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[ruby-dev:33682] suggestion: PrettyPrint#group_with_breakable
[ruby-dev:33683] NUM2xxx
[ruby-dev:33687] OptionParser#onと正規表現
[ruby-dev:33693] DATAのencoding
[ruby-dev:33699] trunk: インストールファイルのアクセス権
[ruby-dev:33712] Array の product  の戻り値
[ruby-dev:33715] win32utilsの統合案
[ruby-dev:33725] ARGSCAT,ARGSPUSH
[ruby-dev:33726] Re: [ruby-cvs:22680] Ruby:r15443 (trunk): * bootstraptest/runner.rb, bootstraptest/test_method.rb, enc/depend,
[ruby-dev:33728] Rational生成に :  は使えない?
[ruby-dev:33763] cannot eval in the binding that has a singleton method
[ruby-dev:33770] actual-expected argument ordering for test_math.rb
[ruby-dev:33776] typo in ruby_1_8/ext/dl/ptr.c
[ruby-dev:33784] MatchData#{key?,has_key?}
[ruby-dev:33785] String#sub with ascii string fails to cache Regexp
[ruby-dev:33786] 1.9.0 HEAD build error (mswin32)
[ruby-dev:33792] aFixnum ** aComplex
[ruby-dev:33799] instance_eval and Module.nesting
[ruby-dev:33801] Encoding.default_external and -r option
[ruby-dev:33803] Complex(-0.0, -0.0) & Unify
[ruby-dev:33807] floating point exception by "".center(1, "\x80".force_encoding("utf-8")*40)
[ruby-dev:33810] Re: [ruby-cvs:22744] Ruby:r15507 (trunk): * string.c (str_strlen): little more optimize.
[ruby-dev:33817] Hash#identifed_by
[ruby-dev:33824] tests for coderange information
[ruby-dev:33825] Ruby M17N 会議の議事録
[ruby-dev:33837] spec of Rational
[ruby-dev:33838] 文字列処理の高速化 ?
[ruby-dev:33843] IO.copy_stream
[ruby-dev:33874] ruby-mode.el:  式展開を含む正規表現リテラルの後のインデント
[ruby-dev:33878] Re: [ruby-cvs:22790] Ruby:r15553 (trunk): * string.c (rb_enc_str_copy): added for wrapper for rb_enc_copy.
[ruby-dev:33880] Array#unshift dumps core
[ruby-dev:33881] [BUG] Segmentation fault on 'make test' (revision 15560)
[ruby-dev:33882] Fwd: [ruby-cvs:22802] Ruby:r15565 (trunk): Thu Feb 21 17:15:15 2008  Martin Duerst  <duerst@it.aoyama.ac.jp>
[ruby-dev:33883] patch for inspect
[ruby-dev:33884] memory profiling hooks
[ruby-dev:33889] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-17454 ] irb crash while iterating over all objects
[ruby-dev:33891] shadowing outer local variable
[ruby-dev:33893] CSV.parse error
[ruby-dev:33894] character encodings differ: US-ASCII and dummy encoding
[ruby-dev:33895] empty_string.ascii_only?
[ruby-dev:33916] UTF_16LE.dummy? returns false
[ruby-dev:33926] --host=i586-mingw32msvc
[ruby-dev:33937] patch for ruby_1_8_6/lib/rexml/element.rb@12852
[ruby-dev:33938] Re: [ruby-cvs:22856] Ruby:r15619 (trunk): * io.c (read_all): fix if.
[ruby-dev:33943] warning about space before argument parentheses
[ruby-dev:33944] Re: [ruby-cvs:22878] Ruby:r15641 (trunk): * string.c (rb_str_chomp_bang): now works on UTF-16.
[ruby-dev:33946] Symbol#inspect should use rb_str_inspect
[ruby-dev:33947] Ruby 1.9.0-1 snapshot released
[ruby-dev:33948] Schedule for the 1.8.7 release
[ruby-dev:33950] Ruby 1.9.0-1 build failure: error: `r15660' undeclared
[ruby-dev:33951] Ruby 1.9.0-1 repacked (Re:  Ruby 1.9.0-1 build failure: error: `r15660' undeclared)
[ruby-dev:33952] Float('1__1')
[ruby-dev:33954] Mac OS X 10.5.2でruby-1.9.0-1のmake testが失敗
[ruby-dev:33955] --encoding affects script encoding
[ruby-dev:33962] Ruby1.9.0でのインタプリタ組み込みについての質問
[ruby-dev:33966] Re: [ruby-cvs:22881] Ruby:r15644 (trunk): * test/ruby/test_m17n_comb.rb (TestM17NComb::test_str_chomp): test
[ruby-dev:33967] $SAFE=1でLoadErrorではなくInsecure operationになる
[ruby-dev:33969] ungetc and encoding (Re:  Re: --encoding affects script encoding)