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[ruby-dev:19980] ""*n
[ruby-dev:19987] Re: I quote: "Maybe IRB bug!!"
[ruby-dev:19989] net/pop.rb problem on 1.8
[ruby-dev:19991] [1,2,3,4] * (1<<30)
[ruby-dev:19992] lib/date
[ruby-dev:20007] SEGV on File.stat(String.allocate)
[ruby-dev:20012] radix from 2 through 36
[ruby-dev:20014] performance test script?
[ruby-dev:20015] system in Dir.chdir
[ruby-dev:20024] pai.rb
[ruby-dev:20025] Re: File::expand_path amok
[ruby-dev:20029] Re: Possible bug?
[ruby-dev:20030] Can't get DLL's path in WinCE
[ruby-dev:20033] Exception#initialize
[ruby-dev:20036] Re: Roundoff problem with Float and Marshal
[ruby-dev:20037] test failed on mswin32
[ruby-dev:20038] bigdecimal/lib
[ruby-dev:20047] Array#indexes and Array#select
[ruby-dev:20049] line number in warning
[ruby-dev:20067] failed to build ruby on HURD
[ruby-dev:20073] ARGF.read doesn't stop on the end of arguments
[ruby-dev:20080] make failed with "--enable-shared"
[ruby-dev:20082] stack overflow in fib.rb on WinCE
[ruby-dev:20083] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/ext: BigDecimal dir. rearrangement according to the suggestions from Minero Aoki.
[ruby-dev:20097] jcode.rb
[ruby-dev:20104] does /\n$/ match with "\n"?
[ruby-dev:20112] Marshal.foreach
[ruby-dev:20116] Array#map
[ruby-dev:20127] protected_instance_methods(true)
[ruby-dev:20138] fileutils.rb feature change
[ruby-dev:20140] scope-in-state and import-module
[ruby-dev:20149] net/pop.rb APOP
[ruby-dev:20156] MatchData#select
[ruby-dev:20160] Bignum(?)#%
[ruby-dev:20162] {DBM,SDBM,GDBM}#values_at
[ruby-dev:20163] Numeric#step