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^ 1.8.1 gsub/CGI behavior I can't explain
3293 [dblack wobbl] I have no explanation for this, but here it is.
+ 3294 [halostatue g] David, can you try this instead?
| 3295 [dblack wobbl] [code]
+ 3296 [nobu.nokada ] How is that @text obtained?  It feels a delegator or similar.
  + 3297 [dblack wobbl] CGI input => saved as a field in an RCR object =>
  | 3298 [dblack wobbl] Actually.... as Gabriele Renzi pointed out on IRC, it may be a
  + 3299 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -v
    3300 [florgro gmai] Moin!

^ Is Ruby 1.8.2  100% Backward compatible
3301 [mailinglists] i mean backward compatible with 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 ?
3345 [holmberg iar] I haven't seen any other answer to your question, so here is mine.
3346 [mailinglists] Thanks, and yes that was everything i wanted to know.
3347 [halostatue g] It could be that the old behaviour was a bug. In this case, such
3348 [discord mac.] Are you bragging, or offering? :D If you are trying to get rid of them,
3349 [discord mac.] Argh. That was *not* supposed to go to the entire list. What a first

^ Ruby is eating my signals!
3302 [eric.schwart] I posted this to comp.lang.ruby, but got no replies.  Perhaps it's more
3332 [eric.schwart] I don't mean to be pushy, but this is causing me some fairly sizable
3333 [djberge qwes] Well, one thing I'm curious about is why you need to setup a separate
3334 [eric.schwart] I hav tried the TimoutError approach; the problem is that the
3335 [nobu.nokada ] Can't you use select() before it?  Or, is it safe to abort the
3357 [eric.schwart] No, sorry.  The problem is in the connect() itself, so there's no handle

^ URGENT: what's the bug reporting system now?
3303 [dave pragpro] The new PickAxe goes to the printers tomorrow, and while doing a final
+ 3304 [matz ruby-la] No.  It has been stopped since "the cracking".  The BTS (Jitterbug)
| + 3306 [djberg96 yah] Any chance of moving Ruby development to Rubyforge?
| | + 3307 [dave pragpro] That'd be a great idea for releases and the like too. But I wonder if
| | | + 3309 [curt hibbs.c] You wouldn't have to move all development to RubyForge. You could just use
| | | + 3311 [rich infoeth] Well, I think that the cvs repository could be maintained where it is, but
| | |   3312 [rich infoeth] We could build a project 'ruby' which would hold file releases (instead of
| | + 3310 [matz ruby-la] Not in the recent future.  We'd want to hack our service by
| | + 3317 [nobu.nokada ] Just a question: Is a cvsup server running there?
| |   3320 [rich infoeth] No, there is not (currently) but we could get it up and running if you would
| |   3321 [WBrown isoft] I would vote for reactivating the email address
| |   3324 [vjoel PATH.B] Indirection is good. But it's easier to encapsulate an email interface
| |   3325 [ruby jamesbr] Having a stable web page is a good way to leave room for future changes
| + 3308 [dooby d10.ka] www.ruby-lang.org/bugreporting.html
| + 3313 [laurent.sans] I would suggest http://www.bugzilla.org/.  It's far away more
|   3314 [halostatue g] Whereas I'd stay far FAR away from Bugzilla. It's simply too large,
+ 3305 [djberg96 yah] I asked this a while ago.  The response I got, iirc,

^ Pretty Printing more widely
3315 [hgs dmu.ac.u] May I propose the following patch (done against the 1.9.0 nightly
+ 3318 [gsinclair so] I agree in spirit, but let me offer an alternative.  #pp is
| 3319 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't agree with that reason.  puts is just a shortcut for adding
| 3322 [gsinclair so] I'm not arguing for reducing everything as far as possible.  The point
| 3323 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh, I see what you mean now. Thanks.
+ 3326 [akr m17n.org] Since IO#pp hinder calling Kernel#pp from a subclass of IO,  I against
  3327 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That is only true because pp is private, isn't it?  I can do

^ Re: Pretty Printing more widely -- bug in example
3316 [hgs dmu.ac.u] The example should have been

^ #define_method inconsistency
3328 [g_ogata optu] class C
3329 [nobu.nokada ] The scope in class block is public by default, but private in
3330 [g_ogata optu] Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks.

^ "destructiveness" of delete
3331 [dblack wobbl] I know there's no Array#delete! because "delete" already
3336 [matz ruby-la] Just because they are different, probably they had different origins
3338 [dblack wobbl] I don't either, but I think the question of how "delete" relates to
3339 [matz ruby-la] There were no big reason than "they had different origins" as I stated
+ 3340 [horacio.lope] for the next release, create an alias String#delete_char
+ 3365 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ CVS Head Build Failing on Cygwin
3337 [robert.mcgov] Freshly checked head out today, building fails on Cygwin when

^ Resource limitations
3341 [drossruby ya] Just curious, but why can't there be limitations be
3342 [matz ruby-la] No.  How do you think it should be implemented?  Watching every
3343 [drossruby ya] The implementation could watch resource allocation. I
3344 [matz ruby-la] I know what you want.  The point is that I don't know how to implement

^ ANN: One-Click Ruby Installer for OS X
3355 [ssteiner mac] I have begun work on a version of the One-Click Ruby Installer for Mac

^ Fwd: fastcgi & continuations (Re: Idea: Webshare)
3358 [patrick hexa] T suggested that ruby-core would be an appropriate place for this.  I
+ 3359 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -v x.rb
+ 3360 [eule space.c] Works on

^ Segmentation fault in todays 1.9 cvs checkout
3361 [uehli bluewi] uehli@localhost ruby $ make test-all
3364 [decoux moulo] ruby/test_eval.rb:149: [BUG] Segmentation fault

^ Segmentation fault in todays 1.9 cvs checkout
3362 [uehli bluewi] uehli@localhost ruby $ make test-all

^ proposal: new switch for test/runner.rb
3363 [usa garbagec] Now test/runner.rb has the feature to perform only the specified

^ Threads, serial ports and Linux don't mix
3366 [B.Candler po] I raised an issue on ruby-talk which relates to the core engine, but nobody
3368 [drossruby ya] Most likely a bug, you should email matz. He would

^ Suggestion: OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.new_from_parameters
3367 [B.Candler po] I would like to propose that a new constructor method be added to the Ruby

^ Re: fastcgi & continuations (Re: Idea: Webshare)
3370 [patrick hexa] From what I know of ruby, I think at_exit firing once is a 'bug', even
+ 3371 [matz ruby-la] It's officially a bug.  It's reproduced on my machine too.  I will
| 3470 [patrick hexa] Thank you for taking time to look at this problem.  I apologize for not
+ 3373 [B.Candler po] That code is a nasty frig though, when you could just replace
  3471 [patrick hexa] #!/usr/bin/ruby

^ Ruby-Stable Snapshot build
3377 [drossruby ya] Okay, I am having a problem with ruby-stable snapshot.

^ RDoc Formatter Simple Mode
3379 [drbrain segm] For rbot's ri module I needed a more compact ri format than plain to
3398 [dave pragpro] Merged into CVS

^ Let mkmf's have_library specify headers
3381 [drbrain segm] I was trying to build GDChart, but its extconf.rb was unable to find

^ Do I need to do something extra to get ripper to compile
3391 [dave pragpro] In the CVS HEAD, if I do autoconf/configure/make, I get
3397 [aamine lover] Fixed now.  Thank you for your reporting.

^ (none)
3396 [elel1223 han] unsubscribe<br><br><br><font color=#CC0000 style='font-size: 9pt;'>악이 승리하기 위한 유일한 조건은 선한 사람들이 아무 일도 안 하는 것이다. - 에드먼드 버크</font><!--풋터 디폴트-->

^ Ruby and FHS
3401 [k.shutemov s] * headers placed in /usr/lib/ruby... but must be placed in
3406 [halostatue g] Is the FHS a Linux thing, or does it cross Unix boundaries? If the
3407 [k.shutemov s] by
3408 [eivind FreeB] The FHS is in effect a Linuxism.  It is the way different Linux
3413 [sir_raorn im] Just try to think about it as we have two types of runtime

^ Valgrind analysis of [BUG] unknown node type 0
3419 [andrew walro] charset="us-ascii"
+ 3421 [robert.mcgov] My understanding is that Statics are automatically initialized to 0
+ 3422 [decoux moulo] svg% cat a.c
  3423 [andrew walro] Ok; I concur. Infact running the 'fixed' code through Valgrind does not remove
  3424 [decoux moulo] Don't lost your time : valgrind is not the right tool for this.
  3425 [andrew walro] Ok, but care to explain why? (that is, why valgrinds output should be
  3426 [decoux moulo] Make a
  3428 [andrew walro] I'm probably being very dense here ;) But what does that prove?
  3429 [decoux moulo] That lomem and himem are initialized when ruby_init() is called.
  3430 [andrew walro] I think you must have skimmed my previous emails too quickly :) I agreed that
  3431 [decoux moulo] static inline int
  3432 [andrew walro] Lets put in some extra lines to work out which variable valgrind is
  3433 [andrew walro] There is a minor flaw in my analysis toward the end; ignore previous email
  3434 [andrew walro] Lets put in some extra lines to work out which variable valgrind is
  3437 [matz ruby-la] It's something called 'conservative garbage collection', which often
  3440 [andrew walro] [Scripts too big to post here; Sent to matz directly]
  + 3442 [Ruben.Vandeg] hmm... conservative garbage collection = treat everything that looks
  | 3451 [andrew walro] Thanks - a bit of googling and I understand. Apologies for my ignorance ;)
  + 3447 [matz ruby-la] As Ruben answered already, yes, it searches through uninitialized

^ make install -- ruby 1.8.2 (2004-09-17)
3420 [decoux moulo] svg% ls -al ~/local/r182
3427 [aamine lover] Thank you very much, this is fileutils.rb's fault.

^ European Rubykonf 2004
3441 [matju sympat] Makes me think: Is anyone here going to the European Rubykonf ?
3443 [ruby jamesbr] Yes.  I'm flying to Munich from Virginia the same day the other Ruby
+ 3444 [curt hibbs.c] Languages are so interesting...
| + 3449 [ruby jamesbr] I know what you mean.  Rose puts up with a lot from me, but after a
| + 3452 [mailinglists] My girl friend (for 5 years now) is also from Thailand (Mae Hong Son).
|   3453 [curt hibbs.c] Yes, I think my wife secretly has some of that reason as well, although she
|   3461 [halostatue g] Unfortunately for my girlfriend, I actually *understand* about 80% of
+ 3445 [matju sympat] Reminds me of the morning I was with a woman and I woke up and started to

^ [PATCH] dir.c (II)
3446 [holmberg iar] It has been interesting to follow the discussion following my
3450 [matz ruby-la] It's useful.  Thank you.
3454 [holmberg iar] The commit done yesterday still have the memory leak
3455 [matz ruby-la] Oops.  Thank you.

^ Memory-leak --- block/exception related
3456 [holmberg iar] I think I've found a memory leak in recent versions of Ruby
3459 [holmberg iar] The leak was introduced by the following "change-set"
3460 [decoux moulo] for 1.8.2 (in cvs) this is this

^ [PATCH] delegate.rb has debugging p
3457 [drbrain segm] charset=US-ASCII;
3458 [gsinclair so] I'll just mention that RDoc prints a lot of debugging information when

^ rb_ary_equal ("1.8.2 2004-09-17")
3462 [decoux moulo] it's normal ? (see where is the test RARRAY(ary1)->len != RARRAY(ary2)->len)
3463 [matz ruby-la] No.  It's fixed, but not committed yet.

^ REXML's Shift_JIS handling is not good
3464 [kou cozmixng] REXML's Shift_JIS handling is not good when Iconv doesn't
3465 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ ML services will be stop for maintenance
3466 [shugo ruby-l] ML services will be stop for maintenance on Tue Sep 28 11:00 (UTC).
3467 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, it's not UTC but JST:(
3469 [shugo ruby-l] The services are restarted. Thank you.

^ segfaulting in IO.popen()
3468 [dilinger vox] I'm having a problem w/ mod_xmlrpc segfaulting inside a call to

^ Install process -- Suggest building docs.
3472 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I think it would be a good idea to encourage people to build the

^ Ruby source code browsing
3473 [cmills frees] I am at the Ruby Conf. right now talking to James Britt and Daniel
+ 3474 [cmills frees] $ bzip2 -cd ruby_doc.tar.bz2 | tar -xvf -
+ 3475 [mikael phubu] Yay!  That's really useful.  Of course, it'd be even cooler if
+ 3476 [ruby jamesbr] For those unfamiliar with doxygen output, you can browse the pages at

^ (none)
3477 [flori nixe.p] The latest changes in io.c (ruby 1.8) are quite a disaster. I have put

^ open does not understand "a" now
3478 [matz ruby-la] I will fix it soon.  Thank you for reporting.

^ Missing .document files for ext/ libraries
3479 [B.Candler po] The ri documentation for zlib, strscan and iconv doesn't get built by 'make
3480 [gsinclair so] Shame on me; I still haven't reapplied for CVS access.  Can someone
3481 [dave pragpro] I don't believe the tarball is the correct fix. Do we know the
3526 [robert.mcgov] Just been building CVS head and was surprised at how long it now takes
3529 [dave pragpro] Does anyone else see this behavior? On my pokey little 1GHz Powerbook,
+ 3530 [robert.mcgov] Very odd, would a copy of my "make install > log.txt" be helpful?
+ 3532 [uehli bluewi] I see
  3533 [dave pragpro] Could someone send me the output produced by 'make install-doc'?
  3534 [dave pragpro] D'oh - my fault. I forgot to add a .document file.
  + 3535 [robert.mcgov] Glad you spotted it, I wasn't going to get the output log finished
  + 3536 [ryand zenspi] Merge to 1_8 please?
    3537 [dave pragpro] Done.

^ 1.8.2 release
3482 [dave pragpro] I'm getting questions from readers of the new PickAxe. The book covers
3483 [decoux moulo] Well, there is at least [ruby-core:03456] which is not corrected, if I'm

^ compilation error
3484 [wybo servaly] yacc  parse.y
3485 [jos catnook.] Do you have GNU bison installed? I believe current CVS needs it.
3488 [wybo servaly] I didn't, now installed it, but that doesn't make any difference -((
3490 [markus reali] Did you remember to re-run ./configure after you changed your
3509 [wybo servaly] Ah... that did it! Thanks!
+ 3511 [markus reali] I'd guess (and I haven't looked at it at all) that it is still
+ 3515 [nobu.nokada ] The snapshot tarball doesn't require it, compilation from CVS

^ Location of missing end
3486 [markus reali] Over the past week or so there has been a thread on ruby-talk ("Quality
+ 3487 [transami run] I am concerned with Ruby performance, not that it is a significant issue with
| 3489 [markus reali] It's a reasonable thought (and a concern I share), but I don't
| 3496 [gsinclair so] That's a pretty sensitive area though.  I'm philosophical about Ruby's
+ 3507 [ruby-lists l] haven't tested, but the entire idea is just plain *wonderful*

^ Re: ANN: Free-form-operators patch
3491 [markus reali] The parser part (at least in isolation) isn't too bad.  Instead of
3492 [markus reali] *smile* agreed on both counts.
3493 [matz ruby-la] As long as it's a binary operator.  I'm thinking something more like
3495 [markus reali] * move towards "standardized" operator syntax (a direction implied
+ 3497 [matz ruby-la] Since you don't "force" me to merge it, I leave it for you.  If you
| 3501 [markus reali] In that case, I will continue to support it and explain it to
| 3502 [transami run] Then perhaps you should loose youself, and you will find, you are more clever
+ 3499 [transami run] That reminds me.... on suby-ruby I brought up that Enumerable "each-related"
  3500 [matz ruby-la] No.  Something more than simple iteration must be done via Enumerator,
  + 3503 [transami run] Enumerator?
  | 3504 [ksibilev bel] $ irb -r enumerator
  | + 3505 [transami run] Thanks Kent.
  | | 3506 [markus reali] ...
  | | 3508 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
  | | 3510 [markus reali] Sean --
  | + 3512 [transami run] I appears that require 'enumerator' adds to Enumerable module. Is there any
  + 3513 [transami run] Since, at the moment I see no other way to make Enumerable#each_by(n), then
    3514 [transami run] Never mind, it won't help either. Sigh.

^ CGI::Session::PStore#restore method
3494 [ksibilev bel] Recently, I've run into the problem with CGI session resetting. I'm
3498 [matz ruby-la] I will merge. Thank you.

^ Memory leak in mswin32 implementation
3516 [wvdbos gouda] I'm making a program that uses ruby as a scripting language.
3521 [wvdbos gouda] I got a way of getting around the leak.

^ Kernighan & Richie ---> prototypes ?
3517 [holmberg iar] The Ruby source code mostly uses non-prototype declarations of
3518 [matz ruby-la] Correct.
3520 [holmberg iar] Oops. I had kind of hoped for another answer.
3522 [akr m17n.org] Yes.  Few days ago, I found Ruby 1.9 defines rb_reg_initialize with 5

^ list in debug does not work
3519 [wybo servaly] In the current cvs version, the list command in the debugger does not

^ [BUG] segfault in ruby-1.8.2p2
3523 [B.Candler po] $ uname -a
3524 [decoux moulo] Well, what you don't see is that ruby is in scope_dup(tag->scope)
3525 [decoux moulo] Here an easy way to reproduce it (at least if you have svg :-))
3527 [decoux moulo] Do someone has a C compiler which don't define __libc_stack_end ?
3528 [decoux moulo] variables

^ Build Error in racc/cparse on Cygwin
3531 [robert.mcgov] During a full make it bombs out while compiling racc/cparse. It

^ TCPSocket.new(host, port).readline hangs on Windows
3538 [jos catnook.] With recent CVS versions (both ruby_1_8 branch and HEAD), the following
+ 3539 [matz ruby-la] Can you show us your 'ruby -v' line?  Reports from others would be
| 3541 [jos catnook.] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-10-19) [i386-mswin32]
| 3543 [ruby jamesbr] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-07-29) [i386-mswin32]
| 3546 [jfh cise.ufl] ruby -rsocket -e 'TCPSocket.open("www.cise.ufl.edu", 80) { |s|
| 3547 [jos catnook.] That's what I thought. There's nothing to read as the webserver doesn't write
+ 3540 [nobu.nokada ] What's the port?  Does the peer send a line immediately?
  3542 [jos catnook.] port is 22 in my setup. A line is sent immediately; telnet.exe confirms this