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^ Downloading FastCGI from RAA
105952 [greg puyo.cj] I can't get a copy of FastCGI, either the pure Ruby version of the C
106065 [vladare yaho] You can find copy of FastCGI there http://osdn.org.ua/~mike/

^ ActiveRecord comments
105956 [carl.youngbl] I prefer not to pluralize my table names; it's pretty obvious that
+ 105957 [carl.youngbl] To clarify my thinking on this one, I am suggesting that the
+ 105968 [csshsh struc] has_and_belongs_to_many :users, :class_name => "User"

^ A little algorithmic help requested...
105959 [hal9000 hype] Here's a problem my tired brain is having trouble with.
+ 105960 [ocean m2.ccs] How about this? It seems working.
+ 105961 [jeffrey.dik ] At 4:20am, I'd do it like this
+ 105962 [demerzel gma] I may not have read you correctly, but does this do what you seek?
+ 105963 [gsinclair so] def ranges(list, min_range_size=3)
+ 105967 [g_ogata optu] a.each_index{|i|a[i..j=i+2]==[x=a[i],x+1,x+2]and(0while a[j]+1==a[j+=1];a[i..j-=1]=a[i]..a[j])}
| + 105979 [ocean m2.ccs] (2004/07/11 19:37)
| + 105981 [bob.news gmx] "George Ogata" <g_ogata@optushome.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 105988 [batsman.geo ] Golfing a bit on #ruby-lang, exoticorn & I got
| | 106066 [g_ogata optu] Nice!  The "(l=s[-1])&&x-l[-1]<2" bit is quite clever.  Using it (and
| + 106040 [hal9000 hype] Ha, interesting indeed, but I don't do golf.  :)
+ 105972 [dblack wobbl] David
+ 105991 [jhaungs acm.] Here's an iterator approach.
+ 105992 [jhaungs acm.] Here's an iterator approach.
+ 105993 [jhaungs acm.] Here's an iterator approach.
+ 105995 [mneumann nte] require 'enumerator'
+ 106068 [martindemell] a = [1,2,3,4,6,7,8,11,12,15,16,17]
+ 106072 [androflux so] Here's one that doesn't follow that "need at least three of more"
| 106077 [bob.news gmx] "Jason Creighton" <androflux@softhome.net.remove.to.reply> schrieb im
| + 106081 [dblack wobbl] Just for fun, here's a "purely functional" version, though not
| + 106162 [androflux so] Oh, right, that would be easier. :)
|   106182 [bob.news gmx] "Jason Creighton" <androflux@softhome.net.remove.to.reply> schrieb im
+ 106383 [rjp frottage] (uses only bash, not ruby, doesn't do any sorting at all,

^ Hosting Ruby scripts/cgi (repost)
105970 [keith_hodges] All,
105984 [aredridel nb] I'd do that for you.
106842 [keith_hodges] did you get the scripts that I sent to you? I am still hoping that
106925 [aredridel nb] Whoops, yep. The first email disappeared in the pile of "email with no

^ Syntax question for gsub
105996 [dirk.einecke] I've a litte syntax question. I read a HTML file and change all between
+ 105998 [surrender_it] maybe like this?
| 106004 [dirk.einecke] That's it. Thank you very much.
+ 105999 [lopexx autog] gsub!( /<(.+)>(.*?)<\/\1>/ ) { "<#{$1}>foo</#{$1}>" }
| 106001 [dirk.einecke] But this is only working for the tag "html". If I wont to use an other
| 106003 [lopexx autog] It should work for any tag
| 106005 [dirk.einecke] gsub!( /<(.+)>(.*?)<\/\1>/ ) { "<#{$1}>foo</#{$1}>" }
| + 106006 [lopexx autog] Sorry :D
| + 106009 [mrmargolis w] having #{anyvariable} inside of a double quoted string will put the
| + 106043 [rubyguru hot] gsub!( /<(#{tagName})>(.*?)<\/\1>/ ) { "<#{$1}>foo</#{$1}>" }
+ 106020 [kristof vlee] What about ( /<#{tagName}>(.*?)<\/#{tagName}/ )?
+ 106037 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Example Regex Expressions (Markup Category)

^ [ANN] - win32-clipboard 0.2.0
106002 [djberg96 hot] All,

^ [ANN] Net::SSH 0.0.3
106011 [jgb3 email.b] You asked for it, and you got it! Version 0.0.3 now supports port
+ 106017 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Wow, that was fast!  We requested some of these features just days ago!
| 106019 [jgb3 email.b] I aim to please. :)
| + 106056 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Beautiful!  This opens up a lot of possibilities.
| + 106075 [martindemell] Possibly stupid question - why's this not cancel_forward_local(12345)?
|   106076 [jgb3 email.b] An excellent point, Martin. It seems like there was a compelling reason
|   106105 [surrender_it] well, what if you have multiple local interfaces ?
|   106138 [jgb3 email.b] Hmmm. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the compelling reason I had thought
|   106179 [surrender_it] I think that multiple interface may be needed, but maybe not.
|   106183 [gsinclair so] What does forwarding a local port to several remote ports even mean?
|   106208 [jgb3 email.b] I'm pretty certain it cannot be done with 'ssh'. I, too, can't quite
|   106246 [rcoder gmail] Why not just have the IP address be an optional call to the
|   + 106247 [rcoder gmail] Of course I mean the local IP address...not much use in trying to
|   + 106251 [jgb3 email.b] That's a good idea. However, it would mean the local port would be the
+ 106070 [cribbsj oakw] I'm looking forward to this one, Jamis.
+ 106085 [jochen.i gmx] I installed net-ssh right now and wanted to try the example you
  106087 [jgb3 email.b] require 'net/ssh/service/forward'
  106096 [jochen.i gmx] Thank you for the quick reply. The additional require made it work for me.
  106137 [jgb3 email.b] Woops. My bad. Apparently you can't use public/private key
  106213 [jochen.i gmx] Ok, I build myself a pair of rsa keys and now it works.

^ [HELP] : about class variables
106012 [kurk_lord ya] in ruby class variables are private. Who know to do
+ 106014 [dblack wobbl] class Toto
+ 106016 [surrender_it] => nil
+ 106029 [kurk_lord ww] Thanks guys. It works so good.

^ REXML not quite doing what I need
106013 [keith_hodges] Can anyone tell me if REXML cn bepersuaded to generate using double
106108 [ser germane-] and I'll add it when I get a chance.  This week is pretty busy and I

^ Ruby 1.8.x in Mac OS X.4 (Tiger)?
106015 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Anyone know if Ruby will be updated from 1.6 to 1.8 in the next major
+ 106018 [jaco neottia] % fink list ruby
+ 106045 [eyez illuzio] (Alexandria is the drive that holds my tiger install. Currently it

^ const_missing
106021 [elathan phys] I want to create class methods at run-time, so I use
+ 106023 [vjoel PATH.B] Is this what you want?
| 106025 [dblack wobbl] *Much* cooler than my answer! :-)
| 106067 [Richard_Dale] static VALUE
| 106429 [elathan phys] Right. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot
+ 106024 [dblack wobbl] Interesting question, but I suspect the answer is that you can't.

^ [ANN] SQLite-Ruby 1.3.0
106022 [jgb3 email.b] Looks like there were no problems found in the SQLite-Ruby release
106064 [Meino.Cramer] I tried to install with
106135 [jgb3 email.b] Interesting. Has anyone else had problems? Nothing changed in the setup
+ 106155 [ahoward noaa] jamis-
| 106159 [ahoward noaa] never mind me - i just read the source and see that you've set '@fields' and
| 106160 [jgb3 email.b] Glad you saw that. I need to take an hour or two and write up some
+ 106167 [Meino.Cramer] thank you for your reply ! :)
  106170 [Meino.Cramer] After activating gcc-3.4.1 be hand, sqlite-ruby 1.3.0 does compile
  + 106192 [ahoward noaa] very true - LD_RUN_PATH, for instance, doesn't do the 'right thing' when used
  | 106209 [jgb3 email.b] Hmm. Dang. Guess I'd better rethink my installation strategy then.
  + 106207 [jgb3 email.b] Not being a gcc expert by any stretch of the imagination, I have no idea

^ Re: Make A Fortune For Only $6 - MUST BE HONEST!!!
106026 [androflux so] Get in this pyramid scheme and then *prevent* thievery? That's gonna be

^ How to install eRuby on Mac OS X 10.3
106027 [Mail Jonas-H] Welcome list, I am new to this and to ruby :-)
+ 106050 [nick activeh] In general, look over http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?RubyOnMacintosh for
| 106074 [Mail Jonas-H] Whuuu, there is modruby and eruby, what is the difference/their jobs?
| 106079 [farrel.lifso] eRuby is similair to PHP where the code is actually embedded in the
| 106093 [Mail Jonas-H] Thanks to your short and good help, I made it working! (Mac OS X 10.3
+ 106143 [roberto REMO] It is probably easier to install and configure DarwinPorts
  106214 [Mail Jonas-H] system one is 1.6.8?

^ Ruby quickies and useful idioms
106028 [sstephenson ] There's a few trivial but useful "extensions" to Ruby's standard
+ 106030 [gsinclair so] 'foldl' is, I believe, the same as Enumeration#inject.  Try checking
| 106035 [sstephenson ] Wow, I didn't know about Enumerable#inject. Semantically, it's not
| + 106046 [surrender_it] post an rcr about it or write your own module including Enumerable :)
| + 106054 [martindemell] My favourite 'practical' feature is that it tests for a seed value, and
| + 106062 [bob.news gmx] "Sam Stephenson" <sstephenson@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 106032 [phubuh phubu] These threads make the util.rb files from my long-abandoned projects
| + 106033 [phubuh phubu] I just took that verbatim from a utility file of mine, forgetting what
| + 106034 [surrender_it] the best shuffle I can think of is the Grossian shuffle (quoting
|   106036 [phubuh phubu] It's very nifty indeed.  I heard it was biased in some obscure way,
|   + 106038 [gsinclair so] It is: biased in favour of suggestions I receive :)  The only major
|   | 106039 [phubuh phubu] Haha, I was referring to sort_by { rand }.
|   | 106041 [gsinclair so] Oh!  Ahem ... (cough cough) ... so was I ... (mutter mutter blush) :)
|   + 106044 [flgr ccan.de] It's actually "Florian Gro, but I've seen the last character come out
|     106058 [surrender_it] well, I see it fine (well, I think that is the german letter similar
|     106059 [batsman.geo ] => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]
+ 106057 [martindemell] I've found this useful on several occasions
| 106212 [gavin refine] It's too early in the morning for me to decode this. Is this the same
| 106237 [martindemell] Heh - so it is :) Mine was basically the translation from the list
+ 106060 [mneumann nte] values.all? {|v| v.is_a? Foo}
+ 106173 [ian caliban.] I often find myself needing to instantiate a populated Hash, based on
| + 106174 [gsinclair so] Just curious: what sort of scenario necessitates that use?
| + 106203 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> a = [1, 2, 3]
|   106235 [martindemell] A flatten_once would really be a useful method to have around.
|   106238 [vjoel PATH.B] Yes. Maybe even flatten(n).
|   106267 [dblack wobbl] There's flattenx on RAA (http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/flattenx).
+ 106279 [spam0504 bss] A complement to Array each_with_index that I find myself using quite often
  106285 [dblack wobbl] This is a perennial favorite :-)  I still pull in my home-made

^ Ruby Module Naming Convention vs Java Namespaces
106052 [jm zzzzzzzzz] How do we manage namespaces in Ruby to avoid collisions with 3rd parties?
+ 106053 [eyez illuzio] require "companyname/module"
+ 106055 [surrender_it] well, it is not really agreed I think, but I think the most common
| 106082 [jamesUNDERBA] Yes, but it's unlikely anyone else will release a library named REXML.
+ 106084 [dblack wobbl] I would emulate the built-in/standard library style as much as
  106086 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  106088 [dblack wobbl] Yes, but all for the common good.  I don't see the names of Matz's
  + 106098 [sean celsoft] That's because Matz gets to choose the library names; who can "bump" his
  | 106132 [halostatue g] Unsurprisingly, I disagree. Your "Interface" library could have been
  | 106142 [sean celsoft] It's not simply an interface checking library, though; cs/Interface provides a
  + 106118 [gsinclair so] The standard library should be considered a special case, IMO.  I'm
  | 106120 [rcoder gmail] The standard library (and other modules that follow the
  | 106148 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Good points.
  | 106161 [patrick hexa] There is a point to having name-space collisions.  Open source authors
  + 106184 [bob.news gmx] "David A. Black" <dblack@wobblini.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ seg fault using optparse
106071 [robertm spel] Was running the optparse test program with 4 arguments (opttest.rb) under cygwin when it seg faulted. I have included the output of two different cygwin boxes (one at home, one work), both versions of Ruby are HEAD though a couple of days apart. Tried to get a strack trace, but when I recompiled ruby without the CFLAG O2, the problem disappeared.
106080 [nobu.nokada ] You'll need also -g3 -ggdb options.
106083 [robertm spel] Okay, will recompile and see what it yields
106091 [robertm spel] Hmm that didn't help, I assume that I am doing something wrong.

^ tk/autoload not found
106089 [wybo servaly] After updating and recompiling and installing ruby, yesterday, my Tk
106100 [nagai ai.kyu] Do you have 'ext/tk/lib/tk/' subdirectory?
106110 [wybo servaly] no, it's not there
+ 106116 [wybo servaly] cvs -z4 -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.ruby-lang.org:/src co ruby
+ 106149 [nagai ai.kyu] Not cvs option. Please use the update command option.

^ Gem & extconf.rb command line options
106090 [usenet andre] i want to build a gem for an extension that needs to be configured with
106092 [rich infoeth] gem install whatevergem -- --with-opt-dir=/sw
+ 106094 [lyle.johnson] I can't test it at the moment, either, but if memory serves doesn't he
+ 106097 [usenet andre] Too many gem names (dbd-sqlite-0.1.0.gem, --with-opt-dir=/sw/);
  106101 [rich infoeth] This must, unfortunately be broken in 0.7.0...i am sorry about that.

^ ruby-dev summary 23841-23877
106102 [ttate ttsky.] I summarized interesting discussions which had been posted to ruby-dev
106106 [surrender_it] talking about cgi/session... is it impossible to think of providing

^ rb_define_alloc_func()
106111 [cmills frees] Any advice, documentation, or examples regarding this function?

^ Replying to Junk Mail Considered Harmful (Was: Re: Make A Fortune For Only $6 - MUST BE HONEST!!!)
106113 [ jupp gmx.de] I don't think it is a very good idea to reply to junk mail. My index
+ 106122 [thomas_adam1] [..skip preaching..]
+ 106259 [androflux so] *nods*
  106452 [ jupp gmx.de] I think that 'to keep a person's nervous index finger from pulling

^ Fork style of little programs
106119 [markus.liebe] I would like to build some small ruby programs, that will work
+ 106123 [sean celsoft] IO.popen("-") do | pipe |
| 106666 [markus.liebe] your input gave me a solution that might be used in the future.
+ 106124 [surrender_it] maybe you want IO.popen ?
+ 106185 [bob.news gmx] "Markus Liebelt" <markus.liebelt@online.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Newbie: Problem with irb
106125 [xdblade zwor] I'm getting problem with irb, rdoc, and erb on Ruby 1.8.1 for windows
106129 [assaph avaya] Check the header for C:\RUBY\BIN\IRB.BAT (or erb or rdoc .bat files).
106424 [xdblade zwor] the actual top lines are
106475 [assaph avaya] "%0" is the zero argument, always the name of the bat file.

^ problem with cerise & active_record & mysql on mac os x 10.3
106127 [k v2studio.c] Whenever I try to start the cerise server and one of the applcations
106188 [rasputnik he] What have you got in that directory, is there anything that looks like
106190 [k v2studio.c] I don't have that directory because my mysql version is 4.0.20 (and even
106191 [rasputnik he] ln -s /whereever/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.whatever /usr/local/mysql-4.0.14/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.12.dylib
106200 [k v2studio.c] I think I had tried that before and it didn't work, but since then, I've

^ OptionParser question
106130 [lists logicu] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 106131 [gsinclair so] OptionParser only concerns itself with -x and --xxx.  Anything else
+ 106141 [halostatue g] As far as I know, you can't do this. For items that aren't preceded by
+ 106153 [ggarramuno a] Download and install my port of Damian Conway's Getopt::Declare (at

^ can't override a cgi function, please help
106133 [cere u.washi] This is soooo driving me crazy!
106134 [gsinclair so] You're creating/overriding a *class* method of CGI, not an *instance*
106139 [cere u.washi] That was actually the first thing I tried but I figured I would just
106140 [cere u.washi] An undefined method error on checkbox.
106181 [surrender_it] I think oyu messed up something. Anyway you don't jave to use 'puts'

^ Problems creating a method to define a class with its method
106136 [linux marcre] Dear list,
106145 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ cat ghfdgh54yiyh.rb
106168 [linux marcre] whow!! thank you. its seems to be a bit more complicated
106186 [batsman.geo ] Your code was

^ make install not working under msys/mingw32
106144 [vjoel PATH.B] I'm upgrading my mingw32 ruby from 1.8.1 to the latest 1.9.0 snapshot.
106147 [vjoel PATH.B] More information: it's not failing, exactly. It's installing to C:\. So
106154 [nobu.nokada ] Due to MSYS bash's weird behavior; it changes command lines
106165 [vjoel PATH.B] Oh, ok. Good to know that before going too far.

^ Using Win32API to load an icon from .ico file
106146 [tom alkali.s] Has anyone successfully managed to do this?  I'm trying to write an
106166 [Mike Geary.c] LoadIcon is for loading icons from executable or resource files such as
106225 [tom alkali.s] ExtractIcon = Win32API.new("shell32","ExtractIcon",['I','P','I'],"I")

^ RubyGems 0.7.0 - still "Alpha" status?
106150 [jm zzzzzzzzz] RubyGems looks very interesting...  Especially for those of us that miss

^ Re: RubyGems 0.7.0 - still 'Alpha' status?
106151 [gsinclair so] Good question.  While RubyGems has come a long way, it's still on the
+ 106152 [chadfowler g] Well said.  The "growth curve" is the primary thing keeping us from
| 106156 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Sounds great!  Maybe it'll be like Firefox--gaining lots of users and
+ 106302 [jm zzzzzzzzz] I just used RubyGems for the first time and love it!  It just doesn't