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[ruby-dev:22360] [BUG] coredump with assignment operator
[ruby-dev:22365] [VMS] io.cへの変更のmerge
[ruby-dev:22366] `to_s': method `to_s' overridden (TypeError)
[ruby-dev:22367] sdbm: cannot insert after SPLTMAX attempts.
[ruby-dev:22371] [Oniguruma] Version 2.0.0
[ruby-dev:22372] Invalid read of size 1 in ruby_re_compile_pattern (regex.c:2374)
[ruby-dev:22375] win32 thread
[ruby-dev:22384] (none)
[ruby-dev:22385] Tk.callback_break causes seg-fault or hang-up
[ruby-dev:22389] patches for i386-os2-emx
[ruby-dev:22403] dlfcn.h on NetBSD
[ruby-dev:22418] ruby-1.8.1 build failed on HP-UX 11.11
[ruby-dev:22427] Array#pack('I') cause exception while msb is on
[ruby-dev:22432] (無題)
[ruby-dev:22433] ARGF.read(nil)
[ruby-dev:22434] ruby -i.bak -e 'p ARGF.read' with unrenamable file
[ruby-dev:22435] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby: * io.c (rb_f_backquote): need not to check nil result.
[ruby-dev:22458] ARGF.readline may return nil
[ruby-dev:22460] ARGF.lineno at beginning
[ruby-dev:22465] ARGF.each_byte returns nil
[ruby-dev:22469] ARGF.each {|x| ARGF.eof? } and number of Ctrl-Ds.
[ruby-dev:22489] unpack("N") broken on Alpha
[ruby-dev:22494] [ANN] YARV: Yet another RubyVM 0.0.0-
[ruby-dev:22498] module_function for inherited method
[ruby-dev:22503] can't require
[ruby-dev:22507] Re: config.h generated for MVC not usable to compile an app with BCC 5.5 (PR#1242)
[ruby-dev:22518] core dump with delete_if
[ruby-dev:22519] wrong Content-Length format error on net/http