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[ruby-dev:28456] Kconv.to* と -m0
[ruby-dev:28464] send SIGALRM to thread
[ruby-dev:28466] instance_eval
[ruby-dev:28470] cgi.rbを使ったファイルアップロードについて
[ruby-dev:28471] aliasとcaller
[ruby-dev:28474] LEGALファイルについて
[ruby-dev:28476] String#to_fなどにおける特別な文字列の扱い
[ruby-dev:28481] __method__ (was Re: aliasとcaller)
[ruby-dev:28495] FileTestとFileの関係
[ruby-dev:28498] proc & block
[ruby-dev:28501] rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit() の実行中かどうかを知りたい
[ruby-dev:28508] rb_obj_instance_exec
[ruby-dev:28509] Rational
[ruby-dev:28555] 鬼車パフォーマンス
[ruby-dev:28563] Proxy authentication patches for open-uri and rubygems
[ruby-dev:28569] rational 1.01
[ruby-dev:28570] 1.9/mathn:  method `gcd2' not defined in Integer
[ruby-dev:28577] Re: [ruby-cvs:16498] ruby/lib, ruby: * lib/rational.rb (Integer::gcd): replaced by gcd4 in
[ruby-dev:28580] Re: [ruby-cvs:16437] ruby/test/ruby, ruby/test/drb, ruby: * eval.c (eval): no need to push ruby_class.
[ruby-dev:28582] 1.instance_eval "C, D = *[1,2]"  でsegv
[ruby-dev:28583] Re: OP_ASGN1 and OP_ASGN2 allow calling of private operators and problem with splat
[ruby-dev:28589] Float#div and Float#divmod [AGAIN]
[ruby-dev:28598] bug of regex.c (1.8)
[ruby-dev:28600] IO.popen raise Errno::EBADF
[ruby-dev:28601] unpack("M")
[ruby-dev:28606] ;;が通らなくなってる
[ruby-dev:28610] openssl aes-*-cbc is broken
[ruby-dev:28614] set_trace_func dumps core
[ruby-dev:28616] win32ole/test_folderitem2_invokeverb.rb:6:in `require': no such file to load -- win32ole (LoadError)
[ruby-dev:28619] strtod in 1.8.4 stable snapshot
[ruby-dev:28627] ossl_cipher.c:124: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
[ruby-dev:28632] set_trace_func dumps core (2)
[ruby-dev:28633] load_to(file, mod)
[ruby-dev:28634] [BUG] run with -rprofile -rtest/unit
[ruby-dev:28636] inspect for overriden method
[ruby-dev:28644] ruby_strtodの精度
[ruby-dev:28649] cgi.rbのUTF-8対応について
[ruby-dev:28653] create header (Re:  Re: ossl_cipher.c:124: warning: control reaches end of non-void function)
[ruby-dev:28663] Re: [ruby-cvs:16745] ruby, ruby/ext/socket: * rubyio.h (rb_io_set_nonblock): declared.
[ruby-dev:28665] dlでメモリリークなど
[ruby-dev:28677] `Socket#unpack_sockaddr_un': sockaddr_un size differs - 15 required; 110 given (TypeError)