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[ruby-dev:18292] escaper.rb
[ruby-dev:18294] File.safe_unlink under non-DOSISH, Dir.makedirs, etc.
[ruby-dev:18298] [PATCH] make failed on freebsd/alpha
[ruby-dev:18310] * eval.c (rb_thread_remove): free stack buffer on remove.
[ruby-dev:18314] class nest in module_eval
[ruby-dev:18320] NODE_EVSTR
[ruby-dev:18344] method visibility on toplevel
[ruby-dev:18354] parser reentrancy(Re:  Re: source file name at -r option)
[ruby-dev:18361] compile parse.y with -Wall
[ruby-dev:18365] Re: compile with -Wall
[ruby-dev:18371] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/lib/uri: * eval.c (ruby_run): should set toplevel visibility again here.
[ruby-dev:18374] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/ext/tcltklib: * eval.c (ruby_run): should set toplevel visibility again here.
[ruby-dev:18391] pstore.rb can make a broken store
[ruby-dev:18423] LIBRUBYARG (Re: [ruby-list:36055] Re: [ANN] ruby-sumo)
[ruby-dev:18427] shrink memory
[ruby-dev:18440] racc segv revisited
[ruby-dev:18458] yield from loaded file
[ruby-dev:18463] EWOULDBLOCK at IO#close/IO#flush
[ruby-dev:18465] warning for outer local variable assignment by block parameter
[ruby-dev:18471] How about String#clear?
[ruby-dev:18472] weakref
[ruby-dev:18473] Compiling using oldnames on mswin/mingw/bccwin
[ruby-dev:18482] mem leak?
[ruby-dev:18494] PStoreのFile.copyの中でErrno::EBADF
[ruby-dev:18506] How to raise LocalJumpError with next and redo?
[ruby-dev:18514] Segmentaion fault of miniruby
[ruby-dev:18525] Forward: darwin shared library patch
[ruby-dev:18526] Forward: Patch for MacOS X dln.c
[ruby-dev:18534] void value expression in conditional
[ruby-dev:18535] eliminate useless NODE_BEGIN
[ruby-dev:18537] symbol literal with non-alphanumeric
[ruby-dev:18540] ruby 1.6 core dump
[ruby-dev:18542] ruby.m4
[ruby-dev:18546] [PATCH] README.EXT  英語直す
[ruby-dev:18558] ruby version
[ruby-dev:18569] instruby.rb: dll install
[ruby-dev:18572] avoid substituting $(s) in a template of LIBPATHFLAG
[ruby-dev:18581] [PATCH] ' '.dup.rstrip.gsub(/a/, '').split(//) causes SEGV
[ruby-dev:18582] embedded ruby interpreter friendly patch