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[ruby-dev:25481] warnings from irb and readline
[ruby-dev:25486] process to merge ruby-dl2
[ruby-dev:25491] undefined NKF.guess_old is used in kconv.rb
[ruby-dev:25492] space before argument parentheses
[ruby-dev:25495] To commit cgi/session.rb in HEAD is forgotten
[ruby-dev:25496] ruby 1.8.2 feature is completed
[ruby-dev:25498] To commit pstore.rb in HEAD is forgotten
[ruby-dev:25499] cgi-lib.rb, getopts.rb, parsearg.rb and importenv.rb are not deprecated in 1.8.2
[ruby-dev:25500] priority between commandline option and RUBYOPT env variable
[ruby-dev:25508] Fw: DateTime questions [newbie]
[ruby-dev:25520] pack cannot convert nil into Integer
[ruby-dev:25522] merge tcltklib and tk
[ruby-dev:25570] xmalloc and free (with win32 mod_ruby)
[ruby-dev:25574] flockの動作 (with win32 mod_ruby)
[ruby-dev:25587] imported Oniguruma 3.5.4
[ruby-dev:25590] Can I copy doc/irb/irb.rd.ja to the reference Wiki?
[ruby-dev:25592] irb history saving feature is not in ruby 1.8
[ruby-dev:25617] NKF: UTF-8のQエンコード
[ruby-dev:25618] StringIO#truncate doesn't memzero an extended part
[ruby-dev:25623] StringIO#close and other methods return self
[ruby-dev:25627] 開発者リスト
[ruby-dev:25629] StringIO#pos= and others are allowed after closed
[ruby-dev:25632] ripper/tokenizer (LoadError)
[ruby-dev:25635] release schedule plan for 1.8.3 (Re:  Re: irb history saving feature is not in ruby 1.8)
[ruby-dev:25636] [Oniguruma 3.X] reggnu.c
[ruby-dev:25640] Can I copy doc/forwardable.rd.ja to the reference Wiki?
[ruby-dev:25641] Can I copy doc/shell.rd.ja and others to the reference Wiki?
[ruby-dev:25647] C level set_trace_func
[ruby-dev:25655] openssl binding for SSL_CTX_set_default_verify_paths and X509_STORE_set_default_paths
[ruby-dev:25658] ext/digestと暗号ライブラリ
[ruby-dev:25667] 空のuserのURI.parse
[ruby-dev:25673] https proxy authentication
[ruby-dev:25674] New Generator
[ruby-dev:25675] Etc.getgrman が正しくない結果を返す
[ruby-dev:25676] Oniguruma segv
[ruby-dev:25685] bigdecimal/*.rb
[ruby-dev:25687] ERB::Util (was Re:  bigdecimal/*.rb)
[ruby-dev:25692] imported Oni Guruma 3.6.0
[ruby-dev:25698] skip tests, again
[ruby-dev:25699] readline.so should use rl_outstream
[ruby-dev:25700] BUG on thread and block?
[ruby-dev:25707] (null) in caller
[ruby-dev:25712] core dump with GC in rb_thread_save_context
[ruby-dev:25713] pthread trouble on sighandler