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[ruby-dev:23443] [Oniguruma] Version 2.2.8
[ruby-dev:23452] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby: * process.c: Recover wrongly removed spaces at end of the lines.
[ruby-dev:23460] open("|...").each
[ruby-dev:23463] [OSX?] socket.c ipaddr()
[ruby-dev:23465] Re [ruby-talk:99318] 0.0000000000000000001 == 0.0 should be false
[ruby-dev:23466] warning for tkutil.c
[ruby-dev:23473] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/ext/dbm: * parse.y (string_content): turn off NODE_NEWLINE flag to avoid
[ruby-dev:23474] [BUG] rb_gc_mark(): unknown data type 0x18(0x9728508) non object
[ruby-dev:23478] to_open
[ruby-dev:23480] [BUG] numeric.c (flo_to_s) broken?
[ruby-dev:23481] OBJ_FROZEN_P ?
[ruby-dev:23487] core dump by delete_if on 1.8
[ruby-dev:23488] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby, ruby/ext, ruby/lib, ruby/lib/test/unit/ui/console, ruby/test, ruby/test/drb, ruby/test/ruby, ruby/test/soap/calc: * ext/extmk.rb (extmake): skip uncompiled extensions.
[ruby-dev:23489] ruby-mode.el: if defined?(super)
[ruby-dev:23491] net/telnet does not allow login to non-Unix system
[ruby-dev:23492] ruby 1.8.1 (2004-05-13) has 7 failures and 3 errors
[ruby-dev:23511] [Oniguruma] Version 3.0.0
[ruby-dev:23513] make test failed in bcc32 (ruby_1_8)
[ruby-dev:23520] DBM::READER
[ruby-dev:23522] `getnameinfo': expecting String or Array (TypeError)
[ruby-dev:23525] gdbm 1.7.3
[ruby-dev:23533] Ruby2.0 spec summary around parameters and variables
[ruby-dev:23541] Re [SEGV] test/drb/test_drb.rb (bcc32 + ruby1.9.0)
[ruby-dev:23550] Socket.new(Socket::AF_INET, Socket::SOCK_STREAM, 0) dumps core with ruby-1.8.2
[ruby-dev:23560] RegexpError: undefined bytecode (bug)
[ruby-dev:23562] HEAD's test/cvs failed on windows
[ruby-dev:23566] try_run in ext/tcltklib/extconf.rb
[ruby-dev:23567] PStoreを継承しやすく
[ruby-dev:23572] keyword argments (Ruby2.0 spec)
[ruby-dev:23608] ruby_1_8 (2004-05-24) has 4 failures and 1 error
[ruby-dev:23615] console freezed on test/drb/drbtest.rb : test_06_timeout (bcc32)
[ruby-dev:23616] [Oniguruma] Version 3.1.0 and 2.2.9
[ruby-dev:23619] Timeout and ConditionVariable#wait
[ruby-dev:23628] [uri.rb] non-hierarchical URI with a fragment
[ruby-dev:23630] NEWOBJ() in dfree