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[ruby-dev:17403] irb new feature
[ruby-dev:17407] CVS 版の mkmf.rb
[ruby-dev:17410] Hash.[]
[ruby-dev:17412] 1.6.7 がコンパイルできない
[ruby-dev:17421] broken string when unterminated "#{".
[ruby-dev:17430] return value from methods of Array's subclass
[ruby-dev:17437] $BBjL>K:$l$G$9 (^^;
[ruby-dev:17446] ternary operator and char literal (Re: parse error with `true || break ? 0 : 1' (PR#261))
[ruby-dev:17470] Range#===
[ruby-dev:17471] break from proc-closure
[ruby-dev:17475] String#crypt always returns tainted string
[ruby-dev:17488] doubled value_expr() warning
[ruby-dev:17493] [PATCH] reduce recursion level
[ruby-dev:17513] __END__ in literal
[ruby-dev:17548] Ruby grammar
[ruby-dev:17572] Re: [ruby-list:35439] Re: win32ole で excel   が終了しない
[ruby-dev:17579] Re: [ruby-cvs] ruby: * dln.c: remark definition rb_loaderror().
[ruby-dev:17589] irb 0.9-02.06.25 [Re:irb new feature]
[ruby-dev:17607] Proc.current, Proc.[](Re: blocks and local variables)
[ruby-dev:17615] substitution at when-clause
[ruby-dev:17625] Re: Getting CGI arguments as scalars
[ruby-dev:17633] rdtool (the newest ruby documents)
[ruby-dev:17654] block local var [Re: substitution at when-clause]
[ruby-dev:17662] update irb to cvs repository
[ruby-dev:17664] [PATCH] useless function str_extend_p()
[ruby-dev:17676] generation GC
[ruby-dev:17686] irb 0.9 release on ruby1.7 [update irb to cvs repository]
[ruby-dev:17687] resolv.rb with $SAFE==1