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[ruby-dev:15179] make test fails at gc #2 test on NetBSD
[ruby-dev:15180] extmk.rb.in: wrong path
[ruby-dev:15198] Possible time_zone bug?
[ruby-dev:15199] can not build today's ruby 1.7
[ruby-dev:15206] racc install problem.
[ruby-dev:15216] string.c(rb_str_inspect)
[ruby-dev:15217] irb -f
[ruby-dev:15225] parse error on %Q[...]
[ruby-dev:15238] parse.y (str_extend)
[ruby-dev:15239] gc.c (gc_mark_rest): declare work area as static
[ruby-dev:15245] autoload の影響で NoMethodError
[ruby-dev:15250] singleton methods of modules aren't included.
[ruby-dev:15251] Re: [ruby-ext:01999] Re: syslog module is becoming ready
[ruby-dev:15252] URI を標準添付に
[ruby-dev:15253] erb (Re: [ruby-ext:01999] Re: syslog module is becoming ready)
[ruby-dev:15259] Benchmark (Re: syslog module is becoming ready)
[ruby-dev:15261] ruby-mode: when ?#
[ruby-dev:15264] License(Re:  Re: [ruby-ext:01999] Re: syslog module is becoming ready)
[ruby-dev:15265] rtags はどこへ ?
[ruby-dev:15270] ruby on NetBSD
[ruby-dev:15291] optparse
[ruby-dev:15292] Re: m17n ruby 特に TRON  文字コード
[ruby-dev:15295] mkmf.rb: dir_config with default
[ruby-dev:15297] rb_hash_clear()
[ruby-dev:15298] time.rb
[ruby-dev:15318] Re: racc runtime
[ruby-dev:15319] String IO (was Re:  Re: erb)
[ruby-dev:15324] CC=gcc
[ruby-dev:15329] class constant
[ruby-dev:15344] undefined method `to_str' for nil
[ruby-dev:15354] rubyw.exe
[ruby-dev:15357] Regexp literal and Regexp.new()
[ruby-dev:15358] Regexp in UTF-8 (Re: Regexp literal and Regexp.new())
[ruby-dev:15369] ruby_init_loadpath() on Windows
[ruby-dev:15372] new methods to treat uid/gid
[ruby-dev:15393] net/protocol.rb Protocol#connect & pops.rb
[ruby-dev:15394] Data.new and Data.allocate with allocation framework
[ruby-dev:15395] UnboundMethod.bind to derived class instance
[ruby-dev:15403] __FILE__.concat
[ruby-dev:15410] pp - pretty printing