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[ruby-dev:32468] Iconv.list patch for NetBSD/Citrus
[ruby-dev:32473] about to_path and to_open
[ruby-dev:32475] ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/vu/canvSticker2.rb
[ruby-dev:32485] self-calling method dumps core
[ruby-dev:32493] Regexp#names, MatchData#names, MatchData#regexp
[ruby-dev:32495] \xHH
[ruby-dev:32498] Re: [ruby-cvs:21399] Ruby:r14162 (trunk): * parse.y (expr): redefinable not (!) operator.
[ruby-dev:32502] :!@.inspect
[ruby-dev:32509] ruby-core:13961での問題(Error while bulding Ruby 1.9 from snapshot 2007/12/09)
[ruby-dev:32512] Re: [ruby-cvs:21409] Ruby:r14172 (trunk): * transcode.c: new file to provide encoding conversion features.
[ruby-dev:32514] typo in lib/uri/common.rb
[ruby-dev:32518] bug in Array#slice!
[ruby-dev:32531] eigenmethod definition for BasicObjects dumps core
[ruby-dev:32536] timezone 関数が cygwin  で見つかりません
[ruby-dev:32542] Ruby の知らない encoding、あれ以外の encoding
[ruby-dev:32550] Binary String