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[ruby-dev:25273] File#write doesn't write when 'w+' mode
[ruby-dev:25283] 1.8.2 preview4
[ruby-dev:25285] Process.groups= dumps core again
[ruby-dev:25287] patch for ruby/tk version info
[ruby-dev:25291] GC problem assistant
[ruby-dev:25292] tkutil is installed on no tcl/tk environment
[ruby-dev:25299] Re: リリース準備
[ruby-dev:25302] test_readline.rb blocks on BSD again
[ruby-dev:25309] Zlib memory leak ([ruby-list:39235])
[ruby-dev:25312] IO.select dumps core
[ruby-dev:25325] require "openssl" dumps core
[ruby-dev:25336] webrick/httpauth.rb must require 'base64'
[ruby-dev:25339] test_cp_r(TestFileUtils) fail: entry data/a != tmp/data/a
[ruby-dev:25341] String#center dumps core
[ruby-dev:25342] 1.9.0でbcc版がコンパイルできない
[ruby-dev:25346] rlim_t in process.c
[ruby-dev:25353] tcltklib patch (Re:  リリース準備)
[ruby-dev:25359] OpenSSL::Netscape::SPKI#challenge= dumps core
[ruby-dev:25362] net/telnet.rbでのNULの扱い
[ruby-dev:25365] method(:p).to_proc.call([])
[ruby-dev:25366] bmcall() causes core dump
[ruby-dev:25367] String#ljust dumps core again
[ruby-dev:25369] FileUtils.copy_stream(ARGF, STDOUT)
[ruby-dev:25370] FileUtils.copy_stream on nonblocking IO
[ruby-dev:25372] OpenSSL::PKCS12.create dumps core
[ruby-dev:25373] Module#autoload? dumps core
[ruby-dev:25381] ARGF.readpartial
[ruby-dev:25383] test_copy_entry(TestFileUtils) fail: entry data/all != tmp/all
[ruby-dev:25384] test fail: drb/drb.rb:836:in `initialize': Address already in use - bind(2) (Errno::EADDRINUSE)
[ruby-dev:25387] rinda test fail
[ruby-dev:25392] use /dev/urandom for srand if possible
[ruby-dev:25396] rand uniformity
[ruby-dev:25403] rand problems
[ruby-dev:25412] test_digest (Re:  Re:  1.9.0でbcc版がコンパイルできない)
[ruby-dev:25413] class Foo p self; end
[ruby-dev:25414] 1.9.0で使用済みソケットが回収されない?
[ruby-dev:25422] wide-getaddrinfo
[ruby-dev:25425] Re: -O3
[ruby-dev:25426] srand(1<<100000000) dumps core
[ruby-dev:25430] 1.8 warn nonblocking IO#read and add IO#readpartial
[ruby-dev:25440] test_mkdir(TestFileUtils) fails on NetBSD 2.0
[ruby-dev:25446] DATA.read skips some characters
[ruby-dev:25464] define_method can transplant Array#[]= to a module
[ruby-dev:25472] [BUG?] global scope @ivar
[ruby-dev:25475] Ruby/DL2: call for reviews
[ruby-dev:25479] some problems on ext/tk/sample/**/*.rb