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[ruby-dev:3146] [REQ] trace_func
[ruby-dev:3159] [BUG] complex.rb and numeric.c [Re: Enumerable#reverse ]
[ruby-dev:3184] Re: once function
[ruby-dev:3187] once routine (Re:  Re: experimental release 1.1b9_28)
[ruby-dev:3191] TkAfter
[ruby-dev:3192] TkText
[ruby-dev:3210] experimental release 1.1b9_29
[ruby-dev:3215] [BUG] a ||= 1 and a &&= 1
[ruby-dev:3218] [BUG] / дв a/i =~ " дв a"
[ruby-dev:3225] Ruby/Tk unofficial patch
[ruby-dev:3229] [BUG] ruby-mode.el
[ruby-dev:3234] sample of TkFont class 
[ruby-dev:3235] [BUG] IO#readlines and Thread
[ruby-dev:3237] [BUG] Thread.abort_on_exception
[ruby-dev:3238] [BUG] Thread.value
[ruby-dev:3239] [REQ] abort
[ruby-dev:3249] experimental release 1.1b9_30
[ruby-dev:3261] [BUG] format(nil, arg)
[ruby-dev:3263] ary_length
[ruby-dev:3267] [REQ] Thread.abort_on_exception and abort and exit
[ruby-dev:3268] pstore.rb
[ruby-dev:3283] [Request] GC methods
[ruby-dev:3285] TkWinfo .id
[ruby-dev:3292] exprimental release 1.1b9_31 (hopefully final)
[ruby-dev:3296] regexp bug? on BeOS
[ruby-dev:3298] safe level
[ruby-dev:3311] REQUEST id2name
[ruby-dev:3335] format
[ruby-dev:3336] Kanji treatment in String#inspect & mbctab definition
[ruby-dev:3343] [Bug?] attr_???
[ruby-dev:3344] tk.rb patch (for ruby-1.1c0)