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^ How  to a copy a file ?
100526 [flurePASDESP] I'm searching a portable way of copying a file from one directory to
100529 [neoneye adsl] require 'fileutils'
100532 [flurePASDESP] Ok, thanks :)
100533 [neoneye adsl] The pickaxe book is unfortunatly quite old.
+ 100536 [robertm spel] the
+ 100538 [ljz asfast.c] This sounds like a great tool.  I downloaded it and I followed the
| 100541 [Austin.Ziegl] ri is included with recent versions of Ruby.
| 100544 [ljz asfast.c] Aha!  And it indeed works.  Thanks.
+ 100557 [gsinclair so] That particular project is also old.  Downloading it will not inform

^ Using mkmf.rb / extconf.rb and autoconf/automake together
100551 [Rudi.Cilibra] I'm having trouble understanding how to use the mkmf module properly,
+ 100555 [cyclists nc.] The RMagick (http://rmagick.rubyforge.org) installation procedure uses a
+ 100568 [nobu.nokada ] Add check: target to ext/depend file.
  100787 [Rudi.Cilibra] I was referred to RMagick as a good example to follow, and it does use

^ 1.8.1 YAML emit bug? (Win32)
100553 [Austin.Ziegl] Apologies if this has been noted before; I am currently using the 1.8.1
100554 [ruby-talk wh] Yeah, this is healed in the latest.  Ran tests up to (0..8191313) and

^ Seeking examples of dynamic / parameterized modules
100559 [itsme213 hot] I am looking for examples of parameterized modules.

^ PTY and expect tutorial and examples
100562 [unet rexx.co] Is there a tutorial or other simple documentation in English
100619 [ahoward noaa] try this (untested on 1.9.0 but the example didn't work with 1.8.1 either -
100628 [unet rexx.co] <*snip*>

^ Dir.mkdir
100569 [paul vudmask] I'm attempting to make a script that creates directories on a bsd
100570 [discord mac.] Is your umask causing the problem? I know mine is set by default to
100587 [paul vudmask] Mucho, mucho, thanks Mark, using File.umask 0 worked. Now i need to figure out why.

^ Highlighting for unit testing output (console)
100573 [gsinclair so] I'll personally award three kudos points to anyone who implements a patch
+ 100596 [neoneye adsl] I have spend some time this morning.. attempting to replace the $stdout
+ 100607 [dmertz free.] I can have a look at it, it should be easy to do. What output do you
| 100617 [gsinclair so] In most cases, the stuff I really want to see stand out are error
+ 100622 [dmertz free.] So here is a patch to apply to test/unit
  101048 [jim freeze.o] But test/unit ships with 1.8.1. How does one reinstall just test/unit?

^ CSV bug?
100575 [ser germane-] I've got a CVS export from Excel that the csv module is barfing on, and
+ 100576 [nahi keynaut] CSV module (of mine) just does not expect the space just after field
| 100579 [botp delmont] I am not SER, but I hope I can comment, too, pls.
| + 100588 [nahi keynaut] Of course.
| | + 100591 [botp delmont] is it possible (in the future perhaps) to join this into
| | | 100594 [nahi keynaut] above.  So it will be an option if I can write such a (robust?) CSV
| | | 100597 [botp delmont] I will happily wait for your new option :-)
| | + 100614 [ser germane-] BTW, the csv.rb is really nice.  I wanted to thank you for it.  I'm
| |   100838 [nahi keynaut] Great to hear.  Thank you and all users.
| + 100616 [gsinclair so] I have news for you, botp: *you* do the documentation :)
|   100678 [botp delmont] I think this is the problem  --+
|   100694 [dave pragpro] Here's a sneak peak of something I'm working on...
|   + 100700 [botp delmont] hmmm.. give us more.. ;-)
|   | 100741 [khaines enig] Pe, have you seen http://phrogz.net/ProgrammingRuby ?
|   + 100800 [ser germane-] Dang.  That's going to be a pretty book.
|     + 100835 [botp delmont] arg, my bad again. I do keep seeing references to phrogz.net and I thought
|     + 100846 [dave pragpro] Gosh - thank you.. :)
|       100866 [botp delmont] very cool.
|       100881 [nahi keynaut] I hope that feature, too but I don't think I can do it without dropping
|       100962 [botp delmont] no worry, _I_ am more stupid :-)
|       100992 [nahi keynaut] Thanks!
+ 100580 [ser germane-] Ignore me.  The bug was in my brain.
  100585 [hal9000 hype] How funny, I said the same to Shugo Maeda only two hours ago.

^ Ruby/GSL and Windows
100582 [stevec890 ya] I was wondering whether anyone has gotten Ruby/GSL running under

^ Namespace and modules
100583 [rohitlodha h] Using modules to define namespace is good and efficient?
+ 100584 [jim weirichh] Yes.
+ 100592 [ptkwt aracne] Sure.
| 100595 [bob.news gmx] "Phil Tomson" <ptkwt@aracnet.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 100784 [kbullock rin] It seems to be effective. Semantically, though, there is a bit of
  109991 [transami run] 1. namespaces, for grouping functionality

^ writable
100589 [paul vudmask] Thanks to the help of a kind rubyist i'm able to write a script for
100611 [martins aard] The method I've used is to have a file upload directory with permission
100643 [paul vudmask] This is making better sense to me - owner apache...
100658 [martins aard] I just set up the directory beforehand manually - the chown is just
+ 100675 [martins aard] Just found a problem with that file uploading code I posted earlier. It
+ 100685 [paul vudmask] No i dont have to but i've been creating a lot of sites and for each

^ Iowa 0.20 FINALLY released
100590 [khaines enig] Finally.  I am announcing, with much nervousness (I'm sure that I forgot

^ FoX: removing widgets
100613 [y.leikind sa] parent_obj.removeChild(obj_to_remove)
+ 100670 [lyle knology] Correct. Calling removeChild() deletes the underlying C++ object. The
| 100708 [y.leikind sa] Perhaps some variable in my application (or in the FXRuby layer...)
| 100712 [tpeters inva] Also keep in mind that the garbage collector is conservative. You may
| 100727 [lyle knology] Ack, yes, I thought about this too last night after I sent the previous
+ 100711 [wsdngtmp onl] For me it often works to make the child invisible instead of removing

^ Problem using YAML
100621 [calmquist mu] I am using ruby 1.8.1 and yaml to store data records.  After a few minutes I
+ 100624 [decoux moulo] Try a newer version for ruby
| 100627 [calmquist mu] I tried the stable-snapshot and had the same result.
+ 100641 [ruby-talk wh] I'll try this out on my Linux box at home later this evening.  It ran
  + 100647 [calmquist mu] 0.44 - is that the latest?
  + 100706 [decoux moulo] 0.44 with ruby-1.8.2 : it don't crash but hang. Sometimes very quickly,

^ stream filtering
100623 [segphault sb] I'm looking for a way to filter the stdout/stderr streams in ruby.
+ 100625 [decoux moulo] Something like this ?
| 100633 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 100626 [mneumann nte] a = nil

^ Newbie installation problem: libraries?
100629 [pemmons voic] I have recently installed ruby-1.8.1 on my Mandrake Linux system.
+ 100631 [vjoel PATH.B] That's what I've got, and installing is always painless, at least when
+ 100632 [cyclists nc.] Ruby searches a default list of directories. You can see
| 100648 [pemmons voic] Yes, that's what I see; but most of these directories are empty.
| + 100650 [vjoel PATH.B] ./configure
| | + 100656 [pemmons voic] ../instruby.rb:138: private method `sub!' called for nil:NilClass
| | + 101066 [pemmons voic] It worked this time!
| |   101068 [cyclists nc.] It's okay to delete them now. You can always get the tarball again from
| |   101161 [pemmons voic] Oh, I always keep the tarballs-- if not on the hard disk, then on some
| + 100659 [cyclists nc.] Sometimes, but since you already have the tarball let's stick with that.
+ 100665 [unet rexx.co] People have already noted how you can find what path is

^ String: case insensitive comparison
100636 [BCoish Dymax] I noticed that use of $= to enable case insensitive string comparison
100639 [flgr ccan.de] irb(main):001:0> ["aaa" <=> "Aaa", "aaa".casecmp("Aaa")]
100646 [BCoish Dymax] Thanks for the quick and informative response!

^ [Help] Problem with Ruby SOCKET API on OpenVMS
100638 [BCoish Dymax] TCP/IP socket routine(s) not functioning properly on OpenVMS.
100669 [matz ruby-la] It's not OpenVMS specific.  Socket.gethostbyname() gives you packed

^ Sprites in RUDL
100640 [glenn_m_smit] My attempt at writing PACMAN was going smoothly but now I've stalled.
+ 100642 [linse428 stu] Well, an idea that requires less work is to keep the whole background
| 100738 [cpine hellot] This works for small numbers of moving sprites, but for larger numbers it is best to simply blit the whole background.
+ 100644 [flgr ccan.de] 1) Blit all elements of the background to a background surface. (You
  100760 [glenn_m_smit] So you blit the whole background each time - doesn't that slow things down?
  100769 [flgr ccan.de] Works like a charm. I'm getting good frame rates. Most games actually
  100859 [glenn_m_smit] Thanks to your help, Pacman is very much now back on track!  He's
  106201 [ruby-lists l] if your bored...

^ Windows desktop app w/ simple db; how?
100649 [khaines enig] Imagine that you had a very simple web based application.  It queries some
+ 100652 [surrender_it] well, you could use sqlite or one of the non sql databse (dbm or
+ 100657 [mneumann nte] I'm sure, Hyperlinks shouldn't be that hard to implement (underline the
+ 100663 [ahoward noaa] i'm using PStore to store up to 50,000 job entries for a distrbuted job
+ 100667 [carl youngbl] I can think of nothing better than sqlite.  It is amazingly fast,
| 100668 [hal9000 hype] Someone was suggesting that to me the other day.
| + 100671 [khaines enig] there was a good one available) and even used it's virtual machine a bit to
| | 100672 [carl youngbl] I've compiled and used Jamis Buck's sqlite-ruby module on windows.  It
| + 100673 [carl youngbl] Unfortunately I haven't used DBM so I don't know how to compare it.  I
| + 100674 [ahoward noaa] no - not as fast.  i keep looking at this too, but my tests can consistently
|   100704 [khaines enig] Ara, would you mind sharing what it is that you are doing that is causing
+ 100680 [sdate everes] to

^ Zero is true ... whoda thunk?
100653 [NoOne Nowher] I can't find anything in Programming Ruby to suggest why zero is treated as
+ 100654 [surrender_it] don't know the page, but you can safely assume that every object is
| 100679 [drbrain segm] as
+ 100655 [msparshatt y] The page you want is 223. The relevant passage is
| 100682 [cpine hellot] Actually, since 0 is an immediate value (like nil and false), it could be tested just as easily (as I understand it).  I would guess that the reason has more to do with elegance and simplicity.  In any case, aside from the "C does it that way" camp (whom we are obviously not catering to), why should 0 or any number be false?  (Why should "" or any string be false?  Why should [] or any array be false?)  Well, they aren't.
| 100683 [DocBoobenste] I believe the behavior was borrowed from Smalltalk (or was it Scheme?
| 100689 [Mike DeleteT] Because in the real world, zero means false.
| + 100690 [david.naseby] if got_milk?  ... end
| | + 100691 [david.naseby] Bugger. I mean !@milk_volume.zero? of course.  So this whole problem could
| | | + 100692 [hal9000 hype] Haha... well, the got-milk logic would mean that negative numbers
| | | | 100693 [david.naseby] You are just making the foolish mistake of assuming that just because my
| | | | 100697 [DocBoobenste] Well, we're deving into semantics here, and I don't want to start a
| | | | 100702 [bighead user] By far the best explanation IMHO.
| | | + 100698 [harryo qiqso] Do you do anything "normally" :-) ??
| | | + 100776 [drbrain segm] don't
| | |   100831 [nick activeh] nonzero? returned nil instead of false for me. Shouldn't it return false?
| | |   100832 [DocBoobenste] 8< ----- snip -----
| | |   100898 [angus quovad] [Claus Spitzer <DocBoobenstein@gmail.com>, 2004-05-20 02.53 CEST]
| | |   + 100901 [DocBoobenste] Well, it's just a matter of grammar. zero? could have been implemented
| | |   + 100949 [burtdav hotm] I've said this elsewhere in the thread, so just briefly here: true/false can
| | |     100965 [dblack wobbl] There's no nil/object dichotomy, though; nil is an object.  It's handy
| | |     + 100977 [danj 3skel.c] I found this problem thorny when trying to export true/false to a
| | |     | 101098 [bob.news gmx] "Dan Janowski" <danj@3skel.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | |     + 100988 [burtdav hotm] David A. Black> There's no nil/object dichotomy, though; nil is an object.
| | |       101004 [discord mac.] Nil is the object that stands in at roll call and says "um, he's not
| | + 100725 [tim bates.id] This "geeky kind of logic" comes from back in the bad old days when
| |   100730 [app1tam ups.] -> -----Original Message-----
| |   100755 [discord mac.] Ruby does not have booleans; There is true and false, but you will
| + 100709 [surrender_it] Following your logic there should be a to_bool() method for every
| + 100715 [bob.news gmx] "Michael Geary" <Mike@DeleteThis.Geary.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 100719 [dblack wobbl] The real world is highly overrated as a template for programming
| | 100731 [ahoward noaa] how right you are - see below.
| + 100756 [maryinuet ya] and
| | + 100758 [discord mac.] Honestly, I think that the comparison operator is a counter-example for
| | + 100763 [kristof vlee] Perhaps that's because most libraries, extensions end interfaces are
| | + 100810 [comp.lang.ru] _ I think this issue is a Licorice Test[1] for Ruby. To me it's
| | | 100822 [pit capitain] Agreed.
| | | 100827 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure about these equivalencies, though.  "if x" is not the
| | | 100836 [pit capitain] That's why I made the distinction between testing "normal conditions" (true /
| | | 100892 [app1tam ups.] -> -----Original Message-----
| | + 100834 [furufuru ccs] I agree that if numbers are always evaluated to true, it's better
| + 100762 [bg-rubytalk ] if (milk_qty > 0)
|   + 100766 [jgb3 email.b] Beautiful and well-thought-out explanation. Thanks!
|   | 100777 [Steven ruby-] a = SomethingReturningANumber()
|   | + 100783 [jgb3 email.b] Sorry -- I mispoke. My "force" I meant that Ruby requires you to do
|   | | 100789 [msparshatt y] The problem with this there are a number of methods which return a
|   | + 100829 [nick activeh] If the sematic meaning of if (object) is existence or non-existance
|   + 100774 [drbrain segm] =20
+ 100707 [burtdav hotm] The Pickaxe Book reference has been given, but I'd like to point you to

^ Re: ruby/google troubles
100660 [nahi keynaut] It's the problem of old soap4r module.

^ Thanks to both Mark and Gabriele
100661 [NoOne Nowher] Thanks for your responses.  Thanks especially to you,  Mark,  for the

^ read only instiki
100664 [Ara.T.Howard] */15 * * * * /dmsp/reference/bin/ruby /home/ahoward/shared/instiki-0.8.9/instiki.rb -p 4242 > /dev/null 2>&1
101044 [david loudth] I'm not entirely sure I understand the problem as you describe it. When
101064 [beast system] *googles on SubEthaEdit* Now that's interesting.. Now I want Emacs to

^ Re: (fwd) [Borges-users] memory strikes back!
100666 [matz ruby-la] Ruby uses conservative garbage collection, which scans C stack and

^ RMagick jp2 problem
100676 [Ara.T.Howard] ~ > cat tiff2jp2
100681 [cyclists nc.] Ara, what release of ImageMagick are you using? What release of the jasper
100688 [ahoward noaa] tim-
100722 [cyclists nc.] Yes, this is almost certainly an IM<->jasper issue. I'll be glad to send
100746 [ahoward noaa] thanks alot tim.
100818 [cyclists nc.] Ara, I received your email at my home address but my reply to your .gov
+ 100825 [cyclists nc.] (Yeah, I know I shouldn't follow up my own posts.)
+ 100844 [ahoward noaa] yes - i've done this but can subseqently show a diff of the bands using envi
  100870 [cyclists nc.] Assuming you want to compare entire images and get a single result, you

^ RCR: UNIX credentials
100677 [guslist free] Add calls to UNIXSocket to pass around the UNIX credentials (i.e. pid,
+ 100687 [matz ruby-la] I like the idea.  But I don't want to merge it if it's Linux
| 100713 [guslist free] Two ideas.
| + 100720 [andre digira] According to David Wheeler[1] this is a Linux-only thing.
| + 100723 [decoux moulo] obsd% ruby -vrsocket -e 'p Socket::SO_PEERCRED'
|   + 100729 [Austin.Ziegl] There is also a way -- I'm not sure HOW offhand -- to get some/most of
|   + 100734 [decoux moulo] I've forgotten to say : look at src/backend/libpq/hba.c in the PostgreSQL
+ 100742 [akr m17n.org] I surveyed the feature sometime ago.
  100780 [guslist free] So, should we implement a UNIXSocket#getpeerid method, using getpeerid()
  100983 [akr m17n.org] Oops.  It's getpeereid, not getpeerid.

^ runaway memory in extension
100686 [quixoticsyco] require 'mkmf'
100696 [vjoel PATH.B] free(data);

^ IronPython: A fast Python implementation for .NET and Mono
100699 [ptkwt aracne] This should be of of interest to those who would like to see a .NET
+ 100703 [bighead user] Hey
| 100914 [ser germane-] ...
| 100960 [careck circl] I think it's always safer to not trust MS in any way. Trust can only
| 100984 [matz ruby-la] They bought Ruby, and renamed it as Visual Basic.
| 100985 [neoneye adsl] Simon Strandgaard
+ 100710 [surrender_it] still, python uses less magic than ruby.
  100779 [feldt ce.cha] I'm not very much into Python but I agree that it seems to have less