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[ruby-dev:33328] can modify array during iteration
[ruby-dev:33340] Can large scale projects be successful implemented around a dynamic programming language?
[ruby-dev:33354] Re: [ruby-cvs:22447] Ruby:r15210 (trunk): * io.c (rb_io_getline_fast): the end point of left_char_head()
[ruby-dev:33359] printf "%#o\n", 0
[ruby-dev:33363] printf "%.0d\n", 0
[ruby-dev:33364] rdocのメモリ消費量がやばい
[ruby-dev:33367] printf "%#o\n", -1
[ruby-dev:33368] summary of script encoding
[ruby-dev:33377] Regexp#sourceのencoding
[ruby-dev:33380] Re: [ruby-cvs:22481] Ruby:r15244 (trunk): * string.c (rb_str_usascii_new{,2}: defined.
[ruby-dev:33387] HashからStructを作る
[ruby-dev:33388] void value expression
[ruby-dev:33392] Re: [ruby-cvs:22482] Ruby:r15245 (trunk): * compile.c, compile.h: fix stack pointer issues.
[ruby-dev:33393] 1.9.0-1 (Re:  Re: summary of script encoding)
[ruby-dev:33399] regexp match /.../n against to UTF-8 string
[ruby-dev:33400] /#{}/e.encoding
[ruby-dev:33401] _dump and encoding with marshal
[ruby-dev:33403] wrapped String#gsub
[ruby-dev:33405] wrapped String#gsub
[ruby-dev:33406] "\u3042".encoding in US-ASCII script
[ruby-dev:33409] str[idx] = num。str.encoding== nil
[ruby-dev:33411] printf "%#6.4o\n"
[ruby-dev:33415] shorter magic comment
[ruby-dev:33417] コンパイルの問題
[ruby-dev:33419] printf "%.0d\n", 0 again
[ruby-dev:33420] printf "%-05d\n", 1
[ruby-dev:33422] printf "%#.0o", 0
[ruby-dev:33433] Win32OLE: set encoding to OLE string
[ruby-dev:33449] Symbol#to_s,inspectのencoding
[ruby-dev:33452] enc/euc_kr.c (euckr_mbc_enc_len) euc_kr.c is also used by CP942
[ruby-dev:33461] Failed to make ruby-1.8.6-p111 on MacOSX 10.5(Leopard)
[ruby-dev:33468] get_destination_insn must not skip ADJUST
[ruby-dev:33469] ruby-1.9.0-0 make error
[ruby-dev:33470] next in while may dumps core
[ruby-dev:33488] 現在の script encoding の値を得る方法は?
[ruby-dev:33497] Re: [ruby-cvs:22544] Ruby:r15307 (trunk): * enc/gbk.c: add GBK, CP936 and CP949.
[ruby-dev:33502] /\x40\z/ =~ "\x81\x40".force_encoding("GBK")
[ruby-dev:33506] '0_2'.to_i
[ruby-dev:33521] nkf の CP932
[ruby-dev:33532] IO#gets raise IOError when not writable
[ruby-dev:33533] dl/test dumps core
[ruby-dev:33540] File.read(filename, :encoding => "Shift_JIS:EUC-JP")
[ruby-dev:33548] block parameter of String#gsub
[ruby-dev:33550] String#inspect may raise Exception
[ruby-dev:33561] open-uri problem