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[ruby-dev:24460] IO#gets("\377")
[ruby-dev:24461] IO#gets dumps core
[ruby-dev:24462] Enumerable#sort_by dumps core^3 (Re: )
[ruby-dev:24463] Enumerable#each_with_index causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24464] DelegateClass#clone
[ruby-dev:24465] Re: DelegateClass(superclass)#clone
[ruby-dev:24467] DBM#select: `select': wrong argument type false (expected Data) (TypeError)
[ruby-dev:24474] 乱数生成器 Randomモジュール
[ruby-dev:24476] Zlib::Deflate#avail_out= dumps core, etc.
[ruby-dev:24479] IO#read(nil, str) dumps core
[ruby-dev:24481] can't build ruby 1.9.0 on mswin32
[ruby-dev:24487] Dir.glob dumps core
[ruby-dev:24489] number of arguments of rb_reg_initialize
[ruby-dev:24490] DBM#delete_if dumps core
[ruby-dev:24491] statically linked nkf and kconv
[ruby-dev:24492] require dumps core
[ruby-dev:24493] Init_stack prototype
[ruby-dev:24499] Enumerable::Enumerator#each_slice dumps core
[ruby-dev:24500] select ARGF
[ruby-dev:24503] Socket.getservbyname dumps core
[ruby-dev:24504] Enumerable#to_a dumps core
[ruby-dev:24505] File::open and mode 'w+'
[ruby-dev:24507] test_truncate_rbuf fails
[ruby-dev:24508] xsd/charset.rb warning fix
[ruby-dev:24510] Zlib::Deflate#<< dumps core
[ruby-dev:24515] Marshal.load causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24517] ftp without localfile and protocol command
[ruby-dev:24519] raise dumps core
[ruby-dev:24522] tkutil.c : 1.8  へのバックポート
[ruby-dev:24526] A class of return value of Array#*
[ruby-dev:24529] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/lib/xsd, ruby/lib/cgi/session, ruby/lib, ruby/ext/zlib, ruby/ext/win32ole, ruby/ext/socket, ruby/ext/enumerator, ruby/ext/dbm, ruby/ext/bigdecimal, ruby: * io.c (read_all): block string buffer modification during
[ruby-dev:24530] Zlib::Deflate#deflate causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24536] 「Rubyの落し方」 v.s. ruby_1_8
[ruby-dev:24537] No warning when using alias with exsisting method name
[ruby-dev:24540] IO#readpartial dumps core
[ruby-dev:24547] build problem: `ruby_debug_lines' undeclared
[ruby-dev:24548] Zlib::Deflate#avail_out= causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24552] temporarily frozen string causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24556] Segmentation fault in ri
[ruby-dev:24558] String#include? ?\x80
[ruby-dev:24561] PStore#transaction
[ruby-dev:24562] Zlib::GzipReader#read causes core dump
[ruby-dev:24565] warning: discarding old m2
[ruby-dev:24568] Zlib::Deflate.deflate dumps core
[ruby-dev:24569] ordered hash
[ruby-dev:24571] Set#clone (was:  Re: DelegateClass(superclass)#clone)
[ruby-dev:24572] test_zlib.rb dumps core
[ruby-dev:24575] Re: Set#clone
[ruby-dev:24576] --with-libc_r on FreeBSD
[ruby-dev:24578] test_zlib.rb failure: Zlib::GzipFile::Error: unexpected end of file
[ruby-dev:24579] raising zlib dumps core
[ruby-dev:24583] memory leak in 1.9
[ruby-dev:24587] raise dumps core again
[ruby-dev:24590] File.exist?( "//Edicube-02/tk/.test" ) が false を返す。
[ruby-dev:24594] unpack("p") dumps core
[ruby-dev:24595] NKF(nkf2)をCVS Headに入れます
[ruby-dev:24599] 1.8.2 preview3?
[ruby-dev:24602] ARGF.pos= dumps core
[ruby-dev:24621] Zlib::Deflate#flush_next_in causes core dump on 1.8
[ruby-dev:24624] ARGF.read(10) dumps core
[ruby-dev:24625] OpenStruct can't be dumped
[ruby-dev:24627] raising zlib dumps core again
[ruby-dev:24628] -n option dumps core
[ruby-dev:24634] ruby-mode doesn't recognize close-paren after heredoc-identifier
[ruby-dev:24638] Can't make ruby 1.9 on NetBSD
[ruby-dev:24639] prerequisite bison (Re:  Can't make ruby 1.9 on NetBSD)
[ruby-dev:24641] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/lib, ruby/ext/zlib, ruby: * eval.c (ruby_cleanup): ruby_finalize_1 may cause exception,
[ruby-dev:24642] Enumerable#sort_by dumps core again^4
[ruby-dev:24643] oniguruma: undefined bytecode (bug): /(?:(?:[a]*[a])?b)*a*$/ (RegexpError)
[ruby-dev:24645] oniguruma: big regexp dumps core