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^ Osama Found Hanged
107192 [frankjones h] Osama Bin Ladin was found hanged by two CNN journalists early Wedensday evening.  As evidence they took several photos, some of which i have included here.  As yet, this information has not hit the headlines due to Bush wanting confirmation of his identity but the journalists have released some early photos over the internet..

^ rb_load_file takes char *
107210 [kristof vlee] Is there any reason why rb_load_file takes a
107268 [matz ruby-la] No reason but historical one.  Thank you for the suggestion.

^ [ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-0.6.1
107214 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GetText-Package-0.6.1 is now available.

^ File.new("file.ext", "w").write data
107223 [pan erikveen] Consider...
+ 107226 [rcoder gmail] Erik,
+ 107227 [alex verk.in] Garbage collector will undoubtedly close it, but it is a very unhealthy
+ 107237 [k v2studio.c] If being short and readable is your concern, you can always extend the
+ 107245 [vjoel PATH.B] I don't think it can be collected during the #write method, because the
+ 107281 [bob.news gmx] "Erik Veenstra" <pan@erikveen.dds.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ [NUBY] Reading stderr, stdout and the exit status of a process
107224 [alex verk.in] and stderr as Strings, as well as the exit status.
107228 [ahoward noaa] see http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/session/
107229 [alex verk.in] Thank you very much!
107233 [ahoward noaa] oh... ;-(
107238 [alex verk.in] As far as I remember, NT and 2000 support POSIX calls, but XP doesn't
107242 [ahoward noaa] google for 'create process' and window - i do think there is someway to do

107230 [drossruby ya] Is there a ruby user list archive somewhere around so
107235 [erik terpnet] ...

^ documenting global variables with rdoc
107232 [pbrannan atd] Perhaps I shouldn't be using global variables to begin with, but I have
107251 [dave pragpro] Sorry - I'm not sure _how_ to document them (or, to be more precise,
107296 [pbrannan atd] I sorta imagined a special markup tag to indicate that I want to

^ Entering Variables in Ruby
107236 [designer dol] I'm starting to look at Ruby but wonder, is there a way to enter variables
+ 107239 [rcoder gmail] Peter,
+ 107240 [erik terpnet] ...
  107306 [designer dol] Thanks very much for the pointers.

^ REXml
107241 [neoillogic h] Please, could you tell me what is the best documentation for REXml, or
107244 [jamesUNDERBA] There is a tutorial on the REXML home page

^ "Name my HTML E-mail lib" contest
107246 [jamesUNDERBA] I've written a library to generate multipart/alternative HTML E-mail
107248 [halostatue g] Use the MIME namespace, IMO. MIME::Mail, MIME::MultipartMail, or
107253 [halostatue g] On further consideration, I think -- I haven't played with it
107258 [jamesUNDERBA] headers followed by the multipart content.  Maybe I should split this
+ 107259 [jamesUNDERBA] What I have, so far, looks closest to Perl's MIME::Lite.  My code is
+ 107269 [usenet andre] This would be a good idea. You should really look at how it is done in

^ Strange warning-message
107247 [RembrandtAka] I wonder why ruby throws two warning messages when the follwing script
+ 107249 [assaph avaya] Seems to work on on WinXP.
+ 107256 [ocean m2.ccs] (2004/07/23 09:51)
  107317 [rembrandt ma] Ok, if this warning comes from the use of an  uninitialized instance
  107326 [ocean m2.ccs] I'm not sure I can call it a bug... I think this warning message is just telling us
  107330 [rembrandt ma] Nice to know! ;)

^ JRuby and include statements and JDBC
107252 [nick activeh] JRuby list is quiet, so I was wondering if anyone here might be able to

^ object capability model, for ruby?
107261 [sean.zuzu gm] anyone interested in this?  or have information about how this applies

^ Ruby rocks!  HELP converting Ruby to C++?
107262 [piir earthli] I spent a week doing http://rubyforge.org/projects/wxryplot/ in Ruby.
107263 [assaph avaya] machine.
107267 [drossruby ya] I'm pretty sure he is not wanting any Ruby code in his
107275 [piir earthli] You are correct.
107293 [drossruby ya] I don't doubt that you couldn't do it. The rest of the

^ [ANN] Active Record 0.9.0: Thread safety, speed, naturalness
107278 [david loudth] What's new in Active Record 0.9.0?
107556 [carl.youngbl] I'm still new to ActiveRecord, so forgive me if this is obvious, but
+ 107577 [david loudth] Ahhh, no, no. In the example, the only *table* that holds any
+ 107580 [gsinclair so] This is "obvious" from a database design point of view.  If two tables
  107583 [david loudth] Actually, that's the primary difference between belongs_to and has_one.
  107621 [carl.youngbl] This stuff should probably be documented better, since it is not very
  107627 [mortonda dgr] Jump over to the wiki and write some up!
  107629 [carl.youngbl] You're right.  Sorry for being a non-contributing leech.  As soon as I
  107633 [mortonda dgr] The reason I say this is that it's the best way to document what users
  107634 [david loudth] Couldn't agree more. Once you're a proficient user of something, your
  107637 [carl.youngbl] I'm still confused on what associations have responsibility for
  107638 [david loudth] No, spot on. That's actually a great idea. Let me paste that right into
  + 107639 [carl.youngbl] If you're looking for a nice and simple mailing list manager with
  + 107641 [matt technor] I'm VERY happy to see it here.
    107713 [vjoel PATH.B] Speaking as someone who is probably the least web-savvy person on the

^ druby two-way communication question
107283 [spam0504 bss] I'm stuck with a simple task I want to complete using druby.
107304 [nathaniel ta] There are a few slight glitches (probably left from when you cut it
107392 [spam0504 bss] but the main problem is that you forgot to call

^ ANN: Madeleine 0.7
107301 [ndrsbngtssn ] What is Madeleine?

^ Ruby Arm Linux
107302 [srubin fsisy] I have built ruby-1.8.2-preview1 for arm-linux for anyone who wants it.
107553 [bg-rubytalk ] OOh, I want it!  Only problem is that I'm using a 2.4.22 kernel, and am
107833 [mail vrtprj.] Since nobody else seems to answer here are my remarks. I tried the

^ mkmf.rb
107305 [cmills frees] Just wondering if there is a system as to which global variables are
107888 [nobu.nokada ] Running compiled file can't work for cross compiling.
107910 [cmills frees] Very nice - just trying to understand this, are you greping the object
107965 [nobu.nokada ] This must be try_compile0.

^ [OT] Generating a core without termination
107307 [gfb tonesoft] The great thing about this list is that you can expect an answer to any
+ 107308 [alex verk.in] If a stack trace of relevant process threads, instead of a full core
+ 107309 [prubel bbn.c] Here's an idea, could you fork and then abort() the new
+ 107310 [Ephaeton gmx] gcore(1).
+ 107311 [ahoward noaa] ~ > echo $$
  107312 [gfb tonesoft] You see, I was right about greatness of this list (as if somebody doubts

^ Config::CONFIG['srcdir'] in cvs HEAD
107314 [pbrannan atd] I noticed that this variable went away somewhere in 1.9; it seems to be
107889 [nobu.nokada ] Because it has no meanings after installation.

^ [REXML] why not Element#[] ?
107316 [surrender_it] I was just wondering why access to attributes of an element is done
107511 [ser germane-] Element#[] is already defined, since it is inherited from Parent.  #[]
107589 [surrender_it] oops, sorry I just took a look at the quick RDoc api and did not
107618 [ser germane-] No problem.  The fact that rdoc doesn't include inherited methods in

^ delegate also from the inside
107318 [csshsh struc] if i use a proxy to wrap a object, is there a way to allow that calls
107368 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Weber" <csshsh@structbench.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
107394 [csshsh struc] what ways via modifications would work? besides using inheritance?
107478 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Weber" <csshsh@structbench.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ rdoc on SWIG-generated files
107319 [hans fugal.n] I run rdoc on a SWIG-generated file and it grabs the module, module
107335 [dave pragpro] It wouldn't be hard: it's just a question of updating the regexps to
107366 [hans fugal.n] cLADSPA_Descriptor.klass = rb_define_class_under(mLADSPA,

^ Is Ruby to Objective-C Source Translator Easier?
107320 [nospam nospa] Would it be easier to create a ruby to objective-c translator than it is
+ 107322 [rcoder gmail] It might make more sense to adapt some of the implementation tricks
+ 107325 [ptkwt aracne] I could be wrong, but I don't believe that the gcc Objective C compiler
| 107376 [fmitchell ac] You're not wrong.  The writer of POC has decided to go his own way with
+ 107332 [drossruby ya] Easier yes, faster no. I know ObjC very well. If you

^ [Q] Is there any way to do a non-blocking TCPSocket#recv?
107321 [WBrown isoft] charset="us-ascii"
+ 107323 [vjoel PATH.B] What about putting each socket handler in a thread and using two queues
+ 107324 [ysantoso-rub] IO.select.
+ 107339 [aredridel nb] i,o,e = select([@insock, @outsock]) or similar.

^ [ANN] Action Pack 0.7.5: On rails from request to response
107327 [david loudth] It's with great pleasure that I present to you the first public release
+ 107329 [jgb3 email.b] Congrats, David! I know you've been working on this for awhile, and I
+ 107333 [carl.youngbl] Woohoo!  I've been waiting for this for a while.  Thanks David!  Just
+ 107348 [surrender_it] I could join the general 'woowoo' mood, but I'll wait for the release
  107373 [david loudth] You need wait no longer :). It's out: http://www.rubyonrails.org.

^ OSX  darwinports fxruby install errors
107334 [nick activeh] I got the following error trying to install FoxRuby via darwinports (via
107381 [nick activeh] Solved my own problem- I had installed ruby from a regular source

^ Arnold Schwarzenegger Commits Suicide
107346 [david.sanxte] Early this morning Arnold Schwarzenegger was found hanging by his neck from the large oak tree in his Californian garden.  In a suicide note found at the scene he tells of his sordid sex life and lack of will to live.  A copy of the suicide note which was found by journalists has been included here

^ Which editor has YAML Syntax Highlighting
107347 [mailinglists] Which editor has YAML Syntax Highlighting ?
+ 107349 [tim vegeta.a] Vim supports YAML syntax highlighting and runs on both Linux and
| 107355 [ruby-talk pc] won't be so ambitious to highlight every part of the syntax.
+ 107350 [surrender_it] I think SciTE, jEdit and vim all have this. Maybe the yaml guys should
+ 107351 [thegandhi ho] SciTE

^ The number of lines of a file?
107352 [polarpolar i] ( file.txt has 7 lines )
+ 107354 [surrender_it] mh.. aFile.is_a? Enumerable, use Enumerable.to_a :)
| + 107356 [polarpolar i] Thank you.
| + 107357 [gsinclair so] I think you want
|   107359 [surrender_it] oops about rand(). OTOH I was pointing out the 'line is a user defined
+ 107358 [msparshatt y] this way should work

^ The number of lines of a file?
107353 [polarpolar i] ( file.txt has 7 lines )

^ Net:SSH question
107361 [usenet2 nosp] Is it possible to use Net:SSH to connect through multiple servers? E.g.
107363 [jgb3 email.b] Haven't actually tried this, but the following (or something like it)

^ RCRchive down
107364 [blackdav shu] The server hosting RCRchive has had some problems yesterday and today

107369 [jzakiya mail] Currently FIXNUMs are set to fit 32-bit CPUs.
107371 [cmills frees] They scale, see ruby.h for more details but here are some of the

^ [ANN] Rails 0.5.0: The end of vaporware!
107370 [david loudth] Ie been talking (and hyping) Rails for so long that it all wierd to
+ 107375 [surrender_it] it seem waiting was worth it :)
| + 107378 [linguist gma] Or my linux box :)  I can coax mplayer to play the video but not the
| + 107379 [carl.youngbl] I believe the correct expression is woohoo!  (not woowoo, unless
|   107383 [dooby d10.ka] Rails => Train noise ?
|   107389 [surrender_it] In this days I'm gettin wrong almost everything.
+ 107404 [usenet andre] The 10 minute video is really impressive. But after browsing through the
  107405 [david loudth] I'm not sure I understand the question, but everything within a <% %>
  107407 [usenet andre] Sorry that it wasn't clear, I wanted to know what happened when
  107409 [david loudth] Ahh. Rails offers no built-in method for that, but perhaps it should in
  107410 [usenet andre] I see. This is always what I don't like about Eruby; with Kwartz (and
  107411 [carl.youngbl] I think a better solution if you wanted something like this would be
  + 107415 [usenet andre] No, something like this should be done at the template level. If I need
  | 107416 [david loudth] I guess it depends on what kind of application you're building. For
  | 107437 [usenet andre] In every web application I have built so far there was barely a variable
  + 107418 [jgb3 email.b] Well, here's a quick hack that anyone could do in their code to make the
    107444 [david loudth] That's kinda sexy. I'd certainly welcome a switch-on addition of that
    107460 [dom sisna.co] If you include ERB::Util then it includes html escape.  Use it in your
    107463 [jgb3 email.b] Could you give a longer example? I tried the following and didn't get
    + 107472 [dom sisna.co] Sorry, I tried to do it from memory and got the format juxtaposed.
    | 107483 [david loudth] Ahh, great stuff! I've instantly included ERB::Util with the
    + 107481 [surrender_it] it is just that ERB::Util includes an 'h' method

^ Parameterized tests with test/unit
107372 [alex verk.in] Ruby is amazing... Try to do this in Java (it is possible, but not in so
+ 107377 [gsinclair so] 999999999 =>> 999999998000000001}
| 107380 [alex verk.in] "Nifty" is putting it mildly :)
+ 107730 [nathaniel ta] Not presently... although you could certainly write a runner to do so.
  107847 [alex verk.in] I think I will try to do that.
  107853 [nathaniel ta] That sounds very reasonable; one possible alternative to subclassing
  107857 [alex verk.in] Correct?
  107860 [nathaniel ta] class RunnerWrapper < SimpleDelegate
  107942 [alex verk.in] Alas, this doesn't work because runner.@mediator is instantiated in

^ [NUBY] Iteration in extensions
107374 [jagenheim gm] I can't get this simple thing to work. My extension uses two
107382 [dooby d10.ka] You don't show how you defined 'add_values' or how you're calling it
107420 [jagenheim gm] Here is a more complete example of what I'm trying to do.
+ 107432 [cyclists nc.] VALUE rb_iterate(VALUE (*method)(), VALUE args,
+ 107491 [decoux moulo] Well, in ruby
  107493 [jagenheim gm] I had to interface with a C-library that took, among other things, an
  + 107494 [decoux moulo] svg% cat aa.c
  + 107579 [dooby d10.ka] I assumed it was mainly for experimentation until you said that.

^ anybody with any experience using irbsh?
107384 [sean.zuzu gm] i would LOVE to understand how to get irbsh up and running.

^ rubyonrails and cgikit comparison
107387 [nospam nospa] There seems to be a lot of excitement about rubyonrails even before the
+ 107395 [csshsh struc] - rails is much more than just a mvc framework: +activerecord.
| 107436 [childNOSPAM ] It's a bit weird for me to advocate CGIKit, as I am developing a competing
| + 107440 [csshsh struc] i didnt really mean that its difficult. its just a overhead. why would
| | + 107452 [rb raphinou.] -I would work with css
| | | 107475 [csshsh struc] sure. css classes would have been better, i just wanted to
| | + 107454 [jamesUNDERBA] Replace the stuff that makes XML parsers unhappy.
| | | 107476 [csshsh struc] i meant how to describe the condition in a xml template language, not
| | + 107474 [khaines enig] I'm finding this discussion fascinating as a discussion of different
| |   107477 [csshsh struc] basically i see the same problem in your first example. you have
| + 107441 [david loudth] Now that it's out, it's actually a 2-KLOC framework :). And while I
+ 107397 [rb raphinou.] I'm using cgikit and starting to look at its code. What I like about it
  + 107406 [csshsh struc] you have a reference to the data you are working on. "myrepetition".
  | 107412 [rb raphinou.] I have to admit that in using cgikit I didn't experience the binding
  | 107422 [csshsh struc] with running into problems sooner or later i meant that sooner or later
  | 107424 [rb raphinou.] But if you need several times the same link in a page, don't you put all
  | 107428 [csshsh struc] also very simple. just create a little helper method. then you can do
  | 107430 [rb raphinou.] Let's take a concrete example. I have developed a CKHTMLTable component,
  | 107433 [csshsh struc] why shouldnt we have a real programming language in the template?
  | + 107448 [surrender_it] I think you're missing Raphael's point: he's not talking about
  | | + 107453 [rb raphinou.] You expressed my idea better than I did!  :-)
  | | + 107485 [csshsh struc] i guess it all depends on what you prefer. the business data and the
  | |   107490 [raphael.baud] When I work with a designer, I design a _very_ basic template,
  | |   107495 [csshsh struc] but what for example if the attribute of a item in a repitition gets
  | |   + 107497 [rb raphinou.] The designer is there for that I guess.
  | |   | + 107499 [david loudth] I think I have some perspective on this considering that Basecamp was
  | |   | | + 107502 [raphael.baud] I usually work the other way around: I make a first draft template, and the designer
  | |   | | | 107504 [david loudth] I think this is key. You want unbounded creativity for as long as
  | |   | | + 107513 [mortonda dgr] A very important point here... I have run into "designers" who had
  | |   | |   107516 [rcoder gmail] I've been working on some DHTML-based application prototypes recently,
  | |   | + 107501 [csshsh struc] same thing in rails. you just tell her/him to use @person.address1 and @
  | |   |   107505 [rb raphinou.] I didn't mean it's easier with cgikit, I thought you suggested it was more
  | |   |   107506 [csshsh struc] well, but if you replace the 'address' variable with 'address1' and
  | |   + 107568 [nick activeh] In my mind, indirection = encapsulation in this case, with a complexity
  | + 107515 [avi beta4.co] To introduce a further heresy: why restrict the use of the real
  |   107575 [martindemell] This is something I've been wanting for a long time, but I've never seen
  |   107587 [khaines enig] Martin, take a look at Borges.
  |   107604 [martindemell] Thanks, I'll take a look. I'm more interested in static page generation
  |   + 107608 [khaines enig] Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are looking for, to.  Can you explain a
  |   | 107658 [martindemell] That too, but mostly static sites generated from dynamic content (i.e.
  |   | 107679 [khaines enig] Hmmm.  This may be no help to you at all, but I am doing something like that
  |   | 107883 [martindemell] This bit sounds interesting - I've mentally bookmarked it for if I ever
  |   + 107896 [t_leitner gm] Maybe webgen is what you want, it is a "template based web page
  + 107408 [david loudth] In my opinion, the important part of separating presentation from "the
    107413 [rb raphinou.] See my answer to Florian for an example where the indirection helps in
    107421 [david loudth] You would use helpers for this stuff. So you could have a generic
    107426 [rb raphinou.] That just leaves the reuse of a binding in several places in the
    107427 [david loudth] By binding, do you mean @payroll? If you don't want that left to the
    107429 [rb raphinou.] OK, I'll try to develop a component for rails to see by myself.
    107443 [david loudth] Excellent! If you were to make a TableHelper, I'm sure it would find