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^ Re: regular expressions question
0001 [bob.news gmx] I still didn't get what exactly you want.  Does this help?
+ 0036 [snowzone5 ho] a regex tool i'm finding invaluable is "redet"  (on freshmeat)
| 0061 [mental rydia] Were you aware that $1 and friends aren't actually globally scoped?
| 0063 [mental rydia] They're method-local.
| 0067 [chneukirchen] Which drawbacks?
| 0071 [chneukirchen] use strict;
+ 0080 [drosihn gmai] Now that I've read the responses in this thread a few times, I think
  0106 [w_a_x_man ya] DATA.each {|line|   line.chomp!
  0112 [leavengood g] Just to add another voice to the maelstrom: I have never coded Perl

^ Re: Dynamically adding methods to a Ruby class
0002 [bob.news gmx] class Module
0042 [drjflam gmai] I trimmed most of the code out of that example for clarity, but there will
0045 [drjflam gmai] Thanks for the suggestion, Brian.

^ Re: [ANN] Forthcoming 2nd ed. of _The Ruby Way_
0003 [george.mosch] Great  to hear :)
0006 [luc honk-hon] Make that a Pickaxe-2-style-beta-book and I'm signing up right away :)
0018 [chrisgame ex] There's more to a book than a list of topics. What about depth,
0021 [jack jncsoft] +1. I'd also be much more interested in pure, advanced Ruby rather than
0024 [briankbuckle] I bought your first book.  Loved it.
0027 [tksano gmail] My 2 yen for all the above.
0031 [james graypr] Can you use the community?  Together we know a fair amount.  ;)
0060 [rblists gmai] One suggestion;
0074 [laurent mold] That's good news! On my wish list are: soap, xml/rpc, wsdl

^ Re: Ruby Hash wierdness
0004 [bob.news gmx] Try
0005 [kevin.jackso] beautiful, thank you so much
0012 [drnicwilliam] Yep, urls only contains strings. Often horribly ugly ones with %20 etc

^ Re: treating 'string'+var as method
0007 [rosco roscop] # A hash to play with
0010 [bob.news gmx] That's ok.  As Ross pointed out you can also use obj.send("string#{var}").

^ JEdit Ruby Plugin does not Code Complete ?
0008 [Roseanna80 h] Code Complete (Intellisense) is not working for my JEdit Ruby Plugin ?
0038 [rob.02004 gm] If anyone else has this problem please let me know.
0100 [Roseanna80 h] Ok, so now that you have replied, I boot up, and find that Code

^ Re: [ANN] Ruby Code & Style is looking for articles.
0009 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What's  QDL about?  Anything to do with statecharts like

^ Re: Puby 1.0 Release!
0011 [pbattley gma] How about APRiL?

^ Re: Instant Rails 1.0 preview7 -- with Typo!
0013 [drnicwilliam] InstantRails is a developer's delight! I wasted a good day
0015 [ml.chibbs gm] Great...  Thanks for letting me know!
0022 [jimg1968 yah] Tried the previous version and it's terribly;-)  good!
0052 [ml.chibbs gm] Its been a learning experience for me. Before I started this I knew

^ Re: Any problems with Ruby on Rails - on Win CE
0014 [rdusong gmai] Hye,
0109 [scottishguy ] Im using Windows Mobile 2003 (which is WinCE)

^ Re: iniciante
0016 [cbueno81 gma] Voc=EA j=E1 tentou o Tutorial do TaQ?

^ Re: ruby beats them all
0017 [matiassurdi ] Jeff Wood escribióº
0023 [bob.news gmx] I didn't know there was a bad sense about it... ;-)
0029 [snail objmed] <chneukirchen@gmail.com> writes
+ 0046 [justin.w.smi] If Ruby properly handled tail-recursion, then the "accumulator passing"
+ 0051 [chneukirchen] I disagree.  APL isn't about readability to outsiders (and this is IMO
  0055 [pertl gmx.or] this is fibonacci written in Random++

^ Re: GetoptLong example
0019 [jim freeze.o] Have you tried OptionParser? It is fully OO and integrated with Application.
0028 [slitt earthl] I came across OptionParser. I tried reading the documentation, but I
+ 0043 [wybo servaly] is good, although I don't like the use of ostruct. For a cleaner, yet
+ 0044 [jim freeze.o] Please help me out and post some comments on what you like and don't
  0089 [slitt earthl] I'm pretty sure those are the docs I couldn't fathom. IMHO what you

^ Re: Is ruby dbi still in development?
0020 [khaines enig] Yes.  There is now a team consisting of myself, Daniel Berger, Francis Hwang,
0030 [sera fhwang.] As Kirk said, we're moving forward ... but slowly. These sorts of

^ [SUMMARY] Kalah (#58)
0025 [james graypr] Both sides of the Kalah board are the same, with only the numbers of the slots
0085 [adam.shelly ] There's nothing like a code review to make you see ways to improve your code...
0087 [james graypr] Hey, I like that.

^ Re: US Zipcode API for Ruby?
0026 [slitt earthl] So where does one find zipcode.db?
0084 [mark.ericson] There is a 40,000+ zip code database in CivicSpace labs that has lat
0093 [dandiebolt y] Maybe will will see a geo-tagging based ruby quiz in the future ...

^ Re: Forthcoming 2nd ed. of _The Ruby Way_
0032 [doug00 gmail] I'd recommend the exact opposite.  If you ignore the libraries and GUI
+ 0037 [fxn hashref.] I agree with the other poster about the expectations the title
| 0041 [gene.tani gm] "100 pages deleted": does this mean Rb vs. perl/python sections are
| 0049 [gjblomquist ] I also especially like chapter 5.   Definitely a chapter on
| 0066 [gdonald gmai] Is that the plan?  Seemed to work well for the Rails book.  I'd
+ 0054 [james_b neur] Coding applications in Ruby without taking full advantage of what makes
  0102 [gavri.fernan] 'The Ruby Way' handles metaprogramming and other advanced topics in a
  0104 [wilsonb gmai] Yep. 100% agreement.

^ Re: [OT] Re: Puby 1.0 Release!
0033 [mail wbh.org] Let's play with permutations, 'coz you gotta have a LARF ...
0035 [mark.ericson] How about BARF  - BSD Apache Ruby Firebird ?

^ Re: Runt: Matching the year
0034 [Mlipper doit] Well, strictly speaking you could use a DateRange constructed

^ Re: [ANN] jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin 0.7.6 released
0039 [rob.02004 gm] Thanks for the feedback on the download problems. I'm taking steps to

^ Re: LISP to Ruby translation
0040 [ilmari.heikk] # A bit of fun to while away a boring afternoon

^ LDAP from ruby
0047 [pedroarnal g] I have a little program that needs to run on windows, linux and AIX.
0048 [greg.kujawa ] Personally I ran into problems getting Ruby's LDAP package to compile
0073 [Daniel.Berge] I just tried.  First, pass "--with-wldap32" to extconf.rb.  If you get a

^ Re: Question of reference and (sub)strings.
0050 [steve_rubyta] That sounds like absolutely great news - a _very_ pleasant surprise. I
0057 [bob.news gmx] Care to unveil a bit of the nature of the computation that yields those
0083 [steve_rubyta] It's not really relevant to the question I was asking - but I've no

^ Easy Duck-Typing
0053 [daniel.schie] This will make it easier to add type checking to your methods. Let me
+ 0058 [dblack wobbl] This may be useful to you, but it isn't duck typing.  In fact, it
| + 0079 [mark.ericson] I've pondered if duck typing is about an object being able to respond
| | 0095 [dblack wobbl] def x(a)
| | 0096 [ara.t.howard] what is the sound of one duck flapping?
| | + 0105 [dblack wobbl] Meow.
| | + 0108 [tanner.burso] Chunky Bacon of course!
| + 0107 [daniel.schie] I guess you're right, I actually realised it moments after i sent the
+ 0076 [eric.mahurin] Like David said this is basically the opposite of duck-typing.  The

^ Help with fcgi installation
0056 [francisv.lis] install.rb: entering config phase...
0062 [rasputnik gm] Sounds like that's the problem - you should have a ruby.h file

^ rdoc -> pdf
0059 [michael.schw] I think it would be great to have a pdf that had a synopsis of every*
0090 [halostatue g] The Pickaxe2 has a PDF version available for purchase from the

^ Assigning a block to a variable in Ruby
0064 [ajmayo my-de] I am new to Ruby and curious as to how you emulate the following
+ 0068 [pertl gmx.or] Maybe you are looking for something like that?
+ 0069 [erlercw gmai] Blocks that are objects are called procs, in Ruby (class Proc).  To
+ 0072 [erlercw gmai] Ruby will usually wait until code is actually run to check if
+ 0075 [erlercw gmai] There are two ways to do this: the block variable way and the normal
+ 0077 [logancapaldo] charset=US-ASCII;
| 0082 [ajmayo my-de] WRT forward references. My code was just
| 0086 [pertl gmx.or] there is no such thing as compilation in javascript or ruby...
+ 0078 [ajmayo my-de] Amazing!. Couldn't be more than 10 mins since I posted and 3 replies!.
+ 0081 [martindemell] Ruby does not do this.
+ 0088 [zoso foton.e] a =3D lambda {some block}
  0092 [pertl gmx.or] what eternal goal do you want to achieve

^ Detect Browser Dimension
0065 [ceedub.indus] Dear all,

^ [ANN] Net::Netrc 0.1.0
0070 [bob_showalte] parsing.

^ system() failed with $?==32512
0091 [slitt earthl] I have a program too large to post a code snippet, and my system()

^ Re: system() failed with $?==32512 <SOLVED>
0094 [slitt earthl] Dooohhh! My ruby program, which is a menu system, first creates

^ Did the numbers for this list get reset?
0097 [dblack wobbl] I just noticed that my last post to ruby-talk has mail-count number

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
0098 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

^ setting  serial port settings
0099 [dperkins fri] I'm writing a simple script that talks to a device on a PC serial port.  I

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
0101 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

^ adding any <text/> to a rexml doc (bump)
0103 [ara.t.howard] is there know way to do this

^ challenge - regex which matches nothing
0110 [ara.t.howard] this is the best i've come up with
0111 [dblack wobbl] /[^\w\W]/

^ Re: ruby 1.1d0 released
0113 [matz netlab.] Yep, several more bugs were reported in ruby-list, which is Japanese

^ socket.so fails to load in ruby 1.1d0
0114 [julian imaji] another error, ``require "socket"'' fails. The following is an example.

^ STDIN integer assignment
0115 [julian imaji] in the following script, how would I be able to have the input along the
+ 0116 [ozawa aisoft] Use regular expressions.
+ 0117 [watanabe ase] ans1, ans2 = STDIN.gets.split.collect {|x| x.to_i}
+ 0118 [c.hintze gmx] ans1 = ans2 = nil

0119 [julian imaji] Thanks for your rapid (and varied) solutions ;-)

^ finished simple script
0120 [julian imaji] Greetings,
0121 [gotoken math] Humm... I can't find such situation for the above script :-(
0122 [julian imaji] I don't know. Yesterday 1 * . gave 32.. but then yesterday this script
0123 [gotoken math] To consider the problem, I tried as follows.

^ "Compiled" .rb's
0124 [crowdog sisc] Yes, I am a newbie....
0130 [matz netlab.] Ruby compiles the source into syntax tree internally, like Perl.  But
0132 [icimjs loop.] I second that. De-scrambling may be pretty easy, but it will deter the
0135 [julian imaji] eek..

^ Binary distribution
0125 [icimjs loop.] is there a binary Ruby distributuion available for Win95?
0126 [crowdog sisc] Yes.  Go here: ftp://ftp.tokyonet.ad.jp/pub/misc/ruby/pc/

^ very very NEWbie
0127 [crowdog sisc] Ok,  I'm having trouble with an extremely simple class.
0128 [crouton duel] attr_accesser :v
0129 [matz netlab.] class ABC
0133 [behrends cse] Hmm. I've used attr_accessor (with an "o" instead of an "e") so far,
0136 [matz netlab.] Sorry, accessor is a typo.

^ [Q]: English version of Ruby-Manual as printable version?
0131 [c.hintze gmx] I search a printable version (LaTeX, PS, ...) of the english version of
0134 [gotoken math] It's a pity that I've never seen such matters.

^ swig & ruby?
0137 [crowdog sisc] has anyone created a swig (http://www.swig.org/) module for Ruby?
0139 [matz netlab.] I'm planning to make something to help extension generation.  It maybe

^ Thread Problems
0138 [behrends cse] I have been looking at the thread implementation of Ruby for the past
+ 0144 [matz netlab.] Hmm, I didn't realize that problem.  Let me think about it.
+ 0164 [matz netlab.] I inspect for the problem.  In conclusion, as for 1.2, the script

^ ruby 1.3 released
0140 [matz netlab.] I have released experimental version 1.3, which comes next to
0141 [c.hintze gmx] ???????
+ 0142 [gotoken math] Well, According to their discussion...
+ 0143 [matz netlab.] Oh, I forgot to mention that stable version 1.2, which is a sucessor

^ Win32 callback into Ruby code?
0145 [crowdog sisc] I have not seen this anywhere for Ruby but I was
0151 [matz netlab.] Well, Ruby can objectify blocks and methods, but you can't get C

^ calling a Ruby function from C?
0146 [crowdog sisc] What I am wanting to accomplish is like a callback.
+ 0147 [matz netlab.] rb_funcall(obj, id, nargs, ...)
+ 0150 [shugo aianet] You can use a Method object to pass a Ruby function to C function.

^ inability to load extension modules in 1.2, core dump
0148 [julian imaji] Ok.. 1.1d9 worked with no problems, and no significant or relevent changes
+ 0149 [c.hintze gmx] Please perform a "ldd miniruby", "ldd ruby" and "ldd socket.so" in the
| 0152 [julian imaji] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 0159 [c.hintze gmx] Okay now the bad news! I don't find any fault. I think the warnings on
+ 0157 [matz netlab.] OK.  Show me your platform information, please.  config.h maybe work
  0158 [julian imaji] I am running OpenBSD 2.4 on an i386. config.h is as follows..

^ undefined method 'call'... help please
0153 [crowdog sisc] Yes, it's me again.  Mr. Newbie.
0154 [matz netlab.] Ok. Could you show me the source of the extension, at least for the
0155 [crowdog sisc] // START HERE
0156 [matz netlab.] Thank you.  But I don't get it.  The AppInit function seems not

^ Happy new year!
0160 [c.hintze gmx] happy new year wishes from Germany to you all!
0161 [gotoken math] Greetings!
0162 [matz netlab.] I really really hope so.
0163 [gotoken math] =begin

^ Makefiles and -lcurses
0165 [julian imaji] I want to compile the curses extension with -locurses rather than
0166 [matz netlab.] Makefiles are automatically generated in the compilation process.
0167 [Klaus.Schill] Makefiles and -lcurses
0168 [julian imaji] OpenBSD has ncurses and it's own ocurses, and I prefer the latter.

^ hah, check these errors
0169 [julian imaji] /usr/lib/libm.so.0.1: Undefined symbol `__GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_' referenced
0170 [matz netlab.] I havn't heard any report like this before.  As Clemens once told, no

^ another question about Makefiles
0171 [julian imaji] OK, I've narrowed down which extension doesn't like me - tcltklib - that
0172 [matz netlab.] Well, maybe I made mistake in extconf.rb.  It should choose tcl8.0 (or
0173 [julian imaji] It gets everything else correct, where the libs are, where the includes
0178 [matz netlab.] Ok, here's quick tranlation, lousy, but much better than Japanese. :-)

^ some more information
0174 [julian imaji] greetings,
0175 [matz netlab.] This warning appears on all platforms with tcl 8.0 or later.  I don't
0179 [matz netlab.] Could you tell me what will happen with modifying extconf.rb.

^ destructor ?
0176 [crowdog sisc] I now know that "def initialize" is the constructor of
0177 [matz netlab.] C wrapper objects, whose type is T_DATA, have the finalizing function,

^ avl-trees
0180 [Klaus.Schill] Have avl-trees or similar constructs that allow insertion and deletion of

^ ruby 1.2.1 released
0181 [matz netlab.] I've just released the latest stable version 1.2.1.  I hope this to be
0182 [matz netlab.] 1.2.1 has several typos, which disable threading feature.  I repacked

^ finalizer help please
0183 [crowdog sisc] !!! start here
0186 [c.hintze gmx] Hmm. Here seems to exit two problems.
0187 [matz netlab.] Indeed.  You'd better define finalizers in you C code.

^ Gtk and Ruby C API
0184 [davecook hom] Is anyone working on Gtk bindings for Ruby?  Also, is the C API for Ruby
0185 [c.hintze gmx] Japanese. But I have not need it.

^ 1.2.1, compilation works fine
0188 [julian imaji] I was gone for a little while, but just finished my final of four
0189 [matz netlab.] Do you mean you've succeeded to compile ruby on OpenBSD?
0190 [julian imaji] There really isn't anything to it, I compiled ruby without any sort of

^ defining self causes a segmentation fault
0191 [julian imaji] In ruby you can't change the value of self, and I just learned this,
0196 [matz netlab.] Yes. The `self' is pseudo variable, which looks like local variable,

^ auto-loaded script?
0192 [julian imaji] Does ruby load any particular scripts upon startup?
0193 [gotoken math] How about the "-r" option?
0194 [julian imaji] No, that won't work because /etc/passwd doesn't like dashes or flags
0195 [matz netlab.] Well, are you going to use ruby as login shell?  I do not recomment
0197 [julian imaji] With this line in, ruby doesn't compile. No errors or anything, nothing
0198 [matz netlab.] Hmm, it is strange.
0199 [julian imaji] main.c (aside from the commented portion at the top) is
0204 [matz netlab.] The error indicates you referred Readline constant, which is not
0205 [julian imaji] Well sure, but why does the compilation care at all about some file to be
0208 [matz netlab.] Well, compilation invokes miniruby, which now reads startup script.