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10683 [gsemones@pr ] ...

Passing on a block to a called method
10684 [schuerig@ac ] Currently, when I want to pass on the block given to one method to
+ 10688 [dblack@ca dl] def openAsText(file,&block)
| 10691 [schuerig@ac ] That's what I've been looking for. Thanks! Maybe I'll learn to love
| 10706 [dblack@ca dl] I should add that, if you're definitely only deriving one value per
+ 10705 [neumann@s- i] Have you tried "yield" ?

10685 [ruby_david@h] # mget 10673

regexp to match newline
10687 [ruby_david@h] s1 = "abc const  const xyz"
+ 10689 [ms@ia ta e. ] re = /abc.*xyz/m
+ 10690 [chadfowler@y] Try messing with /abc.*xyz/m or .../s.
| 10693 [ben_tilly@ho] re = /abc(?m:.*)xyz/
+ 10700 [julian.romer] the docs (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/man-1.4/syntax.html#regexp) says
+ 10701 [julian.romer] the docs (http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/man-1.4/syntax.html#regexp) says

stopping a thread instance
10692 [gnhurst@hu s] Is there some obvious reason I am missing why
10733 [matz@ze ab t] Because stopping a thread from outside is bad habit in general.

MySQL Ruby Driver installation issue
10697 [jasowong@my ] I'm trying to get the MySQL Ruby driver up and running but encounter
+ 10699 [dgjs@ac .o g] Well, where are "mysql.h" and "errmsg.h"?  (Hint: find / \( -name
| 10712 [ruby_david@h] if you can't find the files in your local disk, you may need to install the
+ 10717 [jasowong@my ] I think I have it working.  I'll know when I get back.  Thank you so

algorithm module(s)
10702 [j.radcliffe@] I have been giving some thought to writing modules that define some common
+ 10703 [aseltine@cs ] Dunno, but I have Ruby implementations of algorithms for
+ 10707 [harryo@zi wo] Would it be worthwhile attempting to build the data structures and
  10724 [wmwilson01@h] Just an aside, I've talked to Jeffrey a bit over the last couple of days on
  + 10738 [j.radcliffe@] Sounds like a great idea to me.
  | 10741 [wmwilson01@h] okey dokey, it's there.  http://www.pragprog.com/ruby?RubyAlgorithmPackage
  + 10768 [aseltine@cs ] Sounds good. What's a wiki? :)
    10780 [wmwilson01@h] A wiki is a website, which can sort of be modified in place by the users.

Suggestion for threading model
10708 [spwhite@ch r] I've been playing around with multi-threading. I notice that there are
+ 10710 [ben_tilly@ho] I think that pervasive threading when not asked for is
| 10729 [spwhite@ch r] You can only have deadlocks when there's resource contention. If the code is
| 10730 [ben_tilly@ho] I believe that with a good scheduling algorithm it should
| + 10732 [ben_tilly@ho] I do not believe your scheme covers many possible
| + 11931 [spwhite@ch r] This is an old topic but this article reminded me of it...
+ 10711 [hal9000@hy e] [huge interesting snip]
| + 10721 [feldt@ce ch ] I also think itsan interesting idea and some researchers have done it in
| + 10779 [acagle@su im] If you're referring to the CYC project, it spun out as a company, Cycorp
|   10814 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks very much for that reference, Anthony...
|   11714 [heller@ho t.] I was just wondering, does Ruby have to use it's own threading
+ 10713 [kjana@os xa ] Probably you like to read some surveys on concurrent object oriented
  10726 [spwhite@ch r] That was an interesting paper.
  10782 [kjana@os xa ] (snipped ....)
  10977 [john_van_v@y] I really appreciate reading this "thread"
  + 10982 [ben_tilly@ho] First of all Ruby should run just fine on Sun.  If
  + 10988 [tarod@ho e. ] just

Threading model change, proposal
10715 [gastonfong@y] I have been thinking for a while on the pros and cons of relying on
10716 [alex_maranda] one
+ 10728 [akuchlin@me ] Practically, I'm not sure implementing 3) buys you much.  Threads are
| 10731 [ben_tilly@ho] I suspect that the most common appliation for threading is
| 10736 [akuchlin@me ] But note that most GUI toolkits implement an event loop internally,
| 10737 [ben_tilly@ho] I think we are talking past each other.  It makes perfect
| + 10744 [john_van_v@y] In KSH we &;wait...  works just fine  ;)
| + 10748 [claird@st rb] There *is* a lot going on in this thread.  I agree
|   10762 [gastonfong@y] 4DAB7C073C4E7F7E.939B65A2F094403A.B5AF9687CDD913D7@lp.airnews.net...
|   + 10765 [claird@st rb] I don't understand.  I don't think about application
|   + 10766 [claird@st rb] More than bad, it's unknown.  X itself isn't
+ 10734 [matz@ze ab t] * universal availability, even on DOS machines

Eric S. Raymond mentions Ruby but ...
10718 [feldt@ce ch ] Ruby is mentioned in the current version of a new chapter for

Dir["*"] vs. Dir["**"]
10722 [hensh@ma h. ] dir1
10723 [decoux@mo lo] The same, "**" is "magic" only when there is "/" in the pattern.

Re: Eric S. Raymond... bad-mouthing perl too !!
10725 [john_van_v@y] ===============================================================================
10767 [marcbutler@a] I don't believe potentially incubating a Ruby vs ESR, or Ruby vs Language
10769 [feldt@ce ch ] I fully agree. We shouldn't start an advocacy "war"/dispute. I posted
10790 [john_van_v@y] Glad you agree, dont worry about religous wars... I'm a pacifist ;)

FastCGI document
10735 [neumann@s- i] I've written an initial document for the fcgi module.

socket docs
10740 [maurice@eu o] I was looking for the doc of the socket package in the
10747 [Dave@Pr gm t] The library reference that's online documents the built-in classes and
10776 [maurice.szmu] ...

Here you have, ;o)
10749 [cpine@fi ax ] ...
10755 [cpine@fi ax ] Very sorry!  My first virus!

Here you have, ;o)
10750 [cpine@fi ax ] ...

Message de l'exploitation informatique FTMS
10751 [ wss@ft s. r] ...

Mail Notification
10752 [Administrato] ...

Message de l'exploitation informatique FTMS
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Mail Notification
10754 [Administrato] ...

Message de l'exploitation informatique FTMS
10756 [ wss@ft s. r] ...

Message de l'exploitation informatique FTMS
10757 [ wss@ft s. r] ...

10759 [cpine@fi ax ] ...

How do I love ruby? [Because it's easy to fix things!]
10760 [jfn@en er ct] If anyone has read my messages, they have observed that I am in the midst

PEP ? Ruby
10763 [gastonfong@y] Just a few questions.
+ 10771 [matz@ze ab t] Discussion here.
| 10775 [wys@he bl ng] What about http://www.pragprog.com:8080/ruby ?
| + 10781 [wmwilson01@h] What are we looking at here, something close to a PEP?  Anyone have any good
| | 10783 [matz@ze ab t] I'm doing this job for years.  I don't feel the formal proposal
| | 10784 [wmwilson01@h] gotcha, I'm all over it.
| | 10789 [wmwilson01@h] Ok, I've created http://www.pragprog.com/ruby?RubyChangeRequest.
| | + 10799 [schneik@us i] # >From: matz@zetabits.com (Yukihiro Matsumoto)
| | | 10801 [wmwilson01@h] I figured most people would take it to ruby-talk first.  In the case that
| | | 10813 [dblack@ca dl] I'm a little confused about how the Wiki area and this list/newsgroup
| | | 10815 [wmwilson01@h] SNIP
| | | + 10817 [duncan@ny ap] But you're flexible and you're adapting.  What more could we ask for?
| | | | 10818 [wmwilson01@h] Thank you!!  I needed that!
| | | | 10821 [matz@ze ab t] Here's my "me too" followup.
| | | + 10868 [dblack@ca dl] I notice that there's a RubyWishList area on the Wiki, along with the
| | |   10893 [hgs@dm .a .u] Good idea.
| | |   10897 [wmwilson01@h] Did you just want me to make a link to that page from the RubyChangeRequest
| | |   10898 [dblack@ca dl] I'd suggest doing the link the other way: transfer whatever's pending
| | |   10899 [wmwilson01@h] So, I should add these as if I was adding a change request then?  Should I
| | |   10900 [hgs@dm .a .u] Make them change requests
| | |   10902 [wmwilson01@h] done.
| | |   10903 [hgs@dm .a .u] Thank you.
| | + 10823 [matz@ze ab t] Could you remove leading 0's from blade references?  E.g.
| + 10825 [Dave@Pr gm t] It's an alias for rubygarden that I used to get things going.
|   10827 [wmwilson01@h] Will do!
+ 10772 [alex_maranda] addition

Online regular expression reference?
10764 [chrismo@ho e] Is there a handy regular expression reference online anywhere?
10770 [is.r@co .i -] If you install perl, you can type
10773 [ben_tilly@ho] Actually Ruby's RE engine appears to be largely Perl

perform. of Dir["**/*"]
10778 [hensh@ma h. ] Now that someone has straightened me out on the use of **, I have a
+ 10786 [sent@qu li y] Well, you're printing out 64 filenames per
| 10787 [hensh@ma h. ] Hmm, I thought I was just printing the hash length?? Am I missing something?
+ 10794 [matz@ze ab t] Slow.  Since it had to create 32701 string objects, GC intervals
  + 10822 [sent@qu li y] Um. No, you're not. Please disregard my earlier
  + 10835 [hensh@ma h. ] I apologize in advance if some of these questions have been answered here
    + 10846 [decoux@mo lo] The future releases of ruby will have the patch.
    + 10849 [matz@ze ab t] My result was made when all direcotry information was on cache

ANN: RubyCHannel with the first online interpreter and tutotrial
10785 [wys@he bl ng] Follow the links to http://www.ruby.ch/tutorial or
10788 [spwhite@ch r] This is a great concept! It also provides an easy way for me to tell people
10791 [wmwilson01@h] SNIP
10792 [wys@he bl ng] FIXED!
10793 [wmwilson01@h] you da' man! ;)
10798 [schneik@us i] #   http://www.ruby.ch
10832 [wys@he bl ng] Thanks for the feedback so far.

Any MIME support for Ruby?
10795 [thams@sn oz ] Anyone know of any Ruby support for reading and writing mime-format
10797 [aamine@dp u-] TMail might be help. It's found on RAA,
10819 [sent@qu li y] I've used TMail (in the RAA) successfully to
10857 [aamine@dp u-] tmail = TMail::Mail.load_from('Mail/1'

ANN: ArrayMixin (now MetaRuby) 0.4
10800 [matju@ca .o ] MetaRuby 0.4

iowa, segfaults
10802 [jonas.bulow@] I just installed iowa and mod_iowa using ruby 1.6.2 on FreeBSD
10803 [avi@be a4 co] Yeah... my apache module is rather delinquent in terms of error checking.
10810 [jonas.bulow@] I thought there were a sample page built into mod_iowa as described in
10811 [avi@be a4 co] Hmmm.. haven't tested with BSD.  Have you tried using iowa.cgi instead of
10867 [jonas.bulow@] Yes, the same result with iowa.cgi

RubyChangeRequest #U001: cut operator for short-circuiting method chains
10804 [wmwilson01@h] Hugh Sasse posted this RCR (#U001) to the wiki.
10812 [wmwilson01@h] In regards to the archives that Hugh was referring to, I can finally get to

?: regexp documentation?
10805 [ChrisM@SN LL] I'm a regular expression novice. In a recent thread on word wrapping, there
10806 [ben_tilly@ho] No.

Cute toy or start of something?
10807 [spwhite@ch r] editing environment in the good ol' days.

Cute toy or start of something?
10808 [spwhite@ch r] I'm not very bright today. I sent a previous version of the message. Here
10816 [schneik@us i] # Whatever you edit in the buffers is immediately loaded into irb when

Algorithm Package discussion
10809 [wmwilson01@h] Just wanted to make a quick note of the fact that there is a small

accessing password protected web page
10820 [ngalarneau@m] I'm a ruby newbie.  (great language!)
+ 10828 [wmwilson01@h] I'm not positive if this will work or not, but I remember seeing something
+ 10852 [neumann@s- i] It is not Ruby specific but HTTP.
| 10860 [schneik@us i] # I looked through THE book and didn't see anything that seemed
| 10864 [ben_tilly@ho] Tsk, tsk, there are two authors.
| 10865 [cpine@fi ax ] And their last names are....
| 10866 [schneik@us i] # >
| 10869 [ben_tilly@ho] Oops. :-(
+ 10870 [tarod@ho e. ] I believe you're looking for the "Authorization" header.

What would happen if matz was hit by a bus WAS: PEP? Ruby
10824 [alex_maranda] Matz I wish you a long and happy life. This is a copycat of a post
10826 [matz@ze ab t] Since Ruby is the source of my joy (in computer field at least), I'm

RubyChangeRequest #U002: new proper name for Hash#indexes, Array#indexes
10830 [matz@ze ab t] I have to admint `indexes' is not good name, since its behavior
+ 10831 [matz@ze ab t] Oops, I shouldn't have assigned RCR number by myself.
| 10838 [wmwilson01@h] lol, matz, you can do ANYTHING you want ;).
| 10891 [matz@ze ab t] I don't want be THAT kind of dictator.
+ 10848 [dfan@ha mo i] How about 'values_of'?
  10851 [sent@qu li y] Excellent.
  10853 [wmwilson01@h] Array#at seems to be most similar, only it just takes 1 argument.  Would it
  + 10854 [wmwilson01@h] Please excuse my crack smoking and replace Array.new(goof) to a = [1, 2, 3]
  + 10885 [matz@ze ab t] Possible.  The key is here.
    + 10886 [Dave@Pr gm t] I _think_ I'd prefer #elements_at and #values_at, but I'm not sure.
    | + 10894 [matju@ca .o ] Of all the solutions proposed, I vote for #values_at, with same semantics
    | + 10896 [dblack@ca dl] Having the single index return a single value, and multiple ones return
    |   + 10907 [sent@qu li y] Thanks. at(0) returns an array element in every
    |   | 10908 [sent@qu li y] Extending Hash#values to accept a list of keys
    |   | 10918 [matz@ze ab t] Hash#values sounds good to me too.
    |   | 10934 [schneik@us i] #
    |   | 10939 [schneik@us i] #
    |   | 10951 [sent@qu li y] Array#values is fine with me. It's a bit odd that
    |   + 10910 [matju@ca .o ] Sorry, not really...
    |     10911 [dblack@ca dl] irb(main):001:0> a = [1,2,3,4]
    |     10989 [matju@ca .o ] What do you mean, would behave like that? The proposed extension would
    |     11004 [dblack@ca dl] I think part of the original discussion was whether to extend #at so
    + 10888 [gnhurst@hu s] How do the following three or four choices seem to others?

Re: What would happen if matz was hit by a bus
10833 [aseltine@cs ] I think we should enclose matz in a protective, impact-resistant,
10836 [spwhite@ch r] I think the BBC in England have some Dalek cases going spare...

10837 [feldt@ce ch ] Great work on RCR for the wiki, Mike. I think an important thing to
+ 10839 [wmwilson01@h] First off, thank you ;)
| 10841 [feldt@ce ch ] No, I think your "definitions" are what people expect. Maybe you could
| 10843 [wmwilson01@h] done, I pretty much just cut and pasted what was said above, so let me know
+ 11142 [matju@ca .o ] wouldn't that be "raise unless arity == 1" ?
  11152 [crippel@pr m] Actually you are both wrong (the prototypical left/right

Programming Ruby...
10840 [ase@cs au .d] Finally! _The_ Book arrived. I was just wondering David and Andrew, why
10883 [Dave@Pr gm t] Did you pay extra for Wagner shipping?
10890 [ase@cs au .d] No!? Damn, I knew I did something wrong. ;-)
10942 [andy@to ls e] For others who request the Wagnerian shipping method,

Possible bug in Hash implementation
10842 [   xm@w3 .r ] First, I want to excuse - because this may be not a bug in ruby, but a bug
+ 10844 [wmwilson01@h] I have an inkling of why this might be, but I'll leave that to someone more
| 10845 [decoux@mo lo] You can't store a key with a given value of $= and retrieve this same
+ 10850 [matz@ze ab t] It's not a bug, but I don't think it's your bug either. ;-)

ANN: AutoTest
10855 [feldt@ce ch ] www.ce.chalmers.se/~feldt/ruby/extensions/autotest

Ruby-newby mailing list: Any interest ??
10858 [john_van_v@y] now.

component architecture for Ruby?
10859 [mjais@we .d ] just a few thoughts.
10862 [brk@je ko .c] I'll be starting work on the XPCOM port shortly, with assistance from Mark
10871 [kom@ma l1 ac] I also working on XPCOM staff.
10920 [brk@je ko .c] I'd be happy to cooperate, but I think we must be able to implement

Irix build
10863 [jonnalag@ui ] I tried building ruby on Irix.
10905 [julian.romer] I have ruby compiled in a couple of SGI box with Irix 6.5.x without
10914 [jonnalag@st ] this is what i have

extconf.rb, setup.rb, or makefile (was perform. of Dir["**/*"])
10872 [hensh@ma h. ] But as an end user I don't have a choice, right? I need to use the config
10892 [decoux@mo lo] Yes, because in this case the author of the extension think that this