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I think we need to reorganize mini/xxx before freezing it
18907 [dave@pr gp o] My biggest issue here is that I don't feel that mini/test is well
18942 [halostatue@g] suggestion += 1

problem in Socket.pack_sockaddr_in
18917 [aravinds@bl ] I faced the following issue on GNU/Linux i686. Seems to me that there is

[Bug #602] CGI::HtmlExtension::popup_menu calls #bytesize on array parameters
18919 [redmine@ru y] Bug #602: CGI::HtmlExtension::popup_menu calls #bytesize on array parameters

[Bug #602] CGI::HtmlExtension::popup_menu calls #bytesize on array parameters
18920 [redmine@ru y] Issue #602 has been updated by Yura Sokolov.

assert_raise and assert_send do not work correctly
18928 [mame@ts .n .] assert_raise does not output stack trace when different exception

kindless message of assert_* of miniunit
18929 [mame@ts .n .] Some assert_* of miniunit provide less information than test/unit.

test/testunit and miniunit
18931 [akr@fs j. rg] Currently test-all exits prematurely.
18961 [ryand-ruby@z] oddly I've been getting clean runs on my side.
+ 18962 [ko1@at ot ne] # test_1.rb
+ 18965 [mame@ts .n .] Really?  I was thinking that it served as tests for miniunit.
+ 18967 [akr@fs j. rg] It's curious.

[ANN] delay of releasing 1.9.0-5
18934 [yugui@yu ui ] I had planed to release Ruby 1.9.0-5 on 25 Sep. But I decided to delay
+ 18936 [dave@pr gp o] I thought the 25th was also the freeze date for the standard library.
| 18938 [yugui@yu ui ] Thank you, Dave.
| + 18939 [naruse@ai em] We haven't review rdoc, rake and rubygems yet.
| | + 18946 [drbrain@se m] RDoc and RubyGems are up to date.
| | + 18968 [yugui@yu ui ] OK. They can be changed. Do it as soon as possible.
| | + 18969 [jim.weirich@] The rake source tree in 1.9 is up to date with the current release of
| + 18943 [dave@pr gp o] So I should document the current mini/test as the way unit testing
+ 18979 [yugui@yu ui ] Some more features are not frozen now.

A stupid question...
18937 [dave@pr gp o] Just what was wrong with Test::Unit? Sure, it was slightly bloated.
+ 18941 [Daniel.Berge] I must admit I'm not sure about this myself, especially with test-unit
| 18954 [ryand-ruby@z] To clarify: I'm only a part of it in that I created the project and
+ 18951 [ryand-ruby@z] Saying Test::Unit was slightly bloated is like saying RDoc/ri is an
  18958 [dave@pr gp o] Actually, I stopped because I didn't have the time, and it had served
  19003 [sylvain.joye] Well .. as far as I understood, test::unit has been removed from Ruby

18944 [why@ru y- an] I don't want to be indelicate and we can address this some other
+ 18955 [laurent.sans] This is a very nice idea.
| 18963 [steven@lu os] Can $ABOUT._why be an array?
| 18964 [steven@lu os] Whoa.  I just want to apologize if my joke sounded insensitive.  Reading
+ 18972 [chneukirchen] I like it.  It's a bit like "import this", but deeper.
| + 18973 [manfred@fn t] I like it too. It gives the language historical depth.
| + 18982 [gregory.t.br] Technical Blaag at: http://blog.majesticseacreature.com | Non-tech
|   18983 [gregory.t.br] Whoops, random paste by accident.  I was trying to type +1, I like
+ 18975 [transfire@gm] han you expect."\n =A0- matz}
  18976 [eleanor@ga e] As purely an easter egg probably not but $ABOUT could be a useful

[Bug #604] Socket.pack_sockaddr_in() fails for Bignum instances of size 4
18971 [redmine@ru y] Bug #604: Socket.pack_sockaddr_in() fails for Bignum instances of size 4

[Bug #605] CGI::Session : ignore session_key and session_id options
18974 [redmine@ru y] Bug #605: CGI::Session : ignore session_key and session_id options

Encodings::default_internal patch
18985 [michael.seli] ...
18989 [james@gr yp ] Impressive work Michael!
18995 [michael.seli] Sorry, perhaps what I said was confusing.
18997 [james@gr yp ] Ah yeah, that makes sense.  Easy enough.
19013 [michael.seli] Since doing the default_internal patch, I have had a quick look at some
19072 [matz@ru y- a] I believe default_internal should not be set (or set to nil) by
19091 [michael.seli] Thank you for considering my suggestions, Matz.
+ 19097 [vincent.isam] You can just prevent the code from setting more than once.
| 19099 [michael.seli] Sorry, I meant the case when default_internal is *never* set.
+ 19102 [duerst@it ao] They can do what they want to do, if they document it clearly.
  19107 [michael.seli] Actually it isn't.

miniunit problems and release of Ruby 1.9.0-5
18986 [yugui@yu ui ] I want to report you the status of Ruby 1.9.0-5 release.
+ 18987 [michael.seli] OK
+ 18988 [mame@ts .n .] That's it.  I also prefer almost all parts of miniunit to test/unit.
| 18991 [nobu@ru y- a] And, bin/testrb doesn't work due to lack of Test::Unit::AutoRunner.
| 19031 [ryand-ruby@z] I'll delete it. I have yet to see ANYONE use it in the 8 years I've
| 19035 [nobu@ru y- a] Do you mean anything other than this?
| 19037 [ryand-ruby@z] grr... nobu... you're only allowed to point out ONE new thing to me a
| + 19040 [usa@ga ba ec] I often use testrb.
| | + 19051 [chneukirchen] I used it all the time, when there are Test::Unit tests.
| | + 19069 [pbrannan@at ] I rolled my own, partly because I didn't know about testrb, and partly
| + 19052 [jim.weirich@] Although it is not the default, rake does provide support for using
+ 19025 [drbrain@se m] Something in RDoc's test setup is not properly resetting state.  When
| 19028 [drbrain@se m] Only one RDoc test currently fails now due to RubyGems polluting
+ 19030 [ryand-ruby@z] done

[Bug #606] Ruby Fails to Transcode Empty Strings
18993 [redmine@ru y] Bug #606: Ruby Fails to Transcode Empty Strings

[Bug #607] Mini/Unit Break assert_send()
18994 [redmine@ru y] Bug #607: Mini/Unit Break assert_send()
19029 [ryand-ruby@z] DOH. stupid muscle memory... that is fixed and I'm looking into how/

[Bug #606](Closed) Ruby Fails to Transcode Empty Strings
18996 [redmine@ru y] Issue #606 has been updated by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

[Bug #340] 1.9/trunk does not work when compiled with llvm-gcc4 2.3 (gcc 4.2.1)
18998 [redmine@ru y] Issue #340 has been updated by Yuki Sonoda.

[Feature #481](Rejected) improved gcd for 1.9
18999 [redmine@ru y] Issue #481 has been updated by Yuki Sonoda.

[Bug #602](Closed) CGI::HtmlExtension::popup_menu calls #bytesize on array parameters
19000 [redmine@ru y] Issue #602 has been updated by Takeyuki Fujioka.

[Bug #444](Rejected) [PATCH] CGI#radio_group raises a TypeError when passing false as checked value
19001 [redmine@ru y] Issue #444 has been updated by Takeyuki Fujioka.

[Bug #443](Rejected) [PATCH] CGI#checkbox_group raises a TypeError when passing false as checked value
19002 [redmine@ru y] Issue #443 has been updated by Takeyuki Fujioka.

Let Ruby be Ruby
19004 [transfire@gm] Probably not quite everything should go. But, given that RubyGems is
+ 19005 [neil@ha ub .] This is an OpenPGP/MIME signed message (RFC 2440 and 3156)
| + 19006 [ed.odanow@wo] In addition it will difficult to use Ruby in some companies for ad hoc
| | 19023 [brent@mb ri ] For another point of view...
| | 19024 [Daniel.Berge] =20
| + 19017 [pbrannan@at ] IIRC one suggestion I heard a while back was to have Ruby ship with
+ 19007 [meinrad.rech] ...
| 19008 [gethemant@gm] I sort of disagree with you. Nathiel Talbott (forgive me, If I got
| 19009 [james@gr yp ] I don't think this has to be true.
| 19010 [transfire@gm] =A0
| 19011 [james@gr yp ] Thanks for the compliment, but doesn't this support my point?  Some of
| + 19012 [gregory.t.br] It's a bad idea to quote RubyForge statistics, the download numbers
| | 19018 [transfire@gm] On Sep 28, 11:35=A0pm, "Gregory Brown" <gregory.t.br...@gmail.com>
| + 19019 [transfire@gm] =A0
|   19020 [shortcutter@] You've got a point there. However, the difficult part is to decide
+ 19014 [shortcutter@] I do not think this is a good idea because especially in corporate
  19016 [halostatue@g] I recently had something stop working because a binary gem provided
  19021 [Daniel.Berge] =20
  19022 [gregory.t.br] I think that a ruby-core maintained ruby-stdlib meta gem would be great.

[ALERT] miniunit is preventing Ruby 1.9.0-5 from released
19015 [yugui@yu ui ] And miniunit has little, but obvious problems. The problems cause some

rubygems in 1.9 installs hpricot extensions under wrong directory
19026 [nobu@ru y- a] I'm not clear which causes this issue, rubygems or hpricot.
19027 [drbrain@se m] $ gem fetch hpricot

[Bug #340] 1.9/trunk does not work when compiled with llvm-gcc4 2.3 (gcc 4.2.1)
19041 [redmine@ru y] Issue #340 has been updated by Ollivier Robert.
19046 [matz@ru y- a] Perhaps we've just hit slightest incompatibility between compilers.  I

Ruby is "stealing" names from operating system API:s
19043 [johan556@gm ] I have tried to extend/embed Ruby on Windows, but soon I encountered
+ 19047 [matz@ru y- a] It's the Win32 port specific problem.  We should fix it somehow in the
+ 19055 [nobu@ru y- a] Yes, and it has been fixed in 1.9.
| + 19056 [Daniel.Berge] =20
| | 19057 [nobu@ru y- a] It hasn't been used, and the only reason why it is still in
| + 19058 [matz@ru y- a] It seems include/ruby/win32.h still overrides write() etc.
| | 19060 [nobu@ru y- a] It (and others) is inside of #ifdef RUBY_EXPORT, i.e., only for
| + 19062 [johan556@gm ] Is there any chance that it could be backported to 1.8?
|   + 19063 [billk@ct .c ] Note, it's quite possible to use 1.8 with C++, even if it's
|   | 19066 [johan556@gm ] I also have a C++ application running on OS X, Linux and Windows. In
|   + 19065 [nobu@ru y- a] It was done with moving the replacement with forwarding DLL.
+ 19070 [pbrannan@at ] Rice (http://rice.rubyforge.org) deals with this by undefining write
  19112 [johan556@gm ] I was not aware of Rice. I will definitely take a look at it.

[Feature #440] Better introspection for methods (declaring class, arity)
19050 [redmine@ru y] Issue #440 has been updated by Lasse Koskela.

Ruby class name from C extensions
19059 [ice799@gm il] class Test
19061 [nobu@ru y- a] For anonymous class, RSTRING_PTR(rb_class_path(CLASS_OF(obj))).

Fwd: [ruby-dev:36523] Re: Encoding.default_internal
19064 [duerst@it ao] There has been some disconnect lately between ruby-dev and ruby-core
+ 19067 [james@gr yp ] Thank you.  We appreciate your effort.
| 19068 [halostatue@g] From what I'm understanding, it's still there for the people who need
| 19071 [james@gr yp ] To be honest, I doubt I would have made the effort if I had known this
| 19092 [michael.seli] But then you would have missed out on all the fun ;)
+ 19073 [matz@ru y- a] Very important note: after this translated post, some people persuaded
  19074 [james@gr yp ] I feel better about my work with CSV now.  :)

Request For Removal:  No Operator Concatenation
19075 [james@gr yp ] $ ruby_dev -ve 'p "a" "bc"'
+ 19076 [gregory.t.br] a = ''''''''
| 19078 [jimfreeze@gm] I think one reason it was originally implemented is because the '+'
| + 19079 [gregory.t.br] Interesting.
| + 19080 [james@gr yp ] It's interesting to hear the reasoning, but I'm not buying it.  :)
|   19081 [jimfreeze@gm] The use case that Matz presented on years ago was when you have a long string
|   19082 [james@gr yp ] Wild.  So the parser builds this as a single String literal?  I didn't
|   19083 [drbrain@se m] Yes.  There are no method calls involved, it's handled directly in the
|   19084 [gregory.t.br] At least there is some reason behind this feature.  But is it being
|   + 19085 [ jfh@uf .e u] Maybe just a leftover from C ?
|   | 19100 [brabuhr@gm i] Earlier this week, I was wishing that Ruby had C-style string
|   + 19086 [james@gr yp ] I went hunting for it and it is used at the very bottom of this Ruby
|   + 19087 [jimfreeze@gm] Well, I use
|     + 19088 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, I use the plus myself.
|     | 19089 [jimfreeze@gm] Half way joking. Gems are like stray dogs. Some people take home every
|     | + 19093 [gregory.t.br] Ouch, I haven't been following merb closely.  With no disrespect to
|     | + 19094 [drbrain@se m] $ gem install merb -i ~/tmp/gems
|     | | 19095 [jimfreeze@gm] Hmm. I haven't installed the latest. Still stuck on 0.9.3
|     | | 19096 [ezmobius@gm ] Facets was never intended to be a dependency for merb. extlib ended
|     | | 19098 [gregory.t.br] That's great news.  Thanks Ezra.
|     | + 19104 [transfire@gm] means
|     + 19109 [pbrannan@at ] I used to use the \ version, but switched to + when matz indicated the
+ 19077 [caleb@in or ] Seconded. I've never seen much point to this, and I thought it had been
+ 19101 [mame@ts .n .] Not at all.  1.9 has already been freezed.
  19110 [james@gr yp ] James Edward Gray II
  19196 [ryand-ruby@z] 6 years ago... c'mon. I think it is safe to assume that matz's words
  19213 [james@gr yp ] My apologies.  I didn't mean to imply this is law.
  + 19215 [ryand-ruby@z] no no no... that's only for my parser (lexer actually). I'm taking
  | 19216 [james@gr yp ] You misunderstood me again.  I must not be coming across well.  :)
  + 19217 [pbrannan@at ] It's also easy to omit the comma between two identifiers, resulting in a

Indented Heredoc Whitespace Stripping
19090 [james@gr yp ] Wasn't there a plan to strip leading whitespace out of indented
+ 19106 [duerst@it ao] I didn't know this idea was around, but I would definitely
+ 19111 [nobu@ru y- a] IIRC, the discussion had stopped about how to tell the spaces

Re: Encoding.default_internal
19103 [duerst@it ao] Yes indeed. I think your experience helped Matz quite a bit
19105 [michael.seli] I think you may have missed my point.

[Feature #474](Rejected) Hash#<<
19108 [redmine@ru y] Issue #474 has been updated by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

19114 [rubytalk@tm ] I modified the patch at
19135 [vjoel@pa h. ] updated it recently. The last update was probably the one Nobu posted in

[ANN] Proposal of the new plan for release and compatibility of 1.9.x
19118 [yugui@yu ui ] OK. In these several days, I understood how dynamically Ruby is changing
19119 [duerst@it ao] Great! I hope everything will go fine.

[Feature #614] instance_method(ancestor)
19120 [redmine@ru y] Feature #614: instance_method(ancestor)

[ANN] Ruby 1.9.0-5 was released
19125 [yugui@yu ui ] I released Ruby 1.9.0-5.

JRuby deprioritizing support for 1.8.7 behavior
19126 [charles.nutt] Just FYI, we've pretty much made the decision that JRuby will not make

Autoload and class definition
19127 [Tomas.Matous] I've found an interesting corner case of autoload behavior, which I think i=
19129 [nobu@ru y- a] It's not wrong.
+ 19130 [dblack@ru yp] class F
+ 19131 [Tomas.Matous] Sure, and that's my point. It checks if it is already defined. If it is not=
  19133 [tilman@ap el] Nobu's point is that your inner "class C" accesses C under the

[Bug #575](Closed) module_function: undefined method
19128 [redmine@ru y] Issue #575 has been updated by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

[Feature #615] "with" operator
19132 [redmine@ru y] Feature #615: "with" operator
19137 [nobu@ru y- a] No.  I'd implemented and tested it once but found it's just
19138 [pbrannan@at ] Instance_eval for initialization has surprising behavior for instance
+ 19139 [dblack@ru yp] def some_method(&block)
+ 19141 [why@ru y- an] While investigating Guy Decoux's old messages, I've recently
| 19148 [transfire@gm] Jimmy Crickets! That code is so straight forward. Er... Why isn't this
| 19149 [halostatue@g] What I'm wondering is if this might be a way to do selector namespaces
| + 19150 [dblack@ru yp] I've only looked at it briefly, and maybe I'm not getting it, but it
| | 19154 [why@ru y- an] Mixing in a module for the duration of a block isn't a new kind of
| | + 19155 [duerst@it ao] Well, I think it's sligthly more than that: All these methods are
| | + 19156 [dblack@ru yp] It's not so much a scope thing as a 'self' thing. My understanding is
| |   19159 [gwtmp01@ma .] It seemed to me that something different was being proposed. During
| |   + 19161 [jim.weirich@] I think there are two conversations going on in this thread.  The
| |   | + 19163 [gwtmp01@ma .] Just to be clear, it was this second conversation that I was
| |   | + 19164 [why@ru y- an] I really think this is a good idea for a `with` method, though.
| |   |   + 19170 [jim.weirich@] But if I understand the implementation, you are not intercepting the
| |   |   | + 19173 [why@ru y- an] Okay, yeah, the extension isn't actually there yet.  The extension
| |   |   | + 19175 [dblack@ru yp] Isn't that what extend does? (Not that it's thread-specific, of
| |   |   | + 19176 [pit.capitain] Maybe I see it too simplistically, but if all that's wanted in this
| |   |   |   19177 [vjoel@pa h. ] def with( obj, &blk )
| |   |   + 19180 [david@da id ] I think it's worth mentioning that the with statement has caused no end
| |   + 19162 [dblack@ru yp] OK, I probably got it wrong.
| + 19151 [wycats@gm il] ...
| + 19152 [vjoel@pa h. ] It's not threadsafe, is it?
| + 19174 [transfire@gm] The idea of selector namespaces being that an extension applies
+ 19153 [jim.weirich@] if RUBY_VERSION < "1.9"
  + 19157 [james@gr yp ] I've wished Builder would go to something like the following in the
  | 19158 [jim.weirich@] Good post!  I especially like the thought that sometimes "pretty
  | 19172 [james@gr yp ] Sure, makes sense.
  + 19160 [pbrannan@at ] It might be fun if we could override instance_variable_get to access the

[Feature #615] "with" operator
19134 [redmine@ru y] Issue #615 has been updated by Dave Thomas.
+ 19136 [admin@ha th ] Dave,
+ 19140 [ryand-ruby@z] def with o, &block