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[ruby-dev:27996] 時刻リテラル、ってどうですか?
[ruby-dev:27997] 1.8.4 documents?
[ruby-dev:28001] test_binary(TestSprintf):<"..1"> expected but was <"..1\216l">.
[ruby-dev:28010] IA64 BSPSTORE
[ruby-dev:28021] Re: 1.8.4 documents? (2005-09-21 .. 2005-09-24)
[ruby-dev:28034] dlモジュールの修正の可否
[ruby-dev:28041] // C++ style comment in signal.c
[ruby-dev:28045] 1.8.4 what remains?
[ruby-dev:28074] test/soap use fixed port 17171
[ruby-dev:28076] instance_eval "super" segfaults
[ruby-dev:28078] error message for super in aliased Kernel method
[ruby-dev:28082] ruby_1_8 Segmentation fault on Cygwin
[ruby-dev:28087] test(?-, file1, file2)
[ruby-dev:28092] Re: 1.8.x, YAML, and release management
[ruby-dev:28093] 1.8.4 preview遅れます
[ruby-dev:28095] ruby 1.8.4 preview3
[ruby-dev:28096] Cygwin での ruby 1.8.4 preview 3 のテスト結果
[ruby-dev:28107] Process.exec
[ruby-dev:28109] Kernel#fail
[ruby-dev:28118] ruby 1.8.4 released
[ruby-dev:28121] post_connection_check with javacc.dev.java.net
[ruby-dev:28127] Intel C++ Compiler and HP aC++/ANSI C on IA64
[ruby-dev:28132] test/drbのtimeout
[ruby-dev:28138] test/soapのtimeout
[ruby-dev:28140] ia64-hpux11.23/socket.sl: this executable file can't load extension libraries (LoadError)
[ruby-dev:28146] calling a method defined in $SAFE=4
[ruby-dev:28148] WIN32OLE_EVENT#on_event on ruby-1.9
[ruby-dev:28154] thread based generator.rb
[ruby-dev:28176] eval() uses ruby_cbase as ruby_class
[ruby-dev:28177] Generator dumps core
[ruby-dev:28178] accessing ruby_cbase (nil) dumps core
[ruby-dev:28179] accessing constant variables in instance_eval dumps core
[ruby-dev:28181] zsuper (with define_method) dumps core
[ruby-dev:28182] generator.rb deadlocks
[ruby-dev:28184] test_each(TC_SyncEnumerator) fails.
[ruby-dev:28186] cvar from instance_eval
[ruby-dev:28198] define_method with global function
[ruby-dev:28200] the recent page of Ruby's manual  is sorted reversely
[ruby-dev:28206] stopping only thread (ThreadError)
[ruby-dev:28209] 1.8.4 lib/zlib extconf.rb for win32
[ruby-dev:28211] GC.stress
[ruby-dev:28214] alias で別名付けできないメソッドがある?
[ruby-dev:28217] ANDCALL operator (Re: [ruby-list:41768] Re:  nilの扱い)
[ruby-dev:28223] FYI: Fix bug: FileUtils.mv() does not unlink source file when moving over filesystem boundaries
[ruby-dev:28225] Re: const_defined? behavior
[ruby-dev:28230] bcc32 memory manager