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^ Gem resolved back - was RE: Gem 0.4 segfaults on winxp upon insta ll)
102435 [botp delmont] That would be a good idea (I have had problems in irb segfaults -so the
102437 [chad chadfow] # > # > Can anyone else confirm that zlib segfaults on this
102438 [botp delmont] I'm sorry. I misunderstood your recent announcement regarding the
102479 [gsinclair so] The gemspec _is_ a Ruby program, but it's more like data than a
102491 [chadfowler g] Though, given a set of conventions, it would be pretty easy to

^ Gateway trial - day xxx  (was Re: Reply wasn't posted; will test new post)
102444 [dooby d10.ka] ...

^ class A::B verses module A ; class B
102445 [quixoticsyco] module A
102459 [news stud.nt] I'm on the "hope it's a feature" side on this one. It means you have to
102477 [gsinclair so] I dislike the behaviour displayed above.  But your explanation for it

^ Extending in C:  need to use a non-basic class defined in Ruby in my C code
102446 [austin-mcdon] but I'd like to put as little of my code in C as possible.  So, I'm
102448 [dooby d10.ka] ...
+ 102449 [austin-mcdon] Thanks for the excellent reply - I was thinking I'd have to do something
| 102455 [dooby d10.ka] ...
+ 102450 [dooby d10.ka] ...
| 102452 [austin-mcdon] Yeah, caught that - hilarious that that small of a typo makes a decent
+ 102500 [vjoel PATH.B] This isn't going to help much, if at all, with the speed of these calls,
  102506 [dooby d10.ka] ...

^ Chars in Ruby
102469 [ see the.end] ...
+ 102471 [surrender_it] use pack() and unpack()
| 102472 [ see the.end] ...
+ 102483 [sdate everes] ...
| 102498 [ see the.end] ...
+ 102557 [bob.news gmx] "Georgy" <see@the.end> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Net::SSH update
102481 [jgb3 email.b] Well, the thunderous silence that followed my query prompted me to
+ 102482 [aredridel nb] This option. definately. Why reinvent the wheel?
+ 102484 [surrender_it] it seem there is someone working on RSA stuff at least, that may be of
| 102488 [jgb3 email.b] Um... maybe I'm just looking at it wrong, but it doesn't look like that
| 102512 [surrender_it] it seem mr. Evan Webb is working on Crypt::RSA , you could find it
+ 102552 [gotoyuzo not] I'm a maintainer of OpenSSL module.
  102560 [jgb3 email.b] I acually discovered this shortly after my original post. I missed it
  102571 [gotoyuzo not] Please post it to this mailing list. I'll examine it for

^ Elementary FXDialogBox query
102497 [nigel waspz.] I'm trying to use a dialog box in FXRuby.
102501 [lyle knology] OK.
102561 [nigel waspz.] Thanks, I've now got it working. Out of curiosity what class does
+ 102574 [rich lithino] Referencing an FXTextField directly should se the FXTextField class.
+ 102603 [lyle knology] When you define an attr_accessor for a Ruby class, e.g.
  102697 [nigel waspz.] Thanks everyone

^ open-uri / net/http bug?
102504 [rasputnik he] I was trying to use RSSscraper to pul some web forums, and something
102527 [chadfowler g] It appears to me that this site refuses to respond unless you have a
102768 [rasputnik he] Ah crap. wget worked fine.
102792 [rasputnik he] Bad form to reply to myself, but for the record, adding a

^ Re: mysql embedded layer
102508 [vjoel PATH.B] The example in section 4 of README.EXT in the ruby distribution seems

^ Problems with Ruby GC'ing a variable I'm using.
102544 [austin-mcdon] Thanks for all the help with my last set of questions.
102549 [decoux moulo] ...
102550 [austin-mcdon] Thanks; sorry about the neophyte question.

^ How to use "method_missing"?
102554 [xrfang hotma] irb(main):001:0> def NilClass.method_missing(m, *a)
102556 [decoux moulo] ...
102619 [xrfang hotma] I know I defined a singleton method for object a, but I don't quite
+ 102620 [assaph avaya] exist
+ 102628 [g_ogata optu] You have defined a singleton method for the object NilClass, actually.

^ [ANN] RubyGems 0.5.0
102569 [chad chadfow] RubyGems 0.5.0 has been released. This release adds a few new features
102631 [g_ogata optu] Is it feasible to package RubyGems as a gem?
102643 [chadfowler g] Mostly feasible and something some of us has discussed, but we decided
102645 [se hexatex.d] It would be cool if you could do gem --update-dist or similiar and the

^ When arg is a variable,  can the variable's name be displayed?
102570 [NoOne Nowher] ...
+ 102572 [quixoticsyco] I put the following on http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?OneLiners
+ 102575 [eule space.c] def debug(s)
| 102615 [assaph avaya] variables
+ 102640 [bob.news gmx] "Richard Lionheart" <NoOne@Nowhere.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  102653 [jean_hugues_] def dumpv( &block )

^ What does NASA use Ruby for?
102594 [Bil.Kleb NAS] For everything we can.

^ ANN: REXML 3.1.1
102596 [ser germane-] This release consists primarily of improvements to the RelaxNG

^ Segfault on embedded ruby.
102597 [garciamj red] This following problem is most likely due to my own
+ 102665 [pbrannan atd] It doesn't crash for me.
| 102703 [garciamj red] That's strange,
+ 102723 [nobu.nokada ] extern "C" void Init_stack(VALUE*);
  102734 [pbrannan atd] ruby_init() calls Init_stack, so why should this be necessary?
  102736 [nobu.nokada ] To adjust the stack boundary.
  + 102741 [garciamj red] It works now :)   Thanks for all the help, I don't think I would've
  + 102783 [pbrannan atd] But test was marked with rb_gc_register_address().  Shouldn't that
    + 102795 [decoux moulo] ...
    | 102827 [garciamj red] Are you saying that I should rb_protect on rb_gc?  Would that catch the
    | 102910 [decoux moulo] ...
    + 102853 [nobu.nokada ] I've understood that [ruby-talk:102597] doesn't crash when
      102947 [pbrannan atd] Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought it crashed regardless of whether it
      102983 [garciamj red] That's correct, rb_gc_register_address doesn't prevent the crash, and the
      103015 [nobu.nokada ] Hmmm, rb_gc_register_address should do.  Something other might
      103035 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Re: REXML 3.1.1
102598 [rich lithino] I really appreciate the hard work you're putting into this... and I'm
102654 [ser germane-] Thanks!  It is always good to know people find the effort useful.

^ [ANN] Instiki 0.9.0: Rendering improvements, Latex integration, OS X version
102601 [david loudth] What's new in Instiki 0.9.0?
+ 102607 [surrender_it] killer feature. All the other are fine, but I plain love this :)
| 102636 [david loudth] Exactly. Having an unordered list on the HomePage serves like a table
+ 102612 [rich infoeth] Wow...very nice OS X integration.  You guys did an amazing job of making it
| 102637 [david loudth] Where all good OS X citizens are supposed to store their data :)
| 102642 [Paul.Allton ] Great stuff.
| 102646 [david loudth] Currently, no. I might extend on the OS X interface later. Or you can
| 102647 [curt hibbs.c] I just installed 0.9.0 (clean install, no existing database) and I'm getting
+ 102614 [mailing-list] I don't know if you saw this page -
| 102621 [botp delmont] Heheh. cool :-)
+ 102691 [carl youngbl] Can I upgrade seamlessly from older versions and keep my old wiki?  Just
  102692 [curt hibbs.c] The readme says that as long as you are running 0.5.0 or later, the data
  102695 [carl youngbl] Thanks for answering for those lazy sods like myself who didn't want to

^ Turning off automatic links for a word in RDoc?
102608 [sera fhwang.] I know this was discussed sometime last year ... has there been

^ Thanks for the responses ... got to study this
102611 [NoOne Nowher] ...

^ Re: Gem resolved back - was RE: Gem 0.4 segfaults on winxp upon i nsta ll)
102613 [botp delmont] Most of the projects (especially in raa) are librariries. Is it possible to

^ RAA restarted
102622 [nahi keynaut] RAA restarted.
103466 [nahi keynaut] We raa-admin saw 200 over projects updated in the last week.  Thank you

^ OSCON - time to sign up!
102624 [dave pragpro] The date for signing up for OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention,
+ 102626 [botp delmont] I cannot join for simple economic reasons. I just hope someone could provide
| 102648 [rich infoeth] I will be working diligently on this...yes...it is possible and very spiffy
+ 102632 [ptkwt aracne] ...

^ Unit tests ... not just for the young
102633 [jim weirichh] Thanks for the bio Sean.  The problem with email conversations is that
102677 [sean celsoft] It's hard to describe my technique.  I just have a lot of little habits that
102716 [YKloubakov f] ...
102729 [sean celsoft] Nowadays, I work alone mostly.  When I work with others, we all have the same
102789 [michael.camp] How many have you worked with that had no college degree, but the same
102796 [sean celsoft] Experience in what though?  I've seen lots of college grads that couldn't even
102808 [michael.camp] Sounds like the fault of those hiring.
102819 [sean celsoft] I think my last truly bad experience regarding people with CS degrees goes
102822 [jim freeze.o] Maybe it depends on what your are doing, but I'm afraid for some
102823 [michael.camp] I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but the absence or presence of a CS
102824 [sean celsoft] There's truth behind the assertion.
+ 102825 [curt hibbs.c] Some of the best programmer's I've had the pleasure of working with had
| + 102830 [michael.camp] Not hidden at all; I don't have the link handy, but there was a study
| | 102836 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, I'm no musician, but I consider myself an above average coder.
| + 102834 [dhtapp see_s] Not all that hidden, actually :-) There's apparently a significant
|   102975 [discord mac.] A relative of mine, who teaches piano and voice, claims several of her
|   102976 [srubin fsisy] I'm current a college student in the US who almost has a BS in computer
|   + 102977 [mailing-list] That's some excellent insight. I sort of had the same idea kicking
|   + 102980 [gfb tonesoft] Very good story, thanks. What do you feel about being a programmer (like
+ 102826 [gfb tonesoft] How about a middle-aged programmer with loads of experience AND a
| + 102829 [curt hibbs.c] Hey, now you've got two counts against you! (welcome to my neighborhood! :-)
| + 102831 [sean celsoft] Good to go!  My experiences haven't been bad with experienced programmers,
+ 102828 [michael.camp] Again, that says nothing about the degree; it says something about the
  102832 [sean celsoft] Do you feel I am criticizing people with degrees?
  + 102833 [michael.camp] Do you feel you're not?
  | 102835 [sean celsoft] I've already explained my experience in this matter, and if you need me to
  + 102837 [mailing-list] I'm American, and I never finished college, but I've met Europeans who
    102890 [botp delmont] by that time, he may not be or want to be a programmer anymore ;-)
    102891 [jim freeze.o] Very good. Very good.
    102896 [dhtapp see_s] So, what would be the acceptable answers?
    + 102900 [mailing-list] I'd be afraid to hire a code-monkey who said yes.
    + 103000 [news stud.nt] "Yes, provided I get to choose the languages, projects, tools,

^ Custom marshalling with YAML
102651 [ndrsbngtssn ] I've run into a problem when replacing "Marshal.dump" with "YAML.dump".
102652 [mneumann nte] module Kernel
102655 [ndrsbngtssn ] That would be a nice solution. But the string returned by _dump
102664 [mneumann nte] Take a look at lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb.
102666 [ndrsbngtssn ] Thanks Michael, the code in rubytypes.rb does indeed look something

^ Waiting for condor output files
102675 [nospam linac] ...
+ 102706 [vjoel PATH.B] Maybe this (essentially the same but more compact)?
+ 102740 [martindemell] ...
  102755 [nospam linac] ...
  102764 [martindemell] ...
  102765 [nospam linac] ...
  + 102766 [martindemell] ...
  + 102773 [ahoward noaa] this already does it
    + 102775 [nospam linac] ...
    | 102882 [botp delmont] This is helpfully cool.
    | 102884 [ahoward noaa] ...
    + 102924 [nospam linac] ...
    + 102959 [nospam linac] ...

^ memory leak
102676 [paul.rogers ] one of my ruby apps has a memory leak. Ive looked through the code and
+ 102688 [pbrannan atd] If you were on linux I'd suggest using valgrind, but since you are
| 102700 [surrender_it] I remember a message some time ago about using valgrind with ruby.
+ 102698 [vjoel PATH.B] Keep chopping down the code, and try to find a minimal reproducible
| 102699 [dave pragpro] Something I've found useful in the past was to use ObjectSpace to
| 102852 [paul.rogers ] would tell you how much memory the ruby memory manager knows about and
+ 102869 [crf sbox.tu-] ...
  102873 [matz ruby-la] Ruby uses conservative garbage collection that never do any type of

^ BEGIN & END blocks
102694 [guslist free] [gus@comp tests]$ cat BEGIN.rb
+ 102705 [dooby d10.ka] ...
+ 102708 [dblack wobbl] I believe that BEGIN blocks are run before any other program logic at

^ Dropped Connection Problems
102704 [dejaspam bat] I'm working on a Ruby library to connect to AOL AIM servers with the
102715 [austin-mcdon] I've been looking at this, and I'm curious as to why you're using

^ Newbie wondering about command line arguments
102709 [pemmons voic] I'm experimenting with writing a text filter, as a learning
+ 102713 [vjoel PATH.B] You can modify ARGV.
+ 102744 [bob.news gmx] "Paul Emmons" <pemmons@voicenet.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 102753 [relm 3tlk.ne] If you are only testing with small input files, then the last input file

^ instiki question
102717 [carl youngbl] How do I keep a word with multiple dots (such as ld.so.conf) from
102813 [austin mocep] I have been wrapping things like this with the <code> html tag which

^ license management
102721 [itsme213 hot] ...
102724 [mailinglists] A few days ago we had a long thread about obfuscating ruby source

^ Interfaces and semantics (or, how to hashpipe a duck)
102731 [hal9000 hype] Semantics, James Thurber notwithstanding, is not a town in Ohio.
+ 102733 [dblack wobbl] Yeah, I think you're right.  I'd been interpreting the term as a kind
| 102770 [jim weirichh] Method semantics are about *what* a method does.  For a class to be a
+ 102735 [sean celsoft] Here's what I'm working on right now for my own purposes.  I've already
| + 102737 [nobu.nokada ] VALUE rb_cvar_defined _((VALUE, ID));
| | 102779 [sean celsoft] I have the docs.  What's wrong is, in an instance method, I can't seem to
| | 102782 [nobu.nokada ] VALUE cvar = rb_cvar_get(CLASS_OF(obj), rb_intern("@@cvar"));
| | + 102784 [sean celsoft] What I'm doing is setting the class variables in the class definition, then
| | | 102786 [rich infoeth] If you are in an instance method in C you get the obj as the first param.
| | + 102787 [sean celsoft] Oh!  I see what you mean now; I overlooked the CLASS_OF part.  Thanks, I'll
| + 102776 [djberg96 hot] I published an "interface" module a short while back.  You can find it
|   102781 [sean celsoft] Mine looks pretty close to how yours works except it verifies the number of
|   102814 [djberg96 hot] It's pure Ruby.  I don't think adding arity checks and hooks for
|   102818 [sean celsoft] Probably wouldn't, but I just finished mine and it's released, and it's in C.
|   102839 [dblack wobbl] It's hard to think of a name that works *less* well, since this one
|   102845 [sean celsoft] I will when I have a suitable alternative.
|   + 102866 [dblack wobbl] Since Interface is already the name of a Ruby library, pretty much any
|   | + 102871 [ahoward noaa] i'm with david.
|   | + 102874 [sean celsoft] Asking Dan if we could perhaps merge the projects.
|   |   102879 [dblack wobbl] Another possibility, if you end up not merging, might be to branch
|   + 102904 [djberg96 hot] Since the whole thing was inspired by "duck typing", how about these
|   | + 102911 [sean celsoft] I actually like the alternative name I chose better than just interface.
|   | + 102943 [ahoward noaa] one vote for 'duckface' !!
|   | + 102963 [hal9000 hype] Also saves me from having to suggest exitface or outerface.
|   | | 102971 [dblack wobbl] Inspired by looking for an alternative to duck typing, though :-)
|   | | 102987 [jim freeze.o] How about in_your_face?
|   | + 103001 [vjoel PATH.B] "mullet" -- turn the problem around and look at it from the other end of
|   + 102923 [surrender_it] I agree with dblack suggestion of Interface::Something
|     102926 [Austin.Ziegl] ImplementsInterface ?
+ 102738 [paul NOargel] This is what I was trying to say earlier today.  The syntax "<<" in your
+ 102809 [flgr ccan.de] I think I'm going to share my ideas about all this. Oh, and sorry for
+ 102865 [itsme213 hot] ...