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[ruby-dev:18074] source file name at -r option
[ruby-dev:18076] Win32 signal, process etc
[ruby-dev:18077] load/require from current directory
[ruby-dev:18087] IO.read returns nil with empty file
[ruby-dev:18097] StringValuePtr() instead of StringValue() and RSTRING()->ptr
[ruby-dev:18098] .SUFFIXES in mkmf.rb
[ruby-dev:18103] autoload patch for ruby-1.7
[ruby-dev:18104] Shim with VC++5
[ruby-dev:18109] mkmf.rb and extmk.rb
[ruby-dev:18111] ar on freebsd/alpha
[ruby-dev:18114] Object#become
[ruby-dev:18151] Regexp.last_match
[ruby-dev:18165] md5
[ruby-dev:18168] md5 and rb_cvar_declare()
[ruby-dev:18186] [req] Marshal
[ruby-dev:18194] [PATCH] "puts str.rstrip.gsub" causes SEGV
[ruby-dev:18197] VALUEs in yacc stack (Re: autoload patch for ruby-1.7)
[ruby-dev:18208] Re: [ruby-list:35875] Unsecure world writeabledir ηٹ
[ruby-dev:18229] Re: [ruby-cvs] rough/ext/stringio: * ruby-stringio.spec: 0.0.7, added changelog.
[ruby-dev:18246] Re: missing/vsnprintf.c: printf("%+f", -0.0)
[ruby-dev:18262] mswin32: EINVAL on Process.kill
[ruby-dev:18266] thread failure after trap
[ruby-dev:18274] $0 handling on DOSISH
[ruby-dev:18278] OP_ASGN_OR warning (Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby/lib, ruby: * lib/mkmf.rb ($INSTALLFILES): avoid warning when $VERBOSE mode.)
[ruby-dev:18283] try_cpp() has a problem (lib/mkmf.rb)
[ruby-dev:18284] CPPFLAGS
[ruby-dev:18285] rubicon on EWS4800