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Problem with extension on OS X
106217 [usenet@an re] I have compiled SQLite.c from ruby-dbi on OS X, but when I try to load
+ 106219 [decoux@mo lo] try it with
| 106241 [usenet@an re] Thanks! (case insensitive filesystems are evil)
+ 106220 [ahoward@no a] ??

rubygems undefined method 'loaded_from=' for nil::NilClass
106218 [petrucci@ds ] I've got ruby 1.8.1 running on arm platform with no problems and to save space i decided to organize external  library using rubygems.
106224 [jim@we ri hh] Did you /really/ use a -i?  RubyGems 0.7.0 doesn't allow that option

ANN: Andrea's Practical Language Comparison, Minispreadsheet submitted
106222 [zdennis@mk e] Curt Hibbs for coming forth with wxRuby as an option (i was first thinking

R: rubygems undefined method 'loaded_from=' for nil::NilClass
106226 [petrucci@ds ] # gem install log4r-1.0.5.gem
106228 [jim@we ri hh] Good.  I was worried about a version mismatch.

qtruby compilation error
106227 [jochen.i@gm ] I am trying to compile qtruby. Unfortunally it failed with the following error
+ 106230 [hfugal@we co] I'm afraid I'm not much help as I didn't get this error, but I was able
+ 106231 [pbrannan@at ] I'm not a qtruby developer and I don't have Qt 3.2, so I can't check any
  106233 [jochen.i@gm ] Thank you two for answering.
  + 106236 [jochen.i@gm ] Ok, I did one more try. This time on my notebook -- same distribution like
  | 106245 [ruby-lists@l] umm you could submit them to me i guess :) (or kde-bindings@kde.org)
  | 106249 [jochen.i@gm ] ok, should I still submit a report to you or did you already hear about
  | 106256 [ruby-lists@l] no thats okay. with the backtrace i should be able to figure out
  + 106243 [ruby-lists@l] whats the backtrace?
    106248 [jochen.i@gm ] irb(main):001:0> require 'Qt'
    106250 [ruby-lists@l] can you run in gdb?
    106252 [jochen.i@gm ] hm.. I'm sorry to say so, but I don't now how to do this. If you tell me what
    106258 [ruby-lists@l] gdb ruby
    106260 [jochen.i@gm ] Ok, I must confess I have not much experience in using gdb, but here is what I
    106293 [Richard_Dale] This is a known problem - there is some sort of incompatibility between Qt
    106331 [jochen.i@gm ] $ gcc -I/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i686-linux -o krubyinit krubyinit.cpp -lruby
    + 106338 [ruby-lists@l] if i'm not busy this weekend i'll try and do
    | 106353 [Richard_Dale] Do you really mean 'qrubyinit' or was it a typo for 'qtrubyinit'? I've fixed
    | 106355 [ruby-lists@l] qtrubyinit sounds better in fact.
    + 106339 [Richard_Dale] I haven't heard of that one before. The build problem I had with krubyinit

R: R: rubygems undefined method 'loaded_from=' for nil::NilClass
106229 [petrucci@ds ] # gem list --backtrace

flatten_merge should be :nodoc:
106239 [vjoel@PA H. ] In lib/set.rb, the protected method flatten_merge should be marked as

Installing erb under W2K
106257 [barry@an le ] I am an absolute nuby at Ruby   ( starting it a little over a week
+ 106448 [rocioestrada] maybe eruby? check
| 106458 [jm@zz zz zz ] I think mod_ruby and eruby serve different purposes.
+ 106460 [jm@zz zz zz ] Not sure which version you installed.

[OT - new pickaxe] was - Re: Printing contents of a method
106261 [ahoward@no a] got an eta on that?  i can't wait! ;-)
+ 106263 [batsman.geo@] Look at
+ 106273 [dave@pr gp o] It's going through its first review right now. Then it gets copyedits,
  106275 [lyle.johnson] Do yourself a favor and just ship a boxful to the Ruby Conference the
  106433 [shanko_date@] Dave,

106262 [han.holl@po ] First of all, congratulations and thanks for cs/Template.
106277 [sean@ce so t] I think I'll make all macro parameters expect a data path, but create a new

OSCON Ruby activity
106269 [ptkwt@ar cn ] The Portland Rubyists are planning an evening outing for our out-of-town
106271 [rich@in oe h] I will be there...
106272 [chad@ch df w] Same here.
106274 [rcoder@gm il] I'll be there.

Documentation correction
106276 [spam0504@bs ] I just mentioned an error in the documentation as extracted by ri. So my
106376 [dave@pr gp o] Thanks! I'll zap that.

106294 [tom@mn mo ic] While it works as documented in Pickaxe ( If pattern is omitted, the
106296 [ljz@as as .c] This case follows the convention in Perl, where a split pattern of " "
106312 [gavin@re in ] Ick.
+ 106322 [cameron.mcbr] irb(main):001:0> s = "this is\tfun \tno?"
| + 106323 [cameron.mcbr] Stupid webinterface.  paste got mangled.  apologizes.
| + 106344 [bob.news@gm ] "Cameron McBride" <cameron.mcbride@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   106348 [ljz@as as .c] irb(main):001:0> "  spaces  of  doom  ".split(/\s+/)
|   106351 [bob.news@gm ] "Lloyd Zusman" <ljz@asfast.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   106363 [ljz@as as .c] Well, you saved me some time by running these yourself.  Thanks.
+ 106324 [billk@ct .c ] They aren't the same.  I agree that having a special case
  106334 [discord@ma .] irb(main):001:0> "  spaces  of  doom  ".split(nil)
  106347 [ljz@as as .c] irb(main):001:0> "  spaces  of  doom  ".split()
  106414 [discord@ma .] irb(main):001:0> "  spaces  of  doom  ".split

[OT] Perennial. Was: Re: Ruby quickies and useful idioms
106301 [spam0504@bs ] wow, I learned a new word. perennial. Had to look it up in the dictionary,
106329 [nick@ac iv h] Common in gardening- annuals (you have to plant them each year) and

instance variable question in test/unit TestCase
106309 [nick@ac iv h] test/unit is super cool.I was blown away by how test/unit automatically
+ 106315 [vjoel@PA H. ] Use the ||= idiom. I like it because it can keep the initialization near
| 106316 [nick@ac iv h] @myvar ||= 1 # initialize @myvar, but only if it's nil
| 106321 [vjoel@PA H. ] def myvar
+ 106388 [drbrain@se m] =20

VIM/Emacs Usage
106310 [nick@ac iv h] I won't ask which is better, since I've just read some of the colorful
+ 106311 [gsinclair@so] I doubt it's possible to determine.  You should just conclude that there
| 106318 [nick@ac iv h] I'm sort of stuck between the two. I like them both, but figure it's
| 106320 [cameron.mcbr] Hey Nick,
+ 106317 [jm@zz zz zz ] Well, if you decide to go with Vim, then try to keep your fingers off
| 106399 [rt@al m. pi ] Same deal with Emacs.  Try and get used to using the cursor
+ 106319 [eyez@il uz o] Rather than looking at it for what it's language bindings are, it's
| 106673 [snowzone5@ho] VIM/Emacs Usage
+ 106345 [bob.news@gm ] "Nicholas Van Weerdenburg" <nick@activehitconsulting.com> schrieb im

Updating comp.lang.ruby FAQ...
106325 [hal9000@hy e] I used to have an automated process for sending out the c.l.r FAQ,
+ 106328 [jm@zz zz zz ] Here's some content you might find useful for inclusion in Section 1.2
| 106330 [vjoel@PA H. ] (if I may suggest my own code)
| 106337 [gsinclair@so] I'll second the suggestion.  Never used it, but it looks very cool :)
+ 106791 [ jupp@gm .d ] Where "reasonably" means "as far as

Ruby Performance: 1.6.x vs 1.8.x
106340 [jm@zz zz zz ] Has anyone performed benchmarks to determine the relative performance of

'solved' (was: Re: [RubyCocoa] Cocoa Bindings? (cont.))
106343 [hvs1@ch ll .] 'solved' but not really ... just a track I hope ...

Sketchup 4.0 Released
106346 [michael.fivi] 4.0 of this wonderfully easy to use computer aided design program was

qtruby and ms windows
106349 [jochen.i@gm ] this time I was wondering if it's possible to use qtruby in windows. Anyone doing this?
106350 [ruby-lists@l] completely untested.
106352 [jochen.i@gm ] checking for Qt... libraries /opt/qt3/lib, headers /opt/qt3/include using -mt
106354 [ruby-lists@l] where are your libs/includes?
106356 [jochen.i@gm ] ok, this time I pointed directly to the qt-libs/includes  but still the same error message.
106358 [jochen.i@gm ] Could it be, that qtruby requires qt-3.3.x?
106359 [ruby-lists@l] no its just a messed up detection of compiled in stuff.
106368 [Richard_Dale] Yes - hi Alex - maybe we can carry on discussing this on the
106401 [hfugal@we co] Would y'all please report back if someone gets qtruby working in windows?
+ 106405 [Richard_Dale] Yes ok - it's definately possible because some PerlQt guys recently got the
+ 106496 [Richard_Dale] Here's the post from the kde-perl mailing list about building the Smoke

'Initializing' modules
106357 [ gm@na el gr] I am looking for an elegant solution to a common problem.
+ 106360 [bob.news@gm ] ...
| 106361 [ gm@na el gr] this seems to work, thank you very much!
| 106430 [elathan@ph s] Since nobody replied and I think it's an interesting question,
| 106497 [bob.news@gm ] "Elias Athanasopoulos" <elathan@phys.uoa.gr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 106532 [elathan@ph s] You maybe right. But, IMHO, this is a real coding style
| 106534 [decoux@mo lo] before trying to fix it, look the source :-)
| 106536 [elathan@ph s] I guess it is difficult to fix. Maybe it can break the
| 106538 [decoux@mo lo] Read rb_mod_include() in eval.c, and see how ruby make the loop `while'
| 106543 [elathan@ph s] Ok, got it. I'll try to submit a patch to the documentation
+ 106378 [ahoward@no a] if i understand what you are trying to do correctly, you simply need to call
  106379 [decoux@mo lo] Same than
  106413 [vjoel@PA H. ] And note that

See Maggie getting pumped by Bart Simpson
106364 [afew@ad lt e] Also, do you dream of popping Maggie Simpson's cherry?

Split quoted text
106365 [michael@gu s] Can anybody help me with following, it seems like I can find a solution
+ 106367 [ruby-lists@l] something like this?
+ 106372 [dblack@wo bl] p '"this is" "my text"'.scan(/"[^"]+"/)
| 106373 [michael@gu s] Yes, I think that's exactly what I searched... Thanks a lot!
| 106393 [cmills@fr es] p '"he said \"hello\"" "field"'.scan(/"(?:\\.|[^"])*?"/)
| 106472 [g_ogata@op u] irb(main):001:0> require 'shellwords'
+ 106390 [nahi@ke na t] Is quoting " needed?
  106396 [bob.news@gm ] "NAKAMURA, Hiroshi" <nahi@keynauts.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

106366 [troplosti@or] The idea is to let users execute script functions they define and
106371 [decoux@mo lo] (none)

If you just feel like making love with Maggie Simpson
106369 [hismuscles@w] And would you fuck Marge Simpson until she screamed and fainted?!?

Re: No Subject: Embed in C application
106370 [troplosti@or] Sorry for the no subject... I hope this is better

Re: No Subject
106374 [troplosti@or] Hmm, I don't even know what an anonymous module is :)
+ 106377 [decoux@mo lo] See
| 106380 [troplosti@or] Okay, I understand the idea now. Problem is that I register two global
| 106382 [decoux@mo lo] The problem is not that you _can_ load the file, you *must* load it
| 106385 [troplosti@or] Okay, I might get it know. So if I'm understanding this all well then
| 106387 [decoux@mo lo] The loaded file need to call the register_functions, i.e. rather than
| 106389 [troplosti@or] Now I'm really confused. I can't call any functions that sit in the
| + 106391 [decoux@mo lo] yes,
| | 106394 [troplosti@or] Funny thing, cause I got it working now. What I do is I load the script
| | 106397 [decoux@mo lo] Look in eval.c how is called rb_load_file()
| | 106400 [troplosti@or] I don'treally get your point... But I'm using rb_load now, and its still
| | 106402 [decoux@mo lo] Look at rb_load_protect() and you don't need ruby_exec() if you use
| | 106406 [troplosti@or] Hmm, rb_load() SEGV's my application. rb_load_file without ruby_exec
| | 106408 [decoux@mo lo] rb_load_file + ruby_exec is similar to rb_load *except* that many things,
| + 106403 [ahoward@no a] can't you do something evil like this?
| + 106477 [vjoel@PA H. ] I'm not sure I've followed the discussion, but this is something I use
+ 106409 [rcoder@gm il] GTK+ and Pango may be compiled with native thread *support*, but they
  106425 [troplosti@or] I don't think this is an option as I'm developing this for debian and it

Kickass Pro-Ruby Slashdot comment
106381 [demerzel@gm ] ...
+ 106416 [lyle.johnson] I like Paul's follow up: "Give ruby a try, but don't expect it to
| 106428 [hal9000@hy e] Hey, speak for yourself...
| 106432 [rcoder@gm il] And this is exactly the kind of thing that makes non-coders think
+ 106422 [sean@ce so t] The article makes excellent use of the word "arbitrary" too!

RubyGarden Wiki needs some CSS help
106384 [gsinclair@so] Is there a wiki maintainer listening?
106386 [chad@ch df w] # Is there a wiki maintainer listening?
106392 [chad@ch df w] # # Is there a wiki maintainer listening?
+ 106443 [drbrain@se m] t.
+ 106456 [gsinclair@so] ...
  106457 [jim@we ri hh] Check your configured font size (Tools/Options/Fonts&Colors).  My firefox
  106461 [gsinclair@so] Ahhhh.... much better.  I guess other sites set the sizes in the CSS,

freeRIDE problem
106404 [mortonda@dg ] freeride-0.6.0> sh run.bat

106407 [Ara.T.Howard] ~ > cat drb_fork.rb
+ 106415 [vjoel@PA H. ] I've never used it, but it looks interesting. (I suspect it does the
| 106418 [ahoward@no a] it does look pretty nice - i didn't know about the drbunix:// uri style -
+ 106444 [drbrain@se m] I take it this is the important line you're looking for?

[OT] Re: VIM/Emacs Usage
106410 [rcoder@gm il] Can I just say how impressed I am that one of the oldest and most

Books on Ruby
106411 [sarahtanemba] Are there any newer release of Ruby books(or documentation/tutorial) to
+ 106412 [hal9000@hy e] "Pickaxe 2" is coming soon. September perhaps?
+ 106462 [jm@zz zz zz ] Until PickAxe2 comes out in a couple months, checkout these two
+ 106488 [darkelf3@gm ] if you can read german there is a new book coming out

cgi session management is foobar
106417 [cere@u. as i] require 'cgi'
106453 [cere@u. as i] Ok,  I figured it out.  I needed to flush stdout and close the session. ;)

Ruby Goody :)
106419 [Meino.Cramer] I often saw discussions about "what is better" -- and not only
+ 106426 [jm@zz zz zz ] * Ruby's blocks/closures/iterators combination is what I like most.  I
| 106529 [DocBoobenste] snip ---- 8< ----
+ 106499 [bob.news@gm ] "Meino Christian Cramer" <Meino.Cramer@gmx.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 106564 [surrender_it] ruby is simple.
  106578 [vjoel@PA H. ] 1. Consistent variable assignment semantics.

Instiki storage on XP
106421 [ jimm@io co ] When I first ran Instiki on my XP laptop, it complained that it couldn't write
106438 [burtdav@ho m] I believe this is an installer bug. The "storage" directory needs to be

Instiki link strangeness
106423 [ jimm@io co ] Because I edited an Instiki page with the name "Jim", a page named "Jim" was
106455 [david@lo dt ] There's a much overdue release of Instiki coming in the near future

system threads (was: Re: No Subject)
106431 [billk@ct .c ] I'm beginning development of an embedded ruby application,
106436 [rcoder@gm il] Bill,

FileUtils.rm_rf  bug on win2k?
106434 [john-mason.s] I am seeing some odd behavior with FileUtils.rm_rf on Windows 2000. I
108647 [aamine@lo er] Sorry for very late reply...

RubyForge now supports syncmail...
106435 [tom@in oe he] ...so if you've got a project there, you can configure it to email you

Ruby mentioned in C/C++ Users Journal
106437 [WBrown@is ft] ...

Buffering in WEBrick
106439 [dejaspam@ba ] I'm writing a web application with WEBrick that occasionally has to
107035 [gotoyuzo@no ] If the body of response is IO, its output will be flushed

Problems with soap4r's wsdl2ruby.rb
106441 [bg-rubytalk@] I decided to try some things with soap4r's wsdl2ruby.rb script, and
106508 [nahi@ke na t] Thank you for your interest.
106537 [bg-rubytalk@] No problem.  You warned it was 'alpha' quality stuff, so I wasn't
106539 [ jimm@io co ] I have a WSDL file that contains an RPC style, and it works find with standard
106599 [nahi@ke na t] I think I didn't write explicitly.
106646 [ jimm@io co ] Thank you. I understand now.
106933 [nahi@ke na t] It's good to hear soap4r/wsdl4r is working for you.

Newbie: Pointers for Ruby compatible DBase engine
106445 [xdblade@zw r] Can anyone suggest/direct me to a dbase engine which are supported by
+ 106446 [khaines@en g] SQLite
+ 106447 [shanko_date@] What is the OS on this box ?  Like it is already
+ 106450 [ahoward@no a] sqlite is good if you need sql - but do you?  if not try pstore (it comes with
| + 106463 [jm@zz zz zz ] Fascinating stuff!  Do you recommend pstore or madeline?
| | 106466 [ahoward@no a] pstore is so dang simple - must be 300 lines of code - and i like the
| + 106464 [jm@zz zz zz ] Also, YAML.
+ 106454 [jm@zz zz zz ] ...
+ 106501 [cribbsj@oa w] Check out KirbyBase at http://www.netpromi.com/kirbybase.html
| 106505 [martindemell] Looks nice :) Any benchmarks? (And why no hash input to 'select'?)
+ 106541 [xdblade@zw r] Thank's for the tips. I'm now trying both mSQL and SQLite, but I must
| 106548 [ahoward@no a] me too.
+ 106542 [xdblade@zw r] Thank's for the tips. I'm now trying both mSQL and SQLite, but I must