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[ruby-dev:27140] [PATCH] File#chown(nil, nil)
[ruby-dev:27141] Interix3 (SFU)サポート
[ruby-dev:27145] test_fileutils fail
[ruby-dev:27150] test_readline.rb blocks on NetBSD.
[ruby-dev:27152] File.expand_path(Pathname.new("a"))
[ruby-dev:27156] close error smashes an exception in a block
[ruby-dev:27167] Attatched script dumps core(Re: ruby-1.8.3 status for release)
[ruby-dev:27185] PIPE_BUF is not defined
[ruby-dev:27202] test_dbm and test_gdbm on FC4
[ruby-dev:27222] (nil while true) won't switch thread (Re: ruby-1.8.3 status for release)
[ruby-dev:27226] world writable dir with sticky bit
[ruby-dev:27233] yaml warnig in verbose mode
[ruby-dev:27242] Ruby 1.8.3 released
[ruby-dev:27248] glob from command line still broken in djgpp?
[ruby-dev:27251] 脆弱性レポート翻訳者募集
[ruby-dev:27262] [rails:373] Ruby-1.8.3正式版に変えたらエラー
[ruby-dev:27270] ext/tk/sample/demos-en/tcolor.bak
[ruby-dev:27275] release schedule plan for 1.8.4
[ruby-dev:27281] env -i make; fails.
[ruby-dev:27297] warning of yaml/basenode.rb
[ruby-dev:27302] warning: 'cdecl' attribute directive ignored
[ruby-dev:27310] RSSが見えない
[ruby-dev:27312] many net/http related test failures (Re: [ruby-cvs:15621] ruby, ruby/test/net/http: * test/net/http/test_http.rb: new file.)
[ruby-dev:27314] test/ripper error (directory cannot be opened on windows)
[ruby-dev:27316] OptionParser doesn't raise when given h
[ruby-dev:27317] sizeof(FILE)
[ruby-dev:27318] Re: [ruby-cvs:15644] ruby, ruby/lib: * lib/optparse.rb (RequiredArgument#parse): not consume unmatched
[ruby-dev:27321] RubyGemsとOS platformとの関係
[ruby-dev:27324] ext/digest on DrafonFly
[ruby-dev:27331] possible SEGV in rb_autoload_load?
[ruby-dev:27334] File#read にゴミがつく
[ruby-dev:27335] tcl 8.0 の環境で tcltklib がコンパイルできない
[ruby-dev:27371] closing duplicated standard output
[ruby-dev:27383] missing ;
[ruby-dev:27384] yaml and pp dump core
[ruby-dev:27389] typo in strscan.c?
[ruby-dev:27399] integer overflow (Re: [ruby-cvs:15696] ruby/test/xmlrpc, ruby/test/dbm, ruby/sample, ruby/lib/xmlrpc, ruby/lib, ruby: * range.c (rb_range_beg_len): should return Qfalse for non-range)
[ruby-dev:27402] Re: [ruby-list:41204] Re: ruby  1.8.3がtDiary 2.0.2でSEGV
[ruby-dev:27406] Ripper.new("").parse blocks