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[ruby-dev:23854] class in singleton class
[ruby-dev:23855] Are these comittable?
[ruby-dev:23859] arguments to Thread.start
[ruby-dev:23864] avalue and break in C block
[ruby-dev:23869] warning about string =~ string and ~string
[ruby-dev:23871] syntax error
[ruby-dev:23876] cgi, cgi/session
[ruby-dev:23883] [bug] strtod(".") should raise ArgumentError
[ruby-dev:23884] Ruby 1.8.2 preview1にむけて
[ruby-dev:23888] super in Method
[ruby-dev:23891] openssl test failed
[ruby-dev:23922] ruby 1.8.2 preview1
[ruby-dev:23946] [mswin32][ruby1.8.2] $?.pid == 0
[ruby-dev:23963] bcc32 {f,fd,fs}open
[ruby-dev:23965] WEBrick::HTTPUtils.escape(" ")
[ruby-dev:23967] WEBrick::HTTPUtils.escape and URI.escape
[ruby-dev:23970] ruby_1_8  のバイナリ互換
[ruby-dev:23971] typo in inf-ruby.el
[ruby-dev:23973] 引数の上書きとsuper
[ruby-dev:23977] テスト4
[ruby-dev:23979] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby: * eval.c (rb_eval): copy on write for argument local variable
[ruby-dev:23984] tempfile not removed.
[ruby-dev:23989] core dump with calling private concat inherited from Array
[ruby-dev:23991] 1.8.2-preview2?
[ruby-dev:23995] String#each -> String#each_char
[ruby-dev:24001] ruby-mode.el のインデント
[ruby-dev:24006] core dump with drb in test
[ruby-dev:24013] loop{proc{}}でメモリリーク?
[ruby-dev:24019] [security] security hole was found on PuTTY
[ruby-dev:24028] --disable-shared --with-static-linked-ext problems
[ruby-dev:24030] Process.daemon
[ruby-dev:24032] RDtool標準添付希望
[ruby-dev:24034] bdb-0.5.0のtests/btree.rbでsegv