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^ [PATCH] XMLRPC::ModRubyServer
12087 [cwailes2 uiu] Made some changes to the XMLRPC::ModRubyServer class that allows it to be loaded as a RubyHandler by ModRuby and prevent it from being reloaded every time a request is made.  This can greatly improve performance when the server takes a while to load, such as when it is establishing database connections or loading lots of libraries.

^ Possible Zlib Bug
12092 [jed.hurt gma] I posted to core as I assumed that this would be the mailing list with
+ 12101 [jed.hurt gma] Should I go ahead and post this question to the general list as well?
+ 12106 [jed.hurt gma] It was a bonehead error. String#slice!(0..8) consumes the first 9

^ Next 1.8.6 on Sept. 22
12096 [shyouhei rub] We're planning to release 1.8.6 fixes on Sept. 22(Sat).  If you find
+ 12097 [rocky.bernst] Class and kernel method to add for column-aligned lists such as in command
| + 12098 [celtic sairy] Please note the fixed link;
| + 12102 [shyouhei rub] No there isn't.  It is quite possible that we include it for 1.8.7.
|   + 12105 [rocky.bernst] Got it.  Thanks for the clarification!
|   + 12109 [znmeb cesmai] Given that 1.9 seems to be on track for a release towards the end of
|     + 12110 [wilsonb gmai] 1.8.x will continue to need bugfix releases for quite some time after
|     | 12111 [znmeb cesmai] Yes ... bug fixes but no new features. You're one of the Rubinius
|     | 12116 [wilsonb gmai] We would be honored to implement any new behavior that happened to
|     | 12123 [charles.nutt] Speaking for JRuby, we've already implemented some of Ruby 1.9's
|     + 12122 [charles.nutt] Isn't 1.9 still officially a development branch? I wouldn't expect
|       12131 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I wasn't proposing abandoning 1.8, just stopping at 1.8.6, with
|       12151 [zimbatm oree] Regarding threads, there is some scheduling problem that could be
+ 12099 [sylvain.joye] The following patches are all patches that can be found in RubyForge and
| 12103 [shyouhei rub] I see no serious problem on your patch.  I've forwarded your post to
| + 12114 [nobu ruby-la] I agree that function should be removed.  However, it revives
| | 12226 [sylvain.joye] I completely agree on that. assert_no_survivors() is IMO only triggered
| | 12229 [nobu ruby-la] Do you consider the assertions would fail even when it isn't
| + 12170 [sylvain.joye] charset="iso-2022-jp"
| + 12188 [shyouhei rub] Accepted.  Thank you for the report.
+ 12100 [sylvain.joye] - #11497: patch to track object allocation
| 12104 [shyouhei rub] earlier 1.8.6 is already in maintenance mode.  1.8.6 feature has
+ 12107 [stephen.bann] I have a patch to fix a small problem in net/http.rb. I have written
+ 12108 [onepoint sta] I'm attaching a one-line patch that fixes a small regexp bug.  I
+ 12172 [flori nixe.p] Florian Frank
+ 12189 [murphy rubyc] This shows up sometimes in Rails' development logging...I hope it can
+ 12208 [wilsonb gmai] Is there any chance this could be included, or have I missed the window?
+ 12209 [sylvain.joye] This is the last round of fixes for ext/dl: the previous patch was

^ Is this expected behavior?
12118 [james graypr] As part of TextMate's development process we have an application on a
+ 12119 [david davidf] I can't explain why this behavior is the way it is, but it is expected.
+ 12121 [wilsonb gmai] As a hack-around, you could make a .rb file that simply contains
+ 12125 [nobu ruby-la] What's the platform?
  + 12126 [james graypr] Mac OS X.
  + 12153 [matz ruby-la] It should be added in the list of options allowed.  I will.

^ Thread unsafe code in TestCase
12120 [charles.nutt] I was browsing TestCase debugging JRuby today and came across some code

^ integer range literals in conditionals with -e option
12124 [david davidf] Here's a question for experts whose memories go back to vrsion 1.6 or
12132 [nobu ruby-la] It's not a comparison with range object, but comparisons with
12135 [david davidf] My opinion is that if this feature has been broken for two years and no

^ Super broken in aliased method in a module
12127 [calamitates ] module M
12128 [charles.nutt] I reported a similar issue with Object#method, see message [rubycore:11600]

^ Re: Encodings and String Literals
12129 [murphy rubyc] That's a very original idea, although a bit strange. It actually looks
12137 [david davidf] I believe that that is exactly how 1.9 currently works.  IIRC, I began

^ Use cases for $SAFE levels 2 & 3?
12139 [david davidf] I believe that I understand $SAFE levels 1 and 4.  Level 1 is good for
12150 [matz ruby-la] They are mere intermediates between levels 1 and 4 without any

^ Strange ripper bug
12140 [sir_raorn im] Sometimes, ripper can't parse valid code (trunk from yesterday).

^ Blocks passed to constructors - is this behavior by design?
12143 [jflam micros] class Foo
12144 [myrtactle gm] It's because the constructor isn't actually finished executing, and the
12145 [charles.nutt] puts Foo.new { break 42 }
12148 [jflam micros] Yes, we figured this out shortly after this mail was in flight (of course) so it is somewhat strange behavior but it doesn't require us to special case which was what we were worried about.

^ autoloading Fiber
12146 [david davidf] In order to use the new Fiber class in 1.9, we have to require 'fiber'.
12147 [charles.nutt] I'd recommend against making Fiber autoload, since some implementations
12149 [david davidf] I'm not trying to suggest that autoloading the fiber library is a good

^ [PATCH] Strange ripper bug
12154 [k.shutemov g] =20
12157 [k.shutemov g] =20
12158 [matz ruby-la] Comma separation suggest splat in the hash expression, which does not
12159 [k.shutemov g] It break backward compatibility. Any ideas how to fix it?
12160 [matz ruby-la] We plan to create migration tool after we see 1.9 stable.  Or if
+ 12161 [ceo hawthorn] Before jumping into the deep end  -- What would be required?
+ 12162 [k.shutemov g] Please, comment patch in the attachment.
| 12195 [k.shutemov g] Any comments?
+ 12164 [drbrain segm] I think Ruby2Ruby is your migration tool.

^ [PATCH] parse.y compilation error
12155 [k.shutemov g] gcc -g -O2  -I. -I.ext/include/x86_64-linux -I./include -I.  -DRUBY_EXPORT =

^ require runs files with $SAFE=0
12156 [david davidf] I've never seen this documented anywhere, but I just discovered, while

^ [PATCH] Improving XML-RPC Errors
12163 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
12169 [djberg96 gma] Looks good to me. I vote to include.

^ Wrapped loads and Module::nesting
12166 [david davidf] When I call load with a second argument of true, the file is loaded into
12168 [david davidf] The patch below fixes Module.nesting so that it behaves in 1.9 like it
12631 [david davidf] Has anyone had a chance to take a look at this patch and my rationale

^ [PATCH] Improving XML-RPC ModRuby support
12173 [cwailes2 uiu] Attached are two patches.  The first one changes the way that ModRuby is supported.  Instead of loading the server and responding to a request every time a request is made a persistent object is generated that can be used by ModRuby as a RubyHandler.  This should improve performance.
12174 [Daniel.Berge] I'm not familiar with XML-RPC in the context of mod_ruby, but these
12175 [cwailes2 uiu] To address the first issue, the methods 'michael.add' and 'michael.div' are only used in the documentation.  When I changed the way that the library interfaced with ModRuby I also updated the documentation to reflect this and tried to use the same examples that were used in the rest of the library.  It is kind of hard to find in the diff, but there is a =begin at the top.
+ 12176 [cwailes2 uiu] Sorry, forgot to attach the patch file.
| 12178 [Daniel.Berge] Wouldn't checking for an arity of 1 be a problem since any method with a
| 12179 [cwailes2 uiu] Nope, you are correct.  It should check for obj.arity == -2.  In my hurry to fix the previous issue I let that sneak in there.
+ 12177 [Daniel.Berge] Whoops, misread that. Disregard.

^ Misleading error message with URI::InvalidURIError
12184 [bianster gma] The error message that URI.parse displays when supplied with a uri
12186 [drbrain segm] " http" is not a valid URI scheme, and "org " is not a valid TLD.  I
12187 [wilsonb gmai] It would be nice if the error message called 'inspect' on the string, though.

^ (none)
12185 [ramon.arnau ] unsubscribe

^ [PATCH] matrix.rb
12190 [S_Ueckert we] This patch fixes a bug that prevented a vector from being multiplied
12191 [keiju ishits] I'm a maintainer of matrix.rb.

^ R. :  Re: New array methods cycle, choice, shuffle (plus bug in cycle)
12193 [tad.bochan b] Just a suggestion - I know this business of naming methods can be

^ Ruby's fnmatch vs fnmatch.h
12197 [Daniel.Berge] I'm just curious - what's the difference between fnmatch.h and the
12199 [wilsonb gmai] Ruby implements its own version in order to be able to support ** patterns.

^ Re: Digest Articles 12186-12187 (1/1) (ruby-core ML)
12198 [bianster gma] On 9/16/07, ruby-core-admin@ruby-lang.org <ruby-core-admin@ruby-lang.org>

^ class variables and singleton classes
12200 [drbrain segm] Class variables in singleton classes are separate from class
+ 12206 [david davidf] Eric,
| 12210 [drbrain segm] My concern is not how widespread this behavior is, its that defining
| 12211 [david davidf] Eric,
| 13349 [david davidf] I'm reviving a thread from September.
+ 12207 [dblack rubyp] What's most odd to me is that it appears to matter whether you use the
+ 13354 [matz ruby-la] It now works as 1.8.  Try newer one.

^ how about actors implemented in ruby-core itself
12201 [gethemant gm] I am relatively new to Ruby, so pardon me If i say something stupid.
+ 12202 [sroberts uni] Don't know anything about python, but Fibers are coroutines, this
| + 12203 [yemi weldfas] I think that the Io programming language was one to have a simple actor
| + 12204 [yemi weldfas] I am sorry, I did not give links.
+ 12205 [wilsonb gmai] Rubinius has Actor (implemented by MenTaLguY) as a core class. If ruby
  + 12212 [gethemant gm] Yes, I think I saw that somewhere on rubinius website or something.
  + 12213 [ko1 atdot.ne] Can I read spec or examples of Actor?
    + 12214 [wilsonb gmai] There aren't any particularly good ones yet, but I will write some this week.
    | 12216 [garbagecat10] The current version of EventMachine has an implementation of Erlang-like
    + 12215 [mental rydia] Actor.current # => actor
      12217 [mental rydia] One additional note -- every ruby thread has an actor
      12219 [mailing.mr g] I implemented something similar using DRb, it's slower, but you can

^ encoding concept confusion
12218 [duerst it.ao] Making a few extremely simple tests, I discovered some conflicting

^ `ri Kernel#open` Bug
12220 [james graypr] $ ri -T Kernel#open
+ 12221 [drbrain segm] Please file a bug.
| 12222 [james graypr] func=detail&aid=14146&group_id=426&atid=1698
| 12223 [jim freeze.o] You can specify the path for ri to search to get access to the
+ 12224 [rick.denatal] More than one method matched your request. You can refine

^ Can we move fri into the standard library? (was Re: `ri Kernel#open` Bug)
12225 [james graypr] This might be good time to discuss when we could consider moving
12227 [drbrain segm] A daemon does not fix ri, it is orthogonal to this problem.
12228 [james graypr] fastri does not have to run off a daemon.  You can build an index for

^ returning from an iteration loop in an extension
12230 [pbrannan atd] def foo(container)

^ Wrong return value with []=
12231 [mneumann nte] class Symbol
+ 12232 [james graypr] This is a feature.  Ruby always returns the right side of all
| 12234 [mneumann nte] Ah, okay. Agreed :)
+ 12233 [myrtactle gm] This was the behavior before. But it has been changed since... I can't

^ Compiler warnings and test failures with latest SVN Ruby 1.9
12235 [znmeb cesmai] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
12236 [matz ruby-la] Test failures in test_knownbug.rb are bugs already known.  Warnings in

^ Latest benchmarks
12237 [znmeb cesmai] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
12238 [ko1 atdot.ne] 1. Results of vm[12]_* benchmarks should be subtracted
+ 12239 [znmeb cesmai] Well ... I'm putting together a benchmark suite, including the ones in
+ 12240 [murphy rubyc] and removed the misleading "Average speedup".
  12241 [murphy rubyc] oh no. I'm stupid. ignore this ^_^'
  12242 [brent mbari.] Ed,
  12243 [znmeb cesmai] I can get it -- haven't done so yet. Once I get the last benchmark in

^ next method and for loop
12244 [david davidf] With the introduction of external iterators and the python-like next

^ Fibers
12245 [tony clickca] Let me say first, fibers are a great feature and I'm really glad to see

^ Bug in REXML 3.1.7 - NameError: undefined local variable or method 'transitive' in document.rb, line number 187
12246 [martin.simba] just wanted to drop a message to let you know that there is a bug in
12258 [ser germane-] charset="utf-8"

^ Fibers as semi-coroutines enabled by default
12247 [david davidf] I've been following fibers with interest and just noticed that ko1
+ 12265 [ko1 atdot.ne] Thank you for summarise about Fiber.  I think also "Fiber#transfer
| + 12271 [david davidf] That's exciting to hear.  Will you be doing this in time for 1.9.1?
| + 12275 [mental rydia] It could be a good idea, as long as you're careful to keep things
| | 12276 [ko1 atdot.ne] I think Fiber/Coroutine should be synchronous.  After all, it's
| | + 12277 [david davidf] Let me see if I understand: you are NOT introducing any new mechanism
| | + 12279 [mental rydia] Channels can be asynchronous even if the implementation of "process"
| + 12278 [tony clickca] I think mailboxes can substantially improve the usefulness of Fibers,
+ 12282 [charles.nutt] Correct on both counts. Of course, currently Fiber is implemented in

^ arbitrary Unicode characters in identifiers?
12248 [david davidf] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 12249 [wilsonb gmai] Oh man I hope this isn't a bug. That is really cool.
| + 12250 [rick.denatal] Yeah, you could cross ruby with other languages and come up with
| + 12251 [murphy rubyc] No, it's a feature. It works even with Ruby 1.8, and I guess it always
|   12253 [wilsonb gmai] Haha! Now we can finally have Kernel#褦 so we can implement Hello,
+ 12254 [matz ruby-la] * it's difficult to read if users do not have proper font handling
| 12256 [david davidf] Thanks for the clarification.  I understand all the good reasons for not
| 12262 [duerst it.ao] I don't think there are any plans for character type analysis any time
+ 12259 [ser germane-] charset="utf-8"
+ 12261 [duerst it.ao] unicodeindents.rb:3: identifier x is not valid to set
  + 12263 [murphy rubyc] I got this error, too, until I updated to latest Ruby 1.9. maybe that
  + 12266 [matz ruby-la] You will get this unless encoding of the file and that of specified by

^ Array#-, &, |, uniq don't use ==
12255 [murphy rubyc] x = Object.new
+ 12260 [matz ruby-la] It's a feature, to reduce complexity order from O(m^n) to O(mn).
| 12267 [ mfp acm.org] Shouldn't that be O(mn) and O(m+n)?
| 12268 [matz ruby-la] Exactly.  I have accidentally disclosed my math inability.
| 12270 [meinrad.rech] nobody is perfect :)
+ 12370 [rick.denatal] Actually, some of these surprise me, since although x might == every

^ Re: Bug in BigDecimal#round ?
12264 [jan.svitok g] reported as #14271

^ 1.8.6 on windows: issues with IO and Threads
12272 [luislavena g] t = Thread.new {
12273 [dooby d10.ka] It's happening but you're not seeing the buffered output.
12274 [dooby d10.ka] Sorry, that's not the answer you were looking for.

^ send! doesn't protected methods / Delegator
12280 [murphy rubyc] I wonder why the new send! (and __send!) call private methods, but not
12281 [matz ruby-la] No, I will fix.

^ Unary plus and literals
12283 [david majda.] when looking at the parse.y code in Ruby 1.8.5, I noticed following
12300 [matz ruby-la] This is not a bug, misfeature at most, but this "optimization" will be

^ gc.c -- possible logic error?
12284 [hgs dmu.ac.u] which I've been able to reproduce for various data structures.
+ 12285 [matz ruby-la] It's not uncommon among C programs to use signed int for positive only
| 12287 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, though with machines having memory at about 3 GB these days,
| 12290 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Done this.  All ruby tests pass OK, but it doesn't solve the memory
+ 12286 [mental rydia] The collector is conservative with respect to the C stack -- should
| + 12288 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thanks, I'll try to look at this a bit later.  Shouldn't the C stack
| | 12289 [mental rydia] Yes.  I'm just suggesting that it's possible for some unrelated
| | + 12291 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh, I see.  I can't see a way to test if that is happening.
| | + 12292 [mental rydia] Once you get to this point, you may simply want to instrument the
| |   12293 [vjoel path.b] Dunno if this is going to help, but here's a patch for several old
| + 12296 [matz ruby-la] In addition, Ruby keeps heap region for future usage unless heap
+ 12301 [akr fsij.org] I think OpenStruct needs much more memory than Hash.
| 12302 [akr fsij.org] Oops.  T_VALUES doesn't use malloc.
+ 12325 [sylvain.joye] One problem another related with Ruby's memory allocation is that the heap
| 12326 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I tried the patch below.  It works in so far as it doesn't break
+ 12329 [akr fsij.org] I measured the example by valgrind --tool=massif.
| 12331 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you for this.  I don't have valgrind on this Solaris machine.
| 12332 [akr fsij.org] valgrind works only on Linux.
| 12334 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I promptly looked that up, and discovered that. Oh well. Thank you.
| + 12339 [Daniel.Berge] There's dbx and libumem. Do they help?
| | 12356 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I seem to have a recent enough solaris for this, given
| + 12342 [drbrain segm] The mem_inspect gem is a similar tool that outputs a PNG.  It needs a
|   12357 [hgs dmu.ac.u] brains hgs 33 %> setenv RUBY /scratch/hgs/local/bin/ruby
|   12368 [drbrain segm] Wow, the repo is completely missing it every other time I search for it.
|   + 12369 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.  I'm not sure when I'll get back into this problem, but I'll
|   + 12384 [hgs dmu.ac.u] brains hgs 100 %> cd mem_inspect-1.0.0/
|     + 12386 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, I've managed that.  The results could do with some interpretation.
|     + 12394 [drbrain segm] Ha! I didn't think it predated the SVN switchover.
+ 12333 [sylvain.joye] I have a hugely strange behaviour here ...
| 12335 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Interesting. But any "dirt" will still be on the bottom of the stack,
| 12336 [brent mbari.] Hugh,
| + 12337 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Those are not mine.  My patches were posted earlier, and
| + 12353 [sylvain.joye] It is simply tracking the count of objects on the heap which are allocated. No
+ 12354 [sylvain.joye] I think I found the explanation of (parts of) the problem
  12355 [hgs dmu.ac.u] 9639         Data_Get_Struct(body, struct BLOCK, block);
  + 12358 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I experimented with this, freeing data->scope and data->dyna_vars in
  + 12360 [vjoel path.b] Mark and free are not symmetric. Mark is for objects referred to by self
    12361 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thanks, that confirms the results of my experiment which failed, and ties