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[ruby-math:00001] ruby-math started
[ruby-math:00002] Why is '**' not abelian
[ruby-math:00005] coerce
[ruby-math:00010] (summary) SingleFloat, DoubleFloat < Float
[ruby-math:00011] target of coercing 
[ruby-math:00027] domain method?
[ruby-math:00036] Re: Precision
[ruby-math:00039] BigFloat
[ruby-math:00040] NumArray (Re: )
[ruby-math:00046] NaN
[ruby-math:00054] NaN again
[ruby-math:00063] こんにちは
[ruby-math:00068] Re: NaN again & + -0  
[ruby-math:00075] BigFloat & LAPACK
[ruby-math:00086] Ruby/LAPACK working group
[ruby-math:00090] math functions 
[ruby-math:00101] Ruby on supercomputers
[ruby-math:00108] LA with Ruby
[ruby-math:00110] Re: divmod()
[ruby-math:00111] %
[ruby-math:00113] precedence of **
[ruby-math:00124] Re: %  &  divmod() & remainder()
[ruby-math:00127] coerce0
[ruby-math:00156] libm
[ruby-math:00180] rubikitch@ruby-lang.org
[ruby-math:00185] Polynomial of multi variable