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[ruby-dev:32556] default completion for irb1.9
[ruby-dev:32563] transcoder loading
[ruby-dev:32565] Re: [ruby-cvs:21436] Ruby:r14199 (trunk): * io.c (rb_io_check_readable): set default external encoding to
[ruby-dev:32566] hang with write
[ruby-dev:32567] [nil, [...]]
[ruby-dev:32569] Re: [ruby-cvs:21441] Ruby:r14204 (trunk): * io.c (rb_io_getc): use default external encoding if fptr->enc is
[ruby-dev:32571] 文字コードの名前 (Re:  Re: Binary String)
[ruby-dev:32581] expandarray may mark dirty VALUE beyond stack
[ruby-dev:32585] SEGV by IO.pipe
[ruby-dev:32588] /(?<foo>...)/ =~ str assigns foo
[ruby-dev:32590] Circular dependency on AIX
[ruby-dev:32595] Re: transcode.c: new file to provide encoding conversion features.
[ruby-dev:32604] stack overflow by GC in a thread
[ruby-dev:32606] encoding loading
[ruby-dev:32608] $! == 8
[ruby-dev:32609] Re: [ruby-cvs:21475] Ruby:r14238 (trunk): * configure.in (enc/Makefile): add external encoding objects list.
[ruby-dev:32610] 1.9.1 issues left (as of 12/15)
[ruby-dev:32622] binding of caller
[ruby-dev:32624] rss and base64
[ruby-dev:32625] Re: [ruby-cvs:21528] Ruby:r14292 (trunk): more tests.
[ruby-dev:32628] Bignum#to_s doesn't check base
[ruby-dev:32629] faster Bignum#*
[ruby-dev:32631] Cygwin 上で Ruby最新版 をインストールする場合
[ruby-dev:32636] Re: [ruby-cvs:21552] Ruby:r14315 (trunk): * ext/nkf/nkf.c (NKF::_ENCODING): removed.
[ruby-dev:32640] inspect closed dir.
[ruby-dev:32641] interrupt in *
[ruby-dev:32644] unparenthesized method call with block
[ruby-dev:32645] unparenthesized method call with block
[ruby-dev:32662] encode! は変換しないときに <nil>  になってしまう。
[ruby-dev:32665] Net::POP3#enable_sslの仕様変更
[ruby-dev:32668] syntax errors on ext/tk/sample
[ruby-dev:32675] /(?<break>a)/ =~ "a"  等によるローカル変数
[ruby-dev:32677] nil.freeze in date.rb
[ruby-dev:32680] fail to compile version.c in trunk
[ruby-dev:32685] test/webrick/test_server.rb hang
[ruby-dev:32686] enum_inject の説明文
[ruby-dev:32687] Re: [ruby-cvs:21753] Ruby:r14516 (trunk): * lib/time.rb (Time.httpdate): use Time.utc for
[ruby-dev:32691] Why only inject() accepts :symbols as if it's a Proc in Enumerable?
[ruby-dev:32693] String#== is not transitive
[ruby-dev:32695] ISO-2022-JP output for transcode
[ruby-dev:32699] cygwin 上で r14576  現在の test  の失敗
[ruby-dev:32706] Fwd: RDoc: [FATAL] failed to allocate memory
[ruby-dev:32708] Enumerable can't take multiple parameters
[ruby-dev:32709] Re: [ruby-cvs:21826] Ruby:r14589 (trunk): Mon Dec 24 17:20:34 2007 NAKAMURA, Hiroshi <nahi@ruby-lang.org>
[ruby-dev:32710] \e
[ruby-dev:32713] pre-release note for the christmas release.
[ruby-dev:32715] issues left as of 12/25 2:00am JST
[ruby-dev:32718] next dumps core when poped is 0
[ruby-dev:32725] more ANSI'ize
[ruby-dev:32726] Can't build on MacOSX 10.4(Tiger) (was Re:  Re: 1.9.1 issues left (as of 12/15))
[ruby-dev:32738] issues left as of 12/25 noon JST
[ruby-dev:32740] distinguish "w" and "w:euc-jp"
[ruby-dev:32746] appendline Invalid read of size 1
[ruby-dev:32747] test-all on Debian/GNU etch
[ruby-dev:32748] resut of make test on cygwin
[ruby-dev:32753] issues left as of 12/25 15:00 JST
[ruby-dev:32756] make rdoc cause segv on OpenBSD
[ruby-dev:32763] Re: [ruby-cvs:21913] Ruby:r14676 (trunk): * trunk/common.mk, goruby.c, golf_prelude.rb: for golfers.
[ruby-dev:32765] test/ruby/test_transcode.rb  の問題
[ruby-dev:32767] result of test-all on FreeBSD 6.2
[ruby-dev:32770] gets hang
[ruby-dev:32771] undefined reference to `ruby_set_debug_option', etc.
[ruby-dev:32772] rb_thread_method_id_and_class()
[ruby-dev:32781] 1.9.0 status as of 12/25 19:00
[ruby-dev:32783] rexml
[ruby-dev:32789] ruby を --with-static-linked-ext  でビルドするとスクリプトを評価できません
[ruby-dev:32791] Re: [ruby-list:44387] [ANN] Ruby 1.9.0 is released