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[ruby-math:00638] Rational の高速化
[ruby-math:00639] Rational の高速化
[ruby-math:00640] APRCL primality test
[ruby-math:00641] Field of Ruby/Mathematica
[ruby-math:00642] Bugnum の積
[ruby-math:00644] NMatrix.parse
[ruby-math:00645] Re: Forward: inconsistence in class complex
[ruby-math:00653] GMP Floating-point and Fast Automatic Differentiation
[ruby-math:00656] Re: [ruby-dev:16457] 今時の  "Algebra"
[ruby-math:00662] gcd in rational.rb
[ruby-math:00670] power
[ruby-math:00680] complex#/ problem
[ruby-math:00691] int/int [Re: complex#/ problem]
[ruby-math:00700] Re: int/int [Re: compl
[ruby-math:00709] Scalar class?
[ruby-math:00724] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00731] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00736] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00739] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00740] Re: Fixes for the new step methods in the range.c & numeric.c
[ruby-math:00742] Re: [ruby-dev:17021] Re: 標準添付案
[ruby-math:00743] Re: [ruby-list:35091] Re: Y Combinator
[ruby-math:00750] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00752] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-math:00753] [Q]Gamma & Zeta functions
[ruby-math:00756] hash of Rational
[ruby-math:00764] (none)
[ruby-math:00766] 楕円弧の決定 (Re: )
[ruby-math:00767] (none)
[ruby-math:00769] (none)
[ruby-math:00770] Miller-Rabin Algorithm
[ruby-math:00771] Bignum#div
[ruby-math:00773] Rational#to_f
[ruby-math:00774] Forward: matrix.rb bug
[ruby-math:00787] Float#to_rational
[ruby-math:00813] Bessel関数
[ruby-math:00822] -3**2 == 9 ?