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[ruby-dev:5010] #{\n}\\ in heredoc
[ruby-dev:5021] [BUG] 'p Class.new' on 'ruby 1.3.1(99/02/05)'
[ruby-dev:5045] [REQ] nand/nor/xor (Re:  Re: parse error "and")
[ruby-dev:5051] [BUG] String#inspect (Re: Ruby 1.3.1-990210)
[ruby-dev:5054] little bug in lib/weakref.rb
[ruby-dev:5061] Re: 10e9999.to_i
[ruby-dev:5075] patch (mswin32)
[ruby-dev:5083] [req] cgi-lib NPH support 
[ruby-dev:5084] [PATCH] (Re:  [PATCH] configure w/ isinf())
[ruby-dev:5085] [ruby-list:12065] Re: document|implemnt bu on Array#[x..y]
[ruby-dev:5086] [FIX] checking whether [sg]etpgrp takes no argument
[ruby-dev:5090] [PATCH] printf  %g
[ruby-dev:5092] Time#yday
[ruby-dev:5099] [PATCH] infinite loop of inspect (ruby-1.2.2)
[ruby-dev:5101] [PATCH] p [[]] (--disable-thread ruby-1.3.1-990210)
[ruby-dev:5119] Ruby 1.3.1-990215
[ruby-dev:5130] Re: [ruby-list:12091] Re: !=~
[ruby-dev:5135] nkf module (Re: Ruby 1.3.1-990215)
[ruby-dev:5136] mod_ruby-0.0.2(Re: [req] cgi-lib NPH support)
[ruby-dev:5141] [req] rb_setenv()
[ruby-dev:5164] exception
[ruby-dev:5176] mod_ruby 0.0.4
[ruby-dev:5181] Re: [ruby-list:12113] ruby 1.2.3 released
[ruby-dev:5187] [REQ][PATCH] (Re:  Re: [REQ] nand/nor/xor )
[ruby-dev:5192] Ruby 2.0 (Re:  Re: a genericity)
[ruby-dev:5196] [PATCH] Re: a genericity
[ruby-dev:5200] Bigfloat [compare to NaN]