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[ruby-dev:33972] なぜ transcode.c  の  transcode_loop で from_utf8  が特別扱い
[ruby-dev:33974] Test::Unit::Collector::Dirがtest_*.rb以外集めてくれない
[ruby-dev:33983] Re: [ruby-cvs:22913] Re: Ruby:r15674 (trunk): * gc.c (add_heap): sort heaps array in ascending order to use
[ruby-dev:33989] Hash#compare_by_identity breaks commutativity of Hash#==
[ruby-dev:33991] Maybe IRB bug!! by 09
[ruby-dev:33992] debug.rb:221:in `debug_command': undefined method `callcc' for #<DEBUGGER__::Context:0xb7a85914> (NoMethodError)
[ruby-dev:33993] Re: [ruby-cvs:22935] Ruby:r15695 (trunk): * string.c (is_utf8_lead_byte, count_utf8_lead_bytes_with_ulong):
[ruby-dev:33994] printf "[%08f]\n", 0.0/0.0
[ruby-dev:33996] No definition for sym_succ  など
[ruby-dev:34000] --program-suffix option of configure.bat(mswin32)
[ruby-dev:34002] sprintf("% e", Inf)
[ruby-dev:34005] Array#slice! may be too slow and allocate memory too much
[ruby-dev:34006] 11.divmod(3.5)
[ruby-dev:34008] local_variables contains strings
[ruby-dev:34010] RUBY_*定数のencoding
[ruby-dev:34011] Should --verbose be equal to -v ?
[ruby-dev:34019] DelegateClassのバックトレース
[ruby-dev:34020] MurmurHash problem
[ruby-dev:34021] singleton class extended by a module with module_function
[ruby-dev:34022] patch of lazy sweep gc
[ruby-dev:34030] uint32_t
[ruby-dev:34033] ruby coding guideline
[ruby-dev:34037] Ruby performance gains on SPARC
[ruby-dev:34042] IOはこれからもEnumerableなのか
[ruby-dev:34048] CGI::Cookie.new  を高速化するバッチ
[ruby-dev:34052] IO should provide #each_char and #chars
[ruby-dev:34059] putsでSEGV
[ruby-dev:34066] Bignum#div
[ruby-dev:34067] Array#take,take_while,drop,drop_whlie
[ruby-dev:34068] lgamma_r requires _REENTRANT on Solaris
[ruby-dev:34071] procを組み合わせた再帰呼び出しで例外が投げられない
[ruby-dev:34072] rb_memsearch optimization
[ruby-dev:34077] 異なるエンコーディングだと同じバイト列でも==にならない件
[ruby-dev:34086] extend spawn to change attributes of child process.
[ruby-dev:34093] 拡張ライブラリ初期化中でのmodule_eval
[ruby-dev:34094] tempfile.unlink  後に tempfile.close
[ruby-dev:34095] (再送)  Cygwin で Resolv.getaddress が失敗する
[ruby-dev:34100] delegate Kernel#{gets,readline,readlines} to ARGF
[ruby-dev:34105] rational.rb, complex.rb and mathn.rb
[ruby-dev:34109] LP64: date.rb:321:in `convert': integer 86400000000000 too big to convert to `int' (RangeError)
[ruby-dev:34112] Module#define_methodがprivateなわけ
[ruby-dev:34114] Is 'Class.new(Class)' valid?
[ruby-dev:34116] Improving Fixnum#gcd(Fixnum)
[ruby-dev:34117] backporting features from 1.9 to 1.8
[ruby-dev:34119] Process.daemon kills other threads
[ruby-dev:34122] --disable=all --enable=gems
[ruby-dev:34128] enumerator with certain built-in methods dumps core
[ruby-dev:34136] thread.c (fastthread)の状況
[ruby-dev:34144] [質問2点] C からの定数参照 & thread switching コストの低減
[ruby-dev:34150] sigsetjmp significantly slower on OSX.
[ruby-dev:34158] Complex組み込み