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^ Need help with mod_ruby under Win32
103324 [ykloubakov f] I know there are not many people on this mailing list who use my
103327 [eule space.c] ~      #~ unless r.finfo.executable?
103350 [ykloubakov f] Thanks, Kaspar.  I am not getting this error any more.
103360 [ykloubakov f] After some debugging done, I found that Apache crashes on the
103376 [ykloubakov f] I found the problem but I am not good with patches.

^ OpenSSL: patch
103328 [jgb3 email.b] Attached is a patch for the Ruby/OpenSSL module, done against the code
103427 [gotoyuzo not] Thanks a lot. Your patch seems a good solution. It will be
103447 [jgb3 email.b] OSSL_PKEY_BN macros. I discovered them later and then used them (in the
+ 103455 [discord mac.] can't wait to see that :) I can think of several uses right off the top
| 103456 [jgb3 email.b] I'm glad I'm not the only one that wants this. It's been a pretty
| 103471 [surrender_it] weite your own server too? :))
| 103488 [jgb3 email.b] Ha ha. :) Yah, just let me whip out an SSH server while I'm at it. ;)
+ 103470 [gotoyuzo not] I did it. No need to re-post.
  103487 [jgb3 email.b] One other thing: I was advised off-list that the "crypt" method I added
  103503 [gotoyuzo not] No problem. ossl_cipher.c was rolled back.

^ undefine
103334 [snowzone5 ho] is there a way to undefine a variable?
103347 [bob.news gmx] "tony summerfelt" <snowzone5@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
103349 [DocBoobenste] I concur.
103359 [bob.news gmx] "Claus Spitzer" <DocBoobenstein@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
103363 [DocBoobenste] well yes... It's just part of the procedural-->OO shift that everyone
103405 [bob.news gmx] "Claus Spitzer" <DocBoobenstein@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
103438 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
+ 103448 [chr_mail gmx] I am aware of this kind of functionality for
| 103483 [bob.news gmx] "Christoph" <chr_mail@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 103583 [chr_mail gmx] I did not advocate removing, a.k.a. undefining,
| 103634 [jean_hugues_] OTOH things should be undoable. If you believe so
| 103694 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
| + 103698 [rt alum.wpi.] Yes, but I think you may have missed something which (I think)
| + 103710 [discord mac.] I think the whole point here is that it isn't Ruby-ish to rely on a
| | + 103725 [snowzone5 ho] i'm slowly learning the ruby way to do things...
| | + 103736 [jean_hugues_] def test(); p defined? x; x = "hello"; p defined? x; end
| | + 103740 [sean celsoft] Actually, Matz could probably very easily expose variables as objects
| |   103765 [discord mac.] Yes, I agree, it is possible that Matz could implement that. I think
| |   103770 [sean celsoft] I looked at the BLOCK structure that is the C representation of the binding
| + 103763 [flori nixe.p] In your code you used global variables, and they work different
|   103792 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|   103807 [jean_hugues_] def test_1()
|   103815 [discord mac.] that out... severe lapse of memory, I suppose.
+ 103465 [DocBoobenste] Again, this is where it's useful to consider the OO approach and think
| + 103481 [bob.news gmx] "Claus Spitzer" <DocBoobenstein@gmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 103550 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|   103560 [michael.camp] Why is this?
|   103577 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|   103578 [michael.camp] Well, you say you want it to no longer exist because you want it to no
|   + 103582 [Austin.Ziegl] Well, there's a problem with that. In Ruby, variables themselves are
|   | + 103588 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|   | + 103636 [jean_hugues_] That variables are not objects is somehow an issue I believe.
|   |   103638 [jim weirichh] I don't see a big need for Variable objects, but some interesting
|   |   103735 [jean_hugues_] I am working on a RCR to have free/bound variables
|   + 103586 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     + 103590 [sean celsoft] Don't check for defined, check for nil.  It's virtually the same thing, unless
|     + 103592 [rt alum.wpi.] Can't you just use "=nil" to achive the same thing?
|     | 103609 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     | 103613 [rt alum.wpi.] I'm aware what they do, but you can get the desired behavior
|     | 103689 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     + 103594 [discord mac.] testing whether diff is defined won't work in ruby anyway. Any time you
|     | + 103597 [WBrown isoft] Tony,
|     | | + 103614 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     | | | 103615 [rt alum.wpi.] He's probably wondering why your news reader keeps stripping
|     | | | 103690 [snowzone5 ho] as an OT aside: i'm not using a newsreader, i'm on the mailing list,
|     | | | + 103695 [rt alum.wpi.] Okay, I don't know alot about Windows email clients -- I was
|     | | | + 103696 [discord mac.] Yes, they do.
|     | | + 103647 [ruby-lists l] yeah. much nicer. shorter also.
|     | |   103699 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     | |   103700 [Austin.Ziegl] Okay. Here's a partial reimplementation. Some of it is
|     | |   + 103706 [Austin.Ziegl] foo.nil?
|     | |   | 103707 [WBrown isoft] Tony,
|     | |   | 103724 [snowzone5 ho] well, no. i don't actually NEED it. it would be nice to have.
|     | |   + 103708 [snowzone5 ho] i must be doing something right, that' pretty close to  what i ended
|     | + 103598 [sean celsoft] Oh!  Which brings to mind something really neat I figured out awhile ago.  If
|     | | 103643 [bob.news gmx] "Sean O'Dell" <sean@celsoft.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|     | + 103612 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
|     + 103633 [msparshatt y] Here you check that @diff is defined after trying to access an element
|       103691 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
+ 103517 [bg-rubytalk ] I think the best way to get the behaviour you want is to use a hash.
  + 103519 [surrender_it] hey, accesing globals from a method is ugly, just use a singleton :)
  + 103554 [snowzone5 ho] undefine
    103641 [bob.news gmx] "tony summerfelt" <snowzone5@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ "www.ruby-lang.org"  still  down for maintenance - thats not good
103335 [mailinglists] Its not helpfull to convince other people to use ruby in serious
103338 [jgb3 email.b] I agree. This has been very bad timing for me: I'm on the cusp of
103341 [cere u.washi] Also, not easy to deal with is when the news server doesn't let you post
+ 103343 [hal9000 hype] If this is happening, we have a[nother] problem on our hands.
| 103357 [cere u.washi] When I try and post through gmane of even through my uw nntp server I get
| 103370 [surrender_it] well, IIRC gmane is actually a newsgroup gateway to any mailing list.
+ 103352 [matt technor] When I first started trying Ruby, I quit using the newsfeed as quickly as
  103354 [armin xss.de] Is there anything we can help getting the website back online?

^ [RubyGems] setting up a remote repository
103355 [vjoel PATH.B] Is it possible to set up one's own gem repository and select it from the
103373 [gsinclair so] It sure is.... in the future.
103607 [chadfowler g] There isn't a better way yet.  It's been a desired feature for a while
103616 [vjoel PATH.B] Sounds good. For the time being, I can use Gavin's hack, or just stick
103619 [chadfowler g] That's the idea.  It's not hard to implement (we designed with that in

^ Gateway - was Re: "www.ruby-lang.org"  still  down for maintenance - thats not good
103365 [hal9000 hype] I'm not familiar with gmane -- but in general, comp.lang.ruby should be
+ 103367 [rvb pro-linu] Well, I am posting to comp.lang.ruby without being subscribed to
+ 103374 [gsinclair so] I think GMANE is literally a news facade to a mailing list.  So
  103386 [jamesUNDERBA] It is, and does so for quite a number of mailing lists.  I've run into

^ Ruby /.'ted
103381 [dhtapp see_s] Ruby was just slashdotted under "Developers:  Searching for the Best
+ 103382 [lyle knology] I've got five mod points to burn if someone wants to add something
+ 103400 [surrender_it] and we are down for maintenance :(
| 103434 [DocBoobenste] Hey, at least now we can blame the downtime on /. ;)
+ 103738 [ jupp gmx.de] Up to now I thought that 'has been slashdotted' means 'site is down
  103915 [ian caliban.] That _is_ what it means. The connotation of 'posted about to Slashdot'
  103952 [michael.camp] Not to be a pedant, but it means whatever the population wants it to

^ Ruby (tied with Perl/sh) wins scripting language shootout...slashdot...
103383 [rich infoeth] "Folks at the Scriptometer conducted a practical survey of which scripting
103401 [surrender_it] funny that the referenced page if from Pixel's merd web site, and near
103454 [botp delmont] you are correct. Maybe he is a language collector.

^ Who owns rubygarden.org (Wiki)?
103387 [no_replies f] I want to talk to the owner about the continual link spam that's taking
103395 [Stephan.Kaem] Did you try to email to this address?
103396 [Stephan.Kaem] Well, I probably didn't see my changes due to the continual link spam...

^ Ruby, Scheme, Dylan, etc.
103388 [nick activeh] Emacs Lisp makes Lisp interesting whereas Scheme is interesting for
103417 [    s xss.de] And while you're planning your trip, let me remind you to not skip the

^ Anyone running Instiki on Cygwin?
103391 [gsinclair so] I'm having great difficulty running Instiki on Cygwin.  There are

^ [ANN] Test Version of FreeRIDE with RRB Refactoring Support
103392 [curt hibbs.c] I just put up a test version of FreeRIDE that includes RRB Refactoring

^ How to read a .csv file into a 2D array?
103404 [piir earthli] How can I read the following text from a .csv file into a 2D array?
+ 103406 [bob.news gmx] "Todd Gardner" <piir@earthlink.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 103407 [surrender_it] there is a prewritten module: csv.rb in the standard distribution.
+ 103408 [joesaetta gr] Ruby 1.8 comes with a set of classes (see csv.rb) to read and write
+ 103446 [piir earthli] Actually this is a tab delimited file, here is the .csv.
| + 103450 [gsinclair so] I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.
| + 103630 [sven_schott ] I was actually just about to ask that. This was how I did it(pretty
|   103645 [bob.news gmx] "Sven Schott" <sven_schott@compnow.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   + 103777 [sven_schott ] Very nice! I wanted to do a one-liner but I had no idea how.
|   + 103811 [relm 3tlk.ne] #inject is somewhat scary...
|     103821 [bob.news gmx] "Relm" <relm@3tlk.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 103469 [nahi keynaut] With ruby/1.8.1;
| 103795 [piir earthli] Do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong in the code below?
| 103800 [nahi keynaut] Seems to be a command line escaping problem.  Try this on the same console.
| 103985 [piir earthli] acceptable
+ 103473 [han.holl pob] Cheers,

^ [ANN] Alexandria 0.2.0
103411 [lrz gnome.or] I'm proud to announce that Alexandria 0.2.0 has just been released.

^ Windows 2000 is required :( Yuk!
103414 [piir earthli] I need to use voice dictation software and it only runs on Windows so
+ 103416 [w3gat nwlaga] I've used Ruby on windows from version 4 through 8 and I've not had any
| 103453 [piir earthli] Excellent!  How can I install PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library?
| 103460 [trevor.andra] This is off topic but I was just wondering what voice recognition software
+ 103418 [surrender_it] btw, there is the one click installer (the PragProg one) hat comes
+ 103451 [curt hibbs.c] Curt
  103462 [piir earthli] I'm not sure if I understand what you are saying.  I think you have
  103521 [jamesUNDERBA] There are many third-party libraries which are distributed as a

^ String#==
103415 [cmills frees] String#== returns nil when the object being compared does not have a
+ 103421 [michael.camp] I'm in no way authoritative, but it makes sense to me.  If you're
+ 103452 [matz ruby-la] In 1.8.2 and 1.9, it will return false.

^ Re: virtual machines and Forth - Was: Ruby, Scheme, Dylan, etc.
103424 [mailinglists] Right i whish that everyone who writtes a bytecode compiler first look
103425 [surrender_it] interesting, thanks, but before I dive in some forth internals, there

^ Use a string a object name
103428 [dirk.einecke] I've a little problem. How can I use a string use as an object name?
+ 103429 [quixoticsyco] Did you mean,
| 103431 [dirk.einecke] Not really...
+ 103430 [msparshatt y] since you want to put the value of s into the string that get's evaled
| 103437 [dirk.einecke] Okay. That works.
| 103440 [msparshatt y] It's quicker since Ruby doesn't need to parse the expression string.
| 103443 [msparshatt y] I forgot to mention there are using security concerns with using eval.
+ 103432 [childNOSPAM ] puts eval "p.#{s}"
  + 103433 [hal9000 hype] The 'send' method (as Mark said) is the better way
  + 103436 [dirk.einecke] Okay. That works.

^ Ruby (tied with Perl/sh) wins scripting language shootout
103435 [snowzone5 ho] it's interesting how quickly some languages break down pretty quickly

^ Alexandria 0.2.0
103439 [snowzone5 ho] could i ever use something like that for windows :/

^ SV: How to ducktype a Hash?
103441 [donv crusade] This link gives me "Internal Server Error" ...

^ [RCR]: Replace pack and unpack with OO versions
103457 [dejaspam bat] flags, ignore, length, name = data.unpack "nnna*"
+ 103458 [jgb3 email.b] less) do just this for me, for the Net::SSH stuff. Dealing directly with
+ 103459 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, looks like it is keeping some internal state? A "file
| 103484 [dejaspam bat] Yeah, that's what I was figuring.  I assumed that packing would
+ 103461 [martindemell] Alternatively, something I've been thinking of is to let pack and unpack
| 103467 [mneumann nte] It would be nice if Packer/Unpacker would work on IO/File objects. I've
+ 103497 [djberg96 hot] I mentioned this a *long* time ago, but didn't get much feedback.  If

^ mkdir -p
103463 [martindemell] Shouldn't Dir.mkdir support something akin to unix's mkdir -p ? i.e.,
+ 103464 [hal9000 hype] This is in FileUtils or something. I forget exactly where.
| 103480 [usenet hys.i] FileUtils#mkdir_p(path)
| 103494 [martindemell] Merci.
+ 103479 [matz ruby-la] FileUtils.mkdir_p(path)
  103495 [martindemell] Thanks. Why doesn't FileUtils mix this into Dir?
  103509 [matz ruby-la] Dir methods are one to one relationship to the system calls.
  + 103520 [Austin.Ziegl] mkpath or mkpaths, IIRC>
  + 103531 [martindemell] This feels wrong to me - it goes back to the "closed classes" paradigm
  | 103668 [aamine lover] One reason is that FileUtils's methods have different
  + 103540 [asdf asdf.co] This is a technical explanation, but not a reason...
    103626 [matz ruby-la] It's a technical explanation and a design policy.
    + 103627 [botp delmont] sir Matz,
    | + 103649 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, do you want to have
    | | 103655 [botp delmont] or to be unix like, FileUtils.mkdir path, :parents => true #man mkdir 1
    | + 103671 [aamine lover] I think different operations should be mapped on different methods.
    + 103629 [quixoticsyco] It is important to keep high-level libraries high-level, and

^ [ANN] Non-standard library project
103468 [gsinclair so] It's a bit cheeky to call this an announcement, since it's only
+ 103472 [martindemell] I'd be very interested, but my new job is taking up an awful amount of
| + 103511 [gsinclair so] Completely different.  'extensions' adds methods to built-in classes.
| | 103522 [Austin.Ziegl] 'thirdlib'
| + 103574 [aredridel nb] It sounds a lot like ruby-sumo in some ways.
+ 103490 [curt hibbs.c] I'm not sure how much bandwidth I have left (at least for the remainder of
| 103492 [gsinclair so] Cool.  As far as "participating at some level" goes, simply lurking on
| 103502 [usenet hys.i] I'd love to help too. I'm lacking creativity to start an own module just
| 103524 [mailing-list] I have a radical idea: Why don't we call it something that makes sense,
+ 103526 [jamesUNDERBA] Would these be projects that have reached the end of their development
| 103601 [gsinclair so] There or thereabouts.
+ 103527 [mailing-list] Might this have a place in the "batteries included" ideas that have been
+ 103631 [nick activeh] It's an interesting concept.  Convenience and quality are huge factors
| + 103632 [martindemell] martin
| + 103661 [curt hibbs.c] "adlib" is cute for its double meaning. I still like "nslib" (I'm biased,
| + 103664 [usenet hys.i] I guess double meanings are very programmer-like so I'd vote for it. :)
|   + 103688 [discord mac.] I agree :) 'addlib' has a great double-meaning, and 'nonstdlib' has a
|   + 103701 [gsinclair so] Ok, after a beer-soaked Ruby Tuesday meeting with my Sydney
|   + 110440 [emmanuel.tou] what is the double meaning on addlib? i'm not a native speaker in english.
|     110441 [transami run] [1]
+ 108753 [ssteiner mac] charset=US-ASCII;
  + 108781 [batsman.geo ] I believe it can be made better than CPAN (yes, really), which is only
  + 108789 [gsinclair so] Dunno.  Are we talking yet, Mauricio? :)
    108793 [ahoward noaa] what kinds of things are you still looking for gavin?
    108794 [gsinclair so] Well, I anticipate that eventually the project will contain around 30
    + 108797 [ahoward noaa] here are a couple i have
    + 110189 [transami run] Gavin, I just noticed this post and was looking at the project. I currently
      110247 [gsinclair so] Yes, it would.  Could you email it to me?
      110257 [transami run] Nice! I'll organize them per the above and then send.