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^ Another instiki question
102742 [carl youngbl] How come when I start instiki on my windows 2000 machine it returns to

^ Method Checks (was: Re: How to ducktype a Hash?)
102743 [bob.news gmx] First of all I'd like to make clear that this is still not Duck Typing!

^ Implementing interface using classes (Re: Interfaces and semantics)
102746 [lists zara.6] Let's say I want to implement interfaces using classes (so I can do
102758 [surrender_it] take a look at PyProtocols,
102763 [lists zara.6] I took a look at PEAK & PyProtocols a few weeks ago. I've also seen

^ accessing class instance variable from instance method
102747 [lists zara.6] class C
+ 102748 [assaph avaya] class << self
+ 102749 [bob.news gmx] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 102751 [lists zara.6] Sorry. See subject. (To access class instance variable from inside
| + 102756 [assaph avaya] tend
| | 102760 [lists zara.6] Then perhaps Ruby should not provide a "nice" way to access @@var too :-)
| | 102777 [Austin.Ziegl] irb(main):001:0> class C
| + 102757 [bob.news gmx] "David Garamond" <lists@zara.6.isreserved.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   102759 [lists zara.6] That's just for testing :-) (to make sure the right '@var' is printed).
+ 102780 [ahoward noaa] class C
  102862 [assaph avaya] Ruby's all about niceness :-)
  102895 [lists zara.6] Simply because @@var is shared between subclasses.
  102898 [nobu.nokada ] It was changed in 1.9.
  + 102917 [lists zara.6] Thanks, Nobu. I'd love to use it now though :-)
  | 102921 [dblack wobbl] I think it will be the same fundamental difference as now: instance
  + 102942 [ahoward noaa] so - does a concept of 'inherited class variable' exist in 1.9 then?  i
    102994 [vjoel PATH.B] I did too, until I saw Nobu's note today. I'm going thru all my code and

^ [ANN] Ruby Refactoring Browser 0.0.3
102750 [ohai kmc.gr.] Ruby Refactoring Browser 0.0.3 has been released.

^ Re: [BUG?] Seqfault sorting array of Files by ctime
102761 [robertm spel] Warren,

^ [ANN] RubyGems 0.6.0
102771 [chad chadfow] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Expressing intent in method calling...
102785 [rich infoeth] This is not a continuation of the type thread other than trying to continue
+ 102791 [curt hibbs.c] This is a very interesting concept and, in general, I like it.
+ 102800 [dave pragpro] Isn't this effectively "to_name" or "as_name"?
| + 102803 [quixoticsyco] Whether it's name or to_name, he is seeking a way to differentiate
| | 102816 [rich infoeth] Well, not necessarily conformant behavior.  Its so the caller can express
| + 102815 [rich infoeth] I am not trying to coerce the object into another representation in general
|   + 102842 [jean_hugues_] I think that you are clear enough. x.<some_class>.some_method() means
|   + 102905 [bob.news gmx] "Richard Kilmer" <rich@infoether.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 102804 [dblack wobbl] Could this metadata even be not class/module-oriented?  In other

^ ruby and mustard
102788 [Ara.T.Howard] what do you do when ruby just won't quite cut the mustard?
+ 102797 [jim freeze.o] It depends. For what you are doing, my preference is to use Ruby
| 102860 [ahoward noaa] good points - esp. bits about abstraction.  i have done that approch before
+ 102798 [eule space.c] Do you know about psyco.sf.net ? You might try writing it in Python and
+ 102801 [gsinclair so] If you've got a serious problem to solve, the dependency added by
| 102812 [aredridel nb] Glib is the base library for GTK+ -- it's an object and signal toolkit
| 102859 [ahoward noaa] this is about where i'm at...  glib is really nice, but the ruby api is
+ 102850 [woodsc f00f.] Can you just use a faster computer?  If your working for a company its a
| + 102851 [bg-rubytalk ] Heh, look at his signature.  "@noaa.gov".  That may mean he has access
| | + 102858 [ahoward noaa] yes.
| | + 102885 [jamesUNDERBA] Timely for me, too, as I've been pondering writing a (potentially)
| + 102855 [ahoward noaa] ~ > cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep GHz
| + 102955 [carl youngbl] I think the problem here is that if they could get it to process 100
+ 102854 [surrender_it] have you considered using stuff like narray? (I have this strange
+ 102856 [quixoticsyco] Is it possible to somehow isolate the inner-loop functionality?  As long
| 102864 [ahoward noaa] mmap = Mmap.new 'huge', 'rw', Mmap::MAP_SHARED
+ 102886 [cc1 cec.wust] Have you taken a look at rubyinline?  It lets you embed compiled c
| 102961 [carl youngbl] All of this discussion about C also reminds me that C code can itself be
+ 103286 [segphault sb] It may not be a practical solution now, because it will take you some time
  103409 [jean_hugues_] Last "Recent News" is september 2003. I wonder if that means that the

^ Writing to a process pipe
102790 [luke madstop] Okay, I know this is an easy one, but I can't find it documented and I
+ 102793 [decoux moulo] svg% ruby -e 'open("| cat", "w") {|f| f.puts "it s just Kernel#open"}'
+ 102794 [ahoward noaa] irb(main):001:0> pipe = IO.popen 'cat', 'r+'
  102799 [luke madstop] This is what I was looking for.  I don't know why I was so hung up on

^ How can I use the last returned value?
102806 [ssk chol.nos] In Python, I use '_'(underscore) for the last returned value.
102807 [dennis.ranke] IRB.CurrentContext.last_value
+ 102810 [Austin.Ziegl] I'm not sure there is one. There is the $_ variable, but I have yet
+ 102811 [vjoel PATH.B] Nice. I tried defining the same with the name _, but that fails because
+ 102857 [nobu.nokada ] EVAL_HISTORY enables _.
  102876 [ssk chol.nos] Thanks for the reply.
  102887 [nobu.nokada ] You have to put those lines in ~/.irbrc, .irbrc, irbrc, _irbrc
  + 102888 [botp delmont] ochigi.jp...
  + 102901 [dooby d10.ka] To Sam Sungshik Kong,
    102902 [ssk chol.nos] Wow, it works!

^ [ANN] Ruby/Interface
102817 [sean celsoft] Ruby/Interface 0.1-1
+ 102821 [curt hibbs.c] Very nice... I like it!
+ 102840 [batsman.geo ] I see you're using per-class tagging, hence being unable to track
| + 102843 [sean celsoft] I have to ponder this a bit.  I admit I am not entirely clear how Ruby works
| + 102849 [sean celsoft] Per-class tagging is what I intended.  There are three tag states: not tagged,
| + 102861 [sean celsoft] Moving things around to work out of klass helped a lot, Mauricio, thanks for
+ 102841 [usenet1 nosp] Very nice!
| 102844 [sean celsoft] Probably right.  I'll change it.  Seems I'm going to be fiddling it with it
+ 102868 [gsinclair so] Nice.  But the Hash example on the page should be more comprehensive.
| 102872 [sean celsoft] The name :hash tells you the purpose of the interface, not the method list.
+ 102877 [sean celsoft] Changed the name of the library to celsoft.com/interface.
| 102880 [dblack wobbl] Ignore previous message (similar idea in spirit though
+ 102991 [sean celsoft] I decided the library wasn't "Ruby" enough and I got some ideas from Daniel
  + 102993 [batsman.geo ] You might want to capture Module#remove_method and
  + 103058 [jean_hugues_] Should be implement?() vs implements?() I believe.
    103098 [sean celsoft] It's not proper English, but perhaps implement? is more "Ruby."
    103123 [discord mac.] After being annoyed with what looked like improper English in
    103129 [sean celsoft] Interesting way to look at it.

^ [NEWBIE] Where to report correction for vruby.rb?
102846 [ruby-mail te] I'm using ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mswin32]. When I tried running
102867 [nobu.nokada ] It seems fixed in recent version.

^ [NEWBIE] Howto? Use Windows DataSourceLocator
102847 [ruby-mail te] I'm using ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mswin32]. I want to use Window's

^ Numeric#round_to
102848 [gavin refine] I suspect someone (many people) have already done this, previously, but

^ oddities with select
102863 [bg-rubytalk ] I'm trying to use Ruby to talk to an network application, and noticed
+ 102870 [ahoward noaa] don't you want to block?  i mean, isn't that why you are using select?  to do
| 102875 [bg-rubytalk ] Actually, no.  What I want to do is know that a command was accepted
| 102881 [ahoward noaa] why not something along the lines of this
| 102936 [bg-rubytalk ] def internal_read(timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT, stop_pattern=nil)
| + 102945 [ahoward noaa] didn't you say something about your socket being in non-blocking mode?  if so,
| | 103013 [bg-rubytalk ] I'm pretty sure that the timeout parameter is what tells select whether
| + 103002 [mrchameleon ] A reference TFM shows that select(rdArr, <wrArr>, <errArr>, <timeOut>)
| | 103014 [bg-rubytalk ] Well since select() returns anArray or nil, if it returns 'nil', nil
| | 103075 [mrchameleon ] There you are. Suck it and see.
| | 103096 [bg-rubytalk ] Right... but how does that change anything?
| | 103146 [mrchameleon ] Wow. This *is* hard yakka.
| | 103169 [martindemell] $ ruby -e "p [[nil], [], []] == true"
| + 103003 [mrchameleon ] A reference TFM shows that select(rdArr, <wrArr>, <errArr>, <timeOut>)
+ 103426 [jmarshall99 ] This works for me, unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying

^ [ANN] RubyGems 0.6.1
102878 [chad chadfow] We've fixed a couple of small but nasty bugs on 0.6.0.  We're doing a
102889 [cc1 cec.wust] Something minor but I just noticed that gem doesn't seem to support a --version
103011 [chadfowler g] I agree, but we're using --version to specify gem versions.  I think
+ 103012 [gsinclair so] Not sure what you mean there, Chad.  gem --version currently does nothing,
| 103022 [gsinclair so] Quick follow-up with suggestion.
| 103027 [chadfowler g] I guess I'm not the mob, but I would advocate --rubygems-version
| 103038 [gsinclair so] Wouldn't you rather type -V than --version?  Or is that not an intuitive
+ 103025 [cc1 cec.wust] [cut]
+ 103071 [jim weirichh] There has been some talk about rearranging the gem option structure to
  + 103082 [chadfowler g] Yea, that would really help in this case, wouldn't it?
  | 103086 [rich infoeth] Yes it would, and would help with the growing number of commands and the
  + 103090 [surrender_it] oh please do this, for what my opinion as a gem user is worth :)

^ [NEWBIE] WIN32OLE Mailing List?
102883 [ruby-mail te] Does there exist a mailing list dedicated to the WIN32OLE module?

^ Outlook Express problems reading comp.lang.ruby
102894 [dooby d10.ka] Starting Jun 8th, I've noticed problems using Outlook Express (OE)
102906 [bob.news gmx] same here (using OE 6.00.2800).  Although I don't need to reboot: Win 2k's
+ 102927 [rt alum.wpi.] How amusing that the workaround for messages posted from Outlook
| 103006 [dooby d10.ka] Josh,
| 103009 [rt alum.wpi.] Well, I'm always wearing it, actually :)
| 103017 [dooby d10.ka] I didn't see it in your headers ;)
| 103023 [rt alum.wpi.] I guess I was surprised that Outlook didn't add either of these
+ 103005 [dooby d10.ka] Many thanks, Robert.

^ Open Source Developers Conference Australia 2004 CFP
102897 [jarich-spam ] G'day folk,

^ Expert advice please
102899 [ebahl mitsol] URGENT!

^ question about private method
102903 [wwayya2004 h] The visibility keyword private makes a method callable only in a
+ 102908 [bob.news gmx] "wang" <wwayya2004@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 102907 [bob.news gmx] "Robert Klemme" <bob.news@gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 102912 [greg webtime] class Test
+ 102948 [pbrannan atd] If you want to do this, use protected instead of private.
| 102972 [dblack wobbl] class Foo
+ 103068 [wwayya2004 h] Thanks all!
  103073 [bob.news gmx] "wang" <wwayya2004@hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ novice ruby embed question
102909 [billk cts.co] I'm just getting started embedding ruby, have set up
103019 [nobu.nokada ] int status;
103030 [billk cts.co] Thanks !!!
103040 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, it got provided for the sake of that usage.

^ Calling 'C' func through W2k DLL?
102913 [piir earthli] I'm trying to access a Windows DLL called nidaqmx.dll.
103083 [piir earthli] Here's a very generic question... how can I access a Windows dll?
103087 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
103223 [piir earthli] How could I have found this is ruby?

^ strip DOS ^Ms?
102914 [rasputnik he] Me again. I have chosen one of the crappiest websites on Gods
+ 102915 [bob.news gmx] "Dick Davies" <rasputnik@hellooperator.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 102919 [rasputnik he] They're not at end of line though, they're just scattered through the
| + 102920 [rasputnik he] Fixed my own problem again. This is getting to be a habit.
| + 102944 [ser germane-] Use tr.
|   103060 [eule space.c] Why would a thing grown from history be called idiocy in any context ?
|   + 103063 [rasputnik he] As far as I'm concerned you can have any line terminator you like in
|   + 103065 [samuel.kvarn] In the days of the "classic" Mac OS (9.x and earlier) that was true; \r
|   | 103067 [eule space.c] So that would make Dick Davies 'wrong' input html issued from a pre OS X
|   + 103117 [billk cts.co] If MS-DOS had come out in the 1950's it might be forgivable.
|     103130 [eule space.c] I agree with most of your post, but that last bit was really funny ;)
+ 102916 [eule space.c] I recommend the tool suite called
| 102964 [trash philke] Any argument for this thesis?
| 103059 [eule space.c] My point being that a custom hacked tool for a momentary need is seldom
+ 102932 [djberg96 hot] See "ptools", available on the RAA or at http://ruby-miscutils.sf.net.

^ method with yield via send
102918 [csaba phony_] class C
102995 [discord mac.] The main problem here, I think, is the context of the blocks you are
103010 [nobu.nokada ] It has been implemented in 1.9.
+ 103045 [discord mac.] Well, then, that's a great reason for me to upgrade...
+ 103178 [csaba phony_] That's cool, thanks!

^ [ANN] Active Record 0.8.3: Modules, mapping, and transactions
102922 [david loudth] What's new in Active Record 0.8.3?
+ 102933 [raphael.baud] ua = User.find(8,9,10)
| 102988 [david loudth] Good spotting! This fix is in the CVS and will be part of 0.8.4.
+ 102940 [khaines enig] David, I'm curious about this design decision.  I went the exact opposite
| + 102965 [carl youngbl] Another option worth considering is using LOCK TABLES for MyISAM
| + 102986 [david loudth] Oh, this was referring to database transactions. Before, if you
|   102989 [khaines enig] Ah!  I follow you.
|   102990 [david loudth] It could very well be that you're interested in the data that cause the
|   102996 [khaines enig] If a transaction fails because of an exception, the exception can be caught
+ 103028 [ng johnwlong] person = Person.new(
  + 103036 [jim freeze.o] ... code here to compute age
  + 103043 [gsinclair so] It's easier to type for a start.  Although the aesthetics of it are

^ Weird DNS problem with net/http
102925 [kapheine hyp] I'm running into a very strange problem with net/http.  Or I should say,
102928 [bob.news gmx] "Zachary P. Landau" <kapheine@hypa.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
103032 [kapheine hyp] Thanks for the link. That problem looked very similar, but it turned out

^ [OT] Re: Unit tests ... not just for the young
102929 [tom infoethe] Hm.  Do you feel that there's a different calling to which a programmer
102930 [michael.camp] Maybe not some specific calling, but one should have SOME aspiration
102931 [tom infoethe] Yup, I agree that that's what he was getting at.  But is "architect" the
+ 102934 [jim freeze.o] Technical and Managerial.
| + 102935 [tom infoethe] So true.  I want to be a better programmer, to someday fix a bug in the
| | + 102937 [Mark.Volkman] When I started my software career, practically every year my manager/supervisor would ask me during my annual evaluation about my 5 year and/or 10 year goals.  There was pressure to make up something good and I did.  Later in my career I decided that it's okay to admit that I love writing software.  It's okay to say you love what you're doing now and don't have plans to do something different in the future.  Of course you'll want your software development skills to improve, but I don't think we all need to have a desire to manage other software developers or move into less technical roles.
| | | + 102939 [michael.camp] ask me during my annual evaluation about my 5 year and/or 10 year
| | | | 102941 [tom infoethe] Quite right, wholehearted agreement here...
| | | + 102946 [gsinclair so] In my limited experience, there are lots of different types of
| | + 102949 [sean celsoft] Ditto.  When hiring an artist, should one be wary of people who want to be an
| |   + 102952 [michael.camp] This translates to me to not wanting to learn, and that I can do without.
| |   | + 102958 [gsinclair so] An odd translation, I must say.  What's wrong with learning more
| |   | + 102966 [hal9000 hype] I think we're all talking past each other here.
| |   | + 102968 [sean celsoft] That doesn't follow.  When you work in a field, you grow as a person and, if
| |   | + 102969 [ptkwt aracne] Not true at all.  There are always new
| |   + 102954 [mailing-list] When interviewing, I would probe for deeper ambitions. Someone who is,
| |     + 102956 [michael.camp] Precisely.
| |     + 102970 [sean celsoft] I don't agree that side-interests make for a better programmer.  If you're
| |       102992 [ptkwt aracne] Side interests (or perhaps I should call it multi-disciplinary
| |       102997 [sean celsoft] As an employee, side-interests are good.  As an employer, side-interests are a
| |       103024 [ptkwt aracne] I guess it just depends on who the employer is.  If the employer is a
| + 102978 [jean_hugues_] I started a company in 1987. I believe that by 1993 we must
|   + 102982 [jim freeze.o] Nice story. So, was it the money or the rescuing of the product.
|   | 103057 [jean_hugues_] In the first company, that I co-owned, I believe that it was
|   + 103033 [nick activeh] I've had similar experiences...it's frustrating to program on projects
|     103039 [mailing-list] Have you checked out Dylan? It's a bit of an improvement over smalltalk
|     103047 [nick activeh] No I haven't.  Eiffel and Dylan are two other languages I've noted
|     103115 [mailing-list] Ruby and Dylan kind of remind me of each other. They were both conceived
|     + 103128 [ptkwt aracne] Now days Apple uses Objective C quite a lot.  They don't seem to be doing
|     | 103131 [mailing-list] I think Dylan's close enough to being ready to work, for me. I'm not
|     + 103164 [nick activeh] Thanks for the indepth reply.
|       103165 [mailing-list] Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Haskell. I liked what I read about it, but
+ 103055 [martindemell] I don't know about 'should', but as someone who moved from physics into