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[ruby-dev:26493] can't handle \c\
[ruby-dev:26504] too many arguments for format string
[ruby-dev:26508] rmdir(2) on windows doesn't set ENOTDIR
[ruby-dev:26516] logger.rb
[ruby-dev:26523] configure in snapshot
[ruby-dev:26530] removing static variables in parse.y
[ruby-dev:26533] syserror() returns string terminated with return code
[ruby-dev:26542] bug-report
[ruby-dev:26553] constify socket functions (win32)
[ruby-dev:26562] compile error of ext/io/wait/wait.c
[ruby-dev:26566] cannot compile io.c on windows
[ruby-dev:26574] SystemCallError.new("abc") => #<SystemCallError: unknown error - ab>
[ruby-dev:26592] nkf constification
[ruby-dev:26594] test_s_open_lock failed on Solaris
[ruby-dev:26600] isnan()の整理
[ruby-dev:26605] ext/tk/sample/multi-tk.rb
[ruby-dev:26610] io.cのsys/ioctl.hのインクルード条件
[ruby-dev:26616] public method
[ruby-dev:26618] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/ext/socket, ruby, ruby: * ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_connect): break immediately if a
[ruby-dev:26621] ripper compile error
[ruby-dev:26622] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby: * parse.y (f_arg): better argument name duplication check
[ruby-dev:26623] Ruby2.0BlockParameterNotation
[ruby-dev:26628] show information of '--enable-pthread'
[ruby-dev:26639] SEGV at zsuper with anonymous rest args.
[ruby-dev:26664] refactoring tcltklib.c (deleted ip check)
[ruby-dev:26676] refactoring tcltklib.c (Tcl_GetStringResult)
[ruby-dev:26677] Ping.pingecho should rescue StandardError
[ruby-dev:26688] ruby  がサポートする  tcl/tk  のバージョン
[ruby-dev:26711] --with-static-linked-extするとrequireできないライブラリがある