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[ruby-dev:7113] [Q] caller and binding [Re: [BUG?] load in thread]
[ruby-dev:7117] File/Record I/O Libraries
[ruby-dev:7122] return value from ||= for [] and accessor
[ruby-dev:7128] tracer
[ruby-dev:7132] EOF during Marshal.load
[ruby-dev:7137] Re: do end + do end
[ruby-dev:7141] OS/2 patch for 1.3.4-990611
[ruby-dev:7142] [BUG] String#each with long target
[ruby-dev:7153] [patch] dbm.c, Solaris 2.6
[ruby-dev:7154] [Patch] debug.rb raises NameError; undefined method `+' for nil
[ruby-dev:7155] MD5.hexdigest
[ruby-dev:7156] Dir.glob
[ruby-dev:7157] Dir.glob
[ruby-dev:7167] [BUG] ruby_socket() in ext/socket/socket.c
[ruby-dev:7169] RE:  What is rb_obj_call_init ? (Re: Ruby 1.3.4-99 0611)
[ruby-dev:7172] [PATCH] io.c: getc does not set errno?
[ruby-dev:7173] [BUG] <<`HERE_DOC`
[ruby-dev:7174] WeakRef?
[ruby-dev:7175] [BUG] pack("bBhH")
[ruby-dev:7176] parsedate.rb (ruby 1.3.4)
[ruby-dev:7177] [BUG?] kcode for regexp
[ruby-dev:7178] [PATCH] rubydb3x.el, ruby-mode.el
[ruby-dev:7181] acknowledgement
[ruby-dev:7193] ruby-1.3.x can't parse %Q{a{b}c}
[ruby-dev:7199] File object
[ruby-dev:7200] pack/unpack
[ruby-dev:7210] Ruby 1.3.4-990624
[ruby-dev:7212] thread.rb (Re: Ruby 1.3.4-990624)
[ruby-dev:7214] multibyte identifier
[ruby-dev:7220] install report (1.3.4-990624)
[ruby-dev:7223] Ruby 1.3.4-990625
[ruby-dev:7224] -Wl,-rpath on Linux (Re: Ruby 1.3.4-990625)
[ruby-dev:7232] additional search path
[ruby-dev:7233] Re: String#rindex with arbitrary starting point
[ruby-dev:7234] exit!
[ruby-dev:7235] [PATCH] suid ruby
[ruby-dev:7236] default method for a class?
[ruby-dev:7237] patch for extmk.rb.nt
[ruby-dev:7250] typo?
[ruby-dev:7257] [BUG] String#each_line("")
[ruby-dev:7258] TkVariable
[ruby-dev:7259] [BUG] can't exec interpreter
[ruby-dev:7260] ruby-gtk 0.19 patch for mswin32
[ruby-dev:7273] [BUG] regex.c 
[ruby-dev:7284] font-lock in ruby-mode.el
[ruby-dev:7286] Re: Subscribe confirmation request (ruby developers list)
[ruby-dev:7291] dualstack-httpd.rb
[ruby-dev:7293] [BUG] Integer#/
[ruby-dev:7300] resolver を呼ばない UDPsocket#recvfrom
[ruby-dev:7301] Re: mod_ruby/0.1.2 with Apache/1.3.6 on Solaris/2.5.1
[ruby-dev:7307] [BUG](?) io.c:rb_file_sysopen() 
[ruby-dev:7313] Ruby 1.3.5