich-
108422 [rich infoeth] Ara,
108423 [neoneye adsl] I also want to express my satisfaction with rubyforge..
+ 108437 [se hexatex.d] count me in on that. Rubyforge is great!
+ 108439 [mneumann nte] Me too :-)
  108492 [robertm spel] Thats interesting, I have had a similar thing happen from going from a 512:256 adsl line to 1024:256. Basically short burst transmissions are really quite slow (anything really sub 32k), such that sshing into my machine or using my webmail is slower now that it was before. I tried discussing it with my ISP but got nowhere with them. I hope whatever they are changing for you works.
  + 108514 [rich infoeth] Hm...well, we are getting kick-butt performance this morning!  Maybe my
  | 108517 [lymans gmail] I'd say that it fills the shoes of 'kick-butt' quite nicely!!
  + 108600 [dave pragpro] Could that be the Nagle algorithm kicking in?
    108601 [steven.jenki] Nagle is a property of the TCP stack, not the network connection.

^ procs/blocks - blocks with procs, blocks with blocks?
108418 [mhm26 drexel] Well, maybe not blocks with blocks but blocks with yield?  although
108462 [ummaycoc gma] class Proc
108471 [g_ogata optu] [snip code]
108533 [ummaycoc gma] Neato!

^ GUI and non-GUI data
108425 [hal9000 hype] I'm refactoring some ugly code and looking for some general
108429 [halostatue g] It varies. I think we're using a variety of things in Ruwiki (not gui,

^ Array#delete return value
108428 [guslist free] According to the following contrived example (and the documentation),
108483 [matz ruby-la] But Array#delete method deletes ALL elements that equal to the

^ 75 pending RCRs
108431 [neoneye adsl] There seems to be ~75 pending RCR's..

^ Sets are not extensional
108435 [csaba phony_] (FYI: the phenomena described in the sequel were seen produced by the following
+ 108448 [kristof vlee] I think you raise a valid question.  Set is implemented using hashtables,
| 108470 [g_ogata optu] This seems like a blatant bug to me.  `a.eql? b' must imply `a.hash ==
| 108474 [cmills frees] # So hash on an empty hash returns the objects id....
| 108498 [bob.news gmx] "Charles Mills" <cmills@freeshell.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 108502 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
| | 108516 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Gross" <flgr@ccan.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 108521 [cmills frees] /* I intended to show this line: */
|   108524 [bob.news gmx] "Charles Mills" <cmills@freeshell.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 108541 [csaba phony_] I've read the thread spawned by this post, and now I summarize that part of
  + 108580 [kristof vlee] I think the thread was relevant to your post, since it described
  | 108586 [cmills frees] class Hash
  | 108592 [kristof vlee] I did.  Thanks!
  | 108606 [bob.news gmx] "Kristof Bastiaensen" <kristof@vleeuwen.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 108588 [behrends cse] Note that to_a.hash is effectively non-deterministic. If @hash == { 1 =>
    108593 [kristof vlee] As far as I know, hash.to_a always generates the same array.
    108603 [behrends cse] No. Hash#to_a will generate the same array for the same hash object,
    108607 [kristof vlee] You are correct.  I had tested it with small Hashes ({1 => 2, 2 => 1}),

^ [ANN] Ruby Installer for Windows -- Test TCL Version
108440 [curt hibbs.c] I just posted a test release of the Ruby Installer for
108441 [curt hibbs.c] Curt

^ Aspect-Oriented Programming
108450 [dejaspam bat] Can anyone give me a quick explanation of aspect-oriented programming
+ 108455 [david.naseby] Don't know if its a good description, but there's a utility-oriented
+ 108465 [sean.zuzu gm] Quick description
+ 108482 [martindemell] martin