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Building Ruby on AIX -- again
104501 [matt@te hn r] I finally have a stable system to use to try to build Ruby.  Here's the
104510 [nobu.nokada@] What version of ruby?
104511 [matt@te hn r] 1.8.1
104512 [nobu.nokada@] 2003-12-25, official release?
104513 [matt@te hn r] Ok, I'm an idiot.  I needed to install the bos.adt.* packages.  Hopefully
+ 104515 [nobu.nokada@] Seems like iconv library doesn't get installed.  Show the
+ 104516 [matt@te hn r] And the fix is shown in
  + 104519 [matt@te hn r] I'm making progress.  Now socket isn't being built.  Here's an excerpt
  + 104520 [nobu.nokada@] It's the wrong workaround.
    104521 [matt@te hn r] ]/usr/src/ruby-1.8.1/ext/iconv>cat mkmf.log
    104530 [nobu.nokada@] Ok, same as [ruby-talk:104519].
    104575 [matt@te hn r] That patch worked perfectly.  I've been trying to stay with the current
    104617 [nobu.nokada@] 1.8.2 preview will be released soon, perhaps.
    104623 [matt@te hn r] I double checked the patch.  Then I deleted the entire source directory
    104624 [nobu.nokada@] Sorry, TRY_LINK variable hasn't been exported.  Apply this
    104625 [matt@te hn r] have_library: checking for t_open() in -lnsl... -------------------- no
    104628 [nobu.nokada@] Sounds like that something isn't installed properly.  Can you
    104629 [matt@te hn r] Nope, same error.  Finding another prebuilt gcc for AIX 5.2 is going to be

Problem with mkmf and spaces in directory names?
104505 [djberg96@ho ] Ruby 1.8.1
104509 [nobu.nokada@] It's a known restriction, but... it may be nasty.  Can you try
+ 104531 [djberg96@ho ] No luck.  The libpathflag method is never actually reached because the
| 104619 [nobu.nokada@] libpathflag is called from every have_library, via try_link.
| 104630 [nobu.nokada@] This hunk was wrong, and unnecessary.
+ 104605 [djberg96@ho ] Wayne Chin was kind enough to point out that you can specify the short

YAML custom load: Segmentation faults
104528 [eule@sp ce c] using ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mingw32], I get segmentation faults
104529 [decoux@mo lo] No, it's important.
104534 [eule@sp ce c] I did, but the problem stayed: Then I checked my code and the error was

rbconfig / libpathflag is wrong
104532 [quixoticsyco] Just got the latest stable ruby_1_8.  On mingw32 I can't link an

[ANN] nfsstore-0.4.0
104563 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS

I am confused with Value Type Objects
104576 [ssk@ch l. os] In ruby, every object is reference type except for FixNum, NilClass,
+ 104579 [ahoward@no a] only 31 bits.  1 bit is used as a flag to say "this is a ptr to object or it
+ 104580 [batsman.geo@] In Ruby, Fixnums have 31 bits; the missing bit (least significant one)
+ 104581 [msparshatt@y] Ruby checks the least significant bit of the value. If this is set then
+ 104583 [ssk@ch l. os] Wow, I'm so impressed that within 30 minutes I got 3 answers...:-)
  104584 [batsman.geo@] /* special contants - i.e. non-zero and non-fixnum constants */

Blocking SOD in clients
104585 [stopsod@ya o] Well, lots of people have been discussing this. Sean
+ 104588 [phubuh@ph bu] Not to take sides, but I find it quite cowardly of you to post this
+ 104589 [michael.camp] This is best handled at the client.
+ 104592 [surrender_it] Kindness and openness have always been a nice part of the ruby
+ 104596 [lyle.johnson] Your post angers me infinitely more than anything that Sean has posted
| 104597 [ahoward@no a] i've been blocking everyone's posts except my own.  since i've been doing so
| 104598 [sean@ce so t] I was wondering why my emails back to you have been bouncing!
+ 104599 [hal9000@hy e] This post is inappropriate.
+ 104607 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Where have these discussions taken place among 'lots of people'?
+ 104633 [jean_hugues_] OTOH
+ 104672 [kristof@vl e] everybody should be able to post wathever stupid

OSCON Ruby tutorials cancelled?
104601 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I just looked on the OSCON website (
104606 [sdate@ev re ] Yes !
+ 104608 [ptkwt@ar cn ] That's too bad.
| + 104618 [sdate@ev re ] Well, that plus the fact that we were pitched opposite Randal L. Schwartz
| + 104632 [surrender_it] just make enough noise this year, like we did in the last two, and we
+ 104611 [mailinglists] Sounds like the EURUKO where only 10 persons announced interest.
  + 104620 [sdate@ev re ] And some changed their minds ;-)
  | 104621 [tom@in oe he] If RubyForge stats are any measure, Ruby is certainly continuing to grow
  + 104688 [mneumann@nt ] Hm, last year we were around 30 people. I guess (or hope) that we'll get
    + 104689 [mailinglists] Our local (Berlin) python user user group gets around 25 persons each
    + 104690 [jamesUNDERBA] Any updates on the pre-reg response for the 2004 Ruby Conf in Virginia?
      + 104728 [god@x- c. et] Where and when in VA?  I live here in the northern VA area and
      | 104745 [lyle.johnson] Joe,
      + 104828 [chadfowler@g] It's looking pretty much the same as every year (which is good).  I'd

Questions about SWIG, Ruby/DL and embedding calls to ruby within C++ Code
104602 [cc1@ce .w st] Is there any sort of tutorial on calling ruby functions from C++ code?
104603 [lyle.johnson] The latest versions of SWIG (in the 1.3.x development series) provide

gems with compiled extensions
104609 [quixoticsyco] Is there a convention for naming a gem with a prebuilt extension?  For

ruby-dev summary 23690-23762
104610 [maki@ru yc l] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

"attr" like functions
104612 [bg-rubytalk@] I came across an interesting problem today.  Say you wanted to have an
104626 [bitserf@gm i] not sure why you're putting a class method in Module, putting it in
104774 [rcoder@gm il] Perhaps making Describable a module, rather than class, would be more

List of all operators, keywords and such
104613 [Meino.Cramer] where can I get a list of all keywords, operators and such (which
+ 104614 [phubuh@ph bu] Perhaps Vim's ruby.vim or Emacs' ruby-mode.el would help.
+ 104615 [sdate@ev re ] HTH
| 104662 [NoOne@No he ] Great reference.  Thanks for posting it.
+ 104622 [nobu.nokada@] "keywords" file and op_tbl in parse.y would be most exact.

replacement for amavisd
104616 [jm@tr ns ct ] Spending another day struggling  with amavisd-new has got me thinking
104631 [surrender_it] it is a mail filter, but I don't think it is integrated with amavis..
104816 [jm@tr ns ct ] Thanks for the link, but I was looking for something that would listen

Thank you ! :) Was Re: List of all operators, keywords and such
104627 [Meino.Cramer] Thank you very much much for all help!

SQLite-Ruby and "other chrs"
104637 [Meino.Cramer] a problem with "other chars" hits me... :)
+ 104638 [ahoward@no a] fields.map!{|f| f.gsub(%r/'/o, "''")}
+ 104639 [rich@li hi o] I require the module 'base64' and then encode64 everything that could have
| + 104640 [Meino.Cramer] I dont want to encode64 everything (nearly 3197507 normal chars) to
| + 104641 [Meino.Cramer] I have a string containing a backslash.
|   + 104642 [rich@li hi o] You could URL encode it...
|   + 104648 [gsinclair@so] str.gsub('\\', '')
+ 104644 [behrends@cs ] Escape single and and double quotes by doubling them, not by preceding
+ 104826 [ahoward@no a] ===============================================================================
| 104832 [surrender_it] I'm not sure you can have a generalized quoting method. Different
| 104848 [ahoward@no a] no, you are right and that's why i've not released this in any real capacity -
| 104849 [jim@we ri hh] "Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
+ 104837 [jim@we ri hh] If you are using the DBI package to access the database, this is handled

Romainian Teenagers Raped.  Banned Photos.  1721
104643 [leefranks@bl] Pictures from banned site of young romanian teenagers being brutally raped.

Problem with mkmf on OS X
104645 [usenet@an re] # begin
+ 104664 [nobu.nokada@] ruby extconf.rb --with-opt-dir=/sw
| 104669 [usenet@an re] This doesn't change anything.
+ 104684 [nobu.nokada@] Is libruby-static.a installed underneath
  104687 [usenet@an re] No, it didn't exist at all. Now that I have built ruby from source it

Problem with FxRuby sample "Dilbert.rb"
104647 [NoOne@No he ] I copied this sample to a test folder.  The code warned that "this example

Writing UNIX 'wc' program
104649 ["@*( SP M& *] Hey all,
+ 104650 [phubuh@ph bu] How about something like this?
| 104654 ["@(n l_ pa )] This is good. I'll give it a shot.
+ 104651 [gsinclair@so] A couple of tips.
| 104652 [surrender_it] longest= data.split(/\n/).sort_by{ |l| l.length }.last
| 104653 [flgr@cc n. e] For something like this it would be great to have a .max_by built-in.
| 104657 [g_ogata@op u] #max, like #sort, takes a block.  That good enough, isn't it?
| 104675 [flgr@cc n. e] It's not as comfortable as a #max_by that would use a Schwartzian
| + 104681 [martindemell] It's irrelevant - max only traverses the list once anyway, so each list
| + 104682 [martindemell] Oops - ignore my other reply. This would indeed be syntactically neater.
+ 104665 [NoOne@No he ] 1.  It doesn't store the input in an array
+ 104670 [kristof@vl e] line_length = data.inject(0){ |m, l|
+ 104678 [djberg96@ho ] For File.wc see "ptools", available on the RAA.

PragProg Interview on O'Reilly Network
104655 [rich@li hi o] I really like the fact that you didn't push Ruby.
104671 [mailinglists] But maybe mentioning Ruby at least once would be nice.

[ANN] Springz 1.0
104656 [gavin@re in ] The Springz library allows you to attach two objects together (in 2D
+ 104659 [sdate@ev re ] def remove_thyself
| 104660 [gavin@re in ] Heh...oops. :)
| 104661 [sdate@ev re ] That is exactly what I did ... will let you know when I get it
+ 105108 [pbrannan@at ] A library like this has a very large number of applications.  The most

[ANN] midilib initial release
104658 [ jimm@io co ] midilib is a pure Ruby MIDI library useful for reading and writing standard
104704 [mghall.No@Sp] How does it differ from http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/smf/  ?
104708 [ jimm@io co ] Mike,

running ala Perl's strict
104666 [lists@za a. ] With -w (verbose mode), Ruby can print compilation warnings, like
105109 [pbrannan@at ] No, though I wish there were.  You can hack it with a thread that reads

different safe levels, which one to choose?
104667 [lists@za a. ] Is there a guide or thumb rule on choosing which safe level should one

rounding to n decimal digits
104668 [lists@za a. ] class Float
+ 104679 [piir@ea th i] I don't know if this is what you want and I am thinking that there is
+ 104680 [piir@ea th i] And you can combine the lines...
| 104685 [mcl@an so or] That's the same technique he's using for ceil and floor-- seems like the
| 104693 [lists@za a. ] Btw, if you want to override #round, #ceil, #floor, remember to return a
+ 104686 [caili@cd wb ] What I'm looking for in Ruby is a command causing all arithmetic to be

accessing a subclass
104673 [csshsh@st uc] im having two classes.. fruit and apple.
+ 104677 [malteDELETET] I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but what about adding
+ 104683 [bob.news@gm ] "Florian Weber" <csshsh@structbench.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 104696 [vjoel@PA H. ] You can make use of the fact that class methods are inherited, but class

Newbie: How to model this?
104674 [ralph@do ph ] Please be kind, this is probably a completely dumb newbie question,
104676 [malteDELETET] class Location
104730 [ralph@do ph ] Thanks a lot! As stupid as it sounds, that was the part I

FXRuby + Unit Tests
104691 [asdf@as f. o] I am currently trying out test-driven development, and want to write a
+ 104692 [billk@ct .c ] I haven't yet tried this myself, but this link
+ 104862 [alex@ve k. n] 2 cents worth of friendly advice: don't do that.
  104974 [xlucid@us rs] Presumably one does TDD on the domain objects, and some sort of manual
  104978 [jim@we ri hh] Yes.  And we try to keep the GUI components as lightweight as possible.

[ANN] midilib 0.8.1 released
104705 [ jimm@io co ] midilib is a pure Ruby MIDI library useful for reading and writing standard

[ANN] Lafcadio 0.4.0
104713 [sera@fh an .] I've just released Lafcadio 0.4.0, which is the new production
104733 [surrender_it] nice to hear that lafcadio is still in active development.
+ 104748 [eule@sp ce c] [If I take the liberty of answering that question, Francis may want to
+ 104768 [sera@fh an .] Basically, I'm reluctant to use a syntax that looks almost exactly

I got pics of Bart making Maggie Simpson PREGNANT
104717 [thefruits@to] Also, want to stroke Marge Simpson's pussy?

Can't even configure ruby1.8.1, eruby1.0.5
104721 [william.hami] Does anyone have _current_ info on installing Ruby, eruby, and mod_ruby
+ 104726 [eyez@il uz o] Is using fink out of the question? OSX has some interesting quirks as to
+ 104790 [koen.vervloe] When I do a ./configure --enable-shared all goes well.

does soap have problems with structs?
104727 [jm@tr ns ct ] The following code (testsrv.rb and testclt.rb) generates
104980 [nahi@ke na t] Sorry for not responding long long time.  I'm busy these days... (after
105039 [jm@tr ns ct ] Figured you must have been distracted by something more important - day
105051 [nahi@ke na t] Thank you for your concern.

(oddity) applying objects with #call() implicitly
104737 [surrender_it] and suddenly had the vision to have that in ruby too.
104750 [bob.news@gm ] "gabriele renzi" <surrender_it@remove.yahoo.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 104753 [surrender_it] print p
| + 104757 [bob.news@gm ] "gabriele renzi" <surrender_it@remove.yahoo.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | 104793 [surrender_it] this is true. It feels better to me, somehow, but that's just my
| | 104829 [bob.news@gm ] "gabriele renzi" <surrender_it@remove.yahoo.it> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 104778 [flgr@cc n. e] This case can be resolved fairly easily. (If there's an assignment to p
| | 104788 [surrender_it] Yes, and if there is a variable named "foo" in
| | + 104789 [surrender_it] oh, note that the 'lookup order' in the sample is different from what
| | + 104794 [flgr@cc n. e] So (foo)() and foo() aren't the same thing any more? It feels a bit
| |   104796 [surrender_it] er.. actually they are not the same even now :)
| |   104799 [flgr@cc n. e] Do we already have path finding modules that will work generally? That
| + 105267 [jean_hugues_] It may look more understandable if you think of [] as of
+ 104802 [sean@ce so t] Couldn't ambiguity be resolved by giving the callable object priority over a
  104804 [flgr@cc n. e] There's still an ambiguity problem with this: When using "mymethod" you
  104806 [sean@ce so t] Could mymethod mean the object and mymethod() be used to make the method call?

Maybe IRB Bug?
104738 [surrender_it] from c:/Programmi/Ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/irb/workspace.rb:81:in
104739 [batsman.geo@] Florian Gro? (flgr) thought of using #to_proc some time ago, something
104740 [surrender_it] yuk, thanks, I remember the trick.

How to run ipconfig in W2k?
104741 [piir@ea th i] Or for that matter, how can I run a given command as if I entered it
+ 104742 [chneukirchen] system "ipconfig"
+ 104744 [surrender_it] irb(main):001:0> str= `ipconfig`
  104756 [JRoshan@bl .] ...

get same info as ipconfig?
104743 [piir@ea th i] Is there a cross platform command to get the same info that ipconfig
+ 104746 [phubuh@ph bu] Nope, not really, I don't think.  If you want to figure out the address
+ 104762 [sstephenson@] Sam
+ 104807 [djberg96@ho ] I see Sam mentioned sys-host (one of my packages), but it's not very
  104871 [piir@ea th i] Hell Dan,
  104896 [djberg96@ho ] Hm...I suspect you need to update your version of win32ole.  The

Ruby Newbie: What if @ symbol is not used?
104747 [piir@ea th i] Pardon this newbie question.
+ 104749 [cyclists@nc ] The variable is local to the method.
+ 104758 [ahoward@no a] then the variables are local to the method.  @vars are always instance vars of

Win32API.new( dllname, procname?, importArray?, export?)
104751 [piir@ea th i] Without doing a web search, can I retrieve all of the procnames in the
104823 [assaph@av ya] Can't help there, but have you looked at Ruby/DL (comes with the
+ 104824 [botp@de mo t] Thank you for the tip, Assaph. Sadly (for me), the pdf is in jap :-(
| 104825 [assaph@av ya] ...
+ 104834 [surrender_it] I think ruby/dl is not only going to replace win32api.
  104836 [joaopedrosa@] Ruby/DL is cool. After seen a mention to it in this

Lesbian Fetish Movie Clip
104755 [darrenjones@] Video clip of some extreme Lesbian Fetish

[ANN] sys-cpu 0.5.0
104759 [djberg96@ho ] I'm happy to announce the release of sys-cpu 0.5.0.  This package

[OT] Re: Is it considered Harmful?
104770 [sean@ce so t] I'm going to ask this one time, and please everyone forgive me for going
+ 104783 [flgr@cc n. e] I think that those are one of the few persons who earned the right of
| 104785 [sean@ce so t] I'm not sure what that means.  I have been keeping an even temper with people
+ 104787 [billk@ct .c ] I'm responding because I think there might be a genuine
  104795 [sean@ce so t] Oh no, I didn't mean it was TOTALLY stable.  I just meant it appeared stable
  + 104797 [flgr@cc n. e] You might not have noticed it, but that is exactly what ts did. And matz
  | 104800 [sean@ce so t] Ah, so it was insulting when I didn't accept his word outright.  I see.  Well,
  | 104801 [flgr@cc n. e] It's easy to just twist a situation so that it appears different, but
  | 104805 [sean@ce so t] What are we disagreeing on?  I understand that Guy knows enough about Ruby
  | 104808 [hal9000@hy e] He thought you were being sarcastic in the paragraph starting "Ah..."
  | + 104810 [ahoward@no a] i strongly disagree with this statement hal.
  | + 104811 [sean@ce so t] Nope, no sarcasm from me there.  I wish I'd known that about Guy's expertise
  | + 104813 [surrender_it] I won't bet on him being human ;)
  + 104809 [batsman.geo@] Could you try
    104812 [sean@ce so t] from testclass.rb:1