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^ patch for O(1) performance for Array#unshift and Array#shift
5820 [eric_mahurin] Before giving that patch, here are some performance numbers for

^ YAML bug - dump string terminating with ':'
5826 [ocean m2.ccs] result becomes Hash object. By this, ri File.fnmatch or ri Dir.glob fails.

^ Re: RubyGems in Ruby HEAD
5837 [transfire gm] I have had problems with dependecies. Namely when I have installed a
5838 [david.heinem] As the lead for one of the most dependency-heavy packages on RubyGems,
5840 [aredridel nb] Having Gems become standard as they are now is problematic for linux
+ 5842 [drbrain segm] The FreeBSD ports tree supports gems without apparent problem.
+ 5843 [halostatue g] It need not be, though. Someone recently put various RubyGems packages
  5848 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Where is the TODO list at present?  If it isn't a wiki then do you
  5849 [chad chadfow] Jim and I have been maintaining a TODO list on Tadalists that isn't
  5850 [transfire gm] I'd like to add 2 cents about libraries being added to std. Ruby in
  + 5851 [paul luon.ne] This reply is in the name of the Debian/Ruby Extras team.  When I write
  | + 5853 [halostatue g] You know what, though? I don't care. Sorry, but I don't. If you insist
  | | 5872 [aredridel nb] I think ports is just more gentle, and kind of gave up trying to make
  | | 5875 [halostatue g] Hmmm. But why wouldn't something like this work for other packaging
  | + 5855 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't know if I can post to all those lists, but I'll leave them
  | | 5857 [aredridel nb] Yes, that is useful -- though thanks to Mauricio Fern叩ndez, the gem
  | | 5865 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  | | 5868 [aredridel nb] I'm trying to come up with one -- the example that came to mind, though
  | + 5859 [ruby-core wh] To argue that you don't need RubyGems is moot.  I don't use SOAP4R or
  | | + 5862 [transfire gm] That' true. But when they go to use it and it doesn't work b/c of some
  | | + 5866 [paul luon.ne] You probably have misunderstood me.  I meant that I _should_ be using it
  | + 5867 [meta pobox.c] Are you actually intending to produce Debian .deb packages for every Gem?
  |   5870 [Duck DuckCor] Coin,
  |   + 5873 [halostatue g] That's your choice. I think it's silly, but that's just me.
  |   | 5874 [transfire gm] Damn Austin, why don't you can it and answer my RubyGem question then?
  |   | 5876 [halostatue g] 1. I am *not* a RubyGems developer.
  |   + 5920 [meta pobox.c] I asked if you were intending to produce Debian packages for *every*
  |     5926 [pterjan gmai] packaging most of the Mandriva ruby libs and apps I step in the discussion.
  |     + 5931 [halostatue g] Okay. All of those can be solved by wrapping .gems in RPM packages if
  |     | + 5936 [pterjan gmai] Sorry but I subscribed only yesterday and I can't find this list in
  |     | | + 5938 [lucas lucas-] And for the given architectures : i386 m68k sparc alpha powerpc arm
  |     | | | 5940 [halostatue g] I'm not. Repackagers who don't want compilers on systems will.
  |     | | + 5939 [halostatue g] That's my list. There are references to other lists on that thread, but
  |     | |   5943 [lucas lucas-] It's funny to see how you can ignore the large number of people from
  |     | |   + 5944 [halostatue g] And you know what? They're *wrong*. Dead wrong. What they mean by that
  |     | |   + 5946 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This does sound remarkably like:  "If you provide the hooks (command
  |     | + 5973 [warrens actc] "The reality is that if people need a feature that
  |     |   5974 [halostatue g] And this is viable right up until the point where someone needs
  |     + 5935 [meta pobox.c] I'm fascinated by the idea that a C compiler is a uniquely dangerous
  |     | 5937 [pterjan gmai] I _saw_ a lot of Linux/UNIX worms downloading themselves using a flaw
  |     | 5956 [meta pobox.c] Then simply rename your C compiler... That way you can keep it around,
  |     + 5945 [ruby-core wh] I don't understand.  Is this because RubyGems allows many versions to be
  + 5852 [halostatue g] I don't particularly agree with this. The standard library for Ruby is
  | 5860 [transfire gm] Glad I don't use Perl ;-)
  + 5856 [hgs dmu.ac.u] so would support availability of a stripped down version for those

^ Forward: [ruby-dev:27237] Re: yaml warnig in verbose mode
5839 [nobu.nokada ] It is reported YAML emits a lot of warnings in VERBOSE mode.

^ Ruby 1.8.3 released
5844 [matz ruby-la] We have finally released 1.8.3 at
+ 5845 [nobuyoshi.na] だれかたぐぷりーづ。
| 5847 [nobuyoshi.na] Sorry, double-posted it here and ruby-dev.
+ 5846 [tom infoethe] Congratulations to the Ruby developers!

^ [ ruby-Bugs-2492 ] Warnings in YAML
5854 [noreply ruby] Bugs item #2492, was opened at 2005-09-21 17:34

^ [ ruby-Bugs-2494 ] FileUtils#cd doesn't allow :noop in options anymore, but still queries it
5858 [noreply ruby] Bugs item #2494, was opened at 2005-09-21 18:20

^ another array patch - performance boosts all over the place
5861 [eric_mahurin] Is anybody interested in the patches I'm doing to make arrays
+ 5863 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, I'm paying attention. :)
| 5869 [eric_mahurin] Good.  I was just surprised by no response to having several
+ 5864 [matz ruby-la] I've been busy for a while to release 1.8.3, and still need some time
+ 5883 [nobuyoshi.na] What kind of merit and necessity, compared with the current
  5903 [eric_mahurin] The changes regarding element sharing were the largest, but I

^ Wilderness: What is ID_JUNK Used for?
5871 [ruby-core ha] Following the code in rb_define_class(), ID_JUNK appears to be an error

^ Re: RubyGems TODO
5879 [halostatue g] Agreed. The question is sometimes raised whether some projects --
5882 [halostatue g] Okay. I said in the main thread on ruby-core that I'm putting together a
+ 5884 [binary42 gma] Not a bad idea. We might need some strict naming conventions then...
| 5887 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd supplement that with more intelligent failure, but failure
| 5888 [ mfp acm.org] To the extent that the above don't affect the source code shipped by
| + 5889 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | 5891 [ mfp acm.org] Nobody is talking about changing the way Ruby method calls work. Read
| | 5892 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | 5893 [ mfp acm.org] I should have phrased it more clearly, or just omitted it.
| | 5894 [transfire gm] I don't understand the merits of #2/use_gem, isn't that just renaming
| + 5895 [chad chadfow] charset=ISO-8859-1;
|   5896 [tom infoethe] # ls -l /var/www/gems/yaml*
+ 5890 [ mfp acm.org] [detailed change list]
+ 5897 [halostatue g] I think some people may have missed this point. This is an important
  5901 [jim weirichh] [... items 1..4 elided ...]
  + 5906 [techml sgtpe] First, to be fair, I tell my standpoint: I am a Debian developer.
  + 5913 [ruby-ml magi] I had, at some point or another, envisioned a transparent distributed
    5917 [binary42 gma] This might be a good time to expand on my thoughts. I think it is a
    5918 [binary42 gma] One more thing. I forgot to mention how busy I am right now ;)
    5919 [eric_mahurin] - ability to do a doc-only install.  This would allow one to

^ Delegate and Forwardable Documentation
5898 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 5899 [Daniel.Berge] Hey, man, I'm still waiting on word of my Forwardable patch.  Get in
| + 5900 [james graypr] You're trying to change/enhance the library.  I'm just trying to
| + 5928 [matz ruby-la] I revisited it today.  I like it.  I will put it in the HEAD
+ 5911 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
  5924 [james graypr] Is there something wrong with this documentation?  A reason it cannot
  5941 [matz ruby-la] I will apply if you re-send the patch in unified format (-u).
  5942 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
  5947 [matz ruby-la] I will merge this one.  Thank you.  delegate.rb is refined from your
  + 5948 [Daniel.Berge] Any feelings on patch # 1923 Matz?
  | 5949 [matz ruby-la] See [ruby-core:05928].
  | 5951 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, duh, I wasn't paying attention - thought you were replying to James.
  + 5952 [james graypr] I sure will.  Thank you, Matz.
  + 5991 [james graypr] I pulled down the snapshot this morning and didn't see any of my
    5993 [matz ruby-la] Somehow I failed to check in the modifies.  Can you try again later?
    + 5994 [james graypr] Will do.  Thanks.
    + 6027 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
      6028 [matz ruby-la] You did.  Thank you.  I will merge the patch.
      6052 [james graypr] Should I be seeing these changes in the stable snapshot now?
      6054 [matz ruby-la] Just checked in.

^ Vulnerability fixed in 1.8.3
5902 [matz ruby-la] The stable 1.8.3 release has a fix for vulnerability.  Here's the
5904 [dominique.br] See below for a few grammar edits. As a separate issue, I would like
+ 5907 [decoux moulo] You have the patch for 1.6.8 : read it.
| 5909 [dominique.br] Yes, I can read it. You know, there are these things called
| 5912 [drbrain segm] There's plenty of discussion on ruby-dev, see [ruby-dev:27251].  But
| 5914 [dominique.br] The point is not whether or not *I* can figure out what the root cause
| 5915 [halostatue g] Guy's first language is not English. When possible, he answers
| 5916 [dominique.br] Guy, please accept my apology.
+ 5927 [matz ruby-la] def safe_eval(str)

^ [ ruby-Bugs-2501 ] The standard library "openssl" does not get built/installed in ruby 1.8.3.
5905 [noreply ruby] Bugs item #2501, was opened at 2005-09-22 10:06
5908 [nobu.nokada ] No openssl-devel package?

^ 1.8.3, pleasant surprise.
5910 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Someone reported problems here with [their mail on] an aging system,

^ Mutually dependent libs double loading.
5921 [transfire gm] I'm on Ruby 1.8.2.
+ 5922 [ruby-ml magi] I think the checking is done simply against which files are already
+ 5923 [florgro gmai] It is probably because t1.rb is not loaded as a library the first time.
  5925 [transfire gm] hmm... is there some reason that the currently loading file should not
  5959 [transfire gm] I'm very suprised I have not gotten an official answer about this. Is
  + 5960 [binary42 gma] I share some of this sentiment, though, I am also aware of why they
  + 5961 [matju arteng] Well, why do you think Kernel exists at all?... to me it's just
  | 5963 [transfire gm] Indeed! I had mistakenly thought that Object's methods were tied to
  | 5964 [matju arteng] Well, that's the impression that I too got from reading the Pickaxe, and
  | 5965 [transfire gm] Nice!
  + 5980 [ryand-ruby z] I don't think it is an ignorable issue, no... I think the issue
    5982 [transfire gm] Thanks, I understand your concern. Yet mutual dependencies are
    6022 [ryand-ruby z] Mutual dependencies are only different from circular dependencies if
    6037 [transfire gm] No it's not. What I "want" is prefectly legitimate. I have many small

^ Repackaging vs RubyGems (RubyGems TODO)
5929 [warrens actc] Repackagers etc. need to support non-programming users of Ruby software.  A scenario like
5930 [halostatue g] Nothing I've said denies this. What I *have* said is that the Debian

^ [ ruby-Patches-2505 ] patch for imap.rb -- error handling when waiting for continuation request response
5932 [noreply ruby] Patches item #2505, was opened at 2005-09-23 15:24

^ (none)
5933 [d00farre dte] I have a question about the syntax of symbols. I am reading Programming

^ Re: Syntax of symbols
5934 [d00farre dte] And I should of course have a subject. Sorry.

^ [ ruby-Bugs-2509 ] FileUtils::Verbose.{compare_file,uptodate?} are private in Ruby 1.8.3
5954 [noreply ruby] Bugs item #2509, was opened at 2005-09-23 18:48

^ Re: RubyGems TODO (the Second)
5955 [transfire gm] T.

^ Re: RubyGems in Ruby HEAD - Debian
5958 [meta pobox.c] I've just taken a look at the dpkg/deb documentation and pulled apart
5967 [pterjan gmai] No, and that's what is done in Mandriva. All the locales are generated

^ $SAFE=4 is still dangerous to use as a sandbox
5966 [s-urabe par.] This issue has been discussed at security@ruby-lang.org, but matz told
+ 5968 [decoux moulo] 1) look at plruby (yes I know it's C source ;-))
| 5969 [decoux moulo] Bernstein
+ 5986 [akr m17n.org] I think backporting Process.setrlimit (and Process.getrlimit) to 1.8

^ [ ruby-Bugs-2517 ] [BUG] unknown node type 0 -- on Linux, AMD Athlon 900, Ruby 1.8.3
5970 [noreply ruby] Bugs item #2517, was opened at 2005-09-24 14:09
5971 [nobu.nokada ] Can't you get backtrace?

^ segmentation fault on require 'yaml'
5975 [ralph.amissa] related to require 'yaml')
5977 [ruby-core wh] Thankyou, Ralph.  I'm sifting through it.
+ 5978 [ralph.amissa] Thank you _why
+ 5979 [ralph.amissa] require 'yaml'

^ basecamp RSS feed requires username and passwd
5976 [sheepman she] when I access to the basecamp RSS feed of ruby, it requires a username and a passwd.
5981 [matz ruby-la] I would.  But it's a change in basecamp side, not mine.  I'm still
5983 [ruby-core wh] <http://redhanded.hobix.com/ruby-dev/basecamp_recent_items.xml>

^ Wilderness: How to convert from Klass/Super References to Name
5984 [ruby-core ha] I am trying to write a object mapping routine (to feed DOT/Graphiz) and I
6023 [ryand-ruby z] Any name, like, for dot node names?? You could just name everything
6035 [ruby-core ha] I can do that and then hand edit names to make it more readable.

^ Finally an answer to my RubyGems question and some small suggestions
5985 [transfire gm] I appreciate those that attempted to offer me some info on this issue.
5987 [halostatue g] Unfortunately, the answer isn't *quite* that simple. It's site_ruby,
5988 [transfire gm] Ah, right! Totally over looked that. And it might explain some of the
5989 [halostatue g] I do not believe that this is a good thing to solve, personally, and
5990 [transfire gm] Well, it NOT just a Nano problem. It IS a cross-platform problem. This
5995 [halostatue g] Sure. But I don't think that most people would *want* to use such
5996 [transfire gm] Well, you are probably right --simply b/c there probably is no really
5997 [halostatue g] I'm not boggled by that, actually. While imperfect, it *is* good for the
5998 [transfire gm] The interface can still display the type, just as it can display date

^ New Ruby Mirror Ready
5992 [scott hostin] Dear Webmaster,

^ ruby 1.8.3 (2005-06-23) [i486-linux] sisu segfault
5999 [ralph.amissa] This is a build that does not segfault with ruby 1.8.3 (2005-06-23)
6000 [ruby-core wh] I can replicate this with ruby-1.8.3, but not with ruby_1_8 trunk.  My

^ Require Namepaces and RubyGems' effect on LoadPath problem
6001 [transfire gm] $LOAD_SPACE[ 'myspace' ] = [ 'a/path', 'another/path' ]
6002 [halostatue g] Two things. 1. I don't see any particular reason for this. It's neat,
6003 [transfire gm] It circumvents the need for a #require_local. In doing so it reduces
6005 [halostatue g] Um. This is circular. What's the purpose of #require_local? More to the
6008 [transfire gm] Dangerous?
6012 [meta pobox.c] XML has namespaces so that there can be multiple elements with the same
6084 [transfire gm] Sorry for the delay. I was working hard on an improved implementation.
6085 [halostatue g] That doesn't change that the primary purpose of namespaces in XML is to
6086 [transfire gm] "both a problem and a solution"? Come on Austin that's hyperbole,
6087 [halostatue g] Sure, it's hyperbole. But I also find it far more logical than this
6088 [transfire gm] Okay Austin, whatever. I'm tired of trying to honestly explain things
6090 [halostatue g] If that's how you read me, then you're not able to read me at all. I'm
6092 [transfire gm] Well, you some off poorly when you lay into a persons motives,

^ Problem with 1.8.3, extensions
6004 [Daniel.Berge] Ruby 1.8.3
6006 [nobu.nokada ] Doesn't Solaris 10 have neither of ginstall and install?
6030 [Daniel.Berge] Yes, /usr/sbin/install, and it is in my $PATH.  Setting that didn't help with
6039 [Daniel.Berge] djberge@~/local/src/ruby/sys-cpu-0.5.2-575>echo $INSTALL
6041 [nobuyoshi.na] What does `install' do here?  Why is /usr/lib/fm/fmd/schemes

^ gems is a language change, not a pkging system (Re: Require Namepaces and RubyGems' effect on LoadPath problem)
6007 [sroberts uni] The point is that gems fundamentally changes the way require works.
+ 6011 [transfire gm] Indeed.  That's the the other half my inquiry. Despite what anyone
+ 6013 [halostatue g] Sorry, but this is an irrelevancy to the discussion at hand, as this
  + 6014 [sroberts uni] No harm?
  | + 6015 [james graypr] Luckily, you can stop Ruby from ever evolving on your box again, today.
  | | + 6016 [sroberts uni] You are misrepresenting me as being opposed to a packaging system.
  | | | 6018 [halostatue g] Um. I'm not sure where you're getting that. The entire thread -- that
  | | | 6019 [sroberts uni] Unless my memory fails me, aren't you the guy who said debian users
  | | | 6024 [halostatue g] Your memory fails you. What I *said* was that Debian repackagers should
  | | | 6025 [ralph.amissa] Labours of love are no excuse for forcing an idea that does not work for
  | | | 6026 [halostatue g] Sorry, but the idea -- that is, RubyGems -- works. The problem -- a Ruby
  | | | 6043 [ralph.amissa] I'll greatly weaken my post, and give everyone the opportunity to head me
  | | | + 6044 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [caveats trimmed.
  | | | | 6073 [ mfp acm.org] as you did with Ralph, because that quickly degenerates into nitpicking
  | | | | + 6074 [jim weirichh] Thank you!  Yes, let's get down to details!
  | | | | | 6075 [vamlists gma] From a concerned Debian & Ruby user, thank you!
  | | | | + 6078 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  | | | | | 6094 [ mfp acm.org] They are the most common ones by far, unless I'm forgetting something.
  | | | | | 6098 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  | | | | + 6080 [chad chadfow] Agreed.
  | | | + 6047 [halostatue g] You may not have a problem, but anyone working on older versions of
  | | + 6020 [ruby-ml magi] Then why is the current discussion mostly about a half-assed standard
  | + 6017 [halostatue g] Not supposed. Actual fact. Install with another means other than
  |   6046 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
  |   + 6049 [halostatue g] Not in the least, Sean, and I'm *really* getting tired of repeating why
  |   | 6063 [curt.hibbs g] I agree that integrated version support is a critically important feature -=
  |   + 6050 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I beg to differ: gems do make installation easy, and provide useful
  |   | 6207 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
  |   | + 6208 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Probably one was me :-)
  |   | | 6221 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
  |   | | + 6222 [gsinclair gm] Best case: it works because gem X only says -require 'y'-, which is
  |   | | | 6223 [ruby jamesbr] I have a fuzzy recollection of some problems getting Rails  some
  |   | | + 6230 [jim weirichh] Iyou bypass the dependency system, you are telling gems that you  are
  |   | |   6231 [Daniel.Berge] My preference would be that gems abort if the package is found *at all*
  |   | |   + 6239 [gsinclair gm] You're happy to leave version compatibility to chance?
  |   | |   + 6240 [jim weirichh] I think you are confusing the difference between library files and gem names.
  |   | + 6209 [gsinclair gm] I've never understood the criticisms of repackagers, because I have no
  |   | | 6210 [curt.hibbs g] Well said, Gavin!
  |   | + 6212 [ruby jamesbr] Perhaps I'm misreading you, but you seem to prefer tarballs over gems
  |   | + 6216 [chad chadfow] charset=ISO-8859-1;
  |   | + 6217 [jim weirichh] No.  But it doesn't prevent you from installing the gem.  You can tell the
  |   |   6218 [Daniel.Berge] I guess I'll wait to ask at RubyConf why it couldn't just scan down the
  |   |   6229 [jim weirichh] How can you tell from sitedir whether a particular version of a library
  |   + 6058 [ruby-core wh] Sean, what if Gems could be unpacked just like a tarball and a
  |     6060 [halostatue g] Why, there are those of us who do not consider this concept nearly
  + 6045 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
    + 6048 [halostatue g] Hmmm. I donno. I think that it is fair, at this point, to say that it's
    | + 6059 [dominique.br] This is a really bad piece of code, but it shows using a standard lib
    | | 6061 [halostatue g] Thank you, and you're right -- that's ugly. I *think* that RubyGems
    | | 6062 [dominique.br] For what it is worth, I live life behind an authenticated proxy, so I
    | | + 6064 [jim weirichh] FWIW, the CVS head of RubyGems has a patch from Daniel Roux for working
    | | + 6065 [jim freeze.o] I have got gems to work from behind an authenticated proxy.
    | |   6066 [jim freeze.o] I failed to mention that curl here prompts me for my proxy password.
    | |   6067 [dominique.br] Ah, yes, but many proxies require credentials for each new HTTP
    | |   6068 [jim weirichh] (that apserver is written in python ... we should be able to port
    | |   6069 [dominique.br] Nope. The best option is using squid-proxy locally with an upstream
    | + 6091 [matju arteng] BTW, what was that incompatible break and how did it affect you? This is
    | | 6097 [halostatue g] I don't recall offhand the specific code that changed, but we had code
    | + 6099 [ser germane-] No, I don't expect you to care about Debian.  Luckily, Ruby is developed with
    |   + 6100 [chad chadfow] I never expected to see anyone stoop this low on a Ruby related list.
    |   + 6101 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
    |   | + 6111 [transfire gm] Well, I appreciated reading it. (Thanks Sean) Even though I realize it
    |   | | + 6112 [matju arteng] You wouldn't appreciate it as much if you had read that quote 20 times or
    |   | | + 6113 [ruby jamesbr] That quote is basically the Ur-statement on "Don't just look after your
    |   | |   6116 [matt.mower g] At the risk of jumping, too hastily, into a discussion I am still
    |   | + 6200 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
    |   + 6102 [halostatue g] Hmm. I don't care about Debian in the sense that I do not believe that
    |     6201 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
    + 6051 [tom infoethe] Hm... I think you can download the Gem that the library depends on and
      6055 [ruby jamesbr] Yes, and I think gems' behavior in this is regard is no worse, and
      + 6056 [halostatue g] Especially on Windows, where tar is hardly standard.
      + 6202 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
        6203 [ruby jamesbr] Yes, but if you have the needed files copied locally then gems is, I
        6204 [matju arteng] dpkg --pretend some_lib_i_installed_myself