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[ruby-dev:22080] configure 時の CPPFLAGS や 鳴凸素
[ruby-dev:22082] Re: configure   時のCPPFLAGS や
[ruby-dev:22094] optparseのsample
[ruby-dev:22109] diffコマンドのオプションは?
[ruby-dev:22119] ENV on OS/2 with EMX
[ruby-dev:22120] invalid parameter to fcntl in drb.rb
[ruby-dev:22121] URI.regexp
[ruby-dev:22132] drb test failure
[ruby-dev:22134] [PATCH] exception list in rescue
[ruby-dev:22142] OSX Cocoaフレームワークへの対応
[ruby-dev:22144] core dump with ObjectSpace.each_object.
[ruby-dev:22167] 1.8.1 preview3
[ruby-dev:22173] iconv map_charset on Solaris
[ruby-dev:22181] warning: `swap16' redefined
[ruby-dev:22190] override private methods
[ruby-dev:22193] 自己代入演算子とスレッドのロックについて
[ruby-dev:22195] IO::for_io and TCPServer#bind
[ruby-dev:22205] yet another inconsistency about EOF between StringIO and IO
[ruby-dev:22207] not s.equal?(STDIN.read(nil, s).object_id)
[ruby-dev:22208] ERB#filename
[ruby-dev:22226] "'" escape on CGI#escapeHTML
[ruby-dev:22235] block to method by proc
[ruby-dev:22237] File#link in environments without link()
[ruby-dev:22238] errors in test/fileutils
[ruby-dev:22251] lib/fileutils.rb
[ruby-dev:22289] mswin32 optimize
[ruby-dev:22299] runit/cui/testrunner.rb:26:in `run': uninitialized constant RUNIT::CUI::TestRunner::NORMAL
[ruby-dev:22307] "rdoc -r" causes SEGV
[ruby-dev:22308] ruby-mode.elでのインデント
[ruby-dev:22316] invalid superclass for Class#initialize
[ruby-dev:22325] Array.dup.new
[ruby-dev:22329] [0x80000000].pack("U")
[ruby-dev:22330] core dump with ungetc
[ruby-dev:22344] pack('N') broken on 64bit platforms
[ruby-dev:22356] (OSX) TCPServer.open(hostname, 0)