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[ruby-dev:32267] regexp ignore case option
[ruby-dev:32268] RFLOAT_VALUE(val), DOUBLE2NUM(dbl)
[ruby-dev:32296] CGI::Session::FileStore  のデータが壊れる
[ruby-dev:32303] Integer#odd?, Integer#even?, Integer#pred for 1.8
[ruby-dev:32305] Bignum#odd?, Bignum#even? (for trunk)
[ruby-dev:32306] nanosecond Time and stat
[ruby-dev:32308] core dump with undef/alias using dynamic symbols
[ruby-dev:32309] default argument of Array#permutation
[ruby-dev:32321] 1.9のメソッドの名前
[ruby-dev:32323] IO#close_on_exec? and IO#close_on_exec=
[ruby-dev:32327] rb_internal_struct_define_class, rb_internal_struct_alloc
[ruby-dev:32329] enumerator with single array and multiple arguments.
[ruby-dev:32330] defined?($&)
[ruby-dev:32331] MatchData#begin
[ruby-dev:32332] test/ruby/test_beginendblock.rb
[ruby-dev:32333] test/ruby/test_eval.rb
[ruby-dev:32334] x=0;defined?(foo(x)) dumps core
[ruby-dev:32348] DRb test leaves ut_eval.rb process
[ruby-dev:32350] when *[],1 dumps core
[ruby-dev:32351] printf("%x\n", -2**32) prints ..f00ffffffff00000000
[ruby-dev:32352] 1.9.1のリリース時期について
[ruby-dev:32354] a[*a]+=1 dumps core
[ruby-dev:32361] Regexp#fixed_encoding?
[ruby-dev:32365] sprintf("%b", -2147483649) produces "..1"
[ruby-dev:32394] Proc 内の self の値が化ける?
[ruby-dev:32401] retry from proc-closure (LocalJumpError)
[ruby-dev:32403] Next 1.8.6 patch release? (was Re: 1.9.1のリリース時期について)
[ruby-dev:32404] SEGV on child process by fork on GC.stress.
[ruby-dev:32405] Re: [ruby-cvs:21281] Ruby:r14044 (trunk): * ext/json, lib/json, test/json: Update to JSON 1.1.2.
[ruby-dev:32406] Re: [ruby-cvs:21282] Ruby:r14045 (trunk, ruby_1_8): * parse.y (stmt): remove unnecessary NODE_BEGIN.  [ruby-core:13814]
[ruby-dev:32409] Re: [ruby-cvs:21293] Ruby:r14056 (trunk): * signal.c (trap_signm): SIGVTALRM no longer used for green
[ruby-dev:32419] compile error in ruby-trunk
[ruby-dev:32429] eval("\"\xfd".force_encoding("utf-8")) generages garbage in error message.
[ruby-dev:32430] "wrong number of arguments (6 for 2)" by def m(a, b=:b, c, d, e)
[ruby-dev:32432] eval("a"): illegal multibyte char
[ruby-dev:32433] String#inspect
[ruby-dev:32434] signature of exit() on C++
[ruby-dev:32447] ruby 1.9 trunk NKF and KCONV Encoding:ASCII-8BIT
[ruby-dev:32448] SEGV on "abcd\xf0".force_encoding("utf-8").reverse
[ruby-dev:32451] -e:1:in `conv': no implicit conversion from nil to integer (TypeError)
[ruby-dev:32452] `split': negative string size (or size too big) (ArgumentError)
[ruby-dev:32459] Enumerator raises `dead fiber called'
[ruby-dev:32462] SEGV by test/ruby/test_fiber.rb