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^ ISAAC Random Number Generator
101001 [khaines enig] Iowa includes a class, Iowa::ISAAC, which is a pure ruby implementation of
101007 [paul NOargel] How does ISAAC hold up under Marsaglia's "Die-Hard" test suite?  I
+ 101008 [decoux moulo] ISAAC was designed to be cryptographic secure, this is not the case for
+ 101014 [khaines enig] I don't know.  I just downloaded diehard and am running a few tests.
+ 101263 [vjoel PATH.B] I'll second that. Independent PRNG streams are very important in the

^ [OT] Re: ISAAC Random Number Generator
101012 [paul NOargel] Thanks for the clarification.  Now you've got me curious - what makes a
101013 [decoux moulo] Well a prng is said cryptographic when

^ Is it possible to call functions from different scripts in a Ruby script ?
101017 [aetzold neur] Dear experienced Rubyists,
101020 [segphault sb] it sounds like you are talking about importing... you can write functions,
101021 [aetzold neur] Dear Ryan,

^ begging for a hint in app design
101019 [linux marcre] dear list,
101022 [neoneye adsl] I would probably pass 'self' to the instance.
101024 [linux marcre] damned me. you're right. sometimes I'm simply blind, thanx anyway
101026 [neoneye adsl] Its always ok to ask.. I am for that matter normally blind to see my own
101030 [linux marcre] a webframework based on FCGI and YAML
101037 [neoneye adsl] Watch out not inventing something useless.  I went to a presentation of
101062 [beast system] I was there too, and while I wont quite go for '_The_Right_Way_', I'll

^ Continuation call across threads
101031 [ysantoso-rub] I was wondering why a Continuation is not callable across threads.
+ 101057 [drbrain segm] ysantoso-rubytalk@jenny-gnome.dyndns.org (ysantoso-rubytalk@jenny-gnome.dyn=
+ 101099 [bob.news gmx] <ysantoso-rubytalk@jenny-gnome.dyndns.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  101299 [ysantoso-rub] [cut]

^ dbi :mysql
101033 [paul vudmask] Setting up ruby,mod_ruby on a host we've got everything flying except

^ dbi/mysql
101035 [paul vudmask] I'm using mysql 4.0+, perhaps that is the problem - i insisted on it -
+ 101036 [rich lithino] If you're only looking to provide a connection to mysql, then you should
+ 101039 [usenet andre] [Problems with dbi/mysql]

^ more mysql drivel
101038 [paul vudmask] so if you are not interested delete please.
101040 [usenet andre] Please stop starting a new thread with every message.

^ ri Module#included entry is incorrect
101042 [cc1 cec.wust] This is the entry that is listed (below) if ri Module#included.  In addition, it

^ Cocoa Bindings
101045 [hvs1 chello.] Recently I started working with Cocoa Bindings, the Control layer in
101488 [kbullock rin] Can you post the code for your dummy app?

^ Please help me w/ this code...
101058 [djames82 exc] I have an idea for a ruby software that I want to submit to rubyforge. The
101060 [usenet andre] This doesn't work, to show a progress bar you need to know how much will

^ mysql-ruby / dbi [was more mysql drivel]
101059 [paul vudmask] Appologies for top posting and inconveniencing everyone.

^ RedCloth 2.0.8 - Textile Humane Web Text for Ruby
101061 [ruby-talk wh] RedCloth 2.0.8.  Available in RAA.

^ sort_by to accept symbol?
101065 [alex delete.] I was wondering whether it'd be useful for Array#sort_by to accept a
101069 [burtdav hotm] I like it.

^ That's great, Lyle ... Thanks!
101067 [NoOne Nowher] Lyle,

^ Instiki markup
101070 [burtdav hotm] I'm not bagging Instiki. It's cool. RedCloth, BlueCloth or RDoc are all very
+ 101080 [gsinclair so] A Wiki with WYSIWYG is something I'd love to see.  Something for
| 101106 [beast system] Well, could be done tomorrow, problem being that the WYSIWYG controls
+ 101109 [david loudth] Making the markup language interchangeable would require limiting each
  101121 [itsme213 hot] I don't think this is necessary. Apps can exchange XML data that include
  101125 [david loudth] I fail to see the general usefulness of conversion between formats if
  101148 [burtdav hotm] David, of course you're right that for a RedCloth-written document to be
  101184 [david loudth] This could work. The pure HTML would just be another markup language,
  + 101191 [burtdav hotm] Anybody have a favourite web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor?
  + 101435 [burtdav hotm] I'm trying to figure out Instiki. It's a nice piece of work.

^ [SemiOT] Concerning version numbers...
101071 [hal9000 hype] A few people in recent weeks have been bemoaning the fact that software
+ 101072 [rubyguru hot] x.y.z
| 101073 [cyclists nc.] This is 99% identical to the rule I follow for RMagick.
+ 101079 [nick activeh] Trailing decimal places would serve the same purpose.
| 101082 [hal9000 hype] That wasn't the point I was trying to make. The point was that by making
| 101083 [gsinclair so] What about people who release software with version numbers like
| 101085 [DocBoobenste] What about those who use both?
| 101219 [khaines enig] This is an interesting discussion, as it's something that I have vacillated
| + 101222 [ser germane-] When it comes to 1.0.0, I usually trigger that when most of the
| + 101243 [gavin refine] I would say it's not a stability issue, it's a (stable) feature issue.
| | 101245 [khaines enig] Thanks.  That's a good way of putting it.  This is something that I just
| | 101247 [hal9000 hype] Likewise. This makes sense to me. I guess I perceived that some people
| + 101267 [cyclists nc.] I think of 1.0.0 as a promise to your users. You're promising that your
+ 101671 [    s xss.de] Ooooh, I was one of them :-)
  101741 [DocBoobenste] 8< ----- snip -----

^ pbr.jpg ... where's it hiding? :-)
101074 [NoOne Nowher] FXRuby.org's User's Guide example "Adding an icon" at

^ Sorry,  I failed to notice the link in the sample ...Thanks, Hal, for the jpeg
101075 [NoOne Nowher] The sample include the link to Ruby buttons,
101081 [hal9000 hype] I always hoped someone would take that idea and improve on it, but

^ FileUtils.cp_r() behaviour?
101077 [ssteiner mac] source = "/var/www/html/sites/demo"
+ 101078 [ssteiner mac] Sorry for the typo!
+ 108286 [nobu.nokada ] FileUtils.cp_r( source + "/.", dest )
  108287 [gsinclair so] That shouldn't be necessary, surely!?  I consider that a bug.
  108288 [nobu.nokada ] cp_r("foo", dest) copies "foo" underneath dest, but Stephen

^ Segfault with win32ole, WMI and structs
101086 [djberg96 hot] Ruby 1.8.1-13
+ 101087 [sdate everes] Dan,
| 101145 [djberg96 hot] LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "miniruby.exe"
| 101155 [jos catnook.] Hm, I successfully built Friday's stable snapshot (ruby_1_8 branch iIrc) with
+ 101089 [joaopedrosa ] I tested your code snippet with two Ruby versions.
+ 101090 [jos catnook.] Does it work with
  101091 [joaopedrosa ] This version is much better in comparision with Ruby

^ Re: Win32OLE question
101088 [sdate everes] Were you able to find a solution for this ?
101190 [timsuth ihug] I'm not the original poster, but I've done something like this. I didn't use
101196 [shanko_date ] Great !

^ Re: mysql-ruby
101092 [paul vudmask] This is definately a  bad install of mysql-ruby. I've tried it with
+ 101105 [mneumann nte] Does this mean (which I except) that it's not a bug in DBI? If the same
| 101140 [paul vudmask] Thanks for taking the time to answer, Michael
| 101141 [detlef.reich] i've got the same problems on debian with the mysql-ruby packages. for
| 101143 [paul vudmask] i thot i was installing from source  =) , which may tell you something.
+ 101119 [rich lithino] Use ruyb-mysql and don't use dbi.

101093 [udlduz chell] #!/usr/bin/ruby
101112 [mneumann nte] Ruby/DBI depends on other software modules, in your case it expects the
101114 [udlduz chell] ok but i hav problems to install it if i run the comand  ruby extconf.rb

^ separate a HTML-tag in a hash
101094 [dirk.einecke] Is there a simple way to separate a HTML-tag in a hash?
101123 [ttate ttsky.] I think that the following page will help you.
101128 [dirk.einecke] Well - I'm not searching a template system. The only example in the
101204 [ttate ttsky.] Maybe the page is not maintained by the author.
101211 [alexmchale g] Ok this is really rough around the edges and I'm sure has a bug hiding
101315 [dirk.einecke] Thank you for the script. That's exactly that what I need.
101333 [alexmchale g] No problem.  Please let me know if you find any bugs.  I plan on using

^ [German] Mailinglist
101096 [mneumann nte] Is there still enough interest in a German mailinglist?
+ 101101 [udlduz chell] wde mich freuen will auch eine de rubypage machen
+ 101103 [se hexatex.d] Ich wde sie abonnieren. Man mte mal abwarten, ob da genend Feeback
+ 101111 [dirk.einecke] Ich we sehr daf. Wde mich echt freuen, wenn sowas eingerichtet wird.
+ 101113 [usenet andre] Yes, good idea.
+ 101120 [Stephan.Kaem] Well that depends on the traffic. If there's hardly any postings at all
  101122 [DocBoobenste] In liew od the recen t"[Q] Ruby for educational purposes and

^ Emacs Ruby-Mode
101104 [cc1 cec.wust] Was something changed recently in emacs ruby mode in the way it parses lines
+ 101154 [spam0504 bss] I agree that this is annoying. I use \ to let the line continue, that
| 101157 [nobu.nokada ] if a &&
| + 101168 [cc1 cec.wust] The stable snapshot has ruby-mode
| + 101169 [cc1 cec.wust] ;;;
+ 102056 [matz ruby-la] Tell me the version of ruby-mode.el you were using.

^ [Q] Ruby for educational purposes and localization
101110 [laurent__no_] All,
+ 101115 [sdate everes] This has been my interest for the past year or so and my 12 yr old son
+ 101116 [surrender_it] have you thought about writing a dumb wrapper around ruby that just
  + 101126 [laurent__no_] This is one possible scenario although there is always the risk of
  | 101132 [DocBoobenste] 8< ----- snip -----
  + 101127 [hal9000 hype] That sounds like a possibility. Another would be to build a "custom"
  | 101131 [mneumann nte] That's really easy, just edit file "keywords" and rebuild the Ruby
  | 101133 [DocBoobenste] But what will you do for external modules where they use the english
  | 101138 [mneumann nte] I don't actually suggest to translate the keywords into german or any
  + 101136 [beast system] I'd suggest to just teach them the few words they need. Kids are quick

^ Re: Ruby Web Application Framework Roundup
101117 [jim freeze.o] Was tdiary ever added to this list?
+ 101192 [khaines enig] Good question.  If someone can point out where this list is at, I'd like to
| 101227 [rasputnik he] Do you mean this?
| + 101232 [khaines enig] I've got too many things rattling around in my head lately to be sure.  I
| + 101252 [jim freeze.o] No. This one is on web frameworks -- which may or may not
+ 101241 [gavin refine] No, the list only existed in its original post, as a snapshot look as I

^ Need help with tDiary
101118 [jim freeze.o] I installed tDiary and am having a little trouble understanding

^ Mysql
101124 [udlduz chell] i try to install ruby-mysql 0.2.4 and i get the following error what
101134 [rich lithino] setup.rb (as is explained in the documentation) is only for installation on
101137 [udlduz chell] no as you can se in my atachment i work on a suse 9.0
101152 [rich lithino] Oh!!

^ dbi-mysql
101135 [udlduz chell] i hav located the problem i had with ruby-mysql

^ stable-snapshot = Ruby 1.8.2
101139 [jm zzzzzzzzz] On May 10, 2004 the stable-snapshot was still Ruby 1.8.1.

^ FXRuby design questions
101142 [NoOne Nowher] I just started working through FXRuby examples  and have a couple of
101156 [lyle knology] I'm not sure if the regular FOX documentation would have addressed these
101158 [NoOne Nowher] Thanks for the guidance.

^ compiling mmap?
101144 [discord mac.] I'm having some trouble getting Guy's mmap to compile on my box. I was
101179 [decoux moulo] it's best to do
101206 [discord mac.] charset=US-ASCII;
101210 [decoux moulo] Can you try to change in tests/mmapt.rb at the line 302 "w" with "rw"
101213 [discord mac.] tests finish now, no bus error...
101215 [decoux moulo] Well, it's normal : the test is not adapted with "rw" it will not truncate
101216 [discord mac.] well, patch failed, are you working with a cvs version? anyway, I made
101217 [decoux moulo] can you run this, to see which test fail
101234 [discord mac.] mark@imac% pbpaste | ruby
101290 [green FreeBS] Looks like Darwin does not automatically translate PROT_WRITE into
101317 [decoux moulo] Well, not really the patch that have given in [ruby-talk:101215] was

^ mysql-ruby or ruby-mysql?
101146 [jm zzzzzzzzz] Apache 2.0.46
101147 [usenet andre] Take mysql-ruby. It uses the "official" mysql client library, so there
101150 [paul vudmask] I'm using the same versions as you - and RedHat 9.2. I had problems with
101209 [jm zzzzzzzzz] I just got this working.  Haven't had time to test extensively but

^ Re: Problem using YAML
101149 [dmartenson m] Any further ideas about this problem?

^ [German] Deutschsprachige Mailingliste
101151 [mneumann nte] Ihr knt euch unter

^ How to DuckType, or a case study of when lack of static typing bites.
101153 [john.carter ] ***********************
101159 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, one bug in a year, and it sounds like you found the source fairly

^ an idea regarding map
101160 [segphault sb] If I want to perform a map operation using a function...
+ 101162 [ksibilev bel] $ irb
+ 101163 [gsinclair so] It's just not how Ruby works, for a number of reasons.  If 'somefunc' were
+ 101188 [dblack wobbl] [1,2,3].map(:somefunc)  # it would have to be a symbol or string
+ 101208 [segphault sb] why do we not have an 'in' operator like python does?
  + 101221 [hal9000 hype] David Black is going to think I paid you to ask that.  :)
  | 101224 [segphault sb] I gave it my vote. It's clear and its intuitive, whats not to love? I'm
  + 101677 [mike ratdog.] Would include? do what you want? e.g.
    101673 [bob.news gmx] "Mike Stok" <mike@ratdog.stok.co.uk> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ make faster Richards benchmark
101165 [dlissett0 ya] I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to make a faster Ruby
+ 101167 [ptkwt aracne] Have you tried the profiler on this code?
+ 101172 [surrender_it] class Scheduler
  + 101254 [drbrain segm] The uselessness of these is highly subjective.
  + 101276 [igouy yahoo.] Thanks - the returns aren't useless ;-)
    + 101339 [dmertz free.] Nice that we are now faster than python, but there is still room for
    | + 101349 [surrender_it] maybe using the ugly c-ish ternary op  instead of if..then..else in
    | + 101436 [dlissett0 ya] Thanks for taking a careful look at what could be done.
    |   + 101494 [peter.thoman] How about changing
    |   + 101641 [martindemell] Isn't the point of the benchmark to compare straightforward code that
    |     + 101660 [paul NOargel] I wouldn't think so.  If you're benchmarking languages rather than
    |     + 101665 [dlissett0 ya] Martin, I don't understand what point you're making - spell it out for
    |       101743 [martindemell] Mostly that the more clever optimisation we use, the harder it's going
    |       102041 [dlissett0 ya] Broadly, I agree.
    + 101378 [dlissett0 ya] Well I haven't tried a procedural implementation in Ruby.

^ joe syntax (Re: Emacs Ruby-Mode)
101166 [lists zara.6] Speaking of editor mode and syntax highlighting, any joe users here? The
101178 [neoneye adsl] I have written a Ruby 2 html colorizer.. Maybe it can inspire you?

^ Which free windows debugger?
101170 [glenn_m_smit] Am I right in thinking FreeRIDE doesn't support 1.8.1 for debugging,
+ 101246 [surrender_it] It surely does. I can even say that this was the first Ruby version
| 101370 [curt hibbs.c] Laurent is entirely correct.
+ 101368 [llothar web.] Only free for 60 days but a working Ruby Debugger is part of the
  101447 [glenn_m_smit] To be honest, I'm not in need of a full integrated IDE - crimson
  101458 [curt hibbs.c] To set (or clear) a breakpoint, you shift-click in the left margin of the

^ mysql-ruby please help!!!!!!
101174 [udlduz chell] ruby extconf.rb --with-mysql-dir=/usr/bin/mysql
101182 [mneumann nte] Where's your libmysqlclient*.so file?
101183 [udlduz chell] i cant locate it
101185 [devnull kaen] Moin.
101186 [udlduz chell] another problem is that i cant find a rpm for suse9.0 only for 8.2 will

^ [BUG] Latest Ruby Stable Snapshot
101176 [cc1 cec.wust] On the latest stable snapshot I got this error running the test suite.  I
101193 [decoux moulo] Can you try
101199 [cc1 cec.wust] [291 cc1@earwig ~/install/ruby/test]$ ruby openssl/test_x509req.rb
101201 [decoux moulo] I've forwarded your message to ruby-core, apparently it exist a difference

^ EuRuKo2004 Wiki
101189 [mneumann nte] I opened a Wiki for the European Ruby Conference 2004.

^ RemoteTkIp support on Ruby/Tk
101197 [nagai ai.kyu] I committed the library to remote-control Ruby/Tk interpreters

^ YAML Segmentation fault while parsing 2M EUC file.
101198 [rubyzbibd ub] I have a 2.2M EUC-jp encoded file that I am parsing.
101202 [decoux moulo] Try to run it under the debugger  (gdb) and when it crash give
101207 [rubyzbibd ub] I forgot to add that this is running on a RedHat 9 install.
101212 [decoux moulo] Try to update to a newer version of ruby, a bug was found in
101297 [rubyzbibd ub] Updating to the stable snapshot fixes it.