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[ruby-dev:32797] transcode_data.h  と make  (was: Re:  Re: ISO-2022-JP output for transcode)
[ruby-dev:32807] upgrading path from 1.8 to 1.9
[ruby-dev:32814] cosmetic bug of ruby-1.9.0-0 rev 14709
[ruby-dev:32815] PrimeのEnumerator対応
[ruby-dev:32819] SEGV by String#clone
[ruby-dev:32823] class TimeSpan
[ruby-dev:32825] cannot compile snapshot tarball
[ruby-dev:32828] Should ObjectSpace.each_object return an enumerator or not?
[ruby-dev:32830] rdocとencoding
[ruby-dev:32833] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-16632 ] Can't create instance of TkLabelFrame
[ruby-dev:32834] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-16634 ] Tk#bindinfo fails with: NoMethodError: undefined method 'collect' for "":String
[ruby-dev:32843] Windowでのデフォルトエンコーディング
[ruby-dev:32848] Fwd: [ruby-cvs:21983] Ruby:r14746 (trunk): * transcode.c (transcode_dispatch): allows transcoding from/to
[ruby-dev:32852] Resolv::DNS#getaddresses doesn't return IPv6 address
[ruby-dev:32854] IRB.fail
[ruby-dev:32882] emptstack dumps core
[ruby-dev:32887] clean-enc が clean に含まれていない
[ruby-dev:32890] ascii_only? bug
[ruby-dev:32892] *, z = 1 breaks stack consistency
[ruby-dev:32896] long line may dump core
[ruby-dev:32897] Makefile patch
[ruby-dev:32898] then clause needs pop for stack consistency
[ruby-dev:32904] Integer overflow on struct timespec
[ruby-dev:32905] test_should_propagate_signaled
[ruby-dev:32907] cygwin + rubygem  で install  コマンドが返ってこない
[ruby-dev:32910] NKF,Kconv
[ruby-dev:32913] openの"b"とencoding
[ruby-dev:32922] SEGV by regexp match in while loop
[ruby-dev:32932] extend Tempfile
[ruby-dev:32935] queue and timeout
[ruby-dev:32940] ripper cannot build on win32
[ruby-dev:32945] Shift_JIS variants and UTF-16 support
[ruby-dev:32946] replica と alias の違い(encoding)
[ruby-dev:32957] SEGV by Symbol#match
[ruby-dev:32970] rb_thread_create()の中でmodule_eval
[ruby-dev:32979] BOM of UTF-8
[ruby-dev:32987] error with open-uri (instance_eval?)
[ruby-dev:32988] Re: [ruby-cvs:22194] Ruby:r14957 (trunk): * encoding.c (rb_enc_init): UTF-{16,32}{BE,LE} are not builtin.
[ruby-dev:32992] ASCII is alias of US-ASCII; replica of dummy encoding is not a dummy