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^ enscript.st
10443 [wmwilson01 h] Well, either nobody wants me to post this, or nobody cares if I do ;)
+ 10506 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Should this include /\.rbw/ for RubyWin Windows port as well?
+ 10508 [akr m17n.org] Wow!  It is that I wanted to use with ViewCVS.
  10509 [wmwilson01 h] It does now :)  Thanks for taking a look.  I'll give it a couple of days, to
  10510 [wmwilson01 h] Thanks very much!  This seems to have fixed a problem I was having as well.
  10546 [akr m17n.org] Try ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/enscript-1.6.2.tar.gz
  10570 [wmwilson01 h] Thanks very much!!

^ Out of order ruby-talk reception.
10447 [schneik us.i] Some time ago someone mentioned that they wanted to keep the mail list
+ 10460 [  zak ale.cx] Most of the internet mail are delivered AFAIK as UDP traffic, which is
+ 10471 [elderburn mi] I haven't noticed this particular on the Ruby list, but then again I haven't
  10474 [hal9000 hype] in

^ Instance method in Mixin
10454 [jim freeze.o] module Notes
+ 10456 [Dave Pragmat] the 'attr' line defines an accessor method (called concertA) for the
| 10459 [jim freeze.o] hmmm...I'm used to using
| 10461 [Dave Pragmat] attr by default creates the read accessor. When the second parameter
+ 10457 [mike stok.co] On page 234 it says
+ 10462 [  zak ale.cx] At module Notes we call method attr passing symbol :concertA as a

^ Tendency toward shorter variable names
10455 [0317025435 t] ...

^ overriding NameError exception
10467 [joe vpop.net] hash = {}
+ 10468 [joe vpop.net] Oh yeah, this would probably work: hash = Hash.new(0)
+ 10479 [matz zetabit] How about the following?

^ Telnet problem
10469 [noel.rappin ] I posted this a few days back, and I never got a response.  But I'm still

^ Recursive globing behaviour
10473 [thlai mail.u] if I understand correctly, recursive globing currently

^ threads and resolving names
10477 [joe vpop.net] I've got a big list of hostnames, and I need to resolve them to
+ 10481 [matz zetabit] Sorry, resolving by gethostbyname(3) etc block whole process.  It's a
| + 10482 [joe vpop.net] Ah, that is what I feared.  I guess the answer is to write
| | 10486 [joe vpop.net] Or perhaps write it in straight ruby... looks like perl
| | 10487 [adam.abrams ] ...
| + 10485 [akr m17n.org] works, for me.
| | + 10498 [joe vpop.net] FYI, this is working great for me!  The neat thing was that
| | + 10501 [matz zetabit] Do you mind if I include these into standard distribution?
| |   10502 [akr m17n.org] There is no problem, I think.
| |   10512 [matz zetabit] Done.  Could you tell me when you update these files?
| + 10516 [matju cam.or] matju
+ 10538 [wscott ichip] As other people will answer, this is hard to do with ruby thread.
+ 10551 [tarod home.c] Since the operation is blocking the whole process, why not fork?

^ Need a Jpn->Eng Translator?
10488 [njohnson6157] ...
+ 10494 [barry_shultz] Quite a nice offer!
| 10500 [schneik us.i] # I speak/read fluent Japanese and am a native speaker of English.  Is
+ 10503 [tammo.freese] First of all, thank you very much for asking. Although I think
| 10521 [aleksi.nieme] I welcome you to the community!
| 10523 [hgs dmu.ac.u] It occurs to me that this cuts both ways.  I have written a little
| 10525 [matju cam.or] I can translate in French.
| 10528 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you for this kind offer.  You are under no obligation, but
| 10615 [matju cam.or] AFAIK, there are 3 French-speaking people on this list -- including
+ 10526 [hoanga alum.] I've been idly monitoring the threads on Ruby talk and found this one
  10552 [njohnson6157] ...

10495 [adam.abrams ] ...

^ Linking statically with xmlparse - how?
10507 [florian.walt] I'd like to assemble a completely statically linked version of Ruby
10548 [paulch earth] ...
10834 [florian.walt] This one worked partially. The run of configure with the described

^ Amazon.co.uk and pickaxes
10513 [Dave Pragmat] I just noticed that Amazon in the UK are finally admitting to having

10515 [paul.cotton ] # get 10-14

^ Which language is right for you
10517 [g24ever hotm] Check out

^ Embedded Ruby (Part III)
10518 [olivier vibe] I've moved on quite well with emmbedded Ruby now.
10519 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Is there any chance you could write up your experience on the WWW
+ 10520 [decoux moulo] ...
| 10530 [olivier vibe] This is indeed very valuable!
+ 10529 [olivier vibe] Of course, I'll prepare a little howto as soon as I've managed this last
  10531 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.
  10534 [ben_tilly ho] From the standard PR book, GC.start should do it.
  10554 [olivier vibe] Thanks for the advice.

^ Prioritize the need for documentation
10522 [aleksi.nieme] As I promised in mail [ruby-talk:10521], I'm querying the opinion of the
+ 10542 [sol123 msn.c] ...
+ 10596 [JCA02266 nif] If these are translated into poor English,
| 10599 [aleksi.nieme] That's great! Which documents you're talking about?
| + 10600 [Dave Pragmat] Would it help to have a wiki page where people can post requests for
| + 10602 [JCA02266 nif] Some documents of RDP Project in Japanese.
|   10603 [njohnson6157] ...
|   10675 [JCA02266 nif] Is there a Wiki server which I can put my docs, now ?
+ 10608 [maili31s cli] SugHimsi.
+ 10630 [maki open-ne] Hmm. I don't know which document is the 'most important'...
  + 10631 [Dave Pragmat] This is wonderful stuff. Thank you!
  + 10659 [nakahiro sar] Slightly off-topic.  Just FYI thing.
  + 10761 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Programming Ruby is now an Open Content Publication
10524 [Dave Pragmat] Thanks to some wonderful flexibility on the part of Addison Wesley,
+ 10527 [wmwilson01 h] maybe you would like to post this to slashdot or something?
| 10537 [schneik us.i] # Thanks to some wonderful flexibility on the part of Addison Wesley,
+ 10555 [feldt ce.cha] This is great news. I'd also like to see the format of this used in other

^ Ruby CGI exmamples
10532 [rnajlis cs.i] where can I go to find some cgi examples in ruby?
10533 [wmwilson01 h] You'll want to
10536 [rnajlis cs.i] Thanks for your help
10543 [wmwilson01 h] That's ok, we're all new at some point, I'm still pretty cherry myself ;)
10610 [rnajlis cs.i] Hey, there it is.  Great.  Thanks a lot.  That is quite useful.

^ [O.T.]  Free Amateur XXX Pics
10535 [ edu red.com] ...

^ Giving a Proc utility methods?
10549 [ben_tilly ho] Here is my situation.  I have a class, call it Foo.
10559 [wys helbling] ...
10560 [  zak ale.cx] True.
10562 [  zak ale.cx] I meant it seems the proc has hard times to refer to itSelf at
10567 [wys helbling] ...
10571 [ben_tilly ho] Both of your solutions work.  Personally I prefer passing

^ Garbage collector (Was: Embedded Ruby (Part III))
10556 [olivier vibe] I finally found something called gc_sweep() into gc.c, I hope that's it.
10557 [feldt ce.cha] No, don't use it; it's only one part of the Mark-and-SWEEP algorithm.
10558 [feldt ce.cha] Oh, BTW gc_start is the one but note that it is not exported in ruby.h.
10563 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 10564 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Not the most lucid code I have seen. :-)  Could a better name be added
| + 10565 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 10585 [matz zetabit] You can use rb_gc().  I have to organize prototypes betweeen ruby.h
+ 10569 [olivier vibe] Once again, merci :)

^ Q: Search path for require ($:)
10561 [Milan.Gardia] ...
10568 [hipster xs4a] set the environment variable RUBYLIB
10582 [Milan.Gardia] ...

^ Rubygarden.com?
10566 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What is the purpose of Rubygarden.com?  I know that
10579 [dblack candl] The Ruby Garden is envisioned as something similar to what has been
10580 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.  I will not create a link to it yet, then.  Meanwhile, it
10581 [Dave Pragmat] Good idea

^ Ruby User Groups
10576 [wmwilson01 h] Not trying to toot my own horn, just trying to make people's lives easier,
10595 [sfekas yahoo] Mike,
10598 [wmwilson01 h] Thanks ;).  It is easier to say Washington, and I contemplated doing that,

^ Word wrap algorithm
10577 [ChrisM SNELL] I'm in need of a word wrap method -- anyone know of an existing one
+ 10587 [sent quality] ...
+ 10625 [kjana os.xax] ...
  10655 [erne powerna] Thanks for the start on the ASCII word wrap algorithm.  I changed it around

^ Toronto Ruby Users Group
10578 [bryan_zarnet] Morning All,

^ Are """ here documents here to stay? :-)
10586 [feldt ce.cha] I haven't found any docs on """ here documents but do you (Matz) expect
+ 10592 [decoux moulo] ...
| 10611 [feldt ce.cha] puts """
| 10612 [dblack candl] puts "
| 10613 [feldt ce.cha] Yeah, you're right. Sorry for wasting bandwith. I saw this in someone
| + 10614 [avi beta4.co] If the code you saw it in was mine, I can explain the rationale - I use a
| + 10624 [jim freeze.o] irb(main):020:0> puts """
|   10719 [feldt ce.cha] No, you're right. People who have been confused by this thread should
+ 10601 [frios udea.e] Please...
  + 10605 [andy toolshe] ...
  + 10609 [masa stars.g] This is because Ruby ver 1.4.x assumes Japanese EUC code by default.

^ Ruby in college coursework
10594 [ms iastate.e] Just ran across this today. It's only a matter of time before the

^ Re: (B. Tilly - read) Ruby in college coursework
10597 [wmwilson01 h] If you haven't looked at this, it's basically a project to implement a
10606 [ben_tilly ho] I was interested, but not as interested as I might be.

^ select() on Win32 -- New from the confines of the Great (L.) Wall :-)
10617 [schneik us.i] Thought this stuff might someday be relevant for Ruby on Win32.

^ How to convince management
10619 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 10627 [Dave Pragmat] Firstly, your management is right to be wary of using something
| + 10633 [sent quality] ...
| | 10650 [mitch venux.] I would say that their number one objections if you guys use Perl is "If it
| + 10656 [dalley austi] Step 1:    Honestly appraise the benefits vs costs of a new platform or
+ 10654 [DNess Home.C] What overwhelming positives are there for using Ruby? It seems to me that
+ 10670 [neumann s-di] I have the same problem :)

^ failed attempt to install ruby-1.6.2 on osf4.0d
10620 [ristad mnemo] ...
10623 [hgs dmu.ac.u] My "bodge" to fix this was to remove '-ansi' from the CFLAGS in

^ Alan Kay on OO, CS and Squeak
10621 [feldt ce.cha] Here's a small preface to the new Squeak book written by Alan Kay the

^ Even Tcl/Tk goes ActiveSTATE
10622 [fgeiger date] ...
+ 10632 [schneik us.i] # Subject: Even Tcl/Tk goes ActiveSTATE
| + 10664 [fgeiger date] ...
| | 10739 [brk jenkon.c] I'd be happy to contribute to this effort. I'm probably more interested in
| | 10774 [MarkH Active] Excellent!  As I have no experience with Ruby and no time left, I certainly can't afford to drive such an effort - but feel free to drop me mail when you want to start discussing this.  Im happy to have discussions in private or in this forum.
| | 10796 [schneik us.i] #
| + 10829 [JeffH Active] ;^)   See below
|   10861 [schneik us.i] # > potentially great news for keeping Ruby/Tk viable.
|   11006 [JeffH Active] I would agree with that.  Tk was great when it came out, and even for
|   11076 [schneik us.i] #
+ 10635 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  10638 [schneik us.i] # In article <9605s7$7qu$1@newsreaderm1.core.theplanet.net>,
  10647 [neilh scinti] ...
  10657 [MarkH Active] I am certain he would too :-)

10626 [shawnessy ho] #bye

^ Empirical comparison
10628 [phasis chann] ...
10644 [0317025435 t] ...

^ Redefined symbol "select" in win32/win32.h
10629 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Need COM code snippet for Excel
10636 [jim freeze.o] Does someone have a code snippet that they can point me to that allows
10637 [Dave Pragmat] Regards
10641 [0317025435 t] ...
+ 10642 [Dave Pragmat] This isn't going to be that helpful, but.. I downloaded it and ran it
| 10643 [glen enabled] I guess the first question would be: does the original poster have Excel
| 10676 [0317025435 t] ...
+ 10645 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Win 98, Ruby1.6.2  I had to shut all other
+ 10714 [masaki.suket] Please try ruby 1.6.2.

^ Need other Links to English InstallShield version of Ruby?
10646 [schneik us.i] I see "The English InstallShield version of Ruby" is on the "What's New"
10658 [nahi keynaut] No, IMO.  We should add it on the Download page.  Because
10660 [Dave Pragmat] No. But if you point to
10720 [tammo.freese] first of all, thank you for providing an InstallShield version of Ruby.
10746 [Dave Pragmat] I removed the link because that version of 162 has the problems with

^ Segmentation Fault in embedded interpreted
10651 [neumann s-di] I want to embed a Ruby interpreter.
10665 [decoux moulo] ...
10669 [neumann s-di] Thanks, that works for me.

^ Re: Ruby/Tk, what am I doing wrong... [long answer]
10652 [jfn enteract] ...
+ 10727 [noel.rappin ] Jeremy, thank you very much for this -- it's a very clear and lucid
+ 11008 [jkaurin Mind] ...
+ 11012 [decoux moulo] ...

^ File types, filters, input
10653 [schuerig acm] I'm still toying around with a script that recursively searches

^ b-tree class for Ruby?
10661 [mdavis sevai] Does anyone have a b-tree class for Ruby?  I need a class that will allow
+ 10662 [dgjs acm.org] How about the Berkeley DB extension for Ruby,
| 10681 [mdavis sevai] 200 Type set to A
| 10694 [matju cam.or] You cannot use normal FTP across two networks. Your LAN is in a
| 10695 [matju cam.or] I don't know why you are trying to reach an HTTP file by FTP...
| 10704 [decoux moulo] ...
| 10709 [mdavis sevai] Thanks for the info.  I seem to have fixed the problem.
+ 10742 [masa stars.g] although this page is written in Japanese.

^ heap data structure
10663 [aseltine cs.] exisits. It implements all the usual operations (insert, extract_max,
10674 [harryo zipwo] ...
10680 [mdavis sevai] I'm interested.
10682 [mdavis sevai] Can I make the heap a static or fixed size?  For example, I want the heap to be 2K regardless of how many items it contains.
10696 [aseltine cs.] No, I don't think there is an easy way to make a heap do these things.
10698 [ben_tilly ho] If you don't have that book, you can also get the

^ Q: Search path for require ($:)
10666 [ruby_david h] mmm, how about if i am using ruby in a cgi environment?  where should i run
10673 [hipster xs4a] you could put
10686 [ruby_david h] in my case, the cgi scripts are nested, so probably i will have to check

^ reading file from URL
10667 [  tk hcsd.de] I know Perl and PHP, and now I'm trying to learn ruby. In PHP I can read
10668 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 10671 [  tk hcsd.de] salut Guy,
+ 10672 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Re: Board game model
10678 [j.radcliffe ] Out of curiosity, I'd like to see the board game if possible. I'm working