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^ Ruby Goody :)
106419 [Meino.Cramer] I often saw discussions about "what is better" -- and not only
+ 106426 [jm zzzzzzzzz] * Ruby's blocks/closures/iterators combination is what I like most.  I
| 106529 [DocBoobenste] snip ---- 8< ----
+ 106499 [bob.news gmx] "Meino Christian Cramer" <Meino.Cramer@gmx.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 106564 [surrender_it] ruby is simple.
  106578 [vjoel PATH.B] 1. Consistent variable assignment semantics.

^ Instiki storage on XP
106421 [ jimm io.com] When I first ran Instiki on my XP laptop, it complained that it couldn't write
106438 [burtdav hotm] I believe this is an installer bug. The "storage" directory needs to be

^ Instiki link strangeness
106423 [ jimm io.com] Because I edited an Instiki page with the name "Jim", a page named "Jim" was
106455 [david loudth] There's a much overdue release of Instiki coming in the near future

^ system threads (was: Re: No Subject)
106431 [billk cts.co] I'm beginning development of an embedded ruby application,
106436 [rcoder gmail] Bill,

^ FileUtils.rm_rf  bug on win2k?
106434 [john-mason.s] I am seeing some odd behavior with FileUtils.rm_rf on Windows 2000. I
108647 [aamine lover] Sorry for very late reply...

^ RubyForge now supports syncmail...
106435 [tom infoethe] ...so if you've got a project there, you can configure it to email you

^ Ruby mentioned in C/C++ Users Journal
106437 [WBrown isoft] charset="us-ascii"

^ Buffering in WEBrick
106439 [dejaspam bat] I'm writing a web application with WEBrick that occasionally has to
107035 [gotoyuzo not] If the body of response is IO, its output will be flushed

^ Problems with soap4r's wsdl2ruby.rb
106441 [bg-rubytalk ] I decided to try some things with soap4r's wsdl2ruby.rb script, and
106508 [nahi keynaut] Thank you for your interest.
106537 [bg-rubytalk ] No problem.  You warned it was 'alpha' quality stuff, so I wasn't
106539 [ jimm io.com] I have a WSDL file that contains an RPC style, and it works find with standard
106599 [nahi keynaut] I think I didn't write explicitly.
106646 [ jimm io.com] Thank you. I understand now.
106933 [nahi keynaut] It's good to hear soap4r/wsdl4r is working for you.

^ Newbie: Pointers for Ruby compatible DBase engine
106445 [xdblade zwor] Can anyone suggest/direct me to a dbase engine which are supported by
+ 106446 [khaines enig] SQLite
+ 106447 [shanko_date ] What is the OS on this box ?  Like it is already
+ 106450 [ahoward noaa] sqlite is good if you need sql - but do you?  if not try pstore (it comes with
| + 106463 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Fascinating stuff!  Do you recommend pstore or madeline?
| | 106466 [ahoward noaa] pstore is so dang simple - must be 300 lines of code - and i like the
| + 106464 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Also, YAML.
+ 106454 [jm zzzzzzzzz] ...
+ 106501 [cribbsj oakw] Check out KirbyBase at http://www.netpromi.com/kirbybase.html
| 106505 [martindemell] Looks nice :) Any benchmarks? (And why no hash input to 'select'?)
+ 106541 [xdblade zwor] Thank's for the tips. I'm now trying both mSQL and SQLite, but I must
| 106548 [ahoward noaa] me too.
+ 106542 [xdblade zwor] Thank's for the tips. I'm now trying both mSQL and SQLite, but I must

^ still having problems with soap4R
106449 [erne powerna] Installed Soap4r-1_5_2 no problem
+ 106469 [erne powerna] Well I've made some progress.  At least I know where things are going wrong.
+ 106470 [nahi keynaut] It seems to be a versioning problem.
  106531 [erne powerna] me.
  106598 [nahi keynaut] I think it is because the version of soap module in 1.8.2 (2004-06-29)
  + 106639 [erne powerna] site
  + 106640 [erne powerna] site
    106644 [nahi keynaut] Hmm.  I'm sorry but I'm off this weekend.  I'll back next Tuesday.
    106902 [erne powerna] taking
    106934 [nahi keynaut] Good.

^ Free Ruby "Cookbook" (48.71% done)
106471 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Anyone know if this is moving along or stalled?
+ 106473 [jeffrey.dik ] Stalled or moving extremely slowly, I think.  I looked at it a while ago
| 106474 [aero6dof yah] I don't think PLEAC is a very formal project. It pretty much advances
+ 106478 [ptkwt aracne] It has certainly slowed down, but Ruby isn't the only language in
+ 106485 [martindemell] Gavin Sinclair started a separate effort, which I took over but have not
+ 106762 [discussionru] I have contributed 18 recipes over the last year, so it is not stalled.

^ when will coerce be called?
106479 [xiangyu.yang] class TrueClass
106481 [matz ruby-la] "coerce" is only used for numeric operators, not logical operators.
106492 [xiangyu.yang] It seems that "coerce" is only used for numeric operators, and "to_int"
106565 [surrender_it] If you're working with hardware check out
106674 [jbshaldane h] I think the logical and bitwise operators should call coerce: I have

^ my ruby code won't go as fast as my perl code
106480 [burtdav hotm] I realise I'm doing this a perlish way, but my question is, is it possible
+ 106484 [rcoder gmail] I'm not sure how the performance would compare, but if you really want
+ 106487 [surrender_it] not sure, maybe you can make it 4 lines instead of 17 by using csv.rb
+ 106498 [nobu.nokada ] Which version of ruby do you use?
+ 106515 [ahoward noaa] can you send me some sample data?
+ 106516 [dmertz free.] The addition operator always creates a new String object. So when you
| 106525 [ahoward noaa] ~ > parse.rb csv/
+ 106523 [dmertz free.] # [yy, yy, mm, dd, hh, mm, ss] as strings
+ 106526 [ser germane-] #!ruby
+ 106528 [erne powerna] I built 3 files all with only 9 lines of data, one of the files had a line
+ 106533 [erne powerna] I built 3 files all with only 9 lines of data, one of the files had a line
+ 106649 [burtdav hotm] Thanks everyone for your input.

^ Re: qtruby compilation error
106483 [jochen.i gmx] I haven't heard of that one before. The build problem I had with krubyinit
106489 [ruby-lists l] you need to link in qt
106540 [jochen.i gmx] Linked with qt it is finally working! Thank you!

^ Re: Free Ruby 'Cookbook' (48.71% done)
106486 [gsinclair so] Let me just point out for interested readers that the cookbook Martin
+ 106490 [gsinclair so] One more comment.  Two years ago, there were less English-language Ruby
+ 106560 [doodpants ma] The Ruby Way, by Hal Fulton. It's not available online, though.
  + 106569 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Any news if it'll be updated for Ruby 1.8 series?
  | 106592 [hal9000 hype] *Some* of 1.8 is already in there, especially in the appendix.
  + 106584 [gsinclair so] as thick as the Perl Cookbook, and is not entirely devoted to recipes
  + 106591 [hal9000 hype] Thanks for the vote of confidence.

^ Question about right way to use module
106491 [ssk chol.nos] Modules are used for
+ 106494 [gsinclair so] Personally, I find 'module_function' unintuitive, so I stick with 'self'.
+ 106495 [decoux moulo] (2) in your case

^ Writing games in Ruby?
106493 [winnocence h] Hey
+ 106509 [tom infoethe] I've wondered about that too.  It'd be nifty to have a little collection
| + 106510 [michael.fivi] Lets start it up then. Could easily grab an edge over something like
| | 106513 [tim bates.id] The existing RUDL project is quite nice; although the OP complains that
| | 106514 [tom infoethe] RUDL does look nice.  Any of the RUDL guys here on ruby-talk?  There are
| + 106511 [bob.news gmx] "Tom Copeland" <tom@infoether.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 106547 [peter.thoman] I did the first 2 of that list (with RUDL, which I think is superior to
|   106556 [tom infoethe] I got Rudl 0.7.1 to compile, but regrettably urlaubtris segfaulted when
|   107693 [tom infoethe] Another note on this discussion from several weeks ago - urlaubtris runs
+ 106555 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 106566 [surrender_it] try ruby/sdl.
+ 106633 [winnocence h] Wow, huge interrest in this subject - and I though I was the only one
| + 106641 [flgr ccan.de] Well, the guys working on it and me want to use that library the next
| + 106645 [peter.thoman] RUDL is more Rubyesque. I used PyGame before, and RUDL got exactly those
+ 106661 [kero chello.] No, Ruby rules :)

^ problems with xslt4r
106500 [r_mueller im] I'd like to use 'xslt4r', because i cannot install libxml2 + libxslt for
106502 [mneumann nte] This is only a warning. It's easy to fix. Every occurence of type (not
106503 [r_mueller im] I did and with type -> class replacement, i get no more errors. But i also get
106504 [mneumann nte] should be printed on stdout.
106507 [r_mueller im] Now, it works fine.
106520 [mneumann nte] can you give a short example?
106630 [r_mueller im] charset="iso-8859-1"
106658 [mneumann nte] sorry, but I no more develop xslt4r. it was just a proof of concept hack

^ Problem using Ruby as script language, which limits its distribution speed
106512 [ bchk gmx.de] I am (or was) a big fan of ruby (except some unexpected function names, but
+ 106518 [matz ruby-la] No license in LEGAL file should stop you from using Ruby in the
| 106521 [ bchk gmx.de] Sorry, what do you mean "in different expression unfortunately"?
| 106595 [matz ruby-la] Most licenses in the LEGAL file state that "the author wants you to
+ 106545 [ptkwt aracne] What do you mean by 'failsafe legal'?
  + 106573 [chk online.d] Phil,
  | + 106576 [billk cts.co] "I am not a lawyer".. etc...  But...
  | | 106623 [ bchk gmx.de] Concerning Ruby, there's a problem.
  | + 106594 [jm zzzzzzzzz] A semi-secure way to distribute ruby scripts to customers/users would be
  + 106582 [batsman.geo ] No it's not, it's LGPL (don't know why so many people believe so).
    106600 [ptkwt aracne] Sorry, I had it kind of backwards.  I guess the old regex engine is
    106635 [ bchk gmx.de] Phil,

^ Ruby-mysql problem
106517 [ gm navel.gr] I have a small problem with ruby-mysql.

^ Hiding app.run in begin-rescue block: pros & cons?
106519 [NoOne Nowher] Upon asking a friend to review my code,  he suggested that many people hide
106522 [NoOne Nowher] I apologize for not testing the two approaches myself before posting the
106524 [ahoward noaa] require 'logger'
106596 [nahi keynaut] And here's a sample of class Logger::Application which might be usable
106616 [dooby d10.ka] Plenty nice !!
106754 [NoOne Nowher] Thank you Ara,  NaHi and Daz for the guidance and the references.  My Ruby

^ freeride, suse 9.1, and utf8 problem
106527 [mortonda dgr] I figured out why freeRIDE was having problems running on my suse 9.1

^ scripting language (fwd)
106530 [Ara.T.Howard] got this from a friend... any thoughts?
+ 106535 [bg-rubytalk ] Well, first of all, he should take a look at zsh if they use ksh.  ;)
| 106790 [snowzone5 ho] scripting language (fwd)
| + 106792 [jamesUNDERBA] I believe the Microsoft .Net SDK is freely available and includes a vc++
| | 106797 [snowzone5 ho] scripting language (fwd)
| + 106798 [rcoder gmail] Modules that use the 'mkmf' library to generate their own makefiles
+ 106544 [Mike Geary.c] I hesitate to suggest a language other than Ruby, but if they want something
+ 106552 [jgb3 email.b] Has anyone ever reverse-engineered a network protocol before? It would
  106554 [carl.youngbl] Isn't there source code for the oci oracle protocol out there?  A lot
  106558 [jgb3 email.b] Well, looking at the OCI stuff in PHP, it looks like it relies on the
  + 106559 [halostatue g] I don't do any direct work with Oracle anymore; if I were to do so, I
  | 106571 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Are there dynamic libraries that do this?  If the API is documented,
  | 106575 [jgb3 email.b] That's just the thing... in order to use the API, you have to have the
  + 106583 [gsinclair so] Couldn't the thin client be written in C and then wrapped in every
    + 106586 [jgb3 email.b] The client *could*, of course be written in C. To my knowledge, such an
    | 106667 [ksibilev bel] connected to oracle via Oracle OCI API. There was also a DBD wrapper
    + 106589 [rcoder gmail] This may sound heretical on a Ruby mailing list, but it sounds like
    | + 106613 [carl.youngbl] I bet that ethereal would come in handy for reverse engineering the
    | | 106650 [jgb3 email.b] It is VERY handy. ;) I used it a little bit yesterday to get an idea of
    | + 106695 [rstephens ve] I'd suggest taking a look at jython.
    |   106710 [alex verk.in] About a month ago I have evaluated all three JVM scripting languages
    |   + 106712 [surrender_it] what do you mean by 'lagged two versions' ?
    |   | 106719 [alex verk.in] OK, what about below shell session (I use CVS HEAD Ruby at home, but
    |   | 106759 [surrender_it] doh! Maybe this is the part not included in "nearly 1.8" :)
    |   | 106767 [alex verk.in] All abstractions leak, of course. When you code for money, it's all
    |   + 106843 [grzegorz pit] Another option would be SISC, a scheme interpeter for the JVM,
    + 106634 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Anyone tried Arachno Ruby?
106546 [no_replies f] I'm considering taking a look at Arachno Ruby but I'd like to hear from some
+ 106551 [zdennis mkte] I used it at the end of last year while it was in alpha and I liked where it
| 106570 [mailinglists] It comes with a 60 day trial and this trial is renewed everytime a new
| 106608 [nick activeh] Is there a version for all the scripting languages on the site- e.g.
| 106609 [mailinglists] At the moment only the ruby version is ready for public eyes. Later
| 106662 [keith_hodges] I was quite impressed with my brief foray into Arachno Ruby. I am
| 106687 [mailinglists] Thanks for the hint. I've forgot to handle ruby start options because
| 106694 [wirianto.dju] Saw this mentioned here, so I tried it out. Looks very need and the
| 106793 [snowzone5 ho] Anyone tried Arachno Ruby?
| 106796 [harryo zip.c] For Vim, make sure you grab a copy of exuberant ctags and the
| 106799 [snowzone5 ho] Anyone tried Arachno Ruby?
| 106800 [gsinclair so] I'm not, but I will now.
| + 106805 [snowzone5 ho] Anyone tried Arachno Ruby?
| | 106814 [djkea2 mugca] Whilst a valid assumption, this is not actually correct. :-) I'd suggest
| | 106978 [snowzone5 ho] Anyone tried Arachno Ruby?
| + 106806 [harryo qiqso] We obviously need a Sydney Vim Users' Group :-).
|   106815 [djkea2 mugca] This has been available for some time.
+ 106817 [nick activeh] I installed it  an ran it today, and was very impressed. It's is

^ Stumped newbie...
106549 [esplair yaho] Here is what I'm trying to do. Simulate nodes with objects. The nodes
+ 106550 [lyle.johnson] I think you're asking how to make the "outside" variable (here, the
| 106648 [esplair yaho] Yes, that is very much what I'm looking for. At this stage it works.
+ 106553 [ahoward noaa] is this what you mean?
  106590 [rcoder gmail] class Gate

^ hex / rescue
106557 [markgreenlan] there are a few questions after I've read the
+ 106561 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 106563 [martindemell] number.to_s(16)

^ RedCloth Footnotes
106562 [cc1 cec.wust] How come redcloth footnotes can't produce a link back to where the

^ Monitor network connections
106567 [dwerder gmx.] I'd like to do a little "somewhat-clever-server-abuse-detection" in
+ 106568 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Here are some highly recommended security tools you might want to
| 106597 [rcoder gmail] In addition, I'd recommend you take a look at the documentation for
+ 106601 [mortonda dgr] I did a little work on this problem in perl once.  There are several
  106656 [dwerder gmx.] Thanks for all the good hints!

^ [ANN] DRb Id Conversion
106572 [drbrain segm] DRb uses id conversion to map ids into objects when referring to remote
+ 106574 [surrender_it] thanks, I'll read it ASAP.
+ 106585 [vjoel PATH.B] Cool. I nominate it for the DRb part of http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib/.
+ 106637 [rasputnik he] Thanks Eric, these articles are really helping to demystify webrick and drb=

^ Ruby language definition file?
106577 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Does anyone have a Ruby language definition file for Source Insight?

^ converting types
106579 [cmills frees] I am working on a Ruby extension and want to support "duck typing".
106580 [nobu.nokada ] There's StringValue() for String, and rb_convert_type() for
106581 [cmills frees] Thanks!

^ heavy Python vs agile Ruby
106587 [richard mimb] third paragraph is amusing :) well i thought so anyway

^ [OT] Re: heavy Python vs agile Ruby
106588 [vjoel PATH.B] If someone develops a venomous ruby, they should call it Taipan!
106593 [harryo qiqso] Of course, a couple of seconds after "Snake eats Ruby" ... "Ruby chokes Snake" :-).

^ Do you want a ":=" operator?
106602 [xiangyu.yang] An interest thing.
+ 106603 [halostatue g] Right. But not all object states or values can be changed that way,
| 106615 [ptkwt aracne] The problem is that I might want to use #<< as 'shift left' in an HDL (or
| 106628 [xiangyu.yang] How do you model a register?
+ 106612 [ptkwt aracne] Yes, it's annoying.  I wish we had a := op.
+ 106638 [flgr ccan.de] Actually I think that []= could be used instead.
+ 106652 [surrender_it] I don't like the idea of :=. cause it makes thing little too messy.