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[ruby-list:1194] ruby-mode
[ruby-list:1196] ruby 0.99.3-961204
[ruby-list:1209] [Q] Scope of local variable
[ruby-list:1212] Summary (Re: [Q] Scope of local variable)
[ruby-list:1219] ruby animal
[ruby-list:1226] [BUG} delete (Re: ruby 0.99.3-961204)
[ruby-list:1238] Advertising ruby (Re: ruby animal)
[ruby-list:1244] ruby 0.99.3-961210 available
[ruby-list:1246] jtr (Re: ruby 0.99.3-961210 available)
[ruby-list:1248] ruby NutShell book
[ruby-list:1252] [Q] Escape of meta-char(Re: ruby 0.99.3-961210 available)
[ruby-list:1256] ruby 0.99.4-961212 available
[ruby-list:1266] [BUG] split (Re: ruby 0.99.4-961212 available)
[ruby-list:1270] thread and $1
[ruby-list:1280] Request for inspect
[ruby-list:1285] (no subject in original)
[ruby-list:1288] None
[ruby-list:1289] パッケージのお願い
[ruby-list:1290] ruby 0.99.4-961217 will be available
[ruby-list:1293] MIX Offline Meeting
[ruby-list:1312] djgpp v2 and fpu
[ruby-list:1316] method nothing
[ruby-list:1331] イテレター
[ruby-list:1336] 代入演算の   戻り値
[ruby-list:1345] [BUG?] access string out of range
[ruby-list:1361] [Dist] distributed ruby
[ruby-list:1368] 代入の値
[ruby-list:1371] [Q] Class Method
[ruby-list:1377] lock, unlock
[ruby-list:1386] ruby 0.99.4-961219 available
[ruby-list:1393] new の  override
[ruby-list:1394] 同じメソッドで、引数が違う やつ
[ruby-list:1395] None
[ruby-list:1399] Ruby Glossary