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[ruby-dev:31323] Bignum#to_s の Karatsuba  基数変換による高速化
[ruby-dev:31330] Rubyアソシエーション設立のご報告
[ruby-dev:31333] Invalid error message by illegal regexp
[ruby-dev:31344] IO.popen with an array in trunk
[ruby-dev:31345] RDoc i18n化パッチ
[ruby-dev:31349] Array#[]=(pos, length, val) and Array#[]=(range, val)
[ruby-dev:31351] set_trace_func NULL pointer given
[ruby-dev:31356] nmake don't have $< macro
[ruby-dev:31357] invalid string for Date.parse
[ruby-dev:31360] infinite loop at peephole optimization
[ruby-dev:31361] retry neglects signals
[ruby-dev:31362] typo in enum.c
[ruby-dev:31371] simultaneous exceptions dump core
[ruby-dev:31372] jump in rescue clause in eval dumps core
[ruby-dev:31373] jump in ensure dumps core
[ruby-dev:31374] ARGF.each_byte yields a string
[ruby-dev:31376] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-9490 ] Date module, step method, infinite loop if +step+ is 0 should raise an exception?
[ruby-dev:31377] Re: [ ruby-Patches-11719 ] add a :passive option to open-uri's open method
[ruby-dev:31378] Re: [ ruby-Patches-11954 ] CGI::HTTP_STATUS is incomplete
[ruby-dev:31379] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-10646 ] Failure parsing dates returned by WIN32OLE
[ruby-dev:31380] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-1823 ] NUM2UINT and rb_num2ull do not rase RangeError for negative Fixnum
[ruby-dev:31397] File exists - /tmp/bootstraptest.tmpwd
[ruby-dev:31403] Re: [ ruby-Bugs-3361 ] Ruby 1.8.4 parse errors
[ruby-dev:31404] negative allocation size in rb_f_sprintf
[ruby-dev:31407] [BUG] Stack consistency error (sp: 11, bp: 12)
[ruby-dev:31416] Dir.mktmpdir
[ruby-dev:31417] Process.euid [BUG] Segmentation fault
[ruby-dev:31420] method `method_missing' called on terminated object (0xb7cbd6dc) (NotImplementedError)
[ruby-dev:31424] Re: [ruby-cvs:20177] Re: Ruby:r12931 (trunk): * io.c (argf_close): always close via method.
[ruby-dev:31434] LP64: -0x10000000000000001 << -0x80000001
[ruby-dev:31437] yield [0] to {|*,v|}
[ruby-dev:31438] /bin/sh: BASERUBY@: command not found
[ruby-dev:31439] typo in ChangeLog
[ruby-dev:31440] yield [1] to {|v,&b| p v }
[ruby-dev:31448] Ruby's (new) Bizarre Operator(s)
[ruby-dev:31462] Dir.mktmpdir for 1.8
[ruby-dev:31464] lambda {|a| p a }.call(1,2)
[ruby-dev:31470] nested fiber invocation
[ruby-dev:31472] lambda {|&b|}.call(3)
[ruby-dev:31473] setter of $!
[ruby-dev:31475] lambda {|(v0,v1),v2|}.call([1],2)
[ruby-dev:31480] trunk/test/ruby/test_proc.rb:127
[ruby-dev:31481] trunk/test/test_time.rb
[ruby-dev:31492] SEGV: def m() yield [] end; m(&lambda {|*v| p v})
[ruby-dev:31502] {|(a,a)|}
[ruby-dev:31507] {|(a)|} assigns outer local variable
[ruby-dev:31511] trunk/test/ruby/test_eval.rb
[ruby-dev:31522] a, a = 1, 2
[ruby-dev:31525] いくつかのバグ報告と提案(5点)