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^ FYI: vim keywordprg=ri
101343 [nahi keynaut] Here is a patch of ri for vim users.  set keywordprg=ri\ --no-pager

^ Pattern question - MyClassStore?
101352 [tim bates.id] I am writing an application whose main purpose is data storage (it's a
101362 [gsinclair so] That pertains to disk, not to memory, I presume?  (I.e. when the

^ ruby-dev summary 23459-23562
101360 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 101366 [dblack wobbl] I thought the whole problem was that people wanted to be able to use
| 101373 [batsman.geo ] See
+ 101379 [ser germane-] * Multiple assignment takes care of only Values objects.
| 101430 [matz ruby-la] No.  "b,a" in "a,b = b,a" is a shorthand for "Values(b,a)".
| 101455 [dblack wobbl] I'm being stupid; I don't understand the whole Values thing.
| 101493 [djd15 po.cwr] If I read the initial post correctly
+ 101394 [pbrannan atd] "a Values" sounds a little strange to my ears.
+ 101395 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
| + 101398 [discord mac.] I would assume the same as currently: it expands to zero arguments,
| | + 101404 [flgr ccan.de] Yes, but does this translate to an empty Values object? What happens
| | | 101407 [dblack wobbl] I still don't get where this Values object enters into it.  [...] is
| | + 101495 [djd15 po.cwr] I don't think that's quite right.
| |   101500 [discord mac.] I was wrong, as you and someone else pointed out. And I'm pretty sure
| + 101431 [matz ruby-la] Same as "yield", not value attached.
| + 101443 [decoux moulo] ...
|   + 101460 [pbrannan atd] Can you elaborate?
|   | 101462 [decoux moulo] ...
|   | 101463 [pbrannan atd] I read the message but there was too much context, and I didn't see a
|   | 101464 [decoux moulo] ...
|   | 101479 [pbrannan atd] Ouch.  Is this a bug or a feature?
|   | 101480 [decoux moulo] ...
|   | 101481 [pbrannan atd] Doesn't seem like a useful feature to me.  If I will need to know what
|   | 101482 [decoux moulo] ...
|   | 101483 [pbrannan atd] I thought the general idiom for separating two pieces of code with
|   + 101628 [flgr ccan.de] What kind of error are you talking about exactly? The code seems to work
|     101647 [decoux moulo] You've not seen my message on ruby-talk
|     101662 [flgr ccan.de] And that's because the define_method-block has its own version of $SAFE
|     101676 [decoux moulo] Yes, define_method store the block in a Proc object which preserve the
+ 101416 [surrender_it] Why do we need to make a distinction beetween named arguments and

^ defining condititions
101369 [csshsh struc] im trying to define a set of rules with ruby, however i cant find a more
+ 101375 [segphault sb] that looks a lot like prolog.
+ 101377 [discord mac.] Assuming you have a specific class you created that needs to be
| 101384 [csshsh struc] basically i wanna define aop pointcuts in ruby.. something like
+ 101380 [guslist free] Kansas, written by Kirk Haines, has such a conditions system to write
| 101653 [sera fhwang.] - Runt, for defining time-based rulesets for defining calendars
+ 101389 [bob.news gmx] "Florian Weber" <csshsh@structbench.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 101392 [drbrain segm] Have a look at Criteria: http://mephle.org/Criteria/
+ 101411 [ahoward noaa] ~ > cat a.rb
+ 101446 [martindemell] ...
+ 101452 [wsdngtmp onl] Apply the composite pattern, see
| 101467 [alexmchale g] This really isn't particularly what you're after, but here's a nibble
+ 101778 [dejaspam bat] How about just a simple proc object?
  102078 [alexmchale g] Wow.  I liked that idea so much that I whipped together a script to

^ [RCR] Enumerable#group_by
101382 [mneumann nte] I propose the addition of Enumerable#group_by which is a generalization
+ 101396 [flgr ccan.de] Moin!
+ 101402 [nobu.nokada ] I think it has been proposed also as Enumerable#classify.  Here
+ 101418 [gsinclair so] I say it is.  But if you just want something you can download and use

^ rb_frame_last_func()
101387 [elathan phys] I need to know from inside a C extension the Ruby method
101433 [matz ruby-la] I think it's the right way.  Calling rb_frame_last_func() is cheap.
101461 [pbrannan atd] Is there a reason why rb_frame_last_func() exists?  How does it differ
101512 [matz ruby-la] You don't have to access internal structure which may be changed in

^ Some problems with URI.extract ?
101403 [bounga alter] I've written, some times ago, a Ruby code that allows me to follow web
+ 101406 [neoneye adsl] I guess you are using Ruby 1.9 from CVS ?
| 101408 [bounga alter] No, I'm using Ruby 1.8.1.
+ 101409 [bob.news gmx] "Nicolas Cavigneaux" <bounga@altern.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 101417 [discord mac.] IIRC, URI.extract(str) just scans plain text for URIs. So, links in
  101659 [bounga alter] OK, that's what I was thinking.

^ How are mixins better than multiple inheritance?
101412 [dejaspam bat] Can anyone explain how Ruby's mixin system is better than regular
+ 101432 [matz ruby-la] Mix-in is no better than multiple inheritance, because mix-in is just a
| 101624 [ser germane-] The difference for me has been mainly conceptual.  I consider mixins
+ 101850 [no.mail avai] ...
  101873 [bob.news gmx] "Georgy" <no.mail@available.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  101919 [no.mail avai] ...

^ $SAFE idiom (Re: defining condititions)
101413 [nobu.nokada ] You don't need save $SAFE, which is always thread local.  And,
101419 [vjoel PATH.B] def foo; $SAFE=3; end
101420 [nobu.nokada ] Do you mean Method object?
101421 [vjoel PATH.B] $ irb

^ 3 yaml questions...
101424 [crf sbox.tu-] ...
101439 [ruby-talk wh] The String#to_yaml method uses a routine to find a good fit for whatever
101631 [crf sbox.tu-] ...
101656 [ruby-talk wh] The 'double line spacing' happens with folded blocks.  In 1.8.1, it is

^ net::imap non RFC compliance?
101437 [danyc hotmai] Greetings,

^ [BUG?] Seqfault sorting array of Files by ctime
101456 [robertm spel] Don't understand why the following segfault under Cygwin when you have a

^ Checking that an URL exists
101457 [imodev softh] Well, I want to make a little script that checks if the URLs in my bookmarks
101465 [mkhan lextra] ###################################################
+ 101469 [imodev softh] Thank you... just before getting the mail i had just write a piece of code
+ 101476 [discord mac.] This is fine if you aren't checking very many urls. If, however, you

^ delete_if woes
101466 [zdennis mkte] I am having trouble with my delete_if block.
+ 101468 [mkhan lextra] =~ Matches a regex against  a string and return the offset of the start of
+ 101472 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do.  The examples do
| 101477 [zdennis mkte] Thanks for everyone's response. My problem was that I needed to switch the
+ 101473 [angus quovad] [Zach Dennis <zdennis@mktec.com>, 2004-05-26 16.14 CEST]
+ 101474 [mkhan lextra] I think, I got you wrong.

^ nil.id #=> 4 ?!?!?!
101496 [john.platte ] Subject line says it all: nil.id #=> 4 !!!
+ 101497 [hal9000 hype] Why are you testing the value of nil.id? You know nil is nil
| 101503 [john.platte ] SQL. I'm inheriting from OpenStruct to create an active record object
| 101504 [assaph avaya] id
+ 101509 [drbrain segm] See ruby.h, look for "#define Qnil" around line 171.

^ RedCloth 2.0.10 -- Textile Humane Web Text for Ruby
101501 [ruby-talk wh] RedCloth 2.0.10.  Available in RAA.

^ ot -bday (was RE: [RCR] Numeric#of)
101513 [botp delmont] just read this now.
101514 [neoneye adsl] Thanks for many great greetings.. I have now completed the
+ 101515 [dblack wobbl] How do you say: "a mere child!"  :-)
| 101516 [michael.camp] Or, "I wish I could remember when I turned 25...", with a heavy
| + 101517 [botp delmont] Ah, I'm much much older. And I wish one day to be able to _divide_ (or
| | 101518 [dmartenson m] I think Matz started Ruby in 1993 so it is over 10 years old.
| | 101519 [botp delmont] ooops, I'm sorry, I meant version 5.. See, I'm getting really old :-(
| + 101526 [neoneye adsl] danish['a mere child!'] = 'kun et barn!'
|   101539 [Austin.Ziegl] Nah, Simon, we 26th May Geminis just keep getting BETTER with age :)
+ 101520 [hal9000 hype] You are only 19 in hex.  ;)

^ I/O error from pty
101521 [hal9000 hype] I'm getting an intermittent error when using pty.

^ WEBrick and FastCGI response
101522 [jim freeze.o] Web-Pages:      http://www.freeze.org http://www.freebsdportal.com
+ 101523 [rubyzbibd ub] If your response data is larger than 8K you may want to make sure that
| 101534 [jim freeze.o] Thanks, I'll take a look at it. However, the response data is only 2k.
| 101537 [jim freeze.o] Zev
| 101602 [rubyzbibd ub] I am not sure that this is so important now that Aredridel has identified
+ 101525 [mailinglists] Maybe it is helpful to see your test.cgi/test.rhtml.
| 101535 [jim freeze.o] These files are the tests that come with the webrick download.
+ 101529 [se hexatex.d] I tried the same thing. Came to the same conclusion. I tried emailing
| 101531 [rubyzbibd ub] require 'fcgi.so'
| 101536 [jim freeze.o] Whoa whoa whoa. There is just too many fcgi's floating around here. :)
| 101538 [mailinglists] I'm not sure about this. But the C version of FCGI belongs to the
+ 101550 [aredridel nb] It's sadly a little more complicated than that.  The Webrick FCGI module
| 101554 [se hexatex.d] Thanks for clearing that up. I am looking forward for a future release
| 101555 [aredridel nb] Certainly. Also, see my next message for a perhaps interesting
+ 101586 [khaines enig] Wow.  That seems awfully slow, especially for your hardware.

^ pty: I/O buffer problems???
101524 [hal9000 hype] Once upon a time, Hal was coding at 3 in the morning.
101542 [hal9000 hype] That makes sense I suppose, but how do I know when there is no more?

^ Limiting Memory consumed by Ruby
101527 [mneumann nte] Is there a option to tell Ruby's GC to not consume more memory than a

^ RubySharp and MorphR
101530 [feldt ce.cha] I created a web page for the theses of the student projects I have
+ 101532 [mneumann nte] Very interesting! It's great to see academical papers about Ruby being
| 101540 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, the intention is to make open-source projects out of these. I'm
+ 101559 [emiel il.fon] Robert,
  101567 [curt hibbs.c] I believe that interface methods can also have default implementations.
  101600 [feldt ce.cha] Thanks, for your corrections; we will check this and update accordingly.

^ selfish class
101544 [neoneye adsl] I just reread a good old article, "The Selfish Class",
101607 [assaph avaya] Thanks! A very interesting read.

^ Mutex re-entrancy
101545 [martin zsdfh] I am using a Mutex to protect a function, but I need to call into the
+ 101546 [gfb tonesoft] You may want to use monitor.rb instead (from the standard ruby
+ 101547 [pbrannan atd] See [ruby-talk:84293].
  101548 [pbrannan atd] require 'sync'
  + 101549 [martin zsdfh] Thanks for all the help - seems like the wheel has already been invented
  + 101553 [quixoticsyco] I once I went through the same ordeal as the original poster,
    101556 [martin zsdfh] good point - although in my case it's not so much not knowing that they

^ save session in irb
101551 [elathan phys] Okay, I know this one is a little bit strange, but...
101562 [vjoel PATH.B] Something like the following? If you run this, you get a series of three

^ Re: webrick-fcgi
101552 [aredridel nb] [cut off for brevity]

^ Web APIs
101558 [aredridel nb] I've been working with web programming for a while now, and I've yet to
+ 101561 [mailinglists] Do we really need another one :-( ???
| + 101563 [paul vudmask] I think we could use at least one or 2 more to keep things interesting. ;-)
| + 101564 [aredridel nb] Well, we don't have many.  I don't want to write another Rails, another
+ 101566 [pbrannan atd] I think this is the idea behind narf (http://www.narf-lib.org).  One of
+ 101570 [khaines enig] On the surface, this seems like a pretty simple thing, although my brain
  101581 [aredridel nb] Just pragmatism: It's easier to do with the app cooperating than with a
  101592 [khaines enig] K.  I think I follow you here.
  101606 [aredridel nb] Yeah. Just a toy example, so don't break your brain.

^ true.respond_to?("clone")
101572 [sean celsoft] TrueClass responds to "clone" but when you call it, the method just throws an
+ 101573 [hal9000 hype] Interesting question. I suppose you could always catch the exception
| + 101577 [djd15 po.cwr] There's a slight difference between these examples, in that the Socket methods
| + 101578 [sean celsoft] That sort of makes respond_to? less functional than advertised.
|   101582 [sean celsoft] Why have respond_to? at all then?  Why not just catch NotImplementedError
|   101584 [michael.camp] Convenience?
|   101585 [hal9000 hype] It's not really a question of how respond_to? should behave or how much
|   101590 [michael.camp] That was the reason for Sean asking, but his original _question_ was,
+ 101576 [mailinglists] Can someone tell me why we can't clone "expanded" objects like

^ absolute location of a script file?
101583 [ferenc engar] I have a library-like script, which can be used from many apps, from
101601 [ferenc engar] Er, why not? I have made some experiments, so it seems that it is always
101603 [vjoel PATH.B] I meant that __FILE__ only gives you the path to the script when

^ $stderr
101588 [paul vudmask] In the context of mod_ruby - where is $stderr.write writting to? I'f i'm

^ fixing the gateway (was: Re: separating ruby-talk from comp.lang.ruby?)
101589 [dblack wobbl] [Note: In response to Dave's comments I have change the subject
101685 [Austin.Ziegl] Maybe the answer is to figure out if there's a news admin we can deal
101689 [curt hibbs.c] Thank you for renaming this thread

^ Calling global method
101591 [sean celsoft] How do you call a global method from a module method where there is another
101595 [sean celsoft] def test
+ 101596 [dblack wobbl] def m
| 101597 [assaph avaya] * the def test defines a private method in Object. This means that every
+ 101608 [kbullock rin] I might expect (did expect, as a matter of fact) to be able to call
| 101609 [assaph avaya] (I've
| 101700 [sean celsoft] I didn't put this particular method in the global space.  It's in one of the
+ 101610 [billk cts.co] def somemodule::somemethod
  101702 [sean celsoft] That's pretty ugly.  I figured it would come down to having to do something
  + 101705 [decoux moulo] ...
  | 101706 [sean celsoft] Yes, but that's not how globals usually behave.  Globals are usually always
  | 101714 [Austin.Ziegl] class Foo
  | + 101715 [Austin.Ziegl] Does Ruby *need* globals, especially given that Kernel already
  | | 101717 [sean celsoft] Kernel is just another way of saying global.  How you implement globals
  | | + 101722 [Austin.Ziegl] *shrug* I find that, with the exception of three methods I use
  | | | 101723 [sean celsoft] You don't use eval, exec, exit, fork, load, p, proc, require, sleep, system,
  | | | 101725 [Austin.Ziegl] I never use eval, exec, exit, fork, sleep, system, throw, or catch.
  | | | 101728 [sean celsoft] The timeout method, module "timeout."
  | | | 101733 [vjoel PATH.B] Is alias too ugly?
  | | + 101735 [dblack wobbl] Yes, but *whether* you implement globals does change the question of
  | | | 101737 [sean celsoft] I went with what was obvious to me, and what I found "the least surprising."
  | | | + 101742 [quixoticsyco] Without getting into whether this is good, bad, indifferent, or Just
  | | | + 101754 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | |   101782 [sean celsoft] Can I return objects from blocks using next in 1.4?  Or a myriad of other
  | | + 101736 [dblack wobbl] [I meant to post this to clr in the first place... it may show up
  | + 101716 [sean celsoft] It's not, I tried that.
  + 101726 [billk cts.co] class Global
    101729 [sean celsoft] I think it should be something built-into the language, so while this is much
    101730 [Austin.Ziegl] Mmm. This may be a bug with "timeout" in that it doesn't add its method
    + 101732 [sean celsoft] At this point, I decided I would just grab the source and use a local copy of
    + 101734 [sean celsoft] Actually, timeout is fine I think.  I can call it using Timeout::timeout.  I

^ Nasty string growth performance
101593 [tom mmto.org] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-08-04) [i386-linux-gnu]
+ 101594 [vjoel PATH.B] and
| 101611 [botp delmont] Forgive my ignorance, but
| + 101612 [kh.wild wico] Maybe you've overseen the comment
| + 101613 [hal9000 hype] Perhaps you want
+ 101614 [neoneye adsl] %   cumulative   self              self     total
  101615 [botp delmont] you read my mind: yes.