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^ newbie list questions
10063 [rncarpio yah] foreach a {1 2 3} b {4 5 6} {
10081 [decoux moulo] You can look at the thread "[ruby-talk:6956] parallel array traversal"
+ 10102 [schneik us.i] #
+ 10115 [rncarpio yah] Hmm, that'll do the trick for parallel iterators;  how about
  10116 [avi beta4.co] How about something like
  10117 [avi beta4.co] yield n_items unless n_items.empty?      #***



10078 [lists.ruby-t] gotta be a monday morning.
10086 [erne powerna] Couldn't all of this be resolved by putting the ruby talk number at the end

^ Locale support
10085 [   xm w3d.ru] Just curious ... how ruby deals with locales ? Maybe someone already
10091 [matz zetabit] Ruby itself does not and will not use locale.  It is left for applications.

^ Newbie compilation problem
10096 [simonp parks] I'm trying to get the win32ole extension built. My environment is as

^ offtopic: you can breathe now
10098 [sp00fD yahoo] Just so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, I've removed myself, and

^ Possible bug in RubyUnit? Or just my bug?
10101 [noel.rappin ] I was having RubyUnit hang on assert_equal for some of my objects when the
10293 [CQN02273 nif] The to_str(obj) method calls obj.inspect (Object#inspect) if obj is
10305 [noel.rappin ] Thanks for replying... with a little further investigation, I think I've got

^ A parsing bug?
10104 [thutton vet.] understand what I'm doing).
+ 10110 [decoux moulo] names.push(fp.gets "\0").chop
+ 10113 [green FreeBS] The difference is in the push method call.
  10167 [matz zetabit] on 01/01/30, "Brian F. Feldman" <green@FreeBSD.org>

^ How to use cgi offline mode
10105 [chrismo home] Running Ruby on Win9x/NT -- if I run my cgi directly, there's an offline
+ 10109 [barry_shultz] CTRL-D  works for me.
| 10124 [chrismo home] Thanks! I'd been trying ctrl-Z, and it just hangs on me then. ctrl-d did the
+ 10122 [julian.romer] Ctrl-Z under windows

^ security issues -just asking
10118 [botp delmont] does anyone know of any security issues (past or present) in running ruby? I
10119 [decoux moulo] See "[ruby-talk:02689] Re: Tainting" for the security mechanism,
10120 [botp delmont] got it.

^ RSVP (Ruby SerVer Pages -sort of :-)
10123 [botp delmont] Does anyone know of any server page written in ruby -sort of like Ruby
+ 10131 [chadfowler y] You should look at eruby, erb, and IOWA (there may be
| 10132 [decoux moulo] Perhaps you want something like mod_ruby/eruby
+ 10133 [gnhurst hurs] In PHP, I just use exec() or system() and use the result

^ Capturing Screen, Moving mouse
10125 [makotosu my-] Is there a way to use Ruby to control a user's desktop?  I want to be
10148 [ben_tilly ho] There is a primitive scriptable interface, see
10150 [jens irs-net] It might be possible to access the Desktop using

^ Problems with Ruby/Gtk
10126 [bombadil wan] I am using Gtk extension for Ruby and have found a little problem that I
10129 [decoux moulo] Try
10134 [bombadil wan] Thanks, but I have tried it... with same problem :(
10154 [sent quality] Is MyLabel inside a box or other widget? If so,
10160 [bombadil wan] I put MyLabel instances inside a VBox, and think that should get something

^ Ruby for DOS
10128 [Dave Pragmat] I know about the old 1.4 binaries on netlab, but can anyone point me
+ 10130 [toshirok yb3] For example, Nakada's
+ 10253 [snowzone hom] i'd like to see a version of ruby that would run on a 16-bit dos...i've got
  10258 [gotoken math] ...
  + 10272 [eban os.rim.] Sorry, DJGPP requires at least 386SX CPU.
  + 10321 [snowzone hom] i don't think that will work
    10343 [gotoken math] No, that won't.  As eban says [ruby-talk:10272], 386SX is required.
    + 10346 [eban os.rim.] 3.5 Can I run it on a 286?
    + 10355 [snowzone hom] that version of ruby is a 32-bit dos program...

^ Array's undocumented features
10136 [matju cam.or] I can't seem to find a complete description of Array#[] in any of the
10138 [Dave Pragmat] in our sense, we meant greater than the index of the highest element
10193 [  zak ale.cx] Actually once upon a time I prepared a patch to introduce negative
10220 [matju cam.or] I think it is pretty strange that a range x for which x.length == 0

^ Easy regex question
10137 [nconway klam] I just learned Ruby recently (coming from Perl/Java/Python), and I've got
+ 10139 [mike stok.co] irb(main):008:0> puts str.gsub(/'/, "\\\\'")
+ 10140 [Dave Pragmat] This is ugly, so brace yourself...

^ ArrayMixin 0.2
10141 [matju cam.or] Second "release" of ArrayMixin 0.2, a future equivalent to Perl's TIEARRAY
+ 10143 [Dave Pragmat] I think this is marvelous stuff (and I'm looking forward to the File
| 10146 [matju cam.or] Another marvelous thing is Rubicon. Maybe you can adapt it to run on
| 10147 [Dave Pragmat] sometimes they'll be the 'real' array and sometime the array under
+ 10152 [dblack candl] I'm finding ArrayMixin quite interesting, but I'm still stuck not seeing
  10157 [matju cam.or] In Perl you don't need to redefine the array slice. You don't need to
  10169 [dblack candl] [etc.]

^ DateTime class for Ruby?
10142 [neumann s-di] Is there a "DateTime" class in Ruby, which can handle dates before 1970
+ 10151 [andy toolshe] Most people don't seem to care about time when dealing with
| + 10153 [ben_tilly ho] I don't know what application they had, but there are
| | 10166 [andy toolshe] Oh, agreed - and I think this ought to be implemented if
| | + 10170 [elderburn mi] An astronomical database covering the last 6000 years?
| | | 10174 [wmwilson1 go] I know everyone here can't be under 30.... Don't ya think wanting to track birthdates (as actual dates instead of strings, obviously) and do some amount of diddling might be difficult as well?
| | | 10185 [schneik us.i] Mike Wilson (presuming that under 30 people were clueless (pun intended)
| | + 10201 [wmerrell hom] How about a genealogy program. Maybe grandpa was a twin, which one was older?
| | + 10239 [cyoungbl leg] One common application that comes to mind is genealogy.
| + 10163 [neumann s-di] I've just completing XML-RPC for Ruby.
+ 10165 [matz zetabit] on 01/01/31, Michael Neumann <neumann@s-direktnet.de>
+ 10210 [jvradelis me] You might take a look at date3.rb (part of the date2 package).
  10270 [neumann s-di] Thank you all for the comments and help, I'll have a look

^ Swig and Ruby
10144 [ptkwt user2.] I'm wondering if anyone has had any experiences with using SWIG to extend
10173 [ljohnson res] Phil,

^ Refactoring the Ruby Foundation (was: ArrayMixin 0.2)
10149 [ntalbott rol] This type of thing really excites me as well. What I'd love to see some day

^ Defining class methods in a module
10155 [ntalbott rol] def MyModule
10156 [Dave Pragmat] Heh, this is Ruby!
10158 [decoux moulo] What you want probably is extend

^ O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention
10159 [schneik us.i] FYI.
10164 [matt sergean] I've submitted the proposal "Ruby for Perl Programmers" in the Perl track. I
+ 10184 [schneik us.i] # >
+ 10192 [gnhurst hurs] In case a Ruby conference materializes here in the US, would you be
  10208 [matt sergean] Given travel and accomodation are paid for, sure. I'm travelling from
  10211 [matz zetabit] Software Convention"

^ Re: Problems with Ruby/Gtk [solved, ops!]
10161 [bombadil wan] You were right, obviously.
10162 [jens irs-net] The easiest option would be to point&click the GUI

^ IOWA - (eval):6: warning: already initialized constant Guest
10168 [jilanik tin.] I receive this message (on the server) when I try to call from the
10189 [avi beta4.co] If you modify a source file, IOWA reloads it... that means any constants

^ OT: Programming Ruby psychic?
10171 [wmwilson1 go] I don't know how Dave and Andy did it, but here's my funny little story.
+ 10172 [dblack candl] Andy and Dave ... the Paranormal Programmers!
+ 10176 [Dave Pragmat] The hard part is personalizing each book to the future needs of its
  10178 [wmwilson1 go] I think you embedded Ruby inside the book so that it could dynamically rewrite the chapters in place... ;)

^ parser behavior ?
10175 [ted_meng yah] This ussue might have been brought up before.
10177 [decoux moulo] What do you expect with ?
10182 [ted_meng yah] I think many languages add until to compensate while
10212 [decoux moulo] Yes, this is equivalent to
10216 [ted_meng yah] To me,
10217 [decoux moulo] OK, but do you want the same for while ?

^ Embedded Ruby problems
10180 [olivier vibe] I'm trying to embed Ruby into another C++ program, and I'm facing two
+ 10194 [cpine firaxi] I'm trying to embed Ruby into another C++ program, and I'm facing two
+ 10195 [masa stars.g] Function "rb_set_end_proc(func, data)" might help.

^ Require loops
10181 [harryo zipwo] I've written a number of numeric types that I want to be able to use
10183 [Dave Pragmat] There's a built-in mechanism called 'coerce' that might do what you
10187 [harryo zipwo] Thanks Dave!  I'm printing it out to read on the train.  It looks like

^ Is this a bug in RubyWin?
10188 [0317025435 t] If I enter

^ if have_header question
10196 [declan mcs.c] when running    ruby extconf.rb

^ ctags and SciTE
10197 [sahuagin med] Made some quick changes, now you can use ctags with emacs, and SciTE
10199 [avi beta4.co] What would be nice would be to produce a SciTE .api file for the Ruby base
10204 [Dave Pragmat] We hope to release them in XML form as soon as some legalities are
10205 [avi beta4.co] SciTE seems to ignore all but the first definition for each method.  Is

^ POLS question: returning from a closure
10198 [dblack candl] def rtest
+ 10200 [matju cam.or] "return" returns from "real" methods; for closures you have to return
| + 10202 [sent quality] Yes. However, I quickly learned that "return" is
| + 10249 [dblack candl] Interesting -- I see the workings of it now, though it's still on my
+ 10207 [jonas.bulow ] irb(main):001:0> c=nil
  10213 [raja cs.indi] Not a callcc surprise ... more of a transient error in ruby 1.7.0 .
  10265 [matz zetabit] from a closure"

^ Re: Ruby email client (was: REQUEST TO REMOVESEQUENCE # IN SUBJECT)
10203 [sent quality] Yes. I'll probably release it within a couple

^ Two Ruby Questions
10206 [matju cam.or] My Two Ruby Questions For Today
10264 [matz zetabit] Because it should not be a subclass of StandardError.
10361 [matju cam.or] thank you very much for your answers.
10365 [matz zetabit] Oops, you are right.  Let me think about it.

^ Market for XML Web stuff
10209 [matt sergean] I'm trying to get a handle on what the size of the market for AxKit would be
+ 10214 [maki inac.co] *I* 'm very interested in Aplication server, like AxKit, for Ruby.
+ 10223 [joe vpop.net] mod_fastcgi with ruby is stable and IMHO a much better architecture

^ Re: [ruby-list:27444] Re: NHK program
10215 [knu iDaemons] You know, English speaking folks are very eager to get info by

^ limits on computation?
10218 [wmwilson1 go] Just fooling around some, I ran this
+ 10219 [Dave Pragmat] base = 1020939
| 10222 [wmwilson1 go] snip
| + 10224 [Dave Pragmat] If I pay the postage could you ship it over?
| + 10229 [mike stok.co] [about 1020939**28329282]
|   10230 [wmwilson1 go] snip
|   10234 [Dave Pragmat] Damn. I _did_ try it, but not with big enough numbers. Because the
+ 10225 [matju cam.or] First of all, Perl makes no strict distinction between integers and
| 10227 [wmwilson1 go] sure, postage would be $400,000, $600,000 if you want the TB of disk too, that good? ;)
| 10228 [Dave Pragmat] Guess I'll wait for it to appear on eBay
| 10235 [matju cam.or] a = 2**2**29
+ 10236 [kanton gmx.n] The number you're computing will roughly have 200 million decimal

^ Embedded Ruby (PART II)- Ruby hackers help wanted :)
10221 [olivier vibe] In yesterday's post, I tried to embed Ruby in another program with
10226 [decoux moulo] Why you don't read the script and then call rb_eval_string_protect(), or
+ 10259 [olivier vibe] Well, I didn't know that those functions existed! I only read a little
+ 10260 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat -n eval.c
  10269 [olivier vibe] I will!

^ mod_fastcgi with Ruby
10231 [jilanik tin.] Could you illustrate a little example on how to use it with Ruby?
10233 [joe vpop.net] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 10237 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Where is this?  I cannot see it in the RAA or in my libraries.
| 10246 [maki inac.co] TAKAHASHI Masayoshi (maki@inac.co.jp)
| 10247 [avi beta4.co] Man, that's a well hidden module!  I started writing such a thing at one
| 10267 [matz zetabit] I will give that library to anyone who is willing.
| 10418 [maki inac.co] If no one take care for it, what about put it into Ruby's CVS
| 10639 [neumann s-di] I have had a look on it.
| 10649 [knu iDaemons] Can we assume it's available under the same license as Ruby?
| + 10677 [matz zetabit] Definitely.
| + 10679 [neumann s-di] I would write a short documentation.
+ 10263 [jonas.bulow ] Where do I find "fcgi" for ruby?

^ ANN: Slide show available
10232 [Dave Pragmat] Last night I took my life in my hands and presented Ruby to the local
10266 [matt sergean] Which chapter, out of interest?
10278 [Dave Pragmat] Dallas. They even had to organize a special meeting for it (they
10286 [matt sergean] Thats the whole point of the Perl Mongers :-)
10292 [ben_tilly ho] Indeed, and that is why I never have been and likely
10304 [matz zetabit] Well, same thing happens to me, although I don't have asthma.  I don't
10324 [ben_tilly ho] I can't imagine why...
10337 [crippel prim] The best part (IMO a bit excessive) of California's anti
10351 [ben_tilly ho] That is IMHO way too excessive.
10360 [crippel prim] I am somewhat suspect about the context of your
10362 [ben_tilly ho] Then forget the phrase "neoteny", and note that it has

^ RFC: RubyVM (long)
10238 [feldt ce.cha] I had planned to work a bit more on this before posting but since the
+ 10364 [matju cam.or] I'd like to see a draft of the bytecode format description when Matz
| + 10366 [feldt ce.cha] Me to.
| | + 10367 [matz zetabit] Yes, a lot.  Every scopes and several others are GC target objects.
| | | 10369 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, then I guess we can write the GC/ObjectMemory first and then use that
| | | 10370 [matz zetabit] According to the grep result,
| | + 10377 [noel.rappin ] I'm not an expert on the Squeak VM, but I have been a Squeak user for a
| | + 10743 [matju cam.or] I prefer not to discuss about RubyVM at all for now, because I feel there
| |   10745 [john_van_v y] ...  it'll not be easy and will require tight integration with a VM/run-time.
| |   + 10758 [ben_tilly ho] We have disagreed on this before, and before we disagree
| |   | 10777 [feldt ce.cha] Oops, I'll cross-post to ruby-talk. Missed that on the previous post...
| |   | 11126 [matju cam.or] * ArrayMixin
| |   | 11517 [feldt ce.cha] It's been a busy week but I'll try to pack it up and send it in the coming
| |   | 11543 [matju sympat] No problem, I took a week to reply to your previous large mail.
| |   + 11115 [matju cam.or] "Writing L in L" is called metacircularity.
| |     + 11117 [feldt ce.cha] Is there an appropriate word for what you want to do or are you still
| |     | 11199 [matju cam.or] There are words for many little parts but not for the whole. I'm not
| |     + 11150 [nconway klam] Excuse my ignorance (as a pre-CS person), but why is metacircularity
| |       + 11178 [ben_tilly ho] The idea is, of course, much older than that.  The
| |       | 11202 [matju cam.or] Yes, yes, but I didn't want to go into details. Basically, COBOL didn't
| |       + 11201 [matju cam.or] It's an essential feature because it's very groovy.
| |         11209 [crippel prim] Ps. I prefer a functional subdivided ArrayMixin because it
| + 10856 [someone micr] What about an implementation of Ruby that works in the Java VM?  There are
|   10882 [matz zetabit] JVM was designed for Java.  It's not impossible, but pretty difficult to
+ 10847 [phillidNOSPA] this might save you some time....
  11198 [matju cam.or] Ok. May you point me to documentation?
  11226 [feldt ce.cha] I agree. I mailed the developers of ICVM and their reply was not very

^ Re: ANN: Slide show available(Publicity for Ruby)
10240 [ptkwt user2.] It might be a good idea to also forward announcements like this to places
+ 10241 [chadfowler y] Aleksi has already started something like this at
| 10242 [wmwilson1 go] I would second that!  Let's face it, PR can really make or break a language, I'd hate to see Ruby left in the dust because we weren't vocal enough.
| + 10243 [wmwilson1 go] Sorry Aleksi, I screwed up your name, please forgive me.
| + 10244 [nconway klam] I've been thinking of writing one for kuro5hin.org -- if someone with more
| + 10381 [0317025435 t] language, I'd hate to
+ 10248 [Dave Pragmat] 'tis done (good idea).
  10252 [schneik us.i] # Let's face it, PR can really make or break a language, I'd hate to
  10255 [ben_tilly ho] Um, you just did indirectly.  I forwarded the above to him.
  10256 [ben_tilly ho] Erm, these slide look suspiciously familar.
  10257 [Dave Pragmat] Heh - I even admit to it on the index page ;-) The main difference is
  10273 [jweirich one] I love that cookbook example.  Replicate the algorithm, tidy it up,
  10274 [jim freeze.o] This sounds very interesting.
  10279 [Dave Pragmat] It starts at